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Episode 225: BatchDriven Preview

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Show Notes

In this episode of Discount Property Investor David shows Brysan how to use BatchDriven, a marketing platform which is compromised of driving for dollars, skip tracing, SMS and more. BatchDriven is an all in one tool for real estate investors, try it for free in 14 days.

Things that will cover in this episode:

  • BatchDriven Preview
  • Features
    • Leads Tracking
    • Instant Skip Trace
    • Locate a Property
    • Direct SMS
    • Virtual Driving for Dollars
    • Many more check it out
  • Try BatchDriven now
    • Free 50 Skip Traces with code: DAVE


Episode Transcripts

Welcome back to the Discount Property Investor podcast. Our mission is to share what we have learned from our experience and the experience of others to help you make more money investing like a pro. We want to teach you how to create wealth by investing in real estate, the discount property investor way. To jumpstart your real estate investing career, visit, the most complete free course on wholesaling real estate ever. Thanks for tuning in. 

David: All right, guys, welcome back. Today I'm going to be showing Bryson, my co-host, a demo, a little preview about BatchDriven and BatchDriven's a driving for dollars, a skip tracing and SMS and more, it's a marketing platform, it's awesome. Now, I've been using Deal Machine as well as a couple other services to help drive for dollars and I'll probably continue to still use Deal Machine as well, but BatchDriven is awesome so I really just want to- I want to give you a quick demo Brysan and show you about this. It is that I just discovered today and I was able to get a little demo from them myself so let me share my screen with you my friend. 

Brysan: Let's do it man. 

David: Share screen, here we go. Application window, BatchDriven, share. Okay, cool. Can you see my screen? 

Brysan: No, I can't. 

David: Nope, alright didn't work. Let's try that again. 

Brysan: Give it another go. 

David: Application, here we go. Share it up. Oh, there we go, that's why. Okay, okay. That's what I'm talking about. Where'd you go bro? 

Brysan: I have no idea, let's see. Think you did something man. 

David: Yeah, I'm always doing something down here. Okay, either way, no big deal. So, this is the dashboard. 

Brysan: There we go. 

David: There you go. Whenever you pull up the site, and what is really cool about this is you can drop yourself on the map. 

Brysan: Okay. 

David: Let's say I wanna go right over here and immediately I'm in a Google Maps view of this neighborhood and I can essentially move myself just like I would on Google Maps at any point in time so I can virtually, you know, see what's going on around and drive for dollars and then if I want to select this house right here, I can just click on this and then just click add property. So by doing this, I don't even need to have somebody go, you know, go drive for dollars in my city. They can live anywhere in the world. 

Brysan: All right, and just do it virtually. 

David: And just do it virtually right so I don't even know where- I just dropped this pin randomly when I just got started so I don't even know who this guy is, but I just added this property right here, right? So what I can do now is I can then roll- scroll down and I can skip trace right from here, property was added, I got two phone numbers just like that right from the app. 

Brysan: How is that? 

David: Well, they already know the name and the address, that's all you need to skip trace. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: They own a skip tracing company so one click and there you go. 

Brysan: So you skip traced it that quickly?  

David: Right there, just in real time, that fast. 

Brysan: And they just- it's the same cost? $0.15 or whatever you're paying in your plan already or how does that work? 

David: Great question. My cost is $0.13. 

Brysan: Okay, so yeah what's your plan? Got it. 

David: Yeah, I've got a good plan of course. 

Brysan: Yeah, sounds like it. 

David: Yeah $0.13 right there and then I can send them a text for $0.3 so check this out. So now, I have my phones. 

Brysan: Oh you can text right there, boom. 

David: I can send them mail and with the mail, I got to set this up, I haven't done that yet, but I can choose between a letter and a post card. 

Brysan: Okay. 

David: A letter is $0.53, a postcard's $0.47 or I can just send an SMS straight from here. So I can type in the message, I don't want to do it, it's 10:45 at night, it might not even let me. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: But I was playing around with their demo earlier, but I can send a text straight from here so then I can go over here to my messages. I don't have any in here, I should have done more for this demonstration but I literally have started using this like an hour ago. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: This is amazing. All of your messages will be in here, in this right here so as you're driving- this is not just a website, this is an app. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: Right? So you can text while you're driving for dollars and skip trace them instantly right from here. I love the texting method, I think it's awesome. The driving route is going to be the same with most of the other apps, you know they kinda track where you're going. Let's see here, how do I get out of- let's go back to the dashboard here. 

Brysan: Yo, this is dope. 

David: Campaigns and then you can see your SMS and your mail campaigns, of course your reports. I don't have anything in here other than that one I just added. 

Brysan: Okay. 

David: Settings. You just get one phone number and then you can add team members, set up notifications. This is another cool feature as well, let's see, how do I get out of-  I guess do I go to that? Okay, that's how I do it. 

Brysan: Okay. 

David: Another cool thing that you can do in here, check this out, this blew my mind today too. So let's say I wanna go drive around 63135 for example right? 

Brysan: Let's get it. Nice little cash flow area. 

David: Yeah, so St. Louis [inaudible]. So now, what I can do is I can search that area and I can say I wanna see all the residential properties that are not owner occupied. Actually I don't even care about that, I just want to see vacant houses, so it doesn't matter, let's just click on my vacants and I [inaudible] search here so we're going to search and just see  some vacants up here in 63135. 682 properties were found and this obviously comes from USPS. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: Well not every one of these is obviously accurate but guess what? Anybody that claims they have vacant data pull it from USPS. I actually have direct access through one of my 5013 C's or however you pronounce it to get that data, but I just buy it from people because trying to render it and mess with this is not even worth my time, but check this out man. This is all of the vacant properties up in 63135 and I don't know if I'm going to be able to do this as well as they did in the demo but they showed me a way to- let me see, hold on, hold on. Okay, let's say this one. 

Brysan: Tat Addicts, hmm. 

David: I can't remember but there's a way that, that what you can do is you can route- you can drive- you can create a driving route from where your at and it'll take you to drive by all these houses so you're not just like trying to randomly go, it'll actually give you the route to go view them. 

Brysan: Okay. 

David: In the event that you wanted to go drive them. You don't even really need to go drive them, you can really just kind of zoom in and view them right here on the map, so this would be a way to kinda look at vacants or look at you know, it doesn't have to be vacants, it could be, you know pre-foreclosures, it could be any type of data which is really awesome. So like let me again, I'm still trying to learn how to use this here so bear with me but let's say that I wanted to do Kirkwood, MO and I wanted to do my pre foreclosures, maybe throw in some inheritance in there as well. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: All right. 

Brysan: [inaudible]. 

