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Episode 219: The Cheat Code - Introducing Brysan Duval

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Show Notes

Joining us today is the newest Co-host of Discount Property Investor Brysan Duval! , joining him is non other than David Dodge. Check out the Journey of Brysan and his big steps in Wholesaling Real Estate and the Cheat Codes to be successful in wholesaling real estate.

Things that will cover in this episode:

  • Start Out Using Deal Machine
  • Wholesaling Cheat Codes
    • Consistency
    • Perseverance

Check Out Brysan Duval:

Episode Transcripts

Welcome back to the Discount Property Investor podcast. Our mission is to share what we have learned from our experience and the experience of others to help you make more money investing like a pro. We want to teach you how to create wealth by investing in real estate, the discount property investor way. To jumpstart your real estate investing career, visit, the most complete free course on wholesaling real estate ever. Thanks for tuning in.  

David: All right everybody, welcome back to the discount property investor podcast. I am so happy today to be talking and announcing Brysan DuVall, my man, my friend and my fellow real estate investor partner on many deals. He's going to be co-hosting some episodes with Mike and myself on the discount property investor podcast, as well as doing some of his own shows and episodes which I think is going to be super helpful because we're at different levels in our game respectively and you see things differently than I do.

Brysan: Definitely.

David: And I see things differently than you do and it's just always good to be learning and growing. Brysan, thank you for taking- picking me up on on my ask of hey come join me man, I think you have a lot of knowledge and information to share with all of our listeners and viewers and just everybody man. I love you dude, thank you.

Brysan: Yeah, hey man you're one of my buddies man, we've been friends for years so I think it's-

David: Thanks for coming on. So, welcome to our show- go ahead, I didn't mean to interrupt.

Brysan: No, you're good. I just want to thank you man, like I said, it's been a long time coming. Now I'm like fully into the office so I think it's only right. It's a natural progression to get here. You know I'm a fellow St. Louis real estate investor. I actually got introduced to wholesaling from this guy right here.

David: Did you? Me?

Brysan: This guy.

David: Hundred percent?

Brysan: Hundred percent.

David: Wow bro.

Brysan: I had never-

David: That's great man.

Brysan: Yeah, years ago I saw stuff on your Facebook page, you've always been active on social media and that's- that got me attracted to wholesaling and I just kinda came into the office, I started off- I think you were just like call Zillow and call Craigslist's leads, post on there and-

David: That's how I started.

Brysan: And you know, I just kind of- I don't know, I think I struggled with seeing the longevity in it at first.

David: It's hard.

Brysan: You know what I mean?

David: Because it's not not an investment in your marketing.

Brysan: Right.

David: It's an expense.

Brysan: Right.

David: Absolutely, it is.

Brysan: So, yeah I couldn't get over the mindset of like, okay, how the hell do I like become consistent in this? How do I get to where I am like no marketing money really and you know making calls to actually having consistent deals.

David: I know I need a budget but I don't have any money to put in it.

Brysan: Yeah.

David: It's hard man.

Brysan: And I think I what? My first day at big thing I like sent mailers one time, spent 1200 bucks and got like two calls back and I was like this sucks.

David: It sucks right away, but you're still getting calls from those mailers though.

Brysan: Yeah, yeah.

David: Yeah, so that's the longevity part of it.

Brysan: Absolutely. So, it's one of those things so now, you know, I've been full time in wholesaling, full time investor for going on three months, maybe.

David: I was gonna say, it's been- well okay.

Brysan: So, I left my full-time job May 1st and um yeah.

David: Hopefully that wasn't anything that you regret cuz you've done some big ass deals recently.

Brysan: No, not at all dude. No, yeah I mean my last deal was like my entire salary.

David: Bro, I love it. Okay cool.

Brysan: Yeah, man. I'm just- I'm in that stage of like going from hustler to CEO of a company.

David: Right.

Brysan: You know, and it's a huge jump.

David: You made the job and you did it.

Brysan: Yeah, but even that it's like you can still be a full-time hustler, you know what I mean?

David: Oh, absolutely. Just because you started doing real estate full-time doesn't mean you reduced your hour workload.

Brysan: No, not at all.

David: You doubled them probably.

Brysan: Literally.

David: That's okay

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: Because guess who's the boss?

Brysan: Right. I can live with that in short term.

David: Guess who's the boss? and man I see you hustling.

Brysan: Yeah, bro.

David: Talk about somebody that's hustling guys. I'll be up here at 10oclock at night like just to drop something off and Bryson's like hitting the phones dude.

Brysan: Yup.

David: Hustling. So, that's- man I'm happy, this is great.

Brysan: It's a 12 hour grind for sure pretty much everyday.

David: Let's back up bro. So, this is cool, that's really cool I like that. You've been doing this for three years-

Brysan: Going on three years, yeah.

David: Not full time but you've been doing deals. How many deals have you done at this point?

Brysan: I want to say- that's a good question. Probably say in 3 years, maybe a little bit over 30?

David: 30 deals, dude that's great. That's like one a month almost.

Brysan: Right.

David: That's amazing.

Brysan: So some of those-

David: And you were part time for three whole years.

Brysan: Right.

David: If you were listening or watching and you don't think that this is for you because you don't have full-time time, that's wrong people.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: You did 30 deals part time.

Brysan: Right.

David: -ish before you jumped in. That- boom.

Brysan: And I really just think it's- a lot of that was possible because I was plugged into you and resources and other people that new things and I can just say hey, like I need help with this, I'm kind of struggling through it and we just get deals to close cuz I had limited time. You know, I was working pretty much full-time and going to school full-time at the time I started this. Not to mention, I didn't even have a license. [inaudible].

David: Yeah, I remember man, I remember.

Brysan: I did the first walkthrough like we did, I think my mom dropped me off to like your house.

David: Right.

Brysan: We went to that appointment out in South County or Fenton or whatever and you were rehabbing the house.

David: That was your first one?

Brysan: That was the appointment that I went on yeah.

David: That's a big step.

Brysan: Oh yeah, I was-

David: Man, there's big steps in this business.

Brysan: Yeah man.

David: Starting to do marketing, running that first appointment, making that first offer, leaving that first closing.

Brysan: All of that. It's such a progression of-

David: Man, all those things are such like wow.

Brysan: Yeah, I remember I think that the first check I got was I called a guy on Craigslist that had like a terrible ad for a house with no pictures and I'm like this guy probably wanted like 10K for the property and I was at- I remember vividly I was at my dad's office working for him and I called you up like bro, can we meet this guy or like, I don't really know, he says the property's- I think it was like a Jennings property, something like that, and you called me up and you're like I'd say 2 hours later, you're like yeah I got it locked up and then- you call, I think you got it locked up for like 4k.

David: Something low.

Brysan: 10 days later, you're like hey I got a check for you, like a $1,000. I was like okay.

David: Okay.

Brysan: Drop it off to me I guess.

David: It was a huge point of hey, you didn't have to do much, right?

Brysan: Not at all.

David: And that's awesome.

Brysan: I didn't do anything but I was like okay, well that's interesting. How do you do that that fast? And I was like only really, you know, a little bit knowledgeable about what you even did.

David: Sure.

Brysan: You know, I know you found somebody to buy the deal, that's all I know.

David: So you had no real estate experience in any type of rehabbing, rentals, construction, agent, traditional, inspections, appraisals, title.

Brysan: Nothing.

David: None of that. Again, can you do this with no experience?

Brysan: Absolutely, absolutely.

David: Do you need full time to do it?

Brysan: Nope.

David: No, not at all. I love this.

Brysan: And this is- it's one of those things and like it- I still took- it took me a long time to really get consistent man, you know?

David: I struggle with it to date.

Brysan: I mean, really really took me just- It's a battle of the mind, you know about committing to that on a daily- especially if you're not full time. Really saying if it's on a limited time, maybe I only have 5 hours in this business but I might going to do that every single week.

