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Episode 230: Deal Machine - New Update

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Show Notes

In this episode of Discount Property Investor David is joined by Matt Kemp, from Deal Machine and a valued partner of Deal Machine. We are here today to show the newest features that Deal Machine released. This video will show how Deal Machine was the simplest way to get in the Real Estate Investing via software. If you want a discount you can use the promo codes and do a free trial. You can get like 15$ with the deal credit if you use DAVE OR MIKE.

Things that will cover in this episode:

  • Skip Tracing
  • Real Estate Investor
  • Investor Struggle


Episode Transcripts

Welcome back to the Discount Property Investor podcast. Our mission is to share what we have learned from our experience and the experience of others to help you make more money investing like a pro. We want to teach you how to create wealth by investing in real estate, the discount property investor way. To jumpstart your real estate investing career, visit, the most complete free course on wholesaling real estate ever. Thanks for tuning in.

David: All right guys, welcome back. Today, Mike and I have a special guest: Matt Kemp from Deal Machine. Matt is a valued partner over at Deal Machine, he's a friend of mine and today we're having him on the show and we're going to be showing some of the newest features that Deal Machine has just released as well as some of them that they plan to release actually later this week. So guys, if you're watching this, this is kind of a sneak peek of a new feature that we're going to actually have in our app, on our Deal Machine app, hopefully later this week. So Matt, thanks for coming, Mike good morning to you guys, How's everybody doing today?

Mike: Good morning.

Matt: Great, great. Thanks again for having me on and you know, excited to share this with you guys and again, we always love teaming up with you guys cuz you have- you put out so much great content that the people we're trying to get in front of its like the ones that are ready to take action and I think the people that you're speaking to if they're listening to this right now, like they're preparing themselves to take action and continually improve themselves so we're a tool to make them successful. We're not going to do the hard work for them, like they still got to get out there and drive around and then find the next deal but we wanna make technology to make that as simple and easy as possible.

David: Hell yeah, and you guys have man. Deal Machine's kickass. I absolutely love it.

Matt: Thanks man, appreciate that.

Matt: Thanks Matt and you say you're going to not do the hard work, you do a lot of the hard work. This Deal Machine app does a lot of hard work man.

David: That's right.

Mike: Come on, don't be modest.

David: Yeah, so let's just give like a real quick- just general what is Deal Machine and Matt I'm going to do it so help me and correct me if I say something wrong of course here, but the way I look at it is Deal Machine's probably the simplest way to get into real estate investing investing via a software, right? So the Deal Machine is an app that also is a URL, you can do it on any computer or tablet but it's really focused more for a phone and just using the app version of it. It's really a driving for dollars app but I don't want to say that's all it does cuz that's not all that it does, that's just kind of like the main thing that is really helpful with Deal Machine, but I know recently they have the ability to- they have a built-in CRM as well in there. They do have the ability to skip trace in real time. You can just plot properties and export if you're going to be doing something else with those but you can also now do direct mail and do you guys do- you do have property data as well, and one of the things that I'm going to wait and tell you guys about until Matt tells you here in a few, but there's some really cool new features as well too that we're going to talk about today, but if you want to just identify vacant properties or you know, other types of properties like that that we would assume have a high level of motivation, the app does have layers and allow you to do that as well too. So guys, check out Deal Machine if you're not already using it. It is literally one of Mike and I's favorite software's. You can use code Dave or code Mike to get a free trial plus I believe you get like $15 worth of deal credits. Correct me if I'm wrong Matt. That's equal to like a hundred skip traces, right? So you can essentially get the app for 7 days and I highly encourage you guys. If you cannot afford this app, check out the free trial, right? It's okay if you can't afford it and you have to cancel after the 6, 7 day period, it's all good but I really really really want to encourage you to do the trial and use all hundred of those skip traces because there's no reason that you can't get a deal going out finding a hundred houses that look like they need a lot of work and skip tracing them in real-time and calling them. So I'm gonna get off my soapbox here guys, thanks for letting me have that moment but I absolutely love this app and again guys, use code Dave or Mike and you can get a 7 day free trial.

