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Episode 159: Jesse Burrell - Batch Leads

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Show Notes

Today! David Dodge interviewed Jesse Burrell from Batch Leads. In this episode, Jesse shares how he found success in real estate and how to skip tracing became his go-to marketing strategy and why he choose Real Estate. Jesse Burrell is a realtor, entrepreneur, and developer. He is also the owner of BatchLeads and Batch Skip Tracing, programs allowing investors to combine lead generation and skip tracing seamlessly on one platform. Check this out!

Things that cover in things episode:

  • Who is Jesse Burrell?
  • Why Jesse choose Real Estate
  • How skip tracing became his go-to marketing strategy
  • Jesse's advise to those beginner in Real Estate
  • How Batch Leads Staker works

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Episode Transcripts

David: Alright guys, welcome back to the Discount Property Investor podcast. This is your host David Dodge coming to you guys today with a special guest, Jesse Burrell.

Jesse: Burrell.

David: I knew I was gonna fuck it up! Dammit, I'm sorry. Jesse, how the hell are you, man?

Jesse: Dude, I'm incredible, thank you so much for having me on. I'm glad-- we recently got to connect. I was following you on Instagram for a while, man. I decided to slide into those DM's.

David: Slide into those DM's, baby! That's what's up! I love it. Yeah, man. I'm glad that we connected as well. I wanted to have you on the show, thank you for coming, I'm grateful for your time. I think I first found out about you-- I was a customer of yours essentially. Batch Leads customer and then-- somebody reached out to me-- actually I reached out to somebody on your team about just getting some better rates. They were like, you should just be an affiliate, and then boom, one thing led to another and me and you just connect. So again, I am happy to have you here. You have a better product essentially and a cheaper product than what I was using elsewhere in another part of my business.

Jesse: Right.

David: You guys didn't even have to sell me. You just educated me and I'm like, no brainer, let's save money and move, right? Here we are, you're on the show. So thank you for coming on, brother, my man. I wanted to just learn more about you, you're business, and so on and so forth. So give us a little run down of who Jesse is.

Jesse: I got into real estate in 2014. I worked for a real estate investor actually for a year. That's when you could still get stuff on the MLS. I basically was an acquisition rep which was cool. I got to learn how to comp properties. I learned how to go walk his rehabs, learn rehab budgets. After that I got into traditional for six months, I thought it was stupid and started wholesaling six months after traditional. I have done probably about 500 wholesale deals in 40 States as to date.

David: Oh man, that's awesome. Holy cow. So-- you have done 500 deals in 40 States? Are you-- you're wholesaling everywhere, right? Do you have specific market? How do you have so many States that you've done these deals in?

Jesse: So that was the biggest mistake in year one. [00:03:18.15 - inaudible] one and a half was, we went PPC before PPC was super popular. The wider range you go, obviously the cheaper per click. We just did the whole US. We're getting stuff for 10-15 bucks a lead. I had to underwrite [00:03:35.20 - inaudible] every freaking market. Which I found [00:03:38.27 - inaudible] hard to do that was-- at the time I go on Bigger Pockets, it was a Pro account, you could look up other Pro users, or other users within X amount of miles of a zip code. I would just start rocking and rolling that way reaching out to these people.

David: That's helpful as hell. That's a great hack.

Jesse: So that was kind of a cool hack. One month I closed something in Alaska and Florida the same month.

David: No way.

Jesse: Yeah, man.

David: That's awesome. I love it. So when you said you did six months traditional. You got your agent license and you were just trying to get listings and sell houses to people?

Jesse: Yeah I was trying to sell some of the short sales and other stuff. I didn't know what off market deals were in 2015. The only person I had remotely heard of at that time was Shaun Terry. How does this dude have these? I don't understand this. How do you get something your selling without putting it on the MLS? I didn't get it. All I knew was, I had only been in real estate for a year. To them-- met my former partners at the time. We just started diving down rabbit holes. We learned about direct mail at the time. Soon after learned about PPC, but yeah. Oh and bandit signs too. We were putting out bandit signs at 2am. We were-- we got our own printer, licking envelopes till 3am. I did all the things--.

David: I did all that stuff. That's awesome. I didn't do nationwide PPC, but yes. I love it, man. That's the hustle right there. So what did you do before all that? Before even the traditional, why real estate?

Jesse: I went to school ASU had like this-- you get a business degree and I was getting my PGA certification at the same time. I could be a club pro or teaching pro. I did all my internships there. I was like, dude fuck this. I don't want to be getting up at 4am making no money. I always wanted to make money.

