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Episode 161: Legal Shield for Your Life & Business

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Show Notes

In this episode, David Dodge did a Webinar with the special guest Chris Craddock. David and Chris talk about the "LegalShield". What Chris Craddock experience by using this Service. Wanna learn more about how LegalShield can help your business? Check this out!

What is LegalShield?

LegalShield Small Business Plan gives you access to a huge variety of legal services to help you rest easy knowing you're protected. Speak to a lawyer as often as you'd like, get contracts & documents reviewed before you sign, and much more.

Things that cover in this episode:

  • The Mission and History of LegalShield.
  • How LegalShield works
  • Services provided by LegalShield.
  • How this service help your Business?
  • How to get a lawyer through this Site.
  • How LegalShield’s subscription model works and is priced.
  • How can make money through LegalShield

Services mentioned in this episode:

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Episode Transcripts

David: Yo yo yo! Today’s video is about Legal Shield. I just recently signed up to start using Legal Shield, as well as ID Shield and it's gonna save me a ton of money, it already has, actually. And its brought a lot of cool things to my fingertips. I really wanted to share this with you guys. Also, Legal Shield has some really cool opportunities to make some money as well. So we'll talk about that in this video today. Thanks for watching!

Hey, good to talk with you brother, good to talk with you man! I got some people coming into the room here, look like we have a couple people coming in. I wanna keep this definitely kinda short today. We'll be doing a lot more of these, ya know, over time. But maybe we'll shoot for like 15 or 20 minutes today. Let's maybe give it another couple minutes and see if we can't get a couple more people in the room and then we'll jump in. What you-- what you been up to today man?

Chris: I'll tell you what man, just been on the phone since the morning till now man. Actually-- let's see here, I know you and I been checking our - doing these long walks while talking, doing business - let me see how many steps. I got 11.22 miles in today. Whoa--.

David: 11.2? I got 2.6!  I've been doing like four or five-- every single day, consistently bro. It feels great.

Chris: Absolutely man. I love it. I'll tell you, I mean-- I've been stuck here and yeah, I feel like I'm in my dungeon on Zoom all day, and you know, when I started setting up my calls at separate times so I could go and walk talk, do whatever I need to do, get business done. Ah, it's good man. It's good.

David: Man, it's awesome. It. Is. Awesome. Well Chris, let's jumps in. It's 3:03, I don't wanna waste everyone's time that is here. Because we got a couple people in the room, but we'll record this anyway. So we will-- we'll re-purpose this and send this out to the people that aren't able to make it. But today, I really wanted to focus on 'Legal Shield' for your life and for your business. Now, I'm a kind of, a noob member. I've only been signed up to Legal Shield for, I don't know, a couple weeks, maybe even a couple months at this point. But not very long. You brought this to light for me so I appreciate you coming on, so we could, you know, have a quick chat about it today. But I am loving all things Legal Shield and ID Shield. So, I just wanted to chat with you for, you know, a couple minutes today about it. I get a lot of questions Chris, a lot of questions from new real-estate investors; individuals on social media, that are learning real-estate, they're maybe, ya know, trying to do their first deal, and they are always asking me about, you know, "do I need an LLC for my business?" And the answer really is, yes. But, you don't need it right away, right. You don't need an LLC to just go out and start doing deals. In fact, I did like the first 15 or 20 deals in my wholesaling career right? Like five or six years ago when I started full-time-- without it. I just did it in my name, you know, it's obviously smart to have one, but you don't need it right? But once you are ready to go out, and you are ready to get your business in order, you're gonna need lawyers, you're gonna need people to review contracts, you're gonna need people on your legal team. Right? So, that’s really where Legal Shield comes in for me and I'm grateful that Chris introduced me to them just recently. And the funny thing is, is, you know, I got three lawyers, no, I'm sorry, four lawyers in the family. Three cousins and an uncle are lawyers. And as I was investigating Legal Shield a couple-- maybe, you know, a couple weeks ago when I signed up and I originally talked with you, I asked all of them - what? 'Do Not Disturb'. Please, here -? I asked all of them what they would charge me? My own family, you know, and they were like, joking around with me like "oh yeah, you know, we're gonna really give it to you Dave!", you know and I was like well, would you guys charge me to do this? or do that? you know. And they were basically-- their fees were like, four to six months' of fees of what I'm paying Legal Shield and it's like-- for those type of things-- it's basically unlimited services. So, it's kinda a no brainer. And then another service that I had recently, was like a Privacy Assist through Bank of America. Where, I just had my main checking account. And, you guys, our Legal Shield has a sister company-- 'ID Shield'. And I signed up for them as well, because they are doing basically the same service of credit monitoring, however it's more enhanced. It does, like, dark web searches and it searches for, ya know, your information that's out there on the web elsewhere. And they offered a higher level of insurance on that, so I literally just canceled that service and moved over to this service. So, you know, these two services are great, because they are allowing me to have access to attorneys and monitor my credit for both my business, and my personal life. And they have an app, which is amazing. There's no other legal department out there, or company, that has an app that connects you with all these people, so I'm super grateful that, you know, I joined and that I'm working with both Legal Shield and ID Shield. But I just want to express, you know, I get so many questions from people that, you know, want to talk to a lawyer or they don't know where to start and--I mean, this is the solution. It's been a solution for me-- more recently that you Chris and I'll quit talking here, because I can tend to go all day. But, it's been a good solution in MY life, so I'm just really wanting to share that. But more importantly that it just being a solution, there's a way to make money doing this.