Matt: Yeah, thanks again Dave. I mean I think in general, you nailed it. Like the idea behind Deal Machine is helping people find that off market you know, their first or next off market deal, and then helping them market to those property owners to actually get you know, get in touch with them. You know, to find the deal, originally we were like you said driving for dollars like that is our go-to and still is the anchor of what we practice and preach is really saying like hey when you drive for dollars like that is a way that you're building a list that is not, you know, it's not competitive. It's not already bombarded by all these people who are just pulling lists or you know, are finding leads a different way. Like these leads are ones that you found with your own eyes, you validated as a qualified property, like your dollars are going to go way further with that and from an ROI perspective, we think it's the best thing for your buck.

David: Honestly, I was telling this the other day. You know, due to the fact that you guys recently incorporated the CRM into this, I mean assuming that somebody was just saying like hey, I want to get into real estate investing but I don't want 3, 4, 5 softwares or even 2, this would be one and probably the only thing I can think of that would allow them to find a deal, manage- and manage that follow-up process as well as skip trace them and/or do the mail like cuz it has the marketing engine and the CRM. It's essentially the only thing in my opinion that's out there that somebody could pick up and go get deals and have a successful business. Most people have five, six- Mike's going to laugh. How many CRM's- not necessarily CRM's but softwares do we have Mike?

Mike: I'm not even in a laughing mood David. We have so many, it's ridiculous. I can't tell you. A thousand dollars every month.

David: Yeah, it's a lot. It's a lot but I tell a lot of my students too: hey, if you can't afford to have a cold caller or to do, you know, mass texting or do a ton of mail, do a little bit of each and you can do it all in this app, which is awesome. So love that.

Matt: Yeah, that was our whole goal right there. It was like keep it as simple and easy and you know, streamlined as possible for people to go in there and you know, start to add deals, start to drive around and generate their list that way. The CRM is how they're going to manage your pipeline from there, right? Like you said and stay organized and follow up with people. And then the marketing piece of it, it's either like you said skip tracing, the cold call or text people like that or email and then you know, the mailing, the postcards is really like our other really automation focus feature, like that's the thing that you're going to be able to scale and you know, if you're adding- you're creating great lists consistently by driving for dollars and you're starting to put people on mailers like that, you can just automate and say hey once a month give him a piece of you know, a piece of mail or every so often do this. That's how you're going to stay top-of-mind and usually, you know whenever you start to get out there and start to have these conversations like that's something that's going to build momentum over time, you're going to get more and more comfortable at it but the follow-through, the follow-up is really what's going to separate you from the competition where if you're sending him a postcard once a month for you know, six months like when they're ready to make that decision, you're the one that's been staying top-of-mind this entire time and you're the one that that- you're the top of the pile of their mail or you're on their fridge at home, you know.

David: Yeah, hopefully you already have- or they already have your number saved in your phone even too.

Matt: Yeah, exactly.

David: And that's the reason why I like to do an instant skip trace because, you know, we do it all the time Matt, you know this. You know 9 out of 10 people are not interested in selling, that's fine. You got to do a lot of this, this is a numbers game. But whenever you do get that person that says yeah I might be interested in a few months but not today, it's like I want to save my marketing dollars so I'm gonna do everything in my power to make a friend with that person and hopefully get him to save my number in their phone. So yeah, it's just so many cool tools Matt. But again, thanks for coming on with us today and you know talking about some of the stuff. We do really appreciate your time and we're grateful for you coming on today so thank you.

Matt: Yeah, we love working with you guys. Yeah let me jump on with my phone here. I've been trying this out a little bit to see if I can you know, share the exclusive stuff that we're- is literally only on the phone within test flight mode right now so I can show you kind of how this works.

David: Cool. So obviously guys if you're watching the video, you'll be able to see what Matt, Mike and I are seeing. I'm going to do my best as well just to kind of help talk about what we're looking at in the event that you're just listening to this on the podcast. We are going to push this out on our podcast channel as well as you know, Mike and I's YouTube and whatnot so let's just try to explain a little bit about what we're doing here as well, and in the event that they're not watching, but either way you don't have to. If you're listening guys, we're going to help you out here.