David: Hey, they only found me two. So now, let's see here, I want to add this too. I need to do a new- actually, there's nothing in there cuz I deleted that out, we'll just use that one for now just as an example. So we'll save it and then- again, I don't know how to do it like they were doing it but basically they have- you know what? It was on the phone, it wouldn't make sense to be on a computer, it's on the phone. They give you the option to be able to drive to these particular properties, it's so cool. One of my favorite things about this though is the fact that you can message and skip trace straight from here. 

Brysan: Yeah [inaudible]. 

David: So really, like if, you know, don't want to do bulk skip tracing and you just want to do one offs, this is probably going to be the easiest way to go about doing it. So, let me see here, How do I get back to- 

Brysan: That's the best part in my opinion. 

David: Yeah, that's the best part, right. 

Brysan: So you click little tags right when you're- 

David: Yeah, let's say I wanted to look at you know. 13- level c 1309 Camden, I don't even know if this is an address, no it's not. Okay, let's just say I wanted to do, you know, this one right here. Do I have to have that in there? I guess I might have to, that's okay but what I really like though is that you can do that skip trace right here, so you can add the property and then you can change the status if you want for any reason so if you have hired people to do this. This is kind of like your little mini CRM right there. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: You can do your skip right from here man, that's just so fast. Boom, two of them or one of each, right? 

Brysan: Right. So essentially you can just do like a mini campaign inside of here, inside just the Driven app. 

David: Yeah exactly, and again they have an app too which is really really awesome. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: I didn't really get a whole lot of time. I am sending it to me dammit, that's the wrong thing. 

Brysan: It's all good. 

David: I didn't really- I didn't really have a whole lot of time to learn this of course, I just wanted to jump on but I just really liked a lot of the- a lot of these features right up the gate. For one, the app is super easy to use and I was playing around with it in the car earlier. I like that I can virtually drive for dollars or that I can actually hire people to do it. I like that it tracks my routes, I like that I can add team members and I like that I can, you know, find these properties or add properties to this at any given time, instantly skip trace them and then text them from the phone. Assuming if I'm not out driving for dollars, it may be only for 10 or 15 minutes. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: If I come across like 10 properties, instead of trying to save those properties and then at a later time and date, try to go back and remember to export those and then get that marketing out, it's almost easier to just right then and there, just shoot them a text and just be like hey I'm an investor, just reaching out you know. 

Brysan: Yeah, buy your house, yeah. 

David: Yeah man, if you do that like 10, you know, randomly like the odds of you getting one person interested is pretty high, maybe not 10 but 20 or 30 times, you're gonna be rocking so I will do this again when I learn how to use it and get some driving routes in there, we can see some of the messages and I can actually give a little bit better demo than me just dicking around on a website that I've given about an hour of time on. 

Brysan: This is impromptu. 

David: But I can say this though man, I was really really impressed and obviously when they were giving me a demo today, they're all power users so they're flying through everything but I think once I use the app more, all the desktop features will start to make more sense too because this is really a software that's built on an app. It's built for mobile use. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: The fact that they have the desktop version is sweet and it probably makes the virtual driving for dollars like a hundred times easier to use, but obviously there's a lot of value that they add with the desktop, but it's really built on a phone, like built for phone so you know the ability to instantly skip trace and send a text right then and there is super cool and then it has its own inbox too so you're not like getting these texts to your phone. If you go out and drive for dollars and you do this for, you know, let's say 2, maybe 3 hours, you just start texting a bunch of people and then you got to go to dinner with the wife or the girlfriend or whatever like just turn the app off. Just get to the messages when you can, you're not getting blown up. I love anything that can separate business and personal. 

Brysan: Facts. 

David: You know what I'm saying? Like I don't want my cell phone blowing up with sellers like friends, cash buyers, partners, anyone else, you're welcome to hit me up anytime of the day, but when you're trying to do that with motivated sellers, the amount of marketing that we're doing. I mean that'd be like three calls an hour all day long everyday, it just wouldn't make sense you know. 

Brysan: So if- well one thing I like is that if you are, you know, driving for dollars regularly, it makes it a lot more seamless instead of like using another app and then exporting it to another marketing channel, exporting it to another app, it just you know, like we're all using so many apps and shit that's just like, you know, just annoying, it really is. 

David: Man, so many of them. 

Brysan: [inaudible] and doing all this stuff and yeah, it just gets overwhelming so if you can import that right into a text campaign or just text like you said right there or do a bat- or you know, a full text blast you know put it over actually into the regular Batch SMS which I use so. 

David: Yeah, exactly. 

Brysan: It's pretty simple. 

David: And I think that these are all going to be pretty well intertwined with each other at some point cuz they're all owned by the same people and they move really fast for their development. 

Brysan: Yeah, they actually do it well. 

David: Best that I've ever seen, anybody able to- and have a system that doesn't suck, you know, like really really well so supposedly the leads from BatchLeads stacker are going to be able to be pushed straight into the dialer which is awesome. 

Brysan: Okay. 

David: Right, so you go in, you skip trace them, you got one person texting these people, you got another person calling them simultaneously, you know, that's- the name of the name is getting a hold of them so. 

Brysan: Quick man, quick as possible, cuz I know like even- 

David: In every possible way too like I had somebody who was like why would you call them if you can text them or vice versa? It's like bro, you go try to get those sellers and let me try to get those sellers and let's see who gets those sellers. 

Brysan: Facts hey. Different directions, quick and easy. 

David: Right, different directions. 

Brysan: Oh the other question I had, what is the cost of the team portion? I mean you don't have to pull it up or [inaudible]. 

David: You know I'm a power user right? with all the software's so I usually have to go in and get the best package. 

Brysan: Of course. Highest and best. 

David: Highest and best just because if I decide that I want to use it a lot, I don't have to get nickels and dimes later, you know, so let me look. 

Brysan: Teams looking like- 

David: Think I get unlimited members maybe, let me look here, I can pull this up. Let's do- 

Brysan: Or is there a limit on leads added a month? 

David: No, no, so that was one thing that was really really cool. 

Brysan: On any package? 

David: On any package man, that's what I'm saying. 

Brysan: So you can have them- so what you're saying is on the base package, cheapest package, you can have- you can import as many or I should say add as many leads as- 

David: Sorry, I cut you off. 

Brysan: So if that's what you're saying, that's a whole another- 

David: Oh there you go. Okay cool, so check this out. So, here it is BatchDriven, let's see how it works, let's see what they got here on this. Let's just scroll down the page, okay so then the old way here, new way. Haha that's clever. Find the owner, get in touch. 

Brysan: Trusted by a lot of credible people. 

