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Learn how to flip deals and make money with us - the best platform for real estate investing. We offer expert guidance on finding and closing profitable deals, so you can achieve your financial goals. Join us now to start your journey in flipping deals!

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Get expert coaching and mentorship on Wholesaling, Fix & Flipping, and Rental Property Investing from David Dodge & Mike Slane at the Discount Property Investor Group Mastermind. Join now and invest with confidence!

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Episode 320: Paul Do Campo with REI OMNI DRIP

Dec 14, 2022

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This contract has become our go-to tool for the legal aspect of property transactions, and we have used it extensively for a variety of purposes, including wholesaling, flipping, and building our rental portfolio. We're happy to share our knowledge with others who are looking to succeed in the real estate industry

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CEO & Founder

​David Dodge is a founding member of House Sold Easy Properties and brings over 14 years of real estate expertise to the company.


CEO & Founder

Co-founder and a Senior Buyer for House Sold Easy nd full time real estate professional actively investing in St. Louis since 2009 in residential multi-family and single family homes.

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"David & Mike comes highly recommended for all your real estate needs!  They helped me get my first wholesale deal and fast!"

Jack Mazur

"David & Mike have helped me do several wholesale and flip deals. They are great to work with."

Derrick Towns

"These guys have helped me with several wholesale deals and have also helped set up my business.  Great guys!."

Dennis Ryan
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