Matt: Cool. Yeah, this first feature too like this dashboard view, this really speaks to how your talking about you know 9 out of 10 people aren't gonna be selling like that. Our whole goal around this dashboard and this is actually just- this is brand-new, you know, already live. Like this is something that you know, if you login into Deal Machine now if you've updated the app, you should be able to see this view. The whole goal with this was to put people in the mindset of metrics-driven, you know, focus. It's a numbers game. It's, you know, you need to put in a large amount of leads at the top of the funnel to get down to that bottom of the funnel with you know, new signed contracts. So I think how you talked about you know, saying like 9 out of 10, I think what we really try to do in here is say okay-

David: Oh, it's probably more like 97 or 8 or 9 out of-

Matt: Right. Out of a hundred, yeah.

David: Yeah, right. So you gotta do a lot of marketing guys. This is a numbers game, you know, it doesn't matter if you are using the Deal Machine app, which obviously we love and you know encourage you to, but if you're using anything else too, it doesn't matter, it's still a numbers game, period.

Matt: And this dashboard, we designed around that principle so you can come in here and actually- what you'll see right away within the new machine app is this dashboard where you've got two different numbers, well I guess three numbers on top that you can adjust and you can change and say: I want to create x amount of gross profit or yeah, gross profit, you know topline profit per month. I want to make or I expect to make quote unquote x number of net profit per deal.

David: So in this scenario, we have 20, it's a little slider guys. It's really really unique, the experience on this app is very user-friendly and that's another reason why we really like it of course. So he's got 20,000 expected gross profit and then he's expecting to make 10,000 per deal. Slide that slider down a little for me till like maybe like 7 or 6 or even whatever so let's say 4,000 per deal. I love it cuz what it's doing at the bottom now is it's got a calculation of different things. Move that slider up to 5 for me, 5,0000 if you can, there you go.

Matt: There we go.

David: And just do one driver. Now obviously if you have multiple drivers, it's going to affect things. Alright, 2 is our minimum here.

Matt: 2 is the default just because the pro account I'm on allows two drivers.

David: Got it. So yeah yeah, here's the thing: Mike and I are both on the same account, we both drive so this is a perfect scenario for us, right? If we're expecting to make 20,000 a month and we're averaging, you know, 5,000 is a little low but I don't want to be too optimistic guys thinking that every deal you're going to get is going to be an 18K deal, right? On average, you know, you're going to be somewhere between 5 and 10 most likely. It depends on your market and how good at closing you are and a couple other things but I just want to be conservative so- and of course, 2 drivers and those are really the only three things that were tweaking here. It's very simple and then down below, it's going to show you okay, if you're going to be expecting 5,000 per deal and you want to do 20,000 a month, it's going to tell you next how many months or how many deals per month we would need to hit our goal as well as how many leads and I'm going to let you take it over from here man but this is cool.

Matt: Yeah, so it automatically calculates at the bottom how many you know, basically you saying like okay, if you want to hit 20,000 in- if you want to hit 4 deals a month, we recommend adding 12000 leads per month and that is a really conservative number like you said, you'll see people who they've added a couple deals into the Deal Machine and gotten it before you'll see people who add more than that. You know, it really- this 300 to 1 ratio is like just kind of a really simple easy kind of you know, cookie cutter way that we threw this in here's cuz just cuz it's a- it's you know looking at the data of what are users have experienced in the past.

David: Yeah, that's actually a pretty- I mean I wouldn't disagree, I think that's a good number guys. If you got 300 properties in here and you- here's the thing though: you can't just go add 300 properties in, like that doesn't do anything for you. You have to market to those properties or skip trace them and call them or export them and market outside of this system too. I recommend you do it in it cuz less is more but just by adding 300 properties doesn't mean anything guys. You have to add 300 properties and then start marketing to those.

Matt: Taking action on it, yup.

David: Yeah. And again Matt, I'm not trying to- I just want to build on what you said but that's very very important because I have sometimes people that come to Mike and I, us and they say: I've been driving with Deal Machine for 2 months and it's like cool how many appointments have you set? And they're like well I haven't even started that part yet, I'm just marking these down in the thing and it's like what?

Matt: Yeah.