David: I know, these guys are great. Driving around, team management, data lists, built in skip tracing, SMS campaigns, direct mail campaigns, lead management, Zapier integrations, saw Justin Zapier 10 minutes ago, bulk upload, import data from external spreadsheets, oh that's cool. So you can pull your data from other places and drop it in there. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: That's what I'm saying is this- so not only are we talking about it being a driving for dollars and skip tracing and all these other things but really like this is really cool because you can really use this to list stack too so like drop in- you could drop in your mail campaign, for example, you know. And then just start going and looking at all these properties and then find the ones that do look distressed and not only or do you have a campaign for mail for whatever reason, but then you can also find that the properties distressed, it's like a second reason why that's going to be super motivated. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: Yeah, they do a 14-day free trial which is sweet. Let me get to the pricing cuz that was your question. 

Brysan: Yeah, let's see what the pricing is looking like. 

David:  Okay, so 49, 119 and 199, you get unlimited property look ups or unlimited that you can essentially, not only look up but essentially add too, right? So you're not [inaudible]. 

Brysan: Boom. 

David: I got the good one over here broski. So yeah, I mean I got, let' see it, additional users, a dollar per phone and they said that you really only need one phone per user. Like you don't- I asked them like do I need to- cuz like in my Batch Leads dude. 

Brysan: You got a shit ton of numbers. 

David: Yeah like [inaudible]. Batch Leads stacker here. I probably have 45 numbers. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: I mean give or take if I were to guess. 

Brysan: Easily that. 

David: Profile, phone manager. 73 numbers haha. 

Brysan: Yup. 

David: We use a lot, we do it a lot though you know like you're using this every day almost you know. We didn't do a lot the last couple but usually we're- oh wait that's the wrong report. Import, export, nope, SMS report. Yeah I mean usually we're sending 500 to 1000 a day you know minimum. Oh 10 plus users you get. 

Brysan: Okay. 

David: Or you can do you know, depends on your plan. One user for 49 or 119, they do the Google street and then they add the real time driving routes as well. You don't have to have these, these are add-ons.  

Brysan: Right. 

David: What they were saying is the real time driving routes, they give that to you for free I believe with each individual drive but what you pay for with that add-on is to show the previous drives, so you're all gonna know you past drives and you're not hitting the same street but is it going to save that to a database and then show you- is that, is that thing there. So I know I use that on 2 other driving for dollars apps man. Right now I'm primarily using Batch- not Batch, Deal Machine but I also play around with driving for dollars as well as profit drive. 

Brysan: Same price. 

David: I know man, there's so many of them, but I'm not against using multiple either, you know what I'm saying? Like it's just I just kind of like to nerd out on it and just play around with certain things and learn and you know. I was blown away today though cuz I was just thinking when I was looking at this, I'm like man this is like 4 softwares I use. 

Brysan: Pretty much. 

David: In one. I was like it's going to probably be hard to do like 10000 through that app, but you know if I'm out trying to do 10, 20, 30 at a time like it's so much easier just using your phone out in the field so I don't know man, it's pretty cool. I don't have a great demo for you guys today. I do apologize for putting you through that. 

Brysan: No, it's all good. Hey, I've learned that's for sure. 

David: Yeah, but- 

Brysan: Got the announcement today so. 

David: Yeah, but I'm excited to learn more about this guys and share more about it with you and giving you guys more insights on it as I learn more and we progress through this more and more man. 

Brysan: So what Batch is missing is what now? Dialer coming. 

David:  I asked him today, I was on the phone with with Jesse, one of my buddies that owns it over there and I said hey man, what's up with the- with your- with the CRM? Cuz I don't really want them to try to do that because when you do that, I've seen it like three or four times like when you do that, you just get down these rabbit holes, right? 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: And he was like man I want nothing to do with a CRM. He's like I just want to handle the marketing side of this business. 

Brysan: Okay. 

David: Cuz like why rewrite the book? People have been working towards these CRM's for 10 years and most of them aren't that great ab=nd I'm like I agree, but you know the marketing thing it's always changing and that's just really, you know their passion so I'm just like, I love it, I think it's great. So he's like we'll always have what I like to call mini-CRM, like the ability to flag a lead as cold, warm, hot. 

Brysan: Yeah, or organize things. 

David: Yeah, very basic things. Add a task and some notes, that's really all you need in theory, you know? But having the ability to start automating stuff is really where a power CRM comes in and he's like I don't want to get down that- down that you know, down that rabbit hole and I was like man, I love hearing that. Stick to the- stick to what you got cuz they already have three companies man. BatchLeads which is the skipping, lead stacking, texting. 

Brysan: You can pull leads on BatchLeads too. 

David: And you can pull leads on it too, yeah. 

Brysan: Pre-foreclosure, divorce, I think a couple other things. 

David: Right, and then they got the bulk skipping just out of cart and then now BatchDriven. Oh no and the dialer too, the dialer is free man. So they have it all, I haven't used it- I'll tell you right now, I'm using the dialer, it's still in beta. I don't know if they launched it yesterday or- 

Brysan: Yeah, they- the official launch I think is October- end of October, maybe the 20th? 

David: Okay, so it's not too far out. They probably could have launched it, there's still a couple small bugs with it, but it's getting better and better everyday and it's just clean, everything that these guys do is really good man, I really like it. 

Brysan: How many lines is their dialer? Up to 10? 

David: You know, I think it might be, you want me to check? 

Brysan: Yeah, real quick. 

David: Let me give you a tour of that real quick too bro. 

Brysan: Let's do it, why not? I'm always open to it. 

David: All right. 

Brysan: Actually, I'm not doing any cold calling in house right now so all of it's like third party. 

David: Third party? Yeah. Really? That's a good option too man. 

Brysan: But I'm looking forward to do some- you know, rev up the engine for this quarter and get a in-house dialer set up so, you know, got to look at something. 

David: Right. 

Brysan: Maybe if I can get- start doing some driving for dollars on Batch, maybe makes sense for me to do the dialer. 

David: [inaudible]. Okay, I'm learning how to use this software too. All right, so here's a little behind the scenes on the Batch Dialer. This is my dashboard, this is my reports so basically if there's any calls coming in or going out I should say, I can see those here and I can listen to them or barge in so right now, no one's dialing so there are- 

Brysan: But you can barge in when an agent's active? 

David: Oh yeah yeah. I sit in my office and just listen to their calls and then we all communicate on Slack cuz they're all over the world and I can listen or I can barge in and barge in basically just makes it a three-way call, everyone's there, I just get to talk right?  I very rarely rarely do that but I'll usually listen and then I'll send them on Slack like little notes like hey, I really like this neighborhood, keep this guy talking, you know, or you know, what is he asking? and while they're doing that, I can go and I can pull up Propstream or whatever I'm using to look at the house and kind of determine what my offer range might be. I mean let them know but I could be doing this with two or three people at the same time. It's really pretty cool. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: So let's see here. If I go over to my campaigns, I have two campaigns I pulled all of my BatchLeads, not all, actually have probably about 60,000 over there so I pulled in about 20%. I still need to get them in here, I've just been lazy and then all my old Sherpa so this is probably, I don't know, a quarter of my entire leads, but again, I just wanted to kind of test it out. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: And these are just the imports so they're running through these campaigns and you can recycle campaigns. You can go in and you can manage your users. I actually have a supervisor so instead of higher-end just cold callers, I hired a supervisor that then hires the individuals for me and trains the which is [inaudible]. 