David: There's a 168 hours in a week guys.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: Brysan I got my screen report- you know how the phone sends you the reports dude? Last week and take it, take it- this is going to make me sound like a- like a crackhead for my phone.

Brysan: Right. It's a lot.

David: It's a lot.

Brysan: At least you're working on income producing tasks with your phone.

David: I am and I watch a lot of educational stuff. I check all my workouts so I think that's probably recording it too and I watch 2 or 3 hours of Netflix or Hulu almost everyday like it's not-

Brysan: But you're up late.

David: I'm up late, it's like usually from 11 to 1. I'm up really late, right and- but while I'm watching stuff, I'm really doing other things, but my screen report was like 9 hours and usually it's like 4 or 5 so I guess it was just a lot that week, like holy cow.

Brysan: But it's normal, it's like every American man.

David: Maybe not that many but the point is there's a 168 hours in a week and every single person is watching some TV or you know just messing around with their time, an hour or two here, an hour or two there. It's not hard to pull 10 hours a week together, 15, maybe 20.

Brysan: Yeah. I mean like you said, I mean I make calls, you can get on a dialer while you're watching a movie.

David: Yes.

Brysan: I mean you're sitting on your couch, it's like-

David: We had a student that just joined a program yester- I mean last week actually. Talked to him last night, he's a firefighter and he's like I wanna make cold calls while I'm not working or while I'm in the firehouse I like to be texting because if I don't respond right away, not the end of the world.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: And I was like bro, this is- I was like you're gonna be doing deals in 3 to 5 weeks. I'm confident because you're going to do what matters.

Brysan: That's all.

David: You're not just gonna say Dave, send me the book. Boom, okay now what? Take the course. Now what? It's like stuck for the next thing, do the first step in the process, right.

Brysan: For the beginners, it's just so much consumption of content. You know what I mean? We have to learn, we have to know what we're doing to some degree, like I'm not trying to say you can't watch-

David: And I'm not saying nothing negative about that student. I'm so happy, here's why: I was doing this with Mike earlier. He goes, on the call he said: I've been looking at programs and reading books and courses for like 2 years now. I go woah I did that for 3 months so I don't- I get it.

Brysan: Right.

David: He did studying for two years now, I go: have you done any deals yet? And he's like nope, and I was like okay how many, and this is the simplest thing bro, I said how many offers did you send today? None. I go how about this week? How about this month? Let's take a big picture, 2020, how many offers did you send in 2020? Zero, and I go I'm not rubbing it in but this is why you hired me, is to get you into deals.

Brysan: For sure.

David: So what are you not doing and that's the thing, so we're gonna start there. Marketing wasn't his problem, it wasn't- it wasn't talking to people, running- he's had done all that. He had done marketing and ran appointments but I was like did you make offers on those properties that you ran appointments on?

Brysan: That's really common though.

David: Isn't that man?  

Brysan: It's really common, I know people.

David: It's so common. They're afraid, analysis paralysis.

Brysan: I was talking to a buddy of mine who's in the business and yeah, they have some leads coming in and I'm like so if you consider it a lead, how is there no offer made?

David: Abs- wow yeah.

Brysan: You know, I don't- it's like so what are we doing here? You know I remember you would- that was- you would say the same thing over and over to me like, okay, like how many offers did you make today? You talk to that many people, how many offers did you make?

David: Right.

Brysan: It's like we don't have offers, we don't have inventory, we can't call ourselves a wholesaler.

David: Right.

Brysan: You know what I mean? It's as simple as that so yeah man, it's one of those things where I had to just become consistent. I honestly really don't feel like I was even that consistent until this year.

David: Probably the most consistent over the last three months.

Brysan: Yeah, absolutely.

David: You're full time now right?

Brysan: I got to the point where I was like yo, I can't be a this job any longer.

David: Right.

Brysan: You know what I mean? So, I get off of work starting in like March or February, I'd get off of work, you know, everybody will leave the office at like 3:30 for the- yhey got there early and they left early, so I'd finish up my work before 4 and I'd cold call for 3 hours.

David: Nice.

Brysan: You know? 5 days a week.

David: 3 hours- you hear this guys? 3 hours, 5 days a week, it's grit.

Brysan: Yeah, it sucks.

David: It's not fun.

Brysan: It's not fun.

David: But now you don't have a boss. You made more and I'm not trying to say this in a negative way but this is a freaking amazing accomplishment bro. You made more on this last deal than that entire salary.

Brysan: Almost.

David: Call it- who gives a shit if it's over or under, it was the same, it's the number, right? That's huge, that's the point.

Brysan: Yeah.

David: That's just amazing, I love it man and I am really really happy and grateful to have you come join Mike and myself where I can do episodes with you, you and Mike can do them together, you do them by yourself, all the above. Again, I think you have a great perspective of somebody that put in that grit, did it part-time guys for three years essentially, did 30 deals. This business is not- I like to put it this way, it's incredibly simple but it's not easy.

Brysan: Not at all.

David: It requires a lot of work or a lot of money. You don't have to do any work if you're willing to put out 3 grand a month of marketing.

Brysan: Very true.

David: You don't have to do- I mean, you still have to do work in terms of answering or hiring somebody to answer, run appointments or hire someone to- I mean, you can fully automate and virtualize it if you want but you're going to be giving a lot of your pie away, in some cases maybe 80 or 90% of it which doesn't make sense, right? but you get that point. So, who is Bryson Duvall? Let's go there and then I want you to basically, cuz since this is the first time that we're doing this together, I want you to address the audience, the listeners and the viewers and basically put together and this is on the fly, you're not prepared for this, put together a simple how to get started in wholesaling real estate plan.

Brysan: For sure.

David: So, you have the floor.

Brysan: Yeah, so like you said, I'm a St. Louis guy just like Dave, you know.

David: How old are you?

Brysan: 28.

David: 28.

Brysan: Yeah, 28 so.

David: Started at 25.

Brysan: Yeah.

David: I'm good at math. 28 minus 3.

Brysan: So yeah man, I was a person that I never really saw myself being in corporate America, I never really like wanted a traditional job, you know, I pretty- only job I really liked was when I worked at the golf course cuz I-

David: Me too bro.

Brysan: I played free golf and-

David: I did that when I was like in college and man.

Brysan: Only thing I enjoyed.

David: You had to get there at 5:30 in the morning though.

Brysan: Right. Sometimes, you have to-

David: Sometimes you have to sleep there if you go out late, just drive to the lot and- but you're right, it was a fun job.

Brysan: Right.

David: Yeah, love that man.

Brysan: So I just you know, it made- it made sense for me is- you know, my father, you know, he's owned property so I was always attracted, I knew I would have some type of you know, whether it was flips-

David: Landlording, you're saying, right?

Brysan: Yeah, exactly.

David: Commercial, single family?

Brysan: Just residential.

David: Rentals? Yeah like I have, perfect. So, you've been in the game, you've done turns.

Brysan: I mean-

David: Maybe, nah?

Brysan: I've been there, you know what I mean? I've never done- like when I say my work for him has been minimal.

David: Okay got you.

Brysan: Sometimes it's going to a property, helping him do some of the meetings [inaudible].

David: I was going to say when you were a kid though, you probably had to like go with him and like pick up sticks and like just do like the monotonous-

Brysan: I mean my dad always kinda hired. My dad's not gonna do that, you know what I mean?

David: Okay, just checking yeah.

Brysan: But he is- they are hands on landlords.

David: Cool.

Brysan: You know what I mean? They are-

David: It doesn't matter.

Brysan: Yeah.

David: They're landlords.

Brysan: Exactly but not [inaudible] the landlord that I would be. With all due respect, I wanna be the landlord that you're kinda like you are hands off.

David: Yeah, hands off right.

Brysan: But yeah so I mean, I've always been- I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur whether that was with good things or bad things, you know, so I had definitely a lot of struggles growing up, you know, personal issues, got in some trouble at an early age.