Chris: Absolutely!

David: Let's talk a little bit about YOUR experience with it and how long you've been, you know, going with it. And then we can, you know, kinda talk more about the money, you know, towards the end here. Again, let's try to keep it short. Let's try to wrap up around, you know 3:20/ 3:25, its - it's about 3:07--.

Chris: Yeah.

David: – at this point, so. But yeah go ahead man, tell us about, kinda you know, your experience with it so far and while you're doing that, I'm going to-- I actually got some slides that really just kinda demonstrate the - the app and the service as well. So, while you're introducing that, I'm gonna kinda get set up in with background here with some of these slides, so we can kinda really talk through what all-- it-- provides.

Chris: Yeah, so, I mean, here's my story. My story is-- I own a handful of businesses. One in the real-estate world doing investment work, I have like a real-estate agent side of the business where, as on your podcast, talking about some of the stuff we did a few weeks ago. We also have an insurance business and a construction business and just a number of these businesses-- and I dunno about you but anybody in any sort of business, is gonna have a time where they need to talk to an attorney about a contract, or a dispute, or something - and honestly, I dunno Dave, have you ever had chance to like, or a time like this where you're like "man, I really should check with an attorney but I don't wanna pay too much, 200 - 250 bucks or whatever they’re gonna charge me for a half hour call. I think I'm - I think this is good. I'm just gonna go with it. Have you ever done that?

David: Yeah man, I did

Chris: Yeah, I mean I've done that so many times and like where, where it's bin like that and then there's other times where it's - it's just so crazy. So for me-- actually, it was like, 15 months ago a buddy of mine joined up with it and he told me about it and I was like, "this sounds really interesting", but, ya know, I - I dunno, there's - there's like a, the business side of it, like almost MLM-ish component to it. So I didn't want any side piece of that, because that’s just not what I wanted to do. And then I started looking at it and I was like 'man, this product solves a lot of my problems'. Every single-- I work with so many investors. Every single investor I know has a time where they need to talk to an attorney. And I'm like for 25 bucks a month you can talk to an attorney, unlimited billable hours and you can literally have trial defense as far as like-- If somebody sues you, you have an attorney that will literally go to court to represent you and it was just-- it was just unbelievable to me. And then I saw, you know, I'm already spending, like, $350 a year on Lifelock, so I'm like I can spend less and actually have more coverage that Lifelock's on the ID protection side. It just - it just makes so much sense to me and then I, I've got so many newer investors that I work with, where Legal Shield has a - has a program where they will literally set up your - they'll set up your LLC or your S-Corp and give you 3 months of free legal coverage with it, for like 150 bu- it's just over 150 bucks, where they set - basically set you up and, you know, you have these unlimited billable hours, talking to an attorney on that. And then you can keep it going on that side, so it just makes a lot of sense. But my buddy, here's the crazy thing, my buddy who started doing this, he had a big massive real-estate business. He told me he decided to shut down his real-estate - his agent business - about a year ago and is like "Chris, I am gonna make over a million dollars a year doing this". And I was like "You're crazy, you're an idiot, what are you doing?" And actually last month--.

David: "You're crazy! You're an idiot!", right?!