Brysan: [inaudible] on there, nice. 

David: Yeah man and Dennis is up on there, that's right and then you have your little phone system so each person gets two numbers, one is a back up and then that number forwards if somebody were to call it to you know, whatever number you want. That way it keeps them in your system and not in theirs if that makes sense. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: You know you don't really necessarily want them to have a voicemail. I don't, it's like you already have your own phone system typically. 

Brysan: For sure. 

David: Yeah, call routing, call results. You can just have different results, I mean it's just what you'd expect from Batch for the most part. You see recent contacts that we've made and what we've marked them as. You can download those out or push them out or you can even listen in. So like this one says call back, let's see if I can. 

Brysan: Yeah, there's a- bro this is super easy to use. 

David: I know, isn't it? That's the thing. Nowadays, it's like, I was listening to the Blue Ocean strategy book earlier today on one of my walks and they were saying that sometimes technology innovation is not as important as ease of use. You know like having all these extra [inaudible] sometimes doesn't make your software better if you can't figure it out, you know. 

Brysan: So true cuz I'm like bro all these platforms, dialers is like rocket science to me bro. I'm like I don't even want to look at this shit to be honest with you. It's just so- I don't know, I don't wanna be like confused you know, that's what- like if my dialers can figure it out, that's great but you know for my in-house dialing and calling more niched lists, I want something that's just super clean to look at you know? 

David: Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Brysan: Look at something, get some quick [inaudible]. 

David: Can't really get that lost in here, there's only- 

Brysan: Not at all. 

David: You know what I'm saying? Like and once you learn it, it's actually pretty easy so the dialer doesn't skip trace, but it's not designed to. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: It's designed to dial and you know what? Let me look at, you had a question about the number of lines, now I'm curious. 

Brysan: Yeah, I was wondering about the number of lines and if they're charging per agent or- 

David: Check this out, they do- 

Brysan: Predictive dialer, auto answering. 

David: Man lines per agent, you can go up to 10, I believe here. I'm going to refresh and not save because I got all my people on 2 right now versus 4 or 3. 

Brysan: Okay. 

David: And the reason is because they don't have the ability- so again, they're new, they're learning. These are all the lists I imported right there for this particular one. The reason that I don't have it set to four or five or even ten Brysan is they're not dropping voicemails yet. 

Brysan: Gotchu. 

David: Whereas, you know Mojo or smartphone or the other ones, not only do they drop voicemails but I guess whenever they call back, it just gets forwarded to your number anyways so that's the same, that already happens. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: Whenever somebody sees a missed call essentially from us and they call back, that goes over to the virtual assistants voice mailbox that just got a little pre-recorded message, you know, telling them who they are and why they called and whatnot. 

Brysan: Okay. 

David: Until we're able to get the line, or I'm sorry, the ability ready to drop voicemails, it didn't seem- it didn't seem reasonable for me to go to 4 or 5 or even 6 cuz I just felt like I'd be kinda burning leads and the system's new, there are a couple bugs. Again, they're getting better every single day but like here's one example like our talk time is not 3799 hours, I've been using this for two weeks. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: So I mean of course it's- but again, every day like they're adding new stuff and that's the thing like we were talking earlier. These guys act man, their speed is very very impressive. 

Brysan: Yeah, always. 

David: So you can see you know just what's dialed in different numbers and it's just simple man, it's just really what I like about it. So how the dialers actually start is they go up here and they just click on available, it's that simple. If they're logged-in, each user has their own- their own login. I can login as a particular user as an admin and then if I am- and basically it kind of lets you know what they're doing too which is kind of cool. If you have like, you know, if you have to hire somebody just to cold call and you're paying them 20 hours a week or even 40 hours a week, like at the end of the week you wanna know how many of those 20 or 40 hours were you actually calling. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: You know and if it was only 18, that's fine but what the f- what the hell were you doing? 

Brysan: [inaudible]. 

David: So this actually is really helpful. When they click available, it literally just takes them over to the dialing screen where you know it's like any other dialer for the most part. Bro, I'm a huge fan of all things Batch. 

Brysan: It's hard not to be man. 

David: Hard not to be man, it really is the best, it is. 

Brysan: Yeah, I'm in a position where I'm- this is big for me, I'm trying to get a nice little street team or a couple people to drive for me so maybe more cost effective to just use Batch, you know. 

David: Yeah, I mean here's the thing, like if you're using a third-party, they could essentially use it too you know. 

Brysan: Sure. 

David: Yeah, there's really no right or wrong answer, you know this. 

Brysan: Absolutely. 

David: If you're doing it, if you're paying somebody else to do it, if you're paying somebody else to manage them doing it, at the end of the day, the outcome is the same. And that should be leads should be coming in. If they're not coming in then you need to fix the system.  

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: That's it, it's that simple you know. Let's talk a little bit about your callers, how are they doing? 

Brysan: Bro they are- they're decent, you know what I mean? They do the job, they do what they're paid to do. Let's just say that. You know they qualify leads based on how I have set expectations for so you know like today we got about 7 leads into our Podio from 2 callers. 

David: Great. 

Brysan: They just beat to shreds the list that I gave them so I'll probably give it- be giving them new data next week. 

David: You're using call tools right? 

Brysan: They are actually on XenCALL. 

David: Oh, they're on XenCALL [inaudible] so many systems. 

Brysan: Bro they're on XenCALL and yeah I- XenCALL is just confusing [inaudible] it doesn't matter. 

David: You know what though? If you are paying them to do it and someone else is managing them, hopefully you're never on XenCALL. 

Brysan: I'm never there. 

David: That's the goal. You give them l would imagine a URL to enter a lead and they just go enter the data. 

Brysan: Yeah so I [inaudible] he actually were like- I saw leads coming into my Podio like as of like 30 minutes ago and it's like 10:30 here, you know, so I'm like I text a guy who like runs the quality control and I'm like bro, what are the- what are the callers doing you know, why are leads coming in my Podio? 

David: They may have just had it written down. 

Brysan: And at 9:30 and 10 o'clock and he was like, you know, sometimes you know they just try to meet a quota so they're doing their job let's just say that, but I want to- you know, I have some people in house that are a little bit better that I can coach up that can do a little bit more on the acquisition side, you know, maybe not make full offers right away, but just you know what I mean, push the conversation more. 

David: Or just set appointments. 

Brysan: Right, exactly. Kinda just lead management as well. 