David: That's what's up.

Jesse: So I was like, I have always been good at sales. My friend had this-- she was working for this investor guy and she was like, yo I will hook you up. I was just kind of floundering trying to figure out what type of sales job I was gonna get. I knew I wanted to get out of golf and I was like, I want to be-- the member at the club, not servicing the member. The cool thing about that is I am actually going to get a private membership at the golf club once this stupid Corona virus is over. A full circle, five years it has been an absolutely incredible journey for sure.

David: Isn't that amazing? That's awesome. I love hearing that. That's really cool. That's what's up. Hell yeah. So what are you doing now? Are you-- so you live in Phoenix, right?

Jesse: Correct.

David: You-- have done wholesales all over. Are you still doing that? Or are you focused on Phoenix?

Jesse: So about three years ago, three or four years ago I went out on my own. I just started exclusively wholesaling in Phoenix. With the other company I was with, we started huge, then we were like okay, ten markets, then five markets, then I think when I left it was three markets. I think they still do those three; Vegas, Phoenix and like Southern California I believe was what they focused on. Basically they still crush it. They do between 15-20 deals a month. Yeah, I just focused on Phoenix. My first year on my own I was-- all I did was cold calling about four years ago. Had four acquisition guys who killed what they ate. I would cherry pick the ones I wanted to flip. I flipped like 15 homes that year and did maybe 60 wholesale deals in Phoenix alone. Kind of did that the year after then met my partners now with the backside and everything. Me and Evo created Skip Tracing. I lost my TLO account and I was like, shit. I cold called I needed data. I was like, freaking out. He was like, yo I found all these good data sources I will hook you up. I was like, sweet. So I tested it. I was like, this stuff is awesome. I had some friends that wanted the same shit I'm getting. He's like, you can have half of whatever you sell. That quickly changed, because I did a bunch of selling. We're like, hey we might have something, that's when Batch Skip Tracing-- it has evolved into a lot more that we will get into in a few minutes.

David: Yeah absolutely, man. That's crazy. I like it. I like it. So you guys have a thriving business with the skip tracing now. Are you still doing some wholesaling and some deals too?

Jesse: Yeah, so-- we still--.

David: It's fun, isn't it? 

Jesse: It's fun, we--.

David: Deals aside, man. I like doing deals. It's just fun to be wheeling and dealing and fixing shit. I don't know, I just like it.

Jesse: Yeah, we have like seven flips going on right now. We are wholesaling between 5-10 deals a month. We still do okay. We are transitioning out of that actually to where we are going to do less wholesaling and less flipping, we are actually starting to get into a new construction development where we're building-- we are in the process of building a  60 unit apartment that we're gonna flip to sell, then 25 single family homes in South Mountain with a price of 500k a piece. So that should be a 12 million dollar build out as well. We are trying to transition. You want to level out of wholesaling and flipping eventually in my opinion--.

David: You do, it's a job, man. It's a job, right.

Jesse: If you want to keep growing your investing career, these are the steps you take. We bought a commercial building last year that we occupied part of. We have a bunch of cool people in that space such as Brad Daniels, [00:09:21.22 - inaudible], Cash Flow Chris, then [00:09:25.23 - inaudible]. So it's kind of like a wholesale investor hub to where there is a lot of collaboration and fun stuff going on. Unfortunately not in the last month because no one is there. It's a pretty cool place to be for sure.

David: Dude, that's awesome. I had no idea Jesse that you had that big of a business with the real estate side too, man. I thought that you did a couple and you were like the Batch Skip Trace go to. The plug on my skip tracing, right? I'm impressed, my man. That's really awesome that you have that business going too, man. It's fun isn't it?

Jesse: It's definitely fun. I think the best thing about our service is, we are able to relay to-- especially to newer investors, and even big investors that are using our products is, we know what works because do do what works, and we test a lot of different things. I am always trying to give back to who uses us for the simple fact of, if you're not getting deals, you're not spending money with me. So it's my duty to make sure I give every resource I can, even if it's not buying something from us, just what lists are working, or what sales strategies are working, how things are being done. I try to relay that to our sales rep, then to as many customers as I can as well, to make sure that deals are out there, keep doing them.