David: Marketing is the name of the game. Finding them is part of it. I'm not going to say it's not but what's more important than finding them is marketing to these people. That's the business guys. So yeah, Matt I love it.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. 100% yeah. I think your whole goal like you said is to make things happen, to have real conversations whether it be through the phone, through text, through postcards. The marketing channel can be a variety of different things but it's actually like getting in front of them and having those conversations. That's what- those are what's going to add to these closed deals. So I think on here, so this is really interesting. So if you go down here, it's saying one- if you know, if you're going to add- if you're aiming for 1200 leads a month, we're going to make a really really conservative estimate and say that drivers are only going to add 12 properties per hour, which is one every five minutes. We have people who are doing one per minute so you can see stuff, you know, that'll be much much more efficient than this but this is giving you a really really conservative estimate to say: all right, if I'm going to pay drivers to go out there and drive for me, I'm going to pay you know, just conservatively I'm paying 12 properties per hour on here. So you can see if you've got 300 leads, that means you know, each- or I'm sorry 1200 leads per month, that means 300 leads a week. That means if you have two drivers, it's 150 per driver, right? for each of the drivers, and for each of them, they're going to have to drive 13 hours to get- to hit to that 150 mark if they're doing 12 properties an hour, if that makes sense. Hopefully you can follow with- through audio, not just the video.

David: No, I get it. It makes perfect sense, yup.

Matt: Now what's really interesting is if you go by that metric and you say okay I'm paying for this technology to do this, you know, Deal Machine. I'm paying drivers 15 bucks an hour and they're being really inefficient cuz they're only adding 12 an hour and I'm paying for at least three mailers per property. With all those conservative metrics, you can see actually my annual profits going to be negative like something isn't adding up here in terms of the dollar amount and what that means is that oh you know, if I'm doing that and I'm only making 5K per deal, that's not going to work for me. Like if I'm budgeting this amount, then I need to know okay, I need to aim for something like let me see when I put in, you know, something like, you know, 7k per deal.

David: Or even 9 or 10, you could take it higher, absolutely.

Matt: Yup, there you go. Well, that minimum threshold, once you hit 7, you're already in the profit so you could go to 9, 10, whatever it might be but this will be a good way to even set minimums and say is it worth getting only a 5k assignment fee because I'm already paying for marketing, I'm paying for these drivers, I'm paying for the technology, you know, this will help put you in the right mindset of you know, the idea of this kind of topline profit, does it translate to net annual like bottom-line profit as well?

David: Absolutely, and here's the thing guys: this is the- I expect to make x per deal. This is the average, right? So Mike and I, we're in St. Louis, Missouri in the Midwest. The cost of real estate's cheaper here than it is on the coast, of course. You know, we're realistically probably wholesaling average per deal, we're probably I'd say just shy of 8K, call it about 7,500 right? But that's the average guys. Mike and I have done $102,000 wholesale deal with Deal Machine. So just because you're average is whatever you determine, in this case were using 9000 for the example, that doesn't mean you're not going to get big deals as well. Our average is 75, 8 call it but we have done deals for 40 grand, 60 grand and we even did one for 102,000 using Deal Machine so you can get big deals using this as well. This is obviously just a good calculator to help determine you know, what you should be expecting in terms of costs as well as what you're going to get, but this is a really cool tool Matt, thank you for showing us.

Matt: Yes, of course. Yeah, so this is brand new, this is something that if you update your app, you should be able to see it in your dashboard. You know the rest of it is our typical dashboard, you know, a mix of learning and you know, there are kind of like new displays here that we have, like it'll show you hey here's how many leads you've added this month, here's how many mailers you've got going out, but in the end like the goal of the dashboard is to really give you the numbers to be able to set goals and then give you the data to say: here's you know, like here's what I've achieved, here's the ROI them on you know, what I'm spending.

David: Right. No, I think this is sweet. I love it.

Matt: Great.

David: So guys check it out on the dashboard, there is a success calculator. It's going to basically help you determine know what you can spend and to make and/or you know, just kind of have a good picture of what it's going to look like because- and Matt, I just want to reiterate, I'm not trying to steal the show here, but I say this- I've been saying it more and more recently, right? The average guy online, the average guru, the average person that you see, you know, promoting real estate investing or promoting wholesaling and saying you can flip houses with little to no money. I even say that a lot but I'm doing everything in my power to follow that up with, you know, the leads cost money though, you know. Mike and I can go out and buy a house or get it under contract by using a contract, just paper and have control of it and then sell that paper and we can go make a 7, 8, 9, 100 thousand dollars on a deal, right? Doing that doesn't require a lot of money, little to none. However, finding these deals requires time and money and often both, so this is something that I just definitely want to- you know, definitely kind of highlight on is that flipping houses doesn't require a lot of money, especially if you're wholesaling and you know how to do it, but getting the leads does period, so just something to be aware of. Its not like everything is little to no money but Deal Machine's going to be able to make it easy for you guys to find those and to do that marketing as well as now keep track of it, which is sweet.