David: My people is like, you know, they're already trained to kind of makes, you know, I wouldn't say make offers but like they're trained to kind of make spread like I don't even know the best way to describe it but like basically we'll tell a homeowner that we can pay, you know, somewhere between sixty and eighty percent of what we think the ARV is without even looking at the repair so it's just like a big spread. 

Brysan: Right, you can put it in there. 

David: We'll get close to that 80%, maybe but ideally we're gonna be closer to 60 right? like [inaudible] but we're still giving them that window and right now they're doing really well cuz if people are asking, you know, 90% or 100%, it's like don't even add that lead in my system, it's not worth it to call them so they know kind of what to fish out but I think the next step would be is if there- if they do sound motivated will be to just give them a link that can let them view my calendar and set appointments and just start booking them. 

Brysan: That's true. 

David: You know as long as it's like 18 hours out, I'll be there. I'm ready to roll man. 

Brysan: That is true. 

David: You can block off your calendar for your other event to where they can't book you anyway, so it's like if they can't find the time then go to the next day, you know. 

Brysan: Right, and you go to damn near every appointment, you know if it's booked, you're going you know. 

David: I like appointments so that's why I arrive bro. 

Brysan: It is true, that is true. 

David: I hate sitting at the office and staring at the software. It's fun, it's cool but I'd rather pay someone else to do it. Joe McCall said this a while ago, man, I always quote him but- 

Brysan: Joe McCall, the og. 

David: He's an og man. He knows a thing or two about this business. He says, you know, Joe used to be Podio Joe, I don't even think he uses it still but Podio Joe and he would say show me a Podio expert and I'll show you a broke investor. 

Brysan: Ooh. 

David: And it wasn't an insult. 

Brysan: It's not. 

David: That's so true though like someone that's in there all day like trying build out and maybe he said it a little differently of course but that was how I interpreted it, right? And he was like, you know, if you're in there doing all this and that and I was- Mike and I have wasted months, not days or weeks bro, months trying to build this out and build that out and again, maybe it works, maybe it doesn't but at the end of the day it's like man I could have been marketing for motivated sellers or focusing on that and actually done some deals and made some money versus trying to do this or that so yeah. 

Brysan: Interesting. 

David: That's the kinda mindset I like though, I don't really want to be in the texting all day or the dialer all day or even driven all day, you know, ideally I'm in there just barely but they're designed to be able to build teams around them and that's really what I like about it.  

[voices overlapping] 

David: All of those don't need to be done by you, you know. 

Brysan: Very true. I don't want to spend any time driving for dollars honestly unless it's going- unless it's while I'm going to an appointment. 

David: Right. yeah that's fine, totally fine. 

Brysan: No, it's interesting. I love your philosophy about that. I know you are just like, you know, aim fire, fire then aim sometimes. 


Brysan: Fire, aim, adjust, whatever the saying goes you know but you know it's a numbers game and it works for you. You know me, I started to think way too much- 

David: [inaudible] to everyone watching right now needs to understand too or listening to this podcast is that this is just a numbers game just like any business. You know I feel terrible for people that get in there and after a week or two, they're like oh I didn't have luck, this isn't for me. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: Man, it took me 4 months to do my first deal. 4 months, how long did it take you? 

Brysan: Bro 4 months, that's actually a decent amount of time. So me, like my first deal on that I- 

David: When you were like I wanna do a wholesale deal. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: [inaudible]. 

Brysan: I mean you paid me for some deals, but I wouldn't say- I didn't get them under contract myself, you know, so like I leveraged you and you know, Mike and the situation at hand to get paid faster I think, but maybe- 

David: Let's say this, when you started doing your own marketing, how long did it take you to get paid? That's the best way to do that right there. 

Brysan: Yeah I think maybe probably less than 3 months. I think a bandit sign lead came in. 

David: Perfect. But still, 3- call it 3, you know. It took Slane almost 6 and that's- here's the thing, that's the normal. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: If you don't have- 

Brysan: I don't think a lot of people- a lot of people can't accept that bro. 

David: Yeah, that's what I'm saying and if you don't have a mentor, you know mentors don't necessarily always hold your hand and show you exactly what to do, but often times what they can do that's even, you know, as help or more helpful is to show you what not to do. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: Right? You know what I'm sating? If you don't have a mentor to show you what not to do which basically, I look at it like this if you're not doing- if you are not marketing or not making offers or not going on appointments, you're not gonna get a deal.  

Brysan: Absolutely, absolutely. 

David: So stop doing everything else and focus on those things and you're gonna get a deal, you know, but yeah man, it takes people a couple months to get a deal but the cool thing is this business has such a cool snowball effect. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: You know what I'm saying? Like it has- I hate using the word funnel cuz everyone's funnel this, funnel that and funnel [inaudible]. 

Brysan: Tough word to use right now. 

David: [inaudible] funnels like everything is a funnel, you know? But you truly do build up a big sales funnel of leads you know and- how long you been doing this full time for? 

Brysan: Since May 1st. 

David: Okay. 

Brysan: So I got off my job May 1st. 

David: Yeah, you're couple months in bro you're like [inaudible]. 

Brysan: Yeah bro. 

David: [inaudible] bonus man. Mike and I, you know we've been doing it for 5, 6 years. Our average deal Brysan, it takes 4 to 6 months on average. So when you take all the closing that we have, 500 plus wholesale deals, right? and you look at every one of them in our CRM and when the lead came in to when we marked it as closed, closed, paid, like completely done, like well this is- you can delete this out of the system at this point. You know it's about it's about 5 months on average. Now, do we get one or two a month where you get it done in four days, well of course, you do too but it's rare, it's like 1 or 2 a month with a lot of marketing. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: You know the other 5, 6, 7 deals that we're doing are from 4 months ago, 8 months ago, sometimes 3 years ago and so you truly do build up that funnel of leads which makes it- makes it really fun because then, you know, not that I would ever recommend to stop marketing, but we could in theory. We could stop all of our marketing and with the six or seven thousand leads we have in our database, we could close deals for the next 5 years. 

Brysan: Absolutely. I truly believe that. 

David: Absolutely, so that's another thing that I think that people that are new, it's not that they don't understand but it's hard to swallow.  

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: Right? Like oh I got to go spend 2 grand on this mail campaign and I may get a deal, I may not but guess what I'm going to get? I'm going to get 40 to 60 good leads in my system, and if I nurture those leads and I work those leads, there's no reason I can't go get one or two of those deals. 

Brysan: That's a win, yeah 40 leads. 

David: But it's going to probably take four to six months. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: You see what I'm saying, and that's the thing so in another mail campaign, you can expect that exact same result and then you know, but it's going to be later so it's a hard thing to swallow man. 