Chris: - I know! And last month, he brought in 62 grand, with zero overhead as the World's falling apart with Covid, everybody's thinking about their overhead and paying mortgages and everything else. He brings in 62 grand, with zero overhead-- this month he’s gonna bring in over 70 grand, zero overhead and I'm like, okay, that-- you know, that definitely starts to make sense, you know, on the business side of it too. And the the other crazy thing is, I've got so many friends that have done legal shit, like talked about Legal Shield as a product. They just loved it. And they didn't know you could sell it and so I'm an insurance guy-- I like-- well I like own an insurance company, I don't actually personally sell it, but I own the company. And looking at how insurance works, Legal Shield is exactly the same thing. You basically, you know, you get all the up-sides to selling insurances, but you talk to all your friends and essentially get-- you get the up-side and, you know, it's an amazing product, so-- I mean, you also get a free Will involved, like they'll do a Will for ya--.

David: Hey I got the slides ready Chris--.  

Chris: Do it. Do it!

David: --let's look-- run through them really quick. I don't wanna bore everybody. But I got some slides and its gonna-- I gotta play around with this a little bit to get them to be able to be visible here. But let’s just run through a super quick presentation on it. So basically Legal Shield was established in 1972. They have 4.4 million people that they're protecting in U.S. and Canada. And they have a dedicated network of quality law firms, in actually, in all 50 states. So that's really cool because whenever you sign up, they give you a dedicated law firm that you basically get access to and you get unlimited access to the majority of the services, from what I can tell. Not all, but the majority. Again, I'm kinda fairly new with it, but I have been playing around with it, so, you know, 'Signed a contract or document?'. If any of these thing have, you know - are recent to you or, you know, you feel that they may be something that you're gonna need to have issues, or address, down the road, these are all things they can, and will, help you with. So, signing contracts, landlord or tenant issues, overcharged or treated unfairly-- you know, there's an example of a guy who was giving a presentation earlier today about that one right there and he was saying that, just recently with the, with the flights that all got canceled, you know, because of the Covid, that he wasn't able to get a refund. But he had one of the lawyers on Legal Share write a letter and he got his money back in like, 10 days after the letter was sent. Like, directly from the airlines. So it's like--.

Chris: That's great--.

David: – it's just kinda cool, just random things that you can use it for, right? Traffic tickets--.

Chris: Yeah!

David: – Chris, you got a traffic ticket just recently right? That you used this on?

Chris: I was going-- I'm not even gonna say the number, because I know there's-- gonna be public. I was going, let’s just say, it was a 55 that dropped down to a 40 right away, going downhill and I'll just say, it was not pretty. And here's the crazy thing, it was in a different county than I live in. I just - I literally pulled up my app here and it says "Take a picture of the ticket", I took a picture of the ticket, within 24 hours the attorney's-- the attorney who works in that county, his assistant called, set up a meeting with the attorney. The attorney just literally, like we talked through it, he went to court for me-- I didn't even show up in court-- he just went to court for me and then they called me right after court and said--or they sent me an email saying "Hey, we got the ticket thrown out. You're gonna have to do online driving school but you get zero points". It was just like, 'faulty mechanic/ machinery' whatever it was and zero points. So, I'm just gonna say this, I was driving too fast. Way, WAY too fast! -

David: Oh man! I love it!

Chris: And they got it thrown out. No points. I didn't even have to show up to court!! That's what's crazy. And zero cost! It didn't cost me anything. It was just part of my, my monthly membership. It's sweet that—ah!

David: Hey, I love it! I love it. So, ya know I just-- looks like there's some child identity things on here. Being a victim of identity theft or a data breach. Anything real-estate, which is hilarious because that's what business I'm in. And or preparing and updating you Will, is something that I was super excited about when I, when I joined and I am in the process of doing that now with them. I actually just started that a couple days ago with my wife and we got the application that we needed to fill out so that, you know, they could draft it up and get that rolling, so that is super exciting. They have apps, which I think is super cool - again this is a little touchy guys, sorry about that. They have apps, which I think is super cool. So they have a Legal Shield app and then they have an ID Shield app. There's actually some other-- excuse me-- some other apps for recruiting, but these are to two apps. Go ahead Chris, something you wanna say?

Chris: Real quick that first button on there, where it says "Call my law firm" – literally, I had a deal, a real-estate deal where I was dealing with like a probate issue and so, it was just really cool because I was like trying to figure it out and doing research-- anyway, anybody in real-estate has dealt with a probate issue, where it gets a little, a little nutty--.