Matt: Yeah, and that's what we love about the whole driving for dollars idea is yeah, you're bang for your buck, your every dollar you put in like that, it's going to go the furthest if it's- if you're finding these off-market deals that are a distressed property that no one else is marketing to, it's going to- you know, you're gonna spend less on the marketing piece to get more attention from people.

David: I love it. 100% agree.

Matt: Great.

David: So they got the new dashboard, that's really sweet, I love that.

Matt: The dashboard's brand new and the main thing outside of that I really want to show you guys. So this is the reason why I did it on the phone and not on my desktop is this new plan route mode feature. So, you know, we've been known for a little while around like how do you best track your routes? How do you look at you know where you've been, you know, you see a green line show up when you drive around to see, you know, what neighborhoods you've been to and you know, that changes color based on how long ago you drove it and you know it's- we've really been focused on helping you look at past data to see you know, where your deals are coming from and where you should go next. Now, we're focused on future efforts and saying like hey, you know, not just looking at the past data, how do we plan routes to make it the easiest way for you to go from house to house to house to hit everything in your entire list? So that way you don't have to you know, haphazardly just drive around and look for stuff, but you can take a much more strategic approach and save as much time as possible while doing that where you can go in here and now-

David: Hey Matt, let's do a real- a real world scenario.

Matt: Right here? Yeah.

David: Yeah, if you don't mind. So Mike and I bought a hundred houses last year, the year before we bought a hundred houses. Mike, what percentage of those were vacant?

Mike: Oh man, you ask me this all the time, it's gotta be 90%.

David: 90% okay, so we tell our students: hey guys, if you're new to this business and you're wanting to go get a deal on a piece of property, there's a lot of ways to do it but the easiest and most common way that we've found over seven years of experience is vacant houses. So Matt, let's say that, you know, we have a new person that's never used the app before and they want to go out and start using it. You know, let's just say- let's show them in this example pulling local vacant houses like in the neighborhood. So whatever your zip code is so on so forth and show you how to- show people how cool this feature is.

Matt: Yup, so if you- you navigate from dashboard into map here and then you can actually go through and when you hit start driving now, there's free drive mode, which is what you've always been used to which is like driving around and you know, not having any guidance. Then you've got planned route mode here. When you click on that like you said, you know, you can either import an existing list like if you've already built that list of vacant houses in Deal Machine, we can show you and say out of those two hundred vacant houses, here's the fastest way to get to every single one of them and drive past them and verify, you know.

Mike: I wish this would have been live about two months ago Matt. So we put a hundred properties under contract and we had to figure out how to drive them all and I do not have a good route planning tool. This would have been awesome.

David: Yeah, this is sweet.

Mike: Yeah, so I'm sorry. I'm sorry to interrupt [inaudible].

David: But the cool thing is you can- you can use an existing list that you may already have or you can import one even two, but today I wanted to create.

Matt: Yep, and now we create a new plan. So what you're talking about is saying hey I'll put my, you know, zip code, got St. Louis right here.

David: Okay real quick though, look at these quick lists guys, this is cool.

Matt: Yup.

David: So there's others- like vacants is what I wanted to use today, for example, but look at all these other presumed levels of motivation that they help you with. This is so cool. All properties obviously would be all of these I would imagine but then you have owners of multiple properties, so those are your landlord's most likely, right? You got again vacants. Again, 80% of the houses that Mike and I buy are vacant. Now we do a lot of marketing to other types of people that aren't vacant but if they're vacant and also behind on taxes or vacant and absentee owned or vacant and pre-foreclosure or vacant and have anything else, it's even more reason for them to be motivated to work with you. So you got the vacants, you got owners of multiple properties, you have behind on taxes, of course, pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, bank-owned and absentees, so just right there, these presets are so- I mean this is awesome. There's a ton of value right here.

Mike: Hold that thought. Can we let Matt finish though.

David: Yes.