David: Yeah, man. I love that. It just-- you know, there's not magic bullet. This is the fourth, maybe even the fifth Zoom I've done today essentially. I had these backed up today, so in my head I've repeated myself a couple of times. There is no magic bullet on marketing, right? If you guys are new and you're listening to this podcast. You're thinking about getting into wholesaling, real estate investing, it's the marketing business. That's where it starts, the core of it. You don't even really become a real estate investor in my opinion until you go get a loan, take on risk and try and fix a property up and add it to your portfolio. Until then you are just a marketer, so get good at marketing, right? Then you can transition into being an investor. You can market, flip those contracts, not even have your own money in them. So this podcast is heavily weighted towards the newbie, the wholesaler, those who are looking to get into it. Then of course tips and tricks. Jesse, I love it. What's next for you, my man? What's next on the horizon?

Jesse: That's the development stuff. I'm really really excited to learn something new. I feel like i've honestly mastered the craft of wholesaling and flipping homes. It's just a repetitive business to me where-- obviously you are tweaking and pivoting, but you know, when you learn and master something, I feel like it's time to learn something new. That's what we're doing. We're developing software. We have a texting platform that I know you're using now, Batch Leads, where it has texting in there, list stacking. So we are lead developing trying to create better products and solutions. So these new wholesalers can get more deals. When I started, I mean as I said, I put out bandit signs and sent mailers. There was no Podio stuff, no YouTube on how to do this. I mean you got to learn what losing money was how I learned. Alright, spend money, what did we do wrong? How do we fix it? Rest and repeat. So we are also building a dialer we wanna go compete with. [00:12:52.17 - inaudible] call tools, and [00:12:53.29 - inaudible] where we think we could build a better mouse trap for that as well. My goal is just to make shit for real estate investors easier.

David: Make it easier, man. Let's talk about that for a minute. We skipped over it earlier. I originally kind of met you, found you, started following you because of Batch Skip Tracing. But, you guys have another product, a new one; it's called Batch Leads, or Batch Leads Stacker. I always refer to it as Batch Leads, because I like the way that it sounds. But Batch Leads Stacker is the product, right?

Jesse: Yeah, so we're trying to build an all in one tool to where-- you host all of your lists and data in there. You stack your lists. So stacking your lists is essentially for the new wholesaler. Think of a vacant property-- you have a vacant list, a high equity list, and you have a tax default list. You want to find out who is all on all three of those lists. Our software will stack all three of those things to now you are targeting people who are more likely to sell than-- on that one specific list. Now you can push that straight to a texting campaign. We are trying to get to the point where we have RVM's coming soon if you want to do that. A dialer so you can call. We will also have lists built in, something similar to Prop Stream at the end of this month as well. We are trying to make a tool to where all the subscriptions you have in five, six, seven places are all going to be under one roof, and be the best software products you can possibly get. That's the long term goal to have all finished by the end of this year. We have a lot going on, on that side of things for sure.

David: Damn. You sure do, bro. That is a ton of stuff. So I recently started using Jesse's Batch Leads Stacker. I love it, it's awesome. I like everything about it. The skip tracing is awesome. You guys have great results that come through from there. The ability to stack those lists is great. One feature that I think is really cool is when you are skip tracing, it will do like a match savings. So you are not paying to skip trace these people over and over again.

Jesse: Yep, so--. Yep absolutely.

David: Go ahead, explain that a little bit for me.

Jesse: So that's where this whole platform comes into-- what's so great about it. That's why you want all of your lists in there, because you will never skip trace the same thing again. If you are trying to skip trace something on a new list that you imported, it's not going to let you do that, because you are not allowed to have duplicates in that system. So the best way to think of it is Batch Lead Stacker is a big old filing cabinet. Your lists are a bunch of files inside that cabinet. So if you add to that same file some new files, then you are not going to have to skip trace those people again. It is just the best way to do it to where you stay organized and you're not trying to figure out what was the last list your marketed to. It keeps track for you, so once you get your marketing out, you can focus on getting deals. The important part is getting those contracts, selling those contracts, and getting those big checks. I got a $40'000 check sitting in my wallet right now from a wholesale deal we just did. But I haven't been to the bank because I have to schedule and appointment, so.

David: It's a good problem to have, my man. A good problem to have. I love it. I have been using it. I think it's great. It saves a bunch of money too. Look at it this way, let's say you go and do a high equity deal list, a big one. Doing a big campaign, right? Pull anywhere from 4-10, maybe 12'000 leads for a big campaign. Then you decide you want to do a couple of small ones, like a thousand or two thousand. There are different types, vacants, absentees, right? Well you may have 20% of those people on some of those secondary lists that are on the first list already. Start putting your lists into a place that will save you money. Literally my last skip trace I did, it saved me more money than the monthly cost of the service.