Brysan: Its interesting, I was talking to another investor that I know earlier this evening and they were just kind of struggling like getting marketing, getting yeses or people that were interested in selling and what I noticed that it's so often that people that are you know, kind of struggling to gain some traction or get their first deal, it's like they have like a sales issue and when they are contacting someone's- contacting someone and they say that they're interested, getting from that point of contact till like making an offer or converting, I think that's like the whole thing. It's either consistency or sales. That's like the two things that I look at, you know, so what do you think is the best way someone can increase your skill set around that? You know like for instance like I look at it like this like, you know my goal of any call with the seller is like at the end of that call, I don't want to be stuck in the friend zone, you know, that's the analogy that I use. I don't want there to be a gray area, I want there to be clear expectations of are we moving forward to set an appointment? Are they expecting an offer for me? Did I set an appointment or is it just clear that I'm just going to follow up with them or leave them alone? You know what I mean? I want to know exactly what that is. So I mean, what do you- and I think a lot of people- a lot of us have to just develop our communication skills or sales skills. 

David: Yeah, I mean really I just try to make a friend and if they don't want to talk to me right now, then I'll ask if I can call him back, you know or that's what the team will do. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: They ask if I can call back whenever a time is good for them and sometimes we'll lead with that. Hey do you- you know, is now a good time? 

Brysan: Right. 

David: And if it's not, then great we'll call you back, but if they say yeah, I got some time, well then all right cool, we're gonna figure out if you're going to sell a house to me or not. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: You know what I'm saying?  So that's a great question. My solution is just try to make a friend and let them know hey you know, I get it, you know, you may not need to sell but I need to buy a couple this month. I got guys I got to keep busy and my buyers are blowing me up, right? 

Brysan: Right. 

David: This is what I do for a living so if you are interested in selling to me, let me know and I'll call you back. Otherwise, do you not want me to call you back ? Like, typically you raised your hand from a text or a call or a letter or whatever, you have this property right? Yeah so you know, there's a fine line between trying to cut people out of your follow up but at the same time, there is an advantage to getting cut in the fat. You know, the 80-20 principle, right? You're gonna get 80% of your deals from 20% of the leads that you have, right? Yeah, I don't know man, I mean my whole thing though is I try to set appointments with people even when they're asking over what I'm willing to pay, as long as it's not too high. 

Brysan: Okay. 

David: I can get in the field and I can- I can help justify that my offer is a fair offer. I didn't say that it wasn't low, it will be low, really low but I can justify it as being fair and you can't- it's so hard to do that on a phone call or it's impossible doing it on a text bro, teach me. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: Right? like come on, but when you get in front of somebody you can be like listen, here's how it works, like I'm not approaching a seller as a wholesaler anymore, even though if I don't want to keep the deal, I'm gonna wholesale it, right? I approach them as an investor and I say hey you want to be an investor too? Great, I'll show you how to invest. Here's how it works: when you buy a property, you have to get a 30% discount on the after repair value and then you take the repairs out and they're going to say well 30%, that's crazy and I say no it's not at all because I'm really only trying to make 15 to 20 percent. 

David: Right. 

Brysan: The cost of selling the property is almost 10%, then you're gonna have 5% of just random seller concessions or you know, whatever it is so, you know, best case scenario, I'm going to make 20% and if I'm gonna come out of pocket $100,000 to buy a property and then another $40,000 to fix that property up and I'm into it for $140,000, I need to make 25 or 30 grand cuz I'm also going to have my money tied up for four to six months, you know, would you want to invest that kind of money into the- into a property and only make 5 grand with all that risk? Even losing?  

Brysan: Right. 

David: Having to do all this- you know, this is- it's a lot of work. I just feel like more of my advantages and I don't even think I'm a good salesperson Brysan, I don't like I never even really studied it but I am really good at it is just getting people to talk to me and making friends and then just showing them the facts. I'm not  convincing anybody to take my offer but I say, you know, all of the investors are looking at this the same way, you know, your neighbor's house sold for 200, but it just got a $60,000 rehab. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: We can both agree that it will be worth 200 but it needs 60 and if I'm going to go into this, I'm gonna have to spend 10% at the end to sell the damn thing, and I didn't even make 15 or 20%, do you want to that for less? They're gonna be like no. Well like me neither so now my really low offer makes sense and it's justifiable, right? At that point, it's no longer low, it's fair and that's the point. That's why, you know, I even run appointments when somebody's asking 80, 85%, right? It's like all right no problem, let me get out in the field and show you why 70% is gonna be much better. 

Brysan: That's value. Yeah. 

David: You know? 

Brysan: Absolutely. No it makes perfect sense cuz I always like, you know I think a part of it is just the confidence like you say you know the game and you can just, yeah leverage that. You're being friendly, at the same time you're being assertive also but yeah, you're leading them down a path. 

David: Absolutely. 

Brysan: Cuz like you know I hear it even- we hear it all the time from sellers. They're like you know, we've gotten calls from other investors and somebody just throws a number out there and they just move on like there's no type of conversation where they're like yeah, we can pay 50k, you know and it's like okay, you know. 

David: Yeah, and they're not even gonna respond to you. 

Brysan: Right, absolutely. 

David: So then you- a good investor would then follow up and be like hey, how did you like the offer? 

Brysan: Right. 

David: You know, what's- do you have any questions about it? You wanna talk about it? 

Brysan: Right. 

David: You know like you gotta [inaudible]. 

Brysan: Keep your door open, yeah. 

David: You gotta nurture these so, but yeah man. You know there's no right or wrong answer, everyone has a different approach. I tell that to a lot of students, you know, I say I know you want me to tell you exactly how to do this and I'm going to tell you how I do it, but if you disagree with anything I'm saying, that's okay. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: Like do it your way but I can tell you how I do it and how I've had success, and I can tell you how other people do it sometimes that I may disagree with but guess what? That may work for you. You know I'm saying? I love it bro. 

Brysan: It makes a lot of sense. I mean, I think we all kinda go with the same principles just different kind of techniques and for me like I know I can't- I can't do it the way you do it. I have to be true to myself when I talk to a seller and I know that you do, you know, it comes off you're speaking how- speaking to them how you speak to me so I know that that's how you communicate you know and I think that's when we're all at our best, we can't mimic somebody's pitch really or their script necessarily. 

David: Yeah, I'm like [inaudible] guy man. I give the callers like 2 or 3 of them and I say just pick the one you like the best, I don't care, it doesn't matter. You know what I'm saying? 

Brysan: I like that. 

David: All the script does is it just gives you a flow and really like you should also just like the objections, those are pretty standard I feel like. You know, how'd you get my number, you know, whatever they are. 

Brysan: Yeah, there's a few of them, right. 