David: A little guide?

Chris: – and I was like "Why am I doing this?! I've got an attorney on call!" So I literally pulled up the app, hit that button, scheduled a call with a probate attorney and they called me and just talked me through it and then they sent me all the information I needed. And I'm like "Why was I looking on-- Why was I trying to Google search this when I've got a free attorney?!" It was-- it was so insane!

David: Isn't that awesome, man? That's really cool. So they connect you--  so again, it has-- the app is the coolest part, because all of its right there at your fingertips, right? I love having apps and just having things on my phone. I don't really want, or necessarily have it elsewhere, I just want everything on my phone. So, the call-- the attorney is a super cool feature. 'Tap. Call. Equal Access'. So these are the things that are really, really useful with Legal Shield, so you got Personal Legal Advice: Unlimited number of issues; Letters/ Calls Made On Your Behalf-- which we talked a little about a second ago, but if you need to evict somebody, if you have issues with somebody, if somebody owes you money then you can have calls and letter sent on your behalf, prior to having to sue that person. Or, if you get sued, you have protection there. Contracts and documents up to 15 pages, per legal matter, which in my-- from my experience has been, you know, more than enough. And those three things right there on top Chris, are unlimited. Which is awesome. They do have IRS Audit Assistance, Civil Trial Defense, Family/ Domestic Services if you were to need those and then Document Uploads right from the app which I think is really cool. I don't wanna mislead people. I do-- I am under the impression that the IRS Audit as well as the Family/ Domestic Services, may have like a 90-day delay. Again, don't quote me on that. I am not an expert. But I don't wanna over-promise people. I am certain though that the top three things here are instant and unlimited, right? So the Trial Defense and the IRS attorney, as well as the Family/ Domestic may have a 30  or a 90-day delay, which is only a couple months and the reason is they don't want people that are having these issues signing up right then and there and exploiting these services. They're really meant to be a monthly membership that helps you save money when you need it, right? And then also, those may be limited based upon your-- how long you've been a member, on how much time they're giving to you but as you are a member for longer, you may be able to clock and build more time. So that is really, really, really awesome. And it's all done from the app. We just talked a little bit about the Traffic Assistance and you used this, right? You connect, actually with your law firm--.

Chris: No, no additional charge. It's sweet.

David: No additional charge. It's 24/7 access to talk to a lawyer, which is just crazy awesome to me. Let's see here, next we have-- the Will Preparation.

Chris: Wait, wait, you skipped over the last little slide there. The Emergency Access. If, let’s say, you get pulled over, or a cop or some-- I mean, listen, my brother-in-law's a cop, I got, ya know, a ton of respect for police officers. One of my-- some of my close friends are police officers, but all of them has said this to me. They said "if there's anything where they wanna talk to you, or question you about anything at all - ", like, these are what my friends that are police officers said, they say "don't talk without an attorney". And we've all seen the TV Shows right? The cool thing is, you press that-- if there's any reason why you need to talk to an attorney 24 hours a day, you press that button and you talk to an attorney, no matter what is going on, what your state like, you're in a compromising--.

David: Yeah, so you know what really comes in handy Chris, is anything you say can or will be used against you in court. So, you know, when you get an attorney to help you figure out what to say, a lot of times, they're preventing you a lot of trouble. I know, because I've been in a lot of trouble and I know all the mistakes I made, is basically me opening my mouth. So by getting an attorney on the phone, they can tell you, you know, how to say a certain thing that doesn't necessarily prove guilt, right? And or to avoid certain things completely, so yeah, I'm glad we backed up. The Emergency Access to having legal access 24/7, that is huge. Love that.