David: Who hasn't though bro?

Brysan: Yeah, so it's kinda like-

David: It's normal.

Brysan: And I think that kinda derailed my mindset a little bit and I think I got to a place where I then was going through so many like personal development issues that it limited my mindset, and it impacted how I felt about wholesaling, it impacted how- the confidence I had in myself.

David: Yup.

Brysan: You know what I mean? My own self esteem and stuff like that so, I think that's a huge precursor, you know, a lot of us- to be successful in entrepreneurship, it's like, it requires some personal development.

David: It does man. It's all mindset, everything is really man, everything.

Brysan: It's the foundation man. Like, for you to- if you don't have that type of personal development, that type of confidence, self-esteem, it's like you're not going to cold call for 3 hours a day.

David: No.

Brysan: Without giving up.

David: Without giving up.

Brysan: You know what I mean? So, being attached to a vision, being committed to something, that took time, you know? And I didn't have it when I had my first deals, I didn't have that. You know over those three years I gained those tools and had that personal development happen, and personal growth happened that allowed me to see some of the success that I'm doing now. And for me, like I loved your guys podcast, I've always been you know, I love you and Mike, you know that.

David: Thank you. It's really unscripted, we just kinda do and say what we want and you know.

Brysan: Right, absolutely. And I know you guys give great content about, you know, getting people started marketing, developing a plan and I think I can give a unique perspective of where I am in the business.

David: Absolutely.

Brysan: My journey to get there, the struggles that I'm going through now, like right now, it's a struggle to become a CEO of a company. It's a struggle to map out the processes to delegate to someone so that when I go out of town or do something like- so what's the business doing?

David: Yeah.

Brysan: You know I got cold callers making calls, I'm like okay who's making offers then? And I'm not at the-

David: You are the marketer, you are the CEO-

Brysan: Bookkeeper.

David: You are the accountant. Yeah.

Brysan: Pay the bills.

David: You're in charge of the title company, closing coordination. You are in charge of disposition and everything, all of it, but that's the cool part, that's a beautiful thing you know? Because otherwise, you're out a job essentially.

Brysan: And it's like, that's fine- I'm perfectly fine with that in the short-term.

David: Right.

Brysan: But at what point does it get like wow, you know I'm just a higher paid employee now. You know it's like- and I'm not trying to- it's not a bad thing where I'm like wow that sucks but you know.

David: But it does give you the freedom though.

Brysan: Yeah, I can design it.

David: You're wanting to take a two month off, you won't cuz I know you.

Brysan: Hell no.

David: But you could if you wanted to.

Brysan: Right. That's true, I do have the option. I'm grateful for it.

David: Yeah, [inaudible] ask somebody to be able to do anything really though.

Brysan: Yeah.

David: You're going to work harder in the short term but the goal though is to build a business that you can either sell or that you can automate.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: And that's really I think that that's- I think we have really good perspectives because you don't have any VA's yet do you?

Brysan: I got two cold callers.

David: Okay, recently though?

Brysan: Yeah.

David: Since you went full time?

Brysan: Yeah, they've been on for about going on 30 days-

David: I love it. So guys, we are going to see Brysan's business explode over the next 6 months to a year, maybe sooner and see him grow and hire people and listen to the struggles that he's having with the hiring processes and the software's and what he's- dud this is going to be great. I think people are going to learn a ton.

Brysan: Yeah.


David: Yeah, I'm not undermining you by any means. I'm happy to be able to get an inside view. That's what I'm getting at. I think it's cool.

Brysan: Cuz like, I don't think- For me, it looks like when you're- when you're looking for a podcast, you're looking for things, it's like it's either somebody that's already like there, you know what I mean? And they're having-

David: Sometimes.

Brysan: A lot of times.

David: Most of the time.

Brysan: Where somebody's like I'm the host of the podcast, I've been killing it for years, I got this business and that's awesome. Maybe they didn't start to [inaudible].

David: Sure, sure, sure [inaudible].

Brysan: You know a lot of times, like I haven't gotten on a podcast where I'm like oh this is like a real time experience, you know what I mean? Like wow, this is what they're going through today.

David: Right.

Brysan: You know what I mean, what is happening in my business today that it's not all that common to see, I think, so I'm really excited for it you know, to be a part of this, you know, build a brand for myself obviously, you know build the following, just provide as much value as I can while I'm here.

David: That's the goal and it's easy man. You know, it reciprocates. By all means, and the goal for me, when we turn this camera on and start to record is to just provide value. I- we don't hold anything back, we screw up. I've lost money on two deals, luckily it's only been two. First one was like eight or nine grand, the other one was like fifteen, and those were both rehabs. It happens, never lost a deal on a rental, I've never lost money on a wholesale because that's kind of impossible.

Brysan: You can't really.


David: -lose money on it. Focus on it.

Brysan: That's the best thing about wholesale.

David: Right.

Brysan: Leave money on the table all the time.

David: It happens.

Brysan: Yeah, left about 50k on the table last year.

David: Right, but we don't hold back, we tell it like it is man. So, I love it. Bryson, I'm so happy to introduce you to the world and being one of the co-hosts of our show.

Brysan: Yeah, starter plan, that's what we were- yeah.

David: Yeah, I wanna touch about the starter plan. So, from your perspective, right? What would you say, you know a lot of our listeners audience and viewers, so on so forth, they haven't done that deal yet.

Brysan: Right.

David: And they're from a week to two years into watching, thinking that they need to learn something. Earlier today, we were just talking about this. Hey, what's the cheat code Bryce and I want you to give the cheat code to everybody. Maybe it's the lack of a cheat code, but the cheat code so take it away.

Brysan: Yeah, so I actually- you remind me I was actually outside like I think last Friday and I recorded a video and I didn't even post it like it's on my phone. I was just thinking about this same topic and I feel like there's so many people and I started to realize cuz people would DM me, you know, and I still think it's like awesome people DM me for advice on real estate, I'm like what?

David: Cool, I get them all the time but I'm always like man I'm honored you were listening or watching, what can I do to help you? And really my goal is to speed it up. I can't always walk them through that door, but I can show it to them.

Brysan: For sure.

David: You know what I'm saying?

Brysan: You gotta accelerate it.

David: That's the point, right.

Brysan: Absolutely. So, people will you know, contact me like hey do you mentor? how much do you charge? and I'm like what are you talking about?

David: Haven't thought about it.

Brysan: I'm like, nothing but I can answer a couple questions right now, what you got, you know.

David: Right, but you have value to be able to coach at this point. You have had that for a long time.

Brysan: So, you know for as far as- yeah, going back to the cheat code, it's like as beginners, we consume so much content, we go from influencer to influencer, guru to guru, kinda just trying to find like a cheat code that works for us, you know, or just something that we haven't heard from them.

David: You know about the marketing, I have a contract that I got off of Dave's free course, of

Brysan: Right.

David: I got this contract, I got the MAO calculator that I got off of 47 other websites including free wholesale course, but I just feel like I need to know more about building my buyers list. I mean, I get this everyday bro, and I'm just like man, I'm like-

Brysan: Good deals find buyers man.

David: It's a question but you keep- work it backwards.

Brysan: Yeah.

David: How does a wholesale work? Market, make offer, market the property or the offer, find a buyer, close.

Brysan: Right.

David: Work it backwards, and people, oh, that's so simple. Work it backwards, right? You close because you found a cash buyer because you had inventory to sell them. So if you don't make offers, nothing beyond that matters and if you aren't marketing, nothing beyond that, so don't worry about step 7 or 11 because if you don't do 2, you can't even have the optionability opportunity to do 3 or 4.

Brysan: Then the offer is like, I think people are scared to make offers because of their lack of knowledge on the numbers, the market, on what a deal is and all that combined.

David: All of it.

Brysan: But it's like yo, we've all made bad offers and we got things under contract that we couldn't sell. That's part of the failure of being a wholesaler.

David: I do it every week.