Mike: So Matt, are you telling me that I can go in here and I can click vacant and it's going to show me all the vacants in 63109 or presumably vacants for me to start driving?

Matt: Yes sire.

Mike: Holy smokes. That's huge.

David: Yeah, this is cool Mike, that's what I'm saying.

Matt: Yeah, this is something like you know, we- you know in general like-

Mike: Geez.

Matt: We wanna give people- anything we do, it's focused on saving them money for marketing and for you know, finding their next deal and then also saving them time and this is one of those features that you know, we've really heard from many many people like oh, I would love some kind of planned route, you know, some kind of thing that could tell me where to go and make sure the GPS is in the app and to give me the quickest way possible. Now as of this week, you're able to do that where- here let me see if I can show this off you know, it's calculating the vehicle or calculating the route. Let me jump out of my chair real quick and try to activate it for you, give me one second here.

David: No problem, no problem.

Mike: Dave, this is huge.

David: Yeah, this is sweet. So Matt's down in his basement right now guys and that's why he's jumping up. He's just making sure that the phone's got service, you can see his little bars on his phone right here going up higher.

Matt: Yeah, hopefully that clicks in here where it registers that I'm- you know, the tough part is this is made for you to drive around and see, right?

David: Right, right.

Matt: Whereas something I'm stationary so it's not necessarily activating.

Mike: So where is- and again, I know it's probably proprietary but where is it pulling the vacant list or the absentee list? And is that included in our plan or how does that even work? Like that to me is mind-blowing cool.

David: I'm almost positive that all vacants come from USPS.

Matt: They do, yeah. The vacants come from USPS, the rest of data is proprietary from that perspective, but it's something where we have really really focused on making that a huge priority is you know, our data has to be great to make you guys successful, right? So yeah, I think-

David: The skip trace data is on point.

Mike: Yeah, that's cool.

Matt: Yeah, so that's all- that's all from the same area there.

Mike: Well, let's upgrade our plan. Whatever it takes man.

Matt: Oh, that's your other question. So this will be on every plan so this is gonna be in all the plans which is also great.

David: That's cool.

Matt: Let me try this one more time. Really all your missing here is the GPS yelling at you where to go, but that was pretty much it so let me try- let's see if I can get this to activate one more time here. Be right back.

David: Yeah, go for it Matt, no problem at all. So this- yeah, this is really sweet Mike. So like in the event that you know, right now what Matt's doing is he's trying to look- he's trying to locate all the vacants in 63109, right?

Matt: There we go.

David: But then what it's-

Deal Machine app: Your first highlighted property is 0.14 miles away, leave from [inaudible] avenue.

David: And then it's going to create the route to go drive to all of them.

Deal Machine app: Turn left onto Macklind Avenue then turn left.

David: Look at them, and then it highlights them on the map with a box around the property itself, that's cool.

Mike: Okay, so guys, why would we want to drive these though? Because we want to see what the property looks like and see if it's actually vacant, we want to start marketing to it or not. So that's kind of the-

David: And/or vacant and distressed. It's got multiple signs that the seller you know, would want and/or need to sell, even better. So one of the things that Mike and I aren't really even using that much of is the mail but I would imagine that we're going to start using more and more of it just because it kind of makes sense but one of my favorite things to do, especially now that I'm going to have this tool Matt is to just skip trace in real time, you know and like I will obviously set aside one or two hours a couple times a week to go driving for dollars and specifically drive for dollars that entire time. But this- my phone's always in my pocket. So even like if I'm with my friends or I'm with Mike and we run into an appointment or I'm with my wife and we're going to dinner and I drive by a house that looks like it could use a lot of work, I'm like hey stop. I'm like I need to get this thing real quick and often times instead of me plotting that property for future marketing, I'll just call them in real-time. That's another thing you can do with this here is you know, the most expensive part is the mail and I'm not saying don't send mail because that's how you get people to contact you, right? But you can cut that cost down, right? By either skip tracing it or just- another thing too is you can also adjust the frequency as well as the time frame in which the mail gets in. Either way, lots of features.

Mike: Matt, let's- we keep interrupting Matt here. Matt, give us your demo man, this is really cool.

Matt: Yeah.

Mike: Alright, so now we're looking at the route that it has planned for us, right?