Will Preparation. I'm in the process of doing this right now Chris. You had told me, whenever I signed up a couple weeks back, that, you know, you had done this as well with your wife and I think it's amazing. I mean, I'm 35 years old, I don't feel that I'm in any immediate reason to, to need this, but you never know when, you know, something might happen. When the emergency may come, right? When something crazy happens and having these things set up in advance is very, very important. So, not just the Will but you have a Living Will. Powers of Attorneys as well, if needed. Let's see here, next 25% Members Only Discount and this right here is the, the services that aren't unlimited, right? So, the first three services on that slide a couple minutes ago that we were looking at had unlimited services. The rest of those, you get a 25% Members Only Discount on those items. So, Bankruptcy, DUI, Divorce, Adoption, Pre-existing personal legal matters coming in to join. And the reason is, is because those are very, very specific technically-- they're very, very niche and you get a big discount from those law firms by being a member. So, you have unlimited services and then there’s some that just give you a massive, massive discount. Contingency Cases, what if you are the victim of an auto-accident, or personal injury? You know, you talk to your provider law firm about representing you on a contingency basis, which means you don't pay hourly. I think that that's really awesome. Because the average cost of a law firm here in Missouri, is typically anywhere from $150 - $250 an hour. So, I'd rather pay a small monthly cost to be a member versus having these huge bills come when I'm needed. I get-- I'm gonna get access to a majority of these things. So, who's covered? The member itself; the member's spouse and or the domestic partner; never-married dependent, you know, children under the age of 26, maybe living at home and or students; somebody with a physical or mental disability that are living at home; and dependent children under the age of 18, whom the member is a legal guardian. So, it covers not only you but your family. The cost to join is stupid, stupid cheap. 24.95 a month to get access to a national network of law firms. So I think that that is crazy, phenomenal cheap. And then we also mentioned a little bit about the Identity Protection and that is the-- a totally different product altogether. It's ID Shield Vs Legal Shield. It will cover you against identity theft of Tax Returns; Medical Claims; Social Security Claims; Driver's License; Criminal Character; and or Credit, which is awesome. ID Shield-- I just signed up for this as well. You were saying you were using-- what was the one you were using, Chris?

Chris: Lifelock - I was using Lifelock

David: Lifelock, and that's several hundred a year. I was using Bank of America's Internal and that was also several hundred a year, so this service was actually cheaper and it does things that my other didn't. So, my others did the Credit Score, it did Social Security Number monitoring, Driver's License monitoring and Passport. It didn't do email addresses, social media, it didn't do Dark Web, it did do some Credit Cards, Bank Accounts and loans, but it didn't have those additional features. It also didn't have an app. So right now, I can log in at any time and I can, you know, check what's going on with my Credit, see if there's any issues in real time, and or check my Credit Scores--.

Chris: Hey, let me throw this out to you too--.

David: Awesome.

Chris: – so, I have-- my Credit Score it way above 800 and so I was buying a rental property, I guess this was a couple years ago and I didn't wanna pull my Credit until right beforehand, because I had a couple of things going and I just didn't want my Credit pulled at a number of different times. And so I was like, "Bro it's way above 800, don't worry about it, we're good, I was just talking to the lender right before -" - so he pulls it, right, you know, about a week beforehand and he's like "Chris, your Credit Score is 590". I was - He's like "I can't do the loan", I was like "What?!", I was like "I've never been late a day in my life! I picked up all my bills on time and I got a massive, you know, everything should be good!" Turns out, a Credit Card company had sent me a Credit Card and they activated it for me and charged me the money for the activation fee, that I didn't sign up for and literally they were charging me late fees for like 5 months of the-- like, whatever the activation, a $90 activation fee, or whatever it was and so I had to go through it. I had to get it taken off my credit, all the others – like, it took me about 3 weeks to get them to take it off the Credit because I never signed up for it and they just kinda screwed me. But if I could have just looked at my phone, saw the app and looked at my Credit Score, it would have told me way ahead of time instead of me going through that, that headache, right at the last--.

David: Yep.

Chris: – right at the last minute, so--.

David: – I've been playing around with the app a ton, man. I think it's super cool. I've never had the app before and I could never remember how to get in there, so I'd only go in there, you know, once or twice a year to look at it and now, I mean I've literally been looking at it like, every day. I think my credit score yesterday was like, 770, so I'm in the green, I'm doing real good. I'm not above 800, but its helping me and teaching me certain things that you know, could help me get in there, so. Yeah, very, very cool-- $25,000 Protection Policy and it's got a Comprehensive Restoration, that's part of that right? So, in the even that your Credit does get stolen or something gets tampered with, or there is some fraud somewhere, you have a policy to, ya know, protect you against that and their team will help you go in and, you know, file what's needed to get it filed, to mitigate those damages here. Let's see here, ID Shield-- It's $5 more a month and it will increase that protection from 25,000 to a million. And that's one of the things that I was interested in, because my last provider had $25,000 too. So it necessarily wasn't a huge value, but the way I look at it Chris, I own 64 rental properties. Right? And, you know, if somebody were to go out and get a car or some sort of crazy loan in my name, they could fly through 25 grand pretty quickly, because I don't, you know, I'm saying like, we have a lot of money coming in and out of our accounts and to me, ya know, I was kinda worried about the limits only being 25, so I personally upgraded and paid five bucks more a month, man. So you're talking a total of about $60 a year to increase my protection from 25 grand to a million and I'll tell you right now, that makes me sleep a whole of a lot better, you know, at night. So, same scenario, who's covered with the ID plans? The member, or you can do a family plan and I actually did do the family plan as well. And the family plan gives the member, as well as the member's spouse or domestic partner and up to ten children under the age of 18. Chris, I'm so happy that you are here to talk about this with me. I don't have any kids, but I think you are bumping that ten kid line right? You got like seven, right, nine kids, something crazy like--.