Brysan: You're like oh shit, this isn't going to work out.

David: But guess what? The market helps because they tell you what it's worth and if there's a spread there so everybody wins.

Brysan: Right.

David: Right, and if there's not a spread, well then you now can go back to the seller and say listen, I overestimated the value, I underestimated the repairs or I found other physical evidence that changes things.

Brysan: Right, leverage your buyer. The buyer-

David: The buyer sets the price.

Brysan: Exactly, so whatever feedback they give me on a deal, I just tell the seller.  I say hey you know, this is what- my partner-

David: I read this on a Facebook post a couple weeks ago, I think it was Donnelly that said it, I think, don't quote me on that. Brett is a good buddy of ours. But he said the buyers sets the price a hundred percent of the time in a real estate transaction.

Brysan: Every single time.

David: No matter what because they don't have to show up at the end of the day.

Brysan: Not at all.

David: They can say uh-uh.

Brysan: Yeah, they can walk from the deal.

David: They can walk.

Brysan: That's the power.

David: That's the power. So, here's another thing: it's very difficult to force somebody to buy, but it's actually really easy to force somebody to sell.

Brysan: If you're talking legally, for sure.

David: Cuz you can tie up to where they can't do any- but try to sue somebody, because they didn't buy, you're not going anywhere with that.

Brysan: It'll cost you more to do that.

David: Yeah right, in time, in every- and you're gonna be enemies and I don't suggest doing either one but-

Brysan: Right, so it's the thing about just making offers but as far as- yeah, well back to the cheat code man, like at the end of the day, we all know all the marketing works. All of it. You know what I mean, some thing costs- some things cost more time, some thing's cost more money so that's where we're always balancing, time or money, you know, so you know, if we're going to do direct mail, if your targeted with your list, if you do enough of it, you know you're going to make your money back if you do it consistently, but you know some people can't stomach spending $2,000 on mailers and you say oh wait I have to spend another $2,000 dollars on mailers.

David: Yeah, I've got 37 phone calls which is great, but I may not have got a deal. In the 37 calls I made may have had four, five, six appointments.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: But what people don't realize in the beginning though too is not all the people are gonna call right away and most deals take 3 or 4 months, not all, of nurturing to get your offer to be justified. That's the thing right? All offers are low in our- in my eyes, every one or else it's not a good offer.

Brysan: If it doesn't feel comfortable-

David: But if the seller interprets- or you know sees the offer as low vs. fair, it takes some time and that's really what I think a lot of the best wholesalers are good at. A) marketing, B) making offers but C) is justifying the number to not be low, instead it's fair.

Brysan: Yeah.

David: And you do so very simply by approaching the seller as hey it's not me versus you. I'm not trying to make you a low offer, instead this is me and you versus the market. Let's figure out what the market thinks it's worth. Let's figure out what the repairs are. I don't do this for less than 20%, the cost is 9 to 11%, average it at 10, 3-% is going to come off the top. That's how you justify a 70% multiplier. I don't do this for less than 20%, 10% cost to sell.


David: And now check this out, so Mr. and Mrs. Seller, and I'm not trying to steal the show.

Brysan: No, no, no go ahead.

David: I'm trying to steal my show. But I think what ends up happening is, you know, when you are able to justify it to say: listen, this isn't my low offer to you, this is every real estate investor in towns offer. You make it somebody that pays more- most people probably pay less, who knows? I'm kind of aggressive with my offers sometimes, they're still low, right? And that's the thing, it's justifying their offer as being a fair offer, and that process takes several months in some cases.

Brysan: Yeah, it's impossible to say- I mean, we all get those deals where you know, a lot of my deals now are locked up over the phone and I guess I kind of moved towards that with Covid.

David: You've done several over the phone like that.

Brysan: I just kinda like you know, especially if they're occupied, I know the rental amounts, I know that, it's like cool, I know where my buyers are at, we can lock it up at this price. You know, pending a walkthroughs, half the times, I don't have pictures from the seller and I figure it our but I always leverage that against them.

David: Guys, hear that? He doesn't have pictures from the sellers sometimes.

Brysan: But like, net worth's on our paper though.

David: So, you're sending your buyers in- right.

Brysan: I mean if the condition isn't how you're describing it to me right now, like anything is-

David: Then make the offer different.

Brysan: Right, it's gonna affect our agreement.

David: And while you're there, get me pictures so I can market that property to the next guy.

Brysan: Always say that.

David: Love it.

Brysan: You know, so- you know, we're always looking for- really the cheat code in anything man is consistency.

David: Yeah.

Brysan: I mean that-

David: 100%

Brysan: That is the cheat code that people- and that's the hard part and that's why we call it the cheat code.

David: Right, cuz people-

Brysan: Cuz it's like it's what we're trying to avoid in a way, you know.

David: The people that are doing deals and are successful are consistent. And the people that aren't- so it's like it's not a secret code.

Brysan: Not at all.

David: That's the thing, it doesn't have to be a secret to be a cheat code. That's the cheat code, like when I was a kid- when we were kids playing video games, we're always like oh give me the cheat code, right? It just makes it more fun. Well guess what? It gets more fun wholesaling deals when you're getting paid.

Brysan: Yeah.

David: And that- you get there from the consistency, man I love it.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: Brysan DuVall bringing you guys some red hot fire.

Brysan: Seriously man.

David: I love it.

Brysan: For anybody trying to get started, it's like we're always back to the time versus money thing. We all have to-


David: It's one or the other.

Brysan: We always have to figure out you know, what can we consistently spend over a month's time? I remember you used to tell me: what can you spend not this month- what can you spend for the next 6 months, 3 months you know?

David: 3-6 months out, and if it's only 600, don't throw 1800 at your marketing because then month 1, 2 and 3 won't work.

Brysan: Not at all.

David: You can't do that.

Brysan: Not at all, even if it's smaller touches or say it's 200 a month. You'd much rather 200 a month instead of 600 over the first month.

David: I tell that to students that are like I'm going to start cold calling. I go cool, do like 90 mins session.

Brysan: Yeah, start slow.

David: Don't sit down for 7 hours.

Brysan: You're going to hate it and just give up right then and there.

David: Well, by the second or third day, you're not doing it any more.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: And it's better to have that consistency of 90 minutes at a time, even if you can do two of those in a day, great but don't push it because it's better to do three 90 min sessions than 1 full day, because guess what happens the next week? You're like, oh this is my routine now, right?

Brysan: It's less friction.

David: It's less friction, yeah it's not like- not much difference. Friction is an amazing word for that, less friction.

Brysan: It's- when you can eliminate friction in anything that you're doing whether it's you're already out and you do things with the kids and you take them for driving for dollars, you know? Just fitting it into your schedule is the biggest thing and you know, if you don't want to do that-

David: Man, if you have a newborn, they like driving. Hear your kid screaming? Go drive for three hours, you'll get like a thousand leads and that's gonna turn into a deal, right.

Brysan: Yeah. I mean you can play a game, hey let's spot ugly houses, whoever spots the most ugly houses- it's just being creative and getting it into schedule, you know.

David: Absolutely.

Brysan: And it's like a lot of come in this and they don't have the money, you know what I mean? And it's a struggle to find the time, you know.

David: I would be willing to say that yeah, I mean 90% of people that come in they don't have a thousand a month, you know, what would you call that? like disposable. A thousand a month of disposable to put into a marketing campaign.

Brysan: Right and they have a job usually. If you're in that level of not having a disposable income, you usually have a job that takes up a lot of your time.

David: Absolutely.

Brysan: So, it's really I think you just kind of have to come up with a budget that works for you over 3 to 6 months. I just say 6 months to really gain some traction, you know what I mean, like.

David: Guys, this is such great perspective.

Brysan: I say six months. 3 months, yeah that's a quarter but if you can just stretch that out and say hey I'm gonna commit to this in 6 months. I got 6 months to get one deal.

David: 3 months is sometimes challenging when there's a coach involved.