David: There's five or six basic objections right? So learn those period, but then from there, you know whatever type of script you wanna go, whatever route you wanna go, that's fine because the goal isn't necessarily to get all the information quickly, it's just to get all the information so if that means making a friend and listening to somebody tell you about the house for 10 minutes before you're able to get the square footage, well that's fine, do that, just get the information. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: Whatever route you decide to do, it's fine you know? Like I tell it to my students too, I sent one of my students yesterday, I sent him 5 scripts and I go bro, I don't use any of these. 

Brysan: Correct, doesn't matter. 

David: I don't [inaudible], I don't want to lie to you. I go: but I've read every one of them and basically on every call I make, I used- you know, like I'm asking the exact same questions, I just don't- I don't like having an order because if somebody wants to branch off and talk about something, I don't necessarily want to try to drive them back too quickly because I wanna build that rapport and I want to make them- really the goal is I want to make them save my name and number in their phone. I think that's a goal that I think a lot of people kinda look past. 

Brysan: That's big. Right. 

David: Always have that goal since the beginning. If I can get somebody on the phone and you know, maybe they don't have a property that they're willing to sell to me at a great deal, today though. That's the key there, right? Today. Well, if I can get them- and this is what I did in the beginning when I didn't have any money. We got 13 people watching right now so hopefully some of you guys are up late and you don't have a ton of cash to blow and you want to learn how to do some wholesaling, well here you go. In the beginning when I was cold calling people on Craigslist and Zillow because Facebook Marketplace wasn't even a thing. 

Brysan: When there was deals on Craigslist. I feel like there's awesome- there's great deals on Craigslist. 

David: There still probably is man, absolutely. But I was calling people on Craigslist and Zillow for sale by owners and for rent, asking if they wanted to sell, and sometimes I'd get on a phone call with some guy, some landlord that had 25 properties and I already had 3 or 4 when I first started, I had a couple, so we would just start bullshitting about being landlords and we had a 30 minute phone call. At the end of that call, he'd be like well David, it was good talking to you, I don't want to sell any of my properties. 

Brysan: Right, thanks for the call buddy, right. 

David: It's like oh shit, it's like cool all right, no problem. I'm just going to say you know, let's just say Andy is the sellers name. So I'd say all right Andy, no problem, it was really great talking to you, hey do me a favor, save my name and number, save it as Dave that buys houses or David Dodge, however you wanna do it you know, sometimes I'll just save funny, right. But I'll be like when you decide you wanna sell down the road, check this out. Just give me a call and I'm gonna come out, I'm going to tell you what I think the property is going to be worth, I'm gonna tell you what I think it's going to cost to fix and I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna pay for it, and if you don't like that third part, that's okay. You're at least going to get for free, me coming out and telling you what it's going to be worth and what it's going to cost to fix. Is that not worth to you? And no one's going to say no to that and I'm telling you, I have- I don't even know how many people have saved my number in their phone, but I'd be willing to bet it's in the thousands, not the hundreds, it's in the thousands literally because for two straight years of cold calling and talking to people that every call I would end that with is okay cool hey, save my number, this is my cell phone or this is my work line, save my number. You know what? I might even text somebody 10 minutes later did you save it? 

Brysan: Right. [inaudible]. 

David: [inaudible] lists with that. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: That's something that I really haven't even kind of expand on or shared in a recent podcast but- 

Brysan: That's a small tip though man. People they'll remember if you call, like I know on my best follow ups that have led to deals, when I called them, it felt like a warm call even if the- even if the long term- or even if the follow up was months later or a couple- you know, a month later. 

David: But think about how much power that is whenever you [inaudible] Brysan, I haven't talked to them in 3 months, right? 3 months, but then you call them and they answer and they say hey Dave, what's up? They know it's me. 

Brysan: Right, that's big. 

David: That's huge. Pro tip guys, get the sellers to save your number and you know, just  add some value. You just say listen, when you're- whenever you're thinking about selling, just call me up, no obligation, you know, but I will- I'll be able to help you tell you what it's worth in its current state or what it will be worth fixed up and what the cost to fix it up will be and I'll make you an offer, of course, that's why I'm there. If like my offer doesn't- or you know you can word it like this: or that offer doesn't work for you because often times, they may owe more most of the time, right? 

Brysan: Of course. 

David: If the offer doesn't work for you, I would happily give you some- or you know, refer you to some of my friends that sell houses in the area, and most of time they have an agent already, but sometimes they don't bro, and you can get a referral for sending somebody a lead to get a listing. 

Brysan: True. 

David: So just making that friend has so much value. 

Brysan: Right, no I agree man, I was just curious- it came up tonight in the conversation that I was having so I was just kinda trying to get your input on it. I gave, you know- 

David: What were they talking about? What were they saying? 

Brysan: Well, they were just saying you know, they were having struggles with you know, getting leads in and you know, not getting them to the point of a contract or you know, really pushing them along, really- not being able to create urgency, you know. 

David: So, I would've asked every one of them right then and there, how many of those people did you send a contract to? 

Brysan: And guess what I did? Guess what'd I do? You already know the answer. 

David: Yeah, and it's okay but like if you think that they may like your offers, send it to them. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: Period. 

Brysan: Whatever, if they don't, they don't, you know? It's amazing, like I never- I mean, I internalize it over like the- you know, this year but I never, you know, realized the importance and I didn't realize how many people are stuck out there like legit frustrated in their business doing hours of marketing and lead generation and they don't make offers, like I don't know, it's just wild man, it really is like it's so common, I hear it almost every day. Yeah man, you- yeah, I don't know. 

David: It's one hurdle to do the marketing or spend the money on the marketing or the time or really in most cases, both. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: Right? Like that's a pretty big commitment but I guess it's not as big of a commitment than putting a property under contract. I think I overlook that cuz I've been doing it for so long. I was in real estate before I was wholesaling. I was a landlord for 10 years, so I had bought properties so when it came to making offers, I was just kind of like fuck it, let's send it, see what happens, you know, like whatever. And if I got the deal, then I would do everything I could to get sold or I would tell them that it didn't work out because I couldn't find a partner and I'm very transparent about the fact that I bring a partner in from the beginning. It's in the contract so I don't really ever feel bad about the fact that you know, I'm not able to help people, but I do try my best to help them every time. Yeah, I get it though Brysan. I get how that can be a daunting task. When it comes- 

Brysan: Yeah, I don't know man, it's- Let me wipe my nose real quick. 

David: Yeah, you're good. When it comes to the people sending offers, I think a lot of it has to do with they don't know what contract to use, they don't know- 

Brysan: Nah bro, that's bullshit. 

David: Well hold on, hear me out. 

Brysan: No, you're right, you're right. I'll give you part of that, go ahead. 

David: I don't disagree because they're everywhere, there's so many of them but I think that also creates some analysis paralysis like well do I use Dave's contract? Do I use Brysan's contract? Do I go get one from Brent? You know, or whoever else that's out there that's a big name in the industry so- but I think at the end of the day, they actually have a fear of having- of having the obligation with that fact. 

