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Episode 119: Robert Clinkenbeard

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Show Notes

In this episode, Robert Clinkenbeard with the Radix Group joins us today! Check it out 

Things that cover in this episode:

  • Who is Robert Clinkenbeard?
  • Robert Clickenbeard inspiration to his book  Ironman Mindset for Entrepreneur
  • What services Radix Group offer
  • How Radix Group help your business
  • Services that they providing

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Episode Transcripts

David: Alright guys, welcome back to the Discount Property Investor podcast. This is your host David Dodge. My partner Mike Slane is out in the field this morning looking at some properties for us. I am doing the podcast solo today. I am joined by a good friend of mine, Robert. Robert is with the Radix group. So Robert, I want to introduce you, how are you this morning?

Robert: I am good thanks, David, how are you?

David: It's Robert Clickenbeard. He is with the Radix group. He is also an author, he is also an Iron man, this guy has got a lot to share. He is a good buddy of mine, so I am excited to have him on the show this morning. Let's start with talking a little about your book, Robert. I met you at a mastermind about six or eight months ago. You had given everybody at the mastermind one of your books. It is called 'Iron man mindset for entrepreneurs'. I read the book the first day you gave it to me, awesome book. Tell us a little bit about that, and your experience, and what you had to do in order to write the book.

Robert: Yeah well thanks David, it's been a great journey for me. It has been on my bucket list for probably three or four years. One of the people that inspired me to do this is actually my dad. He has written four books and they were a great inspiration. I met a guy-- I have been toying with ideas-- almost been a case of trying to figure out how do I take that first leap into writing a book. It just seems such a daunting task. Actually met somebody who lives pretty close to me and he has written four books now. He said, hey I will just coach you through the whole process. So we started that journey, we spent-- probably about eight weeks just going through one to two hour interviews. Him asking me a bunch of questions, it was recorded. We just went through the process of editing it, back and forward. Ended up self publishing the book probably back in February March of this year. Yeah, really happy with the results, fairly short book, a small book. People can just throw it in their jacket pocket when they are traveling, or just have an hour or two to spare. Yeah, it has been a tremendous achievement for me, really happy with the results.

David: Awesome, man. Like I said, I read it the first day you gave it to me. It's a great book. How long have you been doing Iron Mans?

Robert: I have been doing Iron Mans-- started-- originally I was soccer, then I went to rugby. My body wasn't really cooperating anymore as I was getting older, so I just moved into-- just started running. Just started doing some half marathons. Met up with this-- I almost call it a cult group which was a group of Scots in Arizona. They did running but they also did triathlons. I started getting into running, next minute I am buying a bike. Then I ended up trying to do my swimming. That probably started back in 2007. I was just doing some small sprinting, small distance. One interesting thing for me was-- I wasn't a swimmer. I was pretty well built because of my rugby background, and I could only do one length of the pool breast stroke which was not really going to fly when I started doing races. The transitioned through the different stages into doing Iron Men around the world. Yeah it has been a big mind shift for me, which is why I felt compelled to write this book.

David: Awesome, man, very cool. So you have a company called the Radix group. Tell us a little bit about your company. What are some of the services and products that you guys offer?

Robert: I originally owned my business for 16 years, grew it up to about 20 million, 250 employees. Had a really good exit back in 2016. I just thought, here I have all this experience of growing the business, dealing with employee issues, everyone seems to have those issues. Going through the growing pains I thought, why not give back to the entrepreneurs, the business owners who sometimes a lot of them feel like they are on an island, they are trying to grow this business, having all these challenges, and they don't necessarily have anybody to go to. I started up the Radix group back in January of '18, and what we do is, personality assessments, business coaching, we have Scaling up, which is a platform, a lot of people have read the book 'Scaling up' by Verne Harnish. Also do the Traction EOS system. Effectively I help coach companies in putting in a platform to help them grow through the business and deal with all the challenges they are facing as they grow their company. I work with different industries, different sizes of businesses. So yeah that pretty much sums up my Radix group.

David: Okay cool, so you guys are doing a lot with just scaling, and just helping people grow. I would imagine-- is it more of a consulting business? Am I getting that right? People would hire you to come in to work closely with their C level employees? Or is it different from that?