Brysan: Right.

David: You know I shoot for my students to get a deal somewhere between 6 weeks and 3 months, that's kind of the goal. You know and like-


David: If we can do it in 3, awesome.

Brysan: Right.

David: But I don't want to set false expectations and the fact that you say 6 is me emphasizing that I agree with you on that.

Brysan: It's- and sometimes I just say that that's- that manages someone's expectations, you know what I mean in that? So, they're not disappointed if it doesn't happen in 3.

David: But guess what, guess what?

Brysan: Cuz it may happen right after 3.

David: That's my point, but guess what- yeah absolutely, but guess what? You can cut that 3 down to one and a half if you double the effort and the reason we say 3 is because we're talking about people that are like dabbling so even if they're like- dude, I did this, you did this.

Brysan: Right.

David: I said I'm going to go do a deal, just fuck it. Pardon my language but like that's it.

Brysan: It's gonna happen.

David: It's going to happen and if I screw up and embarrass myself or screw it, whatever. It's gonna happen, I'm gonna live through it, I'm not gonna die because of this. I'm gonna wake up tomorrow morning and I'm gonna do it, and because of that, I did put 2, 3, 4 hours a day everyday consistently for a month or two to get the deal, you did the exact same thing.

Brysan: Yeah man.

David: You just said, 3 hours of cold calling so that's the cheat code guys.

Brysan: That's what it is.

David: It's consistency.

Brysan: And I think really though, the lowest barrier to entry and potentially the best leads that you can get the cheapest way is just driving for dollars man.

David: Yeah, absolutely.

Brysan: Driving for dollars, calling them, driving for dollars or texting them. Both are low cost for the leads and low cost for the marketing, you know, so it's like.

David: So this is cool, right? Deal machine, it's one of my favorite apps to drive for dollars. It's what I use, I've been using them for a year. I even have three colors on my screen which is pretty cool.

Brysan: 3 colors? for the time?

David: I think it's like green, yellow and red. 6 months to a year or over a year, something like that give or take. It's really really neat. They just dropped the cost of the skip tracing so if you sign up and you use code 'Dave' in this in this example, that's one of our codes, but use code Dave, it's simple. You get a hundred skip traces, they give you 20 deal credits and they drop the cost of the skip tracing to like $0.17 a pop, so with the 20 free deal credits, so they do a 7-Day trial and you get 20 credits but those 20 credits equate to 100 skip traces, like 107 to be exact. How cool is that? So, you can try this out for free and get a hundred skip traces. If you gave me or you a hundred skip traces at this point like I'mma do two or three deals bro.

Brysan: I'mma make it [inaudible], yeah.

David: I'm gonna do two. I mean here's the thing, not tomorrow but within the next 6 months, I am going to have converted two or three of those people probably, so would have- so will you.

Brysan: Yeah.

David: On a 7-Day trial, so yeah I'm agreeing. Deal machine guys is a start.

Brysan: If you have- because unless you're driving all the time, like you're not going to have just a crazy amount of leads, which is good cuz now you can follow up with those leads.

David: Now you can nurture them.

Brysan: Exactly.

David: You don't need 300, 500 thousand, the more the better obviously but if you are just driving for dollars to build a list, again let's work this backwards. When are the offers being made?

Brysan: What do you mean?

David: If you're just driving for dollars and all you do is build a list, build a list, build a list. Again, you got to do all the process.

Brysan: Exactly.

David: So list building is one piece, then calling those people or marketing so they call you then the offer gets sent and then from there you now have control and you can get creative and do  a bunch of other things.

Brysan: Right, cuz really it's like if you have limited time schedule, all that and stuff, you just need to have as many touches with that seller as possible. It's not about making it the most phone calls. It's about okay how many touches am I making with those people.

David: If John all of a sudden decides that he is ready to sell cuz he wasn't last week, is he calling me or is he calling Brysan? Perfect example.

Brysan: Cuz I used to- I used to shoot in the dark all the time. I used to be like I'm going to do cold calling and then I get an idea like wait no let's follow- let's do this list and I'm gonna text them, it's like what were you doing with the other list?

David: Yeah.

Brysan: You know it's like you spent money already on those leads.

David: And you bought from different- yeah.

Brysan: I- man, you can't be a list whore man. I'm sorry, excuse my language.

David: No. You don't need- that's a great point though. You don't need to go buy 5, 6, 7 lists, get one. Start with one- I mean seriously start with one that's like two or three hundred people on it or less. It could be 10, send them a letter, skip trace their phone number to get a phone number or the email and call them or spend money on marketing so they know that David or Bryson or viewer can solve their problem. So, what does that look like guys? Direct mail, bandit signs, radio, television, billboards, websites and lead pages that you may spend money to drive traffic to via ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, pay per click, Google and Bing, and it's like the biggest pay per click platform in the world, right? So, so many different ways to either but at the end of the day Bryson, at the end of the day, you're calling them or they're calling you. No matter what though.

Brysan: Either way. [inaudible] You phrase it sometime, I'll never forget, I think you said we either hunt or fish.

David: Yeah, we hunt or fish, that's it. Hunting's calling them, fishing is saying hey, here's my message, I'm willing to spend $30 for 300 people to see this. Or I'm willing to spend $30 to send 70 post cards to these people in this area.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: Or whatever the numbers are, that was terrible math.

Brysan: And if you have the money, you get to design the marketing more so around the lifestyle that you want to live.

David: Correct.

Brysan: If you have the money.

David: And if you enjoy cold calling or enjoy- and enjoy you know managing 5 cold callers, awesome. I have a friend in Dallas who's like I don't want to talk to anybody about any marketing, I just want my phone to ring and he spends 25,000 a month on the radio.

Brysan: Boom.

David: So again, if you're willing to buy it, you don't have to do it or- so it's time or money, hunting or fishing guys, love it.

Brysan: And that's one of those things where like until recently man I was so inefficient like I don't mind- you know I'll bang the phones for 4 hours, doesn't matter so-

David: Yeah, I love it, I hear you doing that, great.

Brysan: So at the same time, that's awesome to have that hustle but it's like, oh I had so much money in my account that was just like bro, like scale your business, why are you- what are you doing you know it was-

David: Yeah, it doesn't mean you have to go spend this- you know, foolishly spending it but be efficient with it.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: How can this help multiply my time or what activities am I doing that I can easily pay somebody else to do with very little training, you know so on so forth.

Brysan: Yeah, and even if you- you can make offers without Propstream, you can make offers with- without some of the things that I'm sure a lot of people that really don't have the money are spending money for-

David: I didn't have like MLS access the first six months dude, I used Zillow.

Brysan: Right, I mean people would. You'd look at Zillow and say cool, I'm offering 60% of that.

David: 50%.

Brysan: Yeah, 50% of that- yeah exactly, whatever cool, doesn't matter.

David: Yeah exactly, and guess what? If that number comes in too high, you know when buyer says hey I'll be willing to give you 80 and my contract says 85, well that just means that I need to either get him up 6 grand or more, or the seller down six grand or more, and I have a deal. And often times, making offers, you know, that's a lot of times people- that's why they don't. I don't know what to offer, what happens if they- this is the best one, what happens if they sign it?

Brysan: Right.

David: Well now you've got some inventory, make some mon- you know Kong? Lets make some money. I love it, I love it. Hopefully, he'll see this but I love that guy.

Brysan: Yeah.

David: But that's the point though, it's like what happens if they sign it? That's what you are supposed to do, right?

Brysan: And you can't get an offer denied if you don't make the offer you know?

David: Yeah absolutely. So, let's wrap up. Brysan, action plans. Simple steps, couple things, if you are brand new, let's say you would be in your shoes a couple of months back and you're like, hey, I've been looking at this for weeks, months, maybe years right? And I can't go full time, I don't have two or three or four thousand a month to spend on my marketing. I'm ready Brysan, tell me how I can go get my first deal.