Chris: That's-- I got six, but I dunno-- I mean, I could have seven or eight tomorrow, I dunno, I mean. I'm not sure.

David: You know what this tells us? You got room for four more in your plan!

Chris: Exactly!

David: I love it man! I love it. I love it

Chris: An all you can eat buffet-- I gotta max out!

David: That's what I'm talking about, buddy! That's what I'm talking about. So another thing that I think is really cool and I've just started to explore this the last few days, the Family plan a month for Legal Shield is 49.90, the Individual's only 34.90, I mean it's ridiculous. That's if you do Legal Shield and ID Shield together, guys. It's 24.95 and 9.95 individually right? However, in order to off-set these costs, right, either 50 bucks a month or 34.90 a month, call it 35, they offer crazy incentives at some--  at a lot of places around town, right? So, one would be, ya know, like a pair of like-- Men's Warehouse for example, I think they offer anywhere between 30 and 40% off. I think it kinda varies. But they have a ton of perks that you can use to help save money, because they are bringing in members, you know, tons and tons and tons of members to push towards these services. So, some of the services I think are really, really beneficial. Like, cell phone companies, travel--.

Chris: My wife's laptop just died and we're-- I think I'm gonna save, I think its 15% at Best Buy and I'm gonna be able to get her a laptop. It's gonna basically pay for my-- or half of my-- 6 months of my membership, you know, by what I save--.

David: Oh, what you save, yeah so that's really, really cool. And I didn't really see the value in that, until just a couple days ago. When I signed up I'm like, ya know what I need, I need to have 24 access to a lawyer anyway and if I just have a friend or a family member do it, I'm gonna end up paying three times that right? And I already need ID Shield, I knew I needed it because I had something like it already. Right? It wasn't like I said "Oh I just need this". I have been a believer in being a protector of your identity, for probably going on 10 or 12 years now. So, being able to have a higher level of protection for the same, and actually a lesser cost, was kind of a no brainer to me. So hey, we're getting a little long here, I wanna try to speed through the rest of--.

Chris: Okay.

David:  – these slides here, because I don't wanna bore people here. So yeah, I mean it's definitely really, really cool. How can you make money on this? Right? So, Chris signed me up and he got paid, so there's really four ways-- and Chris you'll probably be a better teacher at this than me, but there's four ways to earn money with Legal Shield. You're not gonna see a commercial on TV, you're not gonna hear an Ad on the radio, they don't pay for marketing-- instead what they do, is they pay their members to enroll other members. So instead of them having a crazy, you know, multi- multi-hundred-million-dollar marketing budget like a lot of these big companies do, instead they say hey let’s just pay our members for just spreading the word of mouth. So you get personal enrolling members you get paid on; you get overrides from team enrolling-- from your team itself enrolling members, which is basically what I am to Chris, I'm one of this team members. He got me on board and I would love to get as many other people on board with, not only the Legal sort of side, as well as the ID side but really, you can make this a business right? You need to get those two things regardless. If you don't have something like that, you need this, I'm telling you right now as a real-estate investor going on 15 years, you have to have a legal department and that's what this gives you, for a small monthly fee.

Chris: My story is--.

David: You can also make money on the residual commissions and on the overrides of your team members; and the last but not least there's additional bonuses and incentives on how you get paid. Let's look at that, but go ahead Chris, what were you getting ready to say?