Jesse: That's crazy.

David: I've only been using it for like-- truth be told, probably five or six weeks or less. Like, I'm brand new. Yeah. So it's just cool, guys. It's really cool, the ability to stack those lists. Then of course you guys have the text platform built in. We have cold callers, Jesse, and people that are using Batch Lead Stacker to text as well. I prefer the texting, because that's how I prefer to communicate anyway.

Jesse: Right.

David: So like, I think its a great method, we get a ton of deals from cold texting. So if you guys are interested, go to Use code 'DAVE', all caps, Jesse is going to offer you 50% off your first month. Thank you for helping my audience and students and viewers, listeners, you name it-- out on that first month. It basically gives you the ability to go check it out for half the cost. Highly recommend it. Jesse, you mentioned you guys have some awesome things coming with that too. You're talking about a dialer built in there and RVM's. That's two things I heard you talk about. Those both sound great.

Jesse: Yeah. The dialer, I don't want to get too technical. It will still be a different stand alone platform, but you will be able to push your lists and data straight into it, so you are not needing to import export and do all that stuff. It will be-- its own stand alone, but it is going to communicate highly with that. Kind of piggy backing onto what you said with the lists which is going to be cool. So we will have a list in there pretty soon. Something similar to Prop Stream or REWW. What's really cool about that is what you talked about is, if you have all your data in there and you're trying to pull new data, it will say that you already have that record. You don't need that. So you are going to be even more effective with your list pulling, utilizing and making sure-- not even talking about skip tracing. You're still out pulling the same-- people out the list to where we are going to give you X amount of records a month, you're going to get way more efficient on that side of things.

David: You know what else is very efficient about having the ability to pull the list and track it like you guys do which is awesome? To go in and just be able to pull the most recent two three or four days worth of vacants, right? You can pull the list five days ago and you go pull it again and there's 17 more people. You can just export those out, because you already have the other ones, right? Yeah, very cool feature, man. I'm very excited to-- take advantage of all of that, I'm going to be honest with you, I'm going to use all of that, hurry up, I can't wait to use it.

Jesse: I'm working on it, bro.

David: Let me know, get those extra features going. In the mean time it is already and phenomenal product. Batch Leads Stacker, guys. Go use code 'DAVE', all caps, Jesse is going to give you 50% off your first month. We love it. I'm not going to mention the other software, because I don't want to say negative things. Maybe I will use them to at some point. But, I moved over to Jesse's because it is just more cost effective. It's killer, it's bad ass software. Jesse, thank you for coming on the show, my man. It was good to get to know you a little bit better. You are crushing it with all things. Keep it up. Forty grand in his pocket right now, folks. This guy is the man. I love it. Any departing words for the audience? What you got?

Jesse: Yeah, man. If you're looking to get into real estate, a lot of people I think were scared with what's happening. Some people were definitely over leveraged with trying to grow their companies too quick. Now is the time to get in if you're a new investor in my opinion. Especially because home owners are more understanding with prices fluctuating. They need more help than ever. If they are really trying to sell their house and in a distressed situation. They are more willing to work with us now. If this is just you picking up the phone or sending some text messages. You have all the opportunity in the world right now to get your first deal. I think it's the best time in the last two, three, four years to hop into real estate, and go get that first check and change your life.

David: Totally totally agree. Jesse, where can people find you online?

Jesse: Instagram is just my first and last name Jesse Burrell. Same thing on Facebook. Instagram is probably the easiest way. Shoot me a DM. I am more than happy to help anybody with anything that I can.

David: This guy is a true giver, I love it. Jesse, thank you for coming on the show. We are going to be bringing you back soon, a couple of weeks when those new updates are ready. We can talk about how awesome those are. In the mean time, take it easy. Alright guys, if you want to try this service, you can try it for one dollar for 14 days, literally. Go to BatchLeads.IO/DAVE. One dollar tries it for 14 days, it gets you access. Jesse is going to give you 500 text messages included with that. Head on over to BatchLeads.IO/DAVE. Jesse, thank you for hooking us up with that offer, man.

Jesse: Quick story too, someone on the free 500 text messages two weeks ago get a contract texting those 500 people, $10'000 during the trial period, it was absolutely incredible. You have to try this out, it's awesome.

David: Wow, holy cow, I love it. Guys, you heard it. One dollar gets you 14 days in the system, 500 text messages included with that. Head over to BatchLeads.IO/Dave. Jesse, thank you sir.

Jesse: Absolutely.

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