Brysan: Yeah I mean, I think the first thing, like I said, you have to sit down and literally write out what your- what your committed to spend for those 3-6 months, so let's just say 3-6.

David: And you mean time or money, or money?

Brysan: If you have-

David: Be honest.

Brysan: You have to- yeah I mean-

David: It's gonna cost you money no matter what.

Brysan: You're gonna have to have some type of money. People say no money, it's like bro come on.

David: Well, that's the thing. You can flip houses with no money.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: But the leads don't those-

Brysan: No, there's no way. There's no way you're going to be able to contact them unless you- the only time it's only- it's not going to cost you money is if you drive for dollars, write down the address- you still got to- I mean, you can use-

David: Yeah, no it's gonna cost money period, period, period.

Brysan: It's gonna cost money, you can use truepeoplesearch to get some phone numbers that may or may or not- may or may not be accurate, you know, so that's the super low cost just time method.

David: And we still use that, yeah on one offs before we go to TLO or wherever else because why not if you get it for free.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: So, great pro tip,, free skip tracing singles one-offs, accurate, probably 30-40% of the time. That may not seem the best guys, but you do 10, you're going to get people free 30-40, 3 out of 4- 3 to 4 out of ten times. I mean, that's a lot of saving.

Brysan: For sure.

David: For the brand new- even for me, that's 6 years in, so yup.

Brysan: So yeah, I mean I- the goal of anything is to get as many leads and talk to as many people with least amount of money and time. I think that that's the goal with anything.

David: So how though?

Brysan: So, if you- whether you're going to drive for dollars, some people don't have all the time to drive for dollars, you know what I mean, so you can use Listsource, that's a data provider, you know. You can get a list, you can do high equity, you can do absentee you know, I think the least barriered entry is just to drive for dollars.

David: I agree.

Brysan: Because it's like you are curating a targeted list. You see that there's some type of distress in the situation already. I don't have to guess on the situation by getting data.

David: Right.

Brysan: You know, I mean, data yeah obviously if you get something off of Propstream, you're getting-

David: So, here's the thing about data, it's presumed motivation.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: That's all- you know, driving for dollars is similar, but it's it's heavier weighted I think, right? Because if somebody is you know back taxes or maybe they're just lazy or they didn't know. I had a property, cuz I own 70 of them, that I didn't know that I didn't pay the taxes on for 2 years and I'm like getting people to be like dude, we're going to buy your house at the auction. I'm like no you're not. I'm like that's not gonna happen, get out of here, no chance in hell. I was like but they didn't have the right address so my point is that you know, the data you buy, you are buying it because you assume or you presume that there's motivation in there. When you drive for dollars, you see the motivation, it's not presumed.

Brysan: For sure.

David: Maybe they don't know the gutters hanging out the house, I give them that but if it's you know, boarded up and the grass hasn't been cut in 6 months, they probably know that it's- that it looks like that so.

Brysan: I mean in the beginning, I think you stick with one market, one area, even one neighborhood, you know what I mean?


Brysan: Yeah, and just one single- try to call and text.

David: Nope, one or the other.

Brysan: Don't mail, call, text, then have this marketing sequence, touches, just-

David: Man, I am so happy you are coming on to this show to be a co-host. This is gold.

Brysan: You know just call the people over and over again.

David: This is gold.

Brysan: Literally, I just- or text them over and over again, pick some- the cheapest text messaging service, I used to use TextMagic and different things, maybe they're not the best and it kind of sucks but if-

David: If you are only doing like a hundred or two hundred, use your cell phone. You don't even need to go buy a service.

Brysan: Absolutely. Write it down, put in a spreadsheet, whatever it is. You don't need a lead stacker, you don't need anything, you don't need a CR- don't go buy Podio.

David: I think lead stacking is really cool.

Brysan: That's great.

David: But it's time-consuming to try and manage it and everything else and guess what happens? When I'm trying to lead stack, guess what I'm not doing? Making offers bro.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: I think it's cool, I have it, don't even use it. I'll be honest, I think it's great, I really do and I fully intend over the next 20 years of my investing career to start making an effort because over time it's going to be baller. It's gonna be really awesome but again, my interest or efforts right now is money-making activities and that is making offers.

Brysan: That's it, you just take action, you figure it out later. That's your style, I like that.

David: No, but I love this man. So, to get started guys, Brysan is saying you don't need all these software's, you don't need anything, don't even need a phone system.

Brysan: I'm using stuff right now that I don't need.

David: Oh yeah, I have like 30 of them, yeah yeah right.

Brysan: [inaudible] every month right?

David: 100%.

Brysan: So I just try to get as many leads in and make as many offers as possible, even if they're not even that- even if they're not even that interested say hey, what's your email address. Awesome, I know you're not probably interested, but I'm just going to make an offer just so you know where I stand.

David: Okay, so they're new, this is the scope. So Brysan says drive for dollars, make calls, get on the phone with people. They don't know how to make an offer, they don't have any software like Propstream or MLS access, literally, how can they do this with a Zestimate?

Brysan: If you have a Zestimate, you don't even have a MAO, you don't even really know all the repair costs.


Brysan: I'm saying just 50.

David: 50, me too.

Brysan: We're talking about Zestimate here you know?

David: Because this is what usually happens guys, we actually use a formula called the MAO formula and it's called maximum allowable offer. Very simply it equals ARV times discount rate minus repairs. Discount rates typically 0.7 or 70% because earlier we mentioned 20% profit and 10% cost of sale. That's a lot, wow. I need a drink of water after spitting that out.

Brysan: That was good. You practiced that a little bit.

David: You know what is also that same thing is 50% of the Zestimate.

Brysan: Same thing.

David: Not always, if the repairs are a hundred grand versus 20 or vice versa, of course it's going to be higher or lower. I've bought 400 houses, 85% of the time it's 50 cents on the dollar with the repairs included.

Brysan: Yeah, so make it simple. Make it simple as possible.

David: That's the whole reason I bring this up.

Brysan: Cuz it's like you- I remember you used to tell me, I'd go walk a house and I'd get pictures and put it back when I was in your Podio, and I'd like put the pictures up there and I'm like how the hell do I estimate that? and he was like bro, just like it needs a rehab, say it's 20k.

David: Don't worry if you're wrong, you're gonna learn and get better.

Brysan: Yeah, it just doesn't- or just simple square footage estimators. There's a rental rehab in St. Louis County or North County, cool, 10 to 15 dollars a square foot.

David: That's it.

Brysan: Let's just do that, man whatever, it needs that? okay cool.

David: So, this book was written right here Brysan on about a hundred properties. This is basically a hundred case studies that we bought, we renovate. I always want to say rehab cuz you could do either way with this one, but we would renovate it, we rent it, we refinance and we repeat it. The renovation or the rehab part of this, the average one that we've done is 18,000 and these houses sometimes we buy them rented.

Brysan: Right.

David: You see what I'm saying? So, we don't go and do those right away but when they leave, we upgrade and uplift, and that's really the secret with this is buying at a discount. It really should be BD, buy at a discount right? But then also when you're going to- you're doing your refinance, you want to make sure you're updating it too, so you got built-in spread from the equity of the discounted price, and then you increase that spread. And that's it man, yeah.

Brysan: Like you said, you have to make it so easy to- and I love how like- cuz you like you're really a straightforward sales guy.

David: I try to be.

Brysan: You're straightforward.

David: I'm not a sales guy.

Brysan: I don't- I can't even say that.

David: I don't think that I have very good sales skills at all, however-

Brysan: I can argue that, yeah.

David: Okay, however, I don't give a shit about me trying to sell somebody. My goal is to make a friend.

Brysan: True.

David: Because I look at it like-

Brysan: But you establish trust early on.

David: Maybe that is sales.

Brysan: Yeah I think that's what- yeah I mean it is but it's not intentional.

David: That's fine. Right, right? But I don't really care you know, if the sales there or not. If that person, you know feels friendly and trusts me and likes me enough then I want them to tell me [inaudible] you know what I'm saying?