Robert: I call it more of an advisory coaching business. Consultants I feel as though-- consultants come in and they just pretty much tell people what to do, which I don't think is the best approach. I think a lot of the owners, CEO's, the executive team have the answers, it is just asking the right questions to tease out some of the challenges, some of the solutions there. I typically go in either on a monthly basis and work with the clients, sometimes it is a quarterly basis. The four main areas which most people can almost summarize into their challenges are strategy, execution, people and cash. We try to split up those four different decisions into those four areas.

David: Okay very interesting, very interesting. Do you work a lot with real estate investors? What would be the type of company that is the most common for you to be working with?

Robert: My specialty is service companies. I pretty much work with any type of company. Anywhere from a couple of million dollars up to a hundred million. Some of my existing clients, I work with a couple of real estate developers, retail brokers in that space. I think they value me coming in, they have got those challenges. I have had calls that-- middle of the night saying, hey I have these employee challenges, and just to have that peace of mind on-- giving that feedback or brainstorming with me, and just my experience sharing. I think it has been invaluable for owners just to have that peace of mind. That's pretty much the advisory service as I call it. It has been working out really good so far.

David: Good, good, I am happy to hear that, I am happy to hear that. So if somebody wanted to get more information about some of the services that you are providing, and or just more about you in general, do you have a website? Or a way for somebody to reach out to you to get more information?

Robert: Yeah, probably the website is the best angle, All my contact information on there. If people are interested in getting my book they can also go onto Amazon as well. I am happy to do-- I usually start out with an hour, hour and a half discovery call, just to find out what challenges they are facing. I have even had some one on one with some owners where they are going through some personal challenges as well. Yes they have this great business, but they are so stuck in the business that it is effecting their personal life as well. I have even had to do some one on one seagull coaching well. Maybe their personal life, their marriage, or they just don't have time to spend with their kids. Just doing that one on one coaching with them has been a tremendous help as well. So yeah people can contact me through the website.

David: And that website just to clarify is There is no 'The' in front of it?

Robert: Yeah.

David: So check out Robert's company, I know we have hired some people in the past who do some EOS stuff. Are you doing that with people as well?

Robert: Yeah, I do EOS, again help them be that implementer, and just go through those strategy sessions. Both-- some people are probably more familiar with EOS Traction, really great platform, fairly simple to implement. The alternative to that is Scaling Up. Just to have that-- any type of platform where it creates the discipline, and the discipline could be having a dashboard, a scoreboard in place, really structured meeting on a weekly basis, maybe having daily huddles with your team. Just by putting that platform and structure in place, start to take that company to another level. People do a really good job-- really good at what their business is, their trade is, but a lot of them don't necessarily have that experience of running a business.

David: I hear that, man. We did a lot of EOS, we still do it.

Robert: It's a big learning experience for people. You are not a lone. A lot of people feel as though they are-- excuse me, they have to go through those challenges them self, and they just stay quiet about it. But, everybody stays on-- has those challenges and not had that experience. I just help coach them through that. It's just-- give them that platform to be vulnerable, to share what their challenges are, then we just talk through them, gives them almost peace of mind immediately.

David: Man, that's awesome, that's awesome. I know we have had a tremendous amount of success using the EOS system to just plan, and make sure we have the right person in the right seat. Just-- a lot of big picture stuff which I think really helps. It helps me at least kind of see what we have currently, where we want to be, what steps we need to put in place to get there. That's very valuable, I love that. Well Robert-- go ahead.

Robert: Just talking real quick. You made a good point about bringing on the right people. They say in a lot of books that you want to try and bring on-- have at least 80-90% of A players on your team, because that is what is going to help your company to another level. A lot of people don't necessarily go through correct process or assessment. Just doing that simple thing alone can help with so many other facets of your company. Just spend that extra time and try and find the A players both through a number of interviews. They say that having a bad hire can almost cost at least one or two times their salary, just because of all the hidden costs of employee turn over effecting your culture. Just a bad dynamics within your company.