Chris: I was just gonna say real quick-- o my story is, I just liked the product a lot and I signed up because, you know, when I like something I tell people about it and so, just in passing I had probably just a handful of people over the last year that I signed up – well about a month ago, my  wife asked me, she’s like "Man Chris, what do you do with Legal Shield?" Because she looks at her bank account every morning, I look at it periodically but she looks every morning, and I was like "What are you talking about?" And it turns out that a couple of people that I told about it who had, you know, a bunch of-- like they just have a lot of friends in the real-estate business, got really excited about it and started telling everybody about it and so literally, every morning, because you get paid every single day if you sell it, every morning, my bank account was going up, anywhere from like-- I think the least amount in the last month and a half that I made is like 90 bucks, but it's been between 90 bucks and 1,000 bucks every single day, has been dropping into my bank account. And she, my wife-- she's like "Have you been doing some crazy stuff with Legal Shield?" And I was like, "I--.

David: 'What are you doing ILLEGAL?' Is probably what she's asking.

Chris: Exactly--.

David: She like "Chris what are you doing illegal that I don't know about?" And you're like "No, its 100% legal, I'm helping the company grow by selling a product that everybody needs, and at the same time, they are rewarding me". So it sounds to me like you already got your entire year, if not, years--.

Chris: Yeah--.

David: – service paid for, by just, by just recruiting other, I mean that's really all it is guys, it's just recruiting right? So, there's three things here. There is Legal Shield, there's ID Shield, and those kinda come in a package if you want, however it's not really required, but I think it's kinda stupid to not use either one if not both, I really do, and then the third thing is that you can get paid to recruit, so you can become what’s known as a 'Sales Associate' and you can get paid to recruit. So depending on where you're at is how you get paid and if you're, if you move up by selling more and more and more memberships and getting more people on your team, you get paid more and more. So they do offer bonuses as well for people that are just kinda wanting to get out the gate and just start selling, which I think is really, really cool. But to me, what I think is the coolest part, is there's multiple ways to get paid right? you get paid when you sell somebody, you move up as you bring team members on and then they get paid as they sell people and then you get override so, as they sell people, they get paid and you get paid and then of course there's bonuses. So as Chris sold me, not only on Legal Shield and ID Shield, which I think you should have both of course, but he also said "Dave, you know a lot of people that are in real-estate that could benefit from this service" and I was like hell yeah, every single person that I know--.

Chris: Everybody!

David: – this, as well as every single person that follows me could use this. Not only is it a no brainer, but I can make some money promoting it and so can you. That's why I wanted to have this short little presentation today. To talk about it. I think it's an absolute no brainer, but if I can, let’s just say, at least cover the cost of my own service, I am sold, right? So, you know, one thing that is really cool about Legal Shield, is that you need it, right? You absolutely need to have a legal department. But if you can have a legal department, that essentially can pay you, to help promote it's like a double no brainer. It's a double whammy no brainer, I just don't understand how I haven’t been introduced to this more recently and or sooner, you know, just because it just seems like a no brainer to me.

Chris: And, I mean, the other piece to is I just imagine based on what you do and your podcast is, the people that follow you all do some sort of sales, you know, they're buying and selling houses right? So, I mean, and the best sales people in the world are people that, if they like something, they're able to tell, like-- they're able to sell it alright. So, I mean, it just seems like the biggest no brainer, you know, I mean, I love telling about people what I like, but I only will, I'll only sell something if I like it, believe in it and use it myself. And this is, this is like the biggest no brainer ever, I mean, you don't see any other product out there where people can sell it, they walk away and they keep the product. Even if they're not selling it any more. this is one of those products that's, that's just awesome, I love it. So, yeah.

David: I absolutely agree. Guys, I'm gonna drop in the chat of this Live Webinar, I'm gonna drop in a link-- this is my link which essentially can go get you signed up, and you would join my team, right? If you don't have any interest in selling Legal Shield, no problem, I am not here to promote that necessarily. I think it's a no brainer, but if you don't wanna do that, no big deal. But sign up for the services of Legal Shield itself, as well as ID Shield. You are basically going to be adding a legal department to your team, you can get a Will created, you can have instant 24/7 emergency access to a lawyer or anything that you would need. And I think it is, just a no brainer to go about this. So, use the link, the link if you are listening to this and you're not on this particular webinar live, is DavidAlanDodge - so it's my full name, D-A-V-I-D-A-L-A-N-D-O-D-G-E - So again D-A-V-I-D-A-L-A-N-D-O-D-G-E, DavidAlanDodge, it's my full name, .wearelegalshield, so All the information that you guys would need to, you know, get access to your own accounts and creating your own app on Legal Shield and your own-- having access to your own app on ID Shield can be find there, be found there and if you guys have more interest in actually, you know, joining the team to be an Associate and promote, so you can get the services for yourself for free an or even make extra income, I mean Chris, you've kinda taken this to the next level where you're like hey I'm not interested in just, you know, selling a few people and getting my services for free, but instead I wanna make a business out of this. And, you're making, you know, on some days, thousands of dollars by recruiting people and the coolest part is, you get paid every month. So when they pay that bill every month, you get a little piece of it, which is crazy awesome.