Brysan: So yeah, you're really like- and that's the thing, really good salesman especially in a service like that we're really trying to disqualify them.

David: I to try disqualify myself.

Brysan: Yeah, or yourself, that's what I meant to say like I'm not yeah, I'm not the buyer for you.

David: Listen, I don't need it. Guess what?

Brysan: Yeah exactly. I want it but I don't need it.

David: I'm an investor, I don't pay retail and I don't need it.

Brysan: Yeah, this is how I feed my family. If you're not willing to discount your property yeah.

David: Bought a 100 houses last year Brysan, I didn't need any of them.

Brysan: Right, but the big thing I think one of the huge takeaways is to speak confidently when you're making an offer, obviously it's going to take time, it's gonna take practice, but you have leads coming in.

David: Sure.

Brysan: You make- the offers are way- I remember when I didn't have leads, I'm like I'm trying to make them- this work.

David: We made- I made 4 offers this morning.

Brysan: Yeah exactly, I've sent five you know.

David: Damn.

Brysan: It doesn't matter- I'm begging out. We got an email, your expecting an offer, I'm sending it, I'm writing it, cool let's do it.

David: Following up on those offers.

Brysan: Yeah, cool everyone works, that's all I need.

David: So, people that are new cuz we got a lot of that, yeah so action plan guys. Start by driving for dollars, you don't need anything crazy. We do recommend that app though, Deal Machine.

Brysan: Yup, of course.

David: Guys, 100 free skip traces, code DAVE, D-A-V-E. No brainer. Start there cuz it's simple, it's cost-effective. You can skip trace a hundred for free if you do it in the first seven days, otherwise, it's $0.17.

Brysan: Right.

David: Right? Otherwise, if you don't want to pay the $0.17, we mentioned true people search, but once you get the number, you gotta call them.

Brysan: Yup, as soon as possible.

David: Call them as soon as possible, make a friend.

Brysan: Like literally, if you have their numbers, that day you get the numbers, you need to be calling.

David: Call in right then and there.

Brysan: Cuz you're gonna stack up- even I do that.

David: What do you do when you make a call? Cuz this is the action plan.

Brysan: Yeah, I make a call. I mean it's simple, we use- I think honestly that's another thing about driving for dollars. It makes the cold call so much easier.

David: I've seen the house already.

Brysan: I've seen the property.

David: Even if I don't remember the exact one, I've looked at a bunch of shitty ones. I didn't put the ones that really were great so I know there's something wrong with it.

Brysan: Yeah.

David: And if you tag you're leads when you add them, there's a really cool new feature, now you can say alright, this one had a tree problem or this one had a roof problem.

Brysan: All the problems yeah.

David: Yeah, you just hit the checkboxes, they had boarded up windows or chipping paint, peeling paint, so on so forth.

Brysan: Yeah, so it's like you automatically have an icebreaker. It's not just like a huge list where I'm saying hey I'm Brysan, you know, I was trying to reach-

David: You know what's really amazing?

Brysan: It's like hey I was by your house the other day, I mean is that- is the house vacant? I don't know what the situation was.

David: Yeah I'm looking to buy a couple.

Brysan: Yeah, I'm buying properties right in you neighborhood. You can mention the subdivision.

David: If you're not comfortable saying that guys, say my partners are constantly buying them and my job is to find them for them.

Brysan: Whatever.

David: Is that not the most transparent approach to wholesaling?

Brysan: True.

David: Hey- I'mma say it again, take notes, my partners are looking for more properties or they're buying properties in this area. My job is to find them properties.

Brysan: Right.

David: I mean that's- I do that all the time. Even whenever I'm the one writing the contract. I tell him, it's in my contract by the way but it basically says I have the right to- or it says I am buying this for a profit, period. And it says I have the ability and the right and the access to bring in contractors, partners, assignees. It says it right in there that I'm going to assign my contract, right? And anybody and everybody that may be necessary. So for then the contract, why not tell them?

Brysan: Yeah.

David: And I'm not saying you're gonna use the word wholesale, that's gonna confuse them and it's not necessary, but tell that that you are in the property finding business. That's it.

Brysan: Yeah, I don't close on properties with my own money, or whatever you want to say.

David: I always bring in a partner.

Brysan: Whatever you wanna say that puts some of the responsibility on someone else.

David: Just don't let them hold you back.

Brysan: Not at all.

David: Okay, so I love it. So, get on the phone, make those calls. Ideally, set appointments.

Brysan: Set appointment. You know I think that's-

David: Or make offers. Either way, or both.

Brysan: You might want- it might be a little bit easy- I don't know, it just depends on your personality.

David: Right.

Brysan: Whether you want to go and talk to somebody in person, some people are intimidated by that.

David: Absolutely.

Brysan: You know they're like okay, I don't have- I'm going in this by myself, like nobody-

David: Yeah, I've never bought a house before. I don't really know how to estimate repairs.

Brysan: Right.

David: Guess what? The seller doesn't know how to estimate repairs.

Brysan: Either.

David: Cuz if they did, you wouldn't be there. Come on, this is some lightbulb moments right here. They don't know how to do it either. They typically don't know the real value of their home either and have they bought and sold a bunch of houses on average? No.

Brysan: Especially not off market or anything like that. , [inaudible].

David: Exactly, so when you do set these appointments, don't think that you have to show up like a professional, be professional, come on you know that, but it's okay to show up and say hey I'm a new investor and I'm looking to buy some properties.

Brysan: I think that's an advantage.

David: You can even say- and this isn't even lying, you can say I haven't even bought one yet, but I'm gonna and maybe yours is going to be the first one. Just be transparent.

Brysan: I think that's an advantage.

David: The biggest advantage.

Brysan: Some people- if somebody is already-

David: So then, guess what-

Brysan: They're like- they don't want the- sometimes they don't want the guy that's super confident.


Brysan: You pull up in your Tesla to buy the house. Maybe some people are turned off, who knows you know, but I'm just saying some- a normal person wants to a lot of time just to sell it to a normal person.

David: Right, and that's the thing, and you don't have to be the expert. You don't have to know, you know, all the things and all the- have all the bells and whistles and the sales tools and tactics that you're going to gain overtime.

Brysan: For sure.

David: That are just going to make it easier for you, but in the beginning, it's just a people person- people business, you know, so just walk in and just make a friend with that person. And you know what often happens Brysan is that I'll go to a house sometime and I'll say you know, hey, I'm looking to buy some more in this area, I don't need this one but if I can get a great price on it, I can make your life super easy.

Brysan: Boom.

David: Close quick, as is, not my cash but somebody else's.

Brysan: Right.

David: It's gonna be cash, right? And we can do it in 2, 3 weeks sometimes, right? And that seller is like wow that- there's a lot of convenience there and they get it, they totally get it.

Brysan: Absolutely, they can see the finish line right over the horizon, let's go.

David: And that's it, we're making it convenient for them.

Brysan: Yeah man.

David: Okay so, set those appointments or make offers, follow-up, Deal Machine has a CRM now.

Brysan: They do.

David: This isn't even like a Deal Machine sponsored episode but we're turning it into one though because this is the action plan. Literally, I'm asking you what you would do to start over or if you were to coach the entire audience right now and that's what you would do and I a hundred percent agree. So, start there, get that app guys, you're talking 50 bucks a month, 30, 40 maybe 40 bucks a month. Not only is it a place to create leads from your driving for dollars, you can skip trace them from there, you can mail them from there, you can create follow ups and notes. And that's all a CRM is guys, it's two things: notes and tasks, period. You may have a bunch of bells and whistles that can generate contracts and send them and use signature and automate your file, great, all that's great.

Brysan: And not everybody needs to-

David: Not everybody needs all that though.

Brysan: -use the Deal Machine CRM, it's great if you do use it, but for somebody who just has that, it's like why not use that as a CRM if all your leads are coming from there.