Brysan: Yeah, that's it. 

David: And that's it but at the end of the day, you have no obligation. 

Brysan: None at all. 

David: Other than, in my contract at least, the only obligation you have is depositing earnest money and then losing that earnest money, that's the only obligation you literally have. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: That's it. You know? but obviously you're gonna do everything in your power to not lose the earnest money and do the deal and help the seller and create a triple-win and everything, all the above. 

Brysan: That's interesting man, I just hear it all the time now and I'm just like- that's what I- I think there's always like a fine line in the or there's a balance in conversation about, you know, qualifying them but also disqualifying yourself. You know what I mean? Like I try to use both of those, you know, sometimes when I- if I'm- when I was cold calling myself, I would always say like, you know, we may find out in this call that I may not be the right buyer for you. 

David: Great. 

Brysan: That's just one thing so it's like I'm already- 

David: I take it to the next level and I just say I'm probably not the [inaudible]. 

Brysan: Yeah, probably not the guy. [inaudible]. You gauge them really quickly, you know. I can spend time with them or do I just kind of follow up, get a little details, move on, you know, cuz at the end of the day, it's an art and a science, we both know that. 

David: So man, now that you say that, it's funny cuz people that are watching or listening, they maybe like well you just said contradicting things Dave and I did, I don't know if you caught it but now, I disqualify the shit out of myself, right? I just said that. 5 minutes ago, I also just said that I [inaudible]. 

Brysan: Make a friend. 

David: I will actually spend 30 or 40 minutes on the phone with people, but here's the thing, I did in the beginning. I'm not lying, I'm not saying two different things, but as I progressed as an investor, you know it's just like at this point, I don't need the leads. When I started, I did so I was working extra hard for them, but check this out: it worked, you know, but I also spent a lot of time chasing and I think what I've learned over the last- this is actually something that's really interesting. I think what I've learned over the last six years is that as you build a big funnel, you know that you have enough leads to close deals and they're gonna close, right? So it's not worth spending 30 or 40 minutes chasing a lead at this point. It's the 80-20 principal at it's finest. 

Brysan: Absolutely. 

David: I think that that's something that I've learned is, you know, and I don't want to confuse people when I say don't chase leads or deals because that does not mean do not follow up. That is not what I'm saying. A lot of people are going to interpret it that way. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: That's not what I'm saying. You have to follow up on the good ones, the offers that you have sent or anybody that raises their hand and has interest that has not already been marked as dead, right? You got to follow up, but before you even put that in the system as a lead, is it worth it? And that's where I think the 80/20 comes in, you know like they're kind of interested in hearing your offer, that's not motivated. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: Right. 

Brysan: Yeah, make me an offer, I want an offer.  

David: You know or well, I had considered selling but I just refinanced all my money out of it or would you be willing to pay me what I owe if I owe retail? Well no, you know there's lots of reasons why people, you know, are just going to waste your time. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: But as I've gotten wiser and it's not an ego thing at all, it's more along the lines of- and I got 6000 leads in my database, and if we start hitting that database hard which we do, we're gonna get two or three people, maybe four a month that are going to raise their hands and say hey this is the month. You guys have been calling me for 2 months, 2 years, whatever, and this is the month. I need the money now, I didn't before, now I do. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: Whereas when you're dealing with that new lead and they're literally saying like you just said, well you know, how good is the offer? Make me an offer, it's like no. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: Not at all, guess what? I'mma put you in the system as a follow up for 6 months. 

Brysan: Yup. 

David: At that point, if you're like I need to sell now, then we'll work. If not, I don't even want to come look at the property at this point. 

Brysan: Not at all. We're not setting appointments, I'm not even analyzing it to make an offer really. I would say hey, you know it seems like you're not interested in selling, maybe I'll just follow up with you. Is it okay if I follow up with you in- whatever, you can say yes or no, I'm still going to follow up either way if they say yes or no. I think it's- I don't know, we always see- I think people get confused with seeing on social media or you know people in our space that, you know, show deals that are sexy, quick, locked up over the phone and it's like that's like the 1% or 5% of any deals that are happening. 

David: Yeah. 

Brysan: Big deals are taking a long time for everybody. 

David: Yeah, everyone's talking about the wins , they're not talking about their losses and what I mean by losses are not like losses losses but time spent. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: You know like people aren't going to be bragging about the fact that they cold called for 9 hours straight one day, you know, but they're gonna be happy to show you the deal that took him 15 minutes to make him 8, 10, 12 grand. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: It's like truly though, there was a whole process there. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: You know, you have to set aside time to look for leads, buy them or make them and then skip trace them or mail them or call them. I mean there's commitment at every step along that process. 

Brysan: Right. Amendments [inaudible]. 

David: [inaudible] They get to the end and it's super easy, there is still a lot of work. So, me and my- me and the wife were sitting on the patio earlier today and we were talking about disposition and I'm like babe, I think disposition makes up about 10% of the efforts of our company. Not necessarily Lara particular, she's my disposition person. She works very very very hard, I'm [inaudible] and she's very good at it, but we also have 5 callers, we have a cold texter, we have myself and Travis and Mike and Bill even. [inaudible]. 

Brysan: [inaudible] in acquisitions. 

David: And Megan too, so it's like you know, if you look at all of the work that everybody's doing every day, it's probably less than 10% because there's a lot of people, right? And I tell that to a lot of the new people too, the new students and whatnot is, you know, don't worry about going out and building that buyer's list, it's- it is important and you should do it. 

Brysan: Right. 

David: I'm not saying that you shouldn't but if you don't have a deal, what good is a buyers list? Spend your time- you know, 90, 95% of your time in the beginning finding the deals, finding these motivated sellers because they are going to sell themselves. 

Brysan: Absolutely. 

David: Put them out and you show them to the right people and it's the right price, there's no reason it's not gonna sell.  

Brysan: Yeah, good deals sell. Doesn't matter. 

David: That's it. Well Brysan, it's getting late. 

Brysan: Yeah man. 

David: I'm glad that we hopped on, did a little real estate chat. Hope you enjoyed my little Batch demo. 

Brysan: It was makeshift but it worked bro. 

David: That's right. Let's do it again here in about a week or two. 

Brysan: Yeah. 

David: I'll have used it a ton and I'll have- I'll know how to use it as well so it'll be fun.  

Brysan: We're gonna have some stuff up for fourth quarter and get it done man. 

David: Awesome bro, awesome. Hey thanks for hopping on late night man, this is fun. 

Brysan: You know I live here, it's not a big deal. 

David: I know man, you're always up there. I like that background though, it looks nice. 

Brysan: It's nice man. The guy who put it up just [inaudible] just for me. 

David: That's right, that's right. All right guys, signing off. We'll talk to you soon. 

Brysan: Later guys. 

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