Chris: Well, here's the crazy thing, I'm literally spending less than an hour a day on this just talking to people that I know this is a good fit for. Only people I know this is a good fit for. I'm gonna do over six figures this year as less than an hour a day, which is just unbelievable. Honest-- and my buddy, my buddy Aaron, he's gonna by the end of this year, the way he's pacing, he's gonna do over a million dollars with zero overhead, it's, it's, it's unbelievable. And it’s a product that just makes so much sense for anybody in real-estate, any investor, it, it, it's just a no brainer--.

David: And I absolutely love it. Guys last - last time, I don't wanna bore you with this - DavidAlanDodge, my full name, Check that link out and if you guys have more interest in actually doing the selling, like you know, becoming a partner, becoming an associate and actually selling this product, I believe you can find it on that, on that page as well-- you can. If you have additional questions guys feel free to reach out to me directly. You can send me an email directly. That email address is [email protected], alright, David [email protected]. I'd be happy to connect with you and/ or explain anything in further detail if needed, but again, I just wanted to you know, let some people know where we stand on this, why I'm using it. I think it's an absolute no brainer. Anybody and everybody that's doing real-estate deals needs to have a legal department. This is what that is, it gives it to you. It gives you access instantly and it gives you an app, which is just awesome. And then not only that but, you know, protect your identity at the exact same time. Chris any departing words? I went double the time that I wanted to. All good though, all good information-- it happens. Any departing words before we wrap up?

Chris: Yeah, no, I mean all I'd say is that if it's something you wanna do, you know, this, you'd be in a, you know, in Dave's and my, my world. You know, as far as sales training and all the other stuff, there's this whole thing that we would just plug ya into where you learn all of that, but regardless, even if you don't wanna sell it, even, ya know, you don't care-- the product, you gotta get the product. Every single investor, has to have a lawyer and for 25 bucks a month-- .

David: Period!

Chris: You'd be an idiot not to--.  

David: Period!

Chris: That's it.

David: Yeah and if you get your Credit stolen you're-- effed.  I don't wanna say it out loud, but I mean  I have been lucky to not have that happen, but my aunt and uncle had it happen to them, man and these people went in and they got it all back but it was a nightmare. It took them like seven months to totally clear it all up. They had stolen-- not stolen, but they had put like 60 grand on their credit cards, or on-- not theirs but on credit cards that these scammers had opened up in their name. It was a nightmare, right. And they didn't have any insurance. They ended up having to pay a lawyer like four or five grand to help them get that cleared up, man. Whereas they could have been paying like ten bucks a month, you know, it’s just - it's a no brainer, so. guys, thanks for coming out to the webinar today. I really appreciate you guys, you know, tuning in today. Check out the link that I posted, again if not, if you're listening or you're watching this elsewhere, we'll drop that link down below. And if you guys have specific questions about it, I am more than happy to have a conversation with you, email me. David - D-A-V-I-D - - That's my email. Thanks for watching. Thanks for listening.

I hoped you guys enjoyed this video, with my buddy Chris Craddock and I. We really, really think this is something you should consider. Adding a legal department to your business. Also, protecting your identity, guys. Keep an eye on your Credit, right? If you wanna have any, any loans at all in the future, you need to know what's going on with your Creddy, you need to be protecting it, you need to be monitoring it. If you guys likes this video, do me a favor, smash that like button and subscribe for more videos. Also, drop me a comment down below, let me know what you thought. If you have questions about the video, tell me. Let me know, I love to communicate with you guys in those comments. Last but not least, if you guys have questions about real-estate wholesaling, shoot me a text message, 314-501-7557. 314-501-7557. I will send you free access to my free course and my free blueprint and if you want weekly tips and tricks on real-estate negotiations, sales, marketing, so on and so forth. I love updating you all with that list, so shoot me a text, subscribe, like, thanks for watching. Until next time. Signing off.

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