David: Yes.

Brysan: You know so it makes it easy to export to a texting platform, cold call and whatever it is.

David: Or just get it right there and use your cellphone in the beginning. You don't need all the other softwares. I'm basically saying you can start with that one which is kinda rare, right?


Brysan: 50 addresses, 100 addresses, easy.

David: That's probably the easiest to get started today. So, appointments, offers, we talked about this a second ago, couple minutes ago. Holy cow, what if they sign it? So now that you've made appointments, you've gone on them and hopefully made some offers or even just sent blind offers at half the Zestimate, we're going real simple here, right? And you get them accepted, then what do you do? What's next? How do you get paid?

Brysan: We gotta market the deal, and like I see the value of building a [inaudible]. I'm not trying to like completely undermine or invalidate that opinion, but it's like good deals sell.

David: There's no right or wrong answer.

Brysan: There's no right- my philosophy is that good deals sell.

David: Me too, absolutely.

Brysan: You know so it's like- we have freaking Facebook, our Facebook group is great for selling deals.

David: Facebook Marketplace alone is all one would need if it's a deal. I have never seen a homerun deal on Facebook Marketplace cuz they get snatched up in a minute.

Brysan: It's gone, it's sold.

David: Right, that's- so if you have a deal, you're going to be able to sell. You don't need that list. Now, building a list is something I would highly suggest that everybody do. Do it organically, do it over time, add people to the list manually in the beginning, the people that have bought from you already or they're already really active in their- in your city or county or whatever because it's going to make it easier and the ability to send a text or an email just- all it does is get more eyeballs on it, but again if it's a deal, you don't- here's the thing man that I think people will often forget Brysan, at one point, we had like 12,000, we cut it down to like 3,000 which is still stupid large.

Brysan: It's huge.

David: But check this out. When we sent it out to 12,000 people and it sold in like 30 mins, we would have 300 people trying to get in it or make offers or see it, and it's like I just created 4 hours of extra work, right? So having these big lists isn't necessary. One of the wholesalers in town that I really really really admire is Donnelly because his list is like- or at least it was when I talked to him, his was like 30. It's like you don't need three thousand and he's like you just need the main people that are buying.

Brysan: The professional buyers.

David: Or people that you can work with.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: So, the size of the list I think is irrelevant, I really do, if you have a deal. If you don't have a deal, the size of the list can bring more eyeballs to it to make it happen, so let's not discount that.

Brysan: Yeah, not at all.

David: Like, we're talking new, we're talking starter kit, we're talking get off your ass and do something, don't worry about the buyers list.

Brysan: And the thing is it's like it does give you the chance to have an organic relationship with these buyers cuz I know when I was full-time I built so much good trust with my buyers that before I had the deal under contract, they were walking the property.

David: That's reverse wholesaling.

Brysan: You know, I say hey- I'd be at work like- the only appointment is at one and I work so- hey you go and check out the property-

David: Why do I need to be there anyway?

Brysan: Yeah, but they trust me and I know they're gonna call me up so they're not going to go around me.

David: And if they do, then you're never gonna work with them again.

Brysan: It's cool.

David: And no one wants that.

Brysan: A place like St. Louis, if you do that, it gets around pretty fast.

David: I've never had anyone try to go around me nor have I tried to get around anybody. There's been situations where there's been multiple contracts on the property and that's just every man for himself. I'm gonna say that straight up like, I'm not getting out of the way but at the same time, I don't expect you to get out of my way.

Brysan: Yeah, we gotta handle it together.

David: That's just like hey, it's business.

Brysan: Yeah.

David: But I'll never try to like sidestep somebody.

Brysan: Right.

David: And I've never had that happen to me either, I honestly haven't.

Brysan: Yup, me either.

David: Which is really really good you know.

Brysan: So I mean, you gotta market. I think Facebook is a great place, you know, if you don't, even in the beginning it may be good to me to call someone like you, call someone like me. You know say hey, you know, I need- I need help moving this deal you know. There's no problem with joint venturing, sharing some of the profit. I mean you don't have to by all means do not share the profit with anyone you know.

David: Yeah, but in the beginning-


David: My very first wholesale deal- listen to this bro. My very first wholesale deal had a 20- it was 2 properties on College Avenue in Jennings. It's like the middle strip right there you know. I had them under contract for $12,000 a piece. They were both had just recently been vacated and I was marketing these properties, I can't remember what I was marketing them for. Justin Van Riper, another guy I have a tremendous amount of respect for.

Brysan: Yeah, like Justin a lot.

David: Great guy, love Justin. Comes to me and says hey, I got a buyer for these. Hey don't quote me on this but I think he said take it down, and then he came to me the next day and was like hey, let's just split this fifty-fifty, I got a good spread on it and he essentially sold each deal for 24,000, so we made 12 grand on each deal, which means the total profit on the first wholesale deals, there was a package, maybe the second or third but it was like in the first couple, was 24 grand. He took 12, I took 12 and it was because I didn't know the value of what I had.

Brysan: Right.

David: And he comes to me and was like dude, this is a deal, I see it's a deal, it's a deal, it's a deal, take it down, you know, and I was like cool, done. We'll work together and have that sold. When you have a deal, they sell.

Brysan: Yup.

David: And that's just really the point.

Brysan: Simple as that.

David: And you don't need a massive buyers list or a bunch of tools. Facebook Marketplace, Facebook groups local, don't go into a 100,000 groups.

Brysan: We have really good local ones.

David: Local ones are great.

Brysan: We have plenty of engagement-

David: Yeah some are 2,000, some are 10 but don't go for the 100,000 groups guys because your post isn't gonna get- that type of a group.

Brysan: So much back and forth communication that's unnecessary.

David: Yeah, essentially the buy and sells, depending on the group if it's a real estate group, they're great for this, and then Craigslist of course is another free tool, free, that you don't have to pay for.

Brysan: That's what were focusing on. You can obviously get- pay for buyers list, text them, but it's like we're trying to avoid all that communication to get paid as fast as possible.

David: Right.

Brysan: So I think Facebook, you put a good deal on there, it sells you know.

David: That's it.

Brysan: Make sure you get earnest money down from your buyers.

David: You don't get the earnest money guys from the- or you don't give the earnest money to the seller.

Brysan: Yes, yes.

David: The very first deal I did Brysan, I wrote it- it was for 10 dollars earnest money and I gave it to him then I'm like shit, I kinda need a receipt so then he went and made a copy of it and like signed on things like I received it from David and then I went to the title company like 2 or 3 weeks later and I gave them that receipt and the thing and then they were like looking at me like scratching their head like, what?

Brysan: What's going on here?

David: And they're like you deposit earnest money into an escrow account.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: He's like- they're like- did the seller have one of those and I'm like I don't think so but I didn't know and I don't care. It makes for a funny story because it didn't stop me.

Brysan: For sure.

David: So don't let that stop you.

Brysan: Yeah. The details can always be figured out.

David: Do the simple things. Bryson, thank you.

Brysan: Yeah, for sure man.

David: For your time today.

Brysan: Absolutely man.

David: I'm excited to watch you grow your business and explode it. I'm excited for you to share a tremendous amount of value.

Brysan: Me too man.

David: With the listeners and the viewers, and you know, hopefully maybe start coaching some of these people because you have a lot of information and value to share, so I'm just- I'm grateful for you man.

Brysan: Right on man.

David: Thank you bro.

Brysan: I appreciate you opening up before for me, you know, give me an opportunity, for sure.

David: Gotchu bro.

Brysan: We're an office now man.

David: That's right. Brysan guys, Brysan DuVall, check him out, there's some links below this video or you can go to the podcast page, and find out places to connect with Brysan. I think I shared his Instagram and his Facebook and Brysan is joining us guys. He's gonna be one of the co-hosts of the discount property investor podcast.

Brysan: Let's go.

David: Let's do it guys. Alright guys signing off. Thanks for watching, until next time.

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