David: And having to start over often times. Having to fire that person, often times it takes two or three, it depends on the job or the industry and-- lots of factors. Sometimes it can take six months to a year to train somebody. If that person sucks, let's just be frank, if that person sucks and they can't get the job done, or they don't do it efficiently, or they don't work well with others, you have to get rid of that person, have to start from scratch. Yeah I totally agree, man. It can be a pain in the ass having to deal with starting over. Not only is it time that gets wasted, but it's money as well. Yeah very interesting.

Robert: People don't calculate those costs. It's tremendous cost. Just going through the extra steps at the beginning, finding the right people, even getting someone to help you find that A player, two or three interviews, personality assessments, all those things are just a tremendous help.

David: Do you help people with that kind of stuff? Or at least point them in the right direction?

Robert: I do personality assessments, a three stage process. Just go through that process and then just have a discussion. Is this the right person to fit your company? Obviously doing other stuff that is not the be all and end all. But, if you do your reference checks, doing the interviews to see if they are a good fit. I definitely recommend doing those assessments, there is a number of them out there.

David: Robert, if somebody wanted to connect with you personally. Let's say that they listened to the podcast, or they watched the video here on YouTube, and they wanted to get more information about you, do you have an e-mail that you give out to people that would be willing to reach out to you? Or are you just pushing for people to go to the website to get to learn more?

Robert: Happy to give my e-mail, so it's [email protected]. I am even happy to give my cellphone, I don't have any problems there. My cell phone number is 480-251-2366. Yeah give me a call and we can have an informal chat and see if there is any help I can provide to you. I really appreciate your time today, David.

David: No problem, man. I am happy to have you on here, let's just verify, we have a couple of things correct before we wrap up. So 480-251-2366 is the phone that people can use to reach ya. Your e-mail is [email protected]. The website is, is that correct? Did I get all that right?

Robert: That's correct. Hopefully if you have a chance to buy my boo, then all my information is in there as well. It gives you that vision, gives you some sign posts along the way to getting you towards that-- have that mindset applied to pretty much achieve anything.

David: Yeah I am with you there, man. Guys, don't forget to check out Robert's book, it's called 'Iron Man mind set for entrepreneurs'. Again, it's not a very big book, kind of a smaller book. You can fit it in your pocket like Robert said. I personally like books like this. I can get through this book in one sitting typically, or one or two sittings, or just within a day or two. It's not a book I am going to have to read 10-20 pages a day for a month. It is something you can definitely get through in a timely manner. There a tons of gold nuggets in there. I really enjoyed reading this book. So Robert, thank you so much for giving me a copy of this book. If anybody is listening to this, or watching this and they want a copy of this, where can they find it? Is this available on Amazon?

Robert: On Amazon through hard copy or a Kindle, or if they contact me directly I will send them a copy personally as well.

David: Perfect, okay, cool, man. Well Robert, once again thank you for coming on the show, man, we appreciate you. I know you have a ton of value to provide. If you are a medium to larger size business that is looking to implement some coaching or implement some EOS strategy, Robert is the man for you. So reach out to Robert, We have also provided you with Robert's e-mail and his direct line. I would say-- I would recommend connecting with Robert, see what the two of you can work out in terms of how he can help your business. He has tons of experience working with businesses, and making sure that they are running properly and consulting all of the above to help these businesses grow, and really be the best businesses that they can. Robert, any closing statements or anything you want to say to close us out?

Robert: No, just-- well one quick thing, goes back to my book, you can pretty much achieve anything you want. I have had so many challenges in my life that I didn't think I would get to the case where I sold the business, great life style. I didn't believe that was possible probably 15 years ago. Yeah just apply your vision, figure out how to get there, and just get it done.

David; Get it done, I love it. Guys, check out Robert Clickenbeard's book, 'Iron man mind set for entrepreneurs'. Check out his website. If you have any questions, connect with him directly. He is the man, I am happy to call him a friend. That's our episode, guys. Remember, if you are new to wholesaling real estate, we put together a free course at I always say, start there. You make your money when you buy, you get payed when you sell. Wholesaling is a great way to get started, learning how to invest in real estate with little to no money down. You want to always get your deals direct from the seller and ideally off market. Wholesaling is the way to do it. Check out Also, check out Robert and his company the Radix group at the Until next time guys, we are signing off. Thanks for listening and we will talk to you next time. Thanks Robert.

Robert: Thanks David, cheers.

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