Matt: Yup, and really like you said, you know, it highlights each individual property there and then it'll say you know, attempt a mile here, you know, half a mile there, attempt a mile there. It'll give you the fastest absolute route for any list up to 500 properties. Like if you're driving over 500 properties on the list in a day, I don't think you could even make that.

David: Yeah, unless they're on the same street, right.

Matt: Yeah, exactly but yeah. So I mean, it's pretty simple and straightforward where it imports the GPS right in there. You can skip the property as well, you know if you say hey, I wanna go to the next one so it'll automatically update and take you to this but yeah, you're really getting kind of getting the Deal Machine-

Deal Machine app: Your next highlighted property is 0.11 miles away. Leave from Goethe Avenue.

Matt: Yeah, there you go.

Mike: That's cool.

David: That's really cool.

Matt: So that's really like the basics of it.

Deal Machine app: Turn right onto Macklind avenue then turn left.

Matt: There we go, perfect. So I would- just to back up what David was saying, I mean I recommend doing a combination just because you can skip trace right on the spot and yeah.

David: Oh you can- can you do multiple of these?

Matt: Yeah, so you can- you can do- anytime, you know, through Deal Machine, yeah. If you're out front of the property, you can either skip trace on the spot and do that or it- and then like you said-

David: So I could do vacant and behind- I'm asking about the list here though Matt. Can I do vacant and behind on taxes?

Matt: Uh let's see-

David: It doesn't matter if you can or no but-

Matt: See, that's actually one- yeah, we're messing around with more custom list type options here so that's something that we're still- that's one of the last little things we were finishing developing.

David: Right. No that's cool. Either way, I mean you don't really need it. I mean obviously what it's going to do is it's going to narrow your search anyway, and the goal here is to find as many properties as you can to then drive obviously because we're not just looking for vacants guys in this scenario, we're looking for vacants that are distressed. That's the ones that we really want.

Matt: Yeah, so I think that's pretty much it on the specific stuff around that feature but yeah, we're really really excited cuz the goal here again is to save people as much time as possible. We highly recommend doing these multiple touch points between the skip tracing, between the postcards, you know kind of putting all that together but we just you know, to begin with, we wanted to be easiest tool like you said to pick up and go and especially for new people trying to find their first deal like, you know, put them all- everything you're doing, we want to try to bring together in this one app so we've got you know, driving, we've got the CRM to manage it, you can pull lists through our list engine, you know, put all that together and go make things happen.

David: I love it. No, this is super cool, super cool. Mike, you got any questions for Matt?

Mike: I'm excited to start playing with it man. Can we get early access on our account or is this- we just got to wait?

David: It'll be here this week.

Matt: Let me see what I can do.

David: It'll be here this week.

Mike: You have to understand, I want it right now. Yeah, that's cool man, very very cool. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Matt: Yeah, of course you know. We're- like I said again, this week it should be live. If you're going to be using any kind of Deal Machine, if you're getting started with us or doing any kind of trial, make sure to go through their promo code so that way you guys are getting the most deal credits you can to be able to start off and you know, do a free trial and then also have free marketing budget to make those initial conversations happen and start making calls and start sending out mail.

Mike: Awesome.

David: Yeah absolutely. So I had mentioned earlier, take advantage of the free trial. You get like $15 worth of deal credits if you use Dave or Mike in terms of our code and that can be used for skip tracing or mail, right Matt?

Matt: Yup, yup, yup.

David: So if you want to send some mail with it, you can. I know when I first got it, I sent myself a postcard and I skip traced myself right away cuz I'm like this is cool, I wanna see how it works and I just like how fast everything operates. Like you click skip trace, it maybe takes two or three seconds like not even.

Matt: Typically.

David: It's immediately, boom like yeah. Literally boom, there's the number, you can click to call and it'll call right from your phone or you can even text right from your phone as well just use that number that they give you. Like I was saying earlier, we need to start doing more mail so this is definitely the way that I'm going to like, I'm going to want to be using it, you know, as well. But in the past I have sent mail on accident and it was funny because I got a call from a guy that I had sent a postcard to and I didn't even know I sent the postcard to him and I went back in the app and I'm like how many postcards do I even have going out right now? And I had one person that I was mailing to. This is probably three or four months ago Matt.

Matt: And he called you.

David: And I got a call from it and I'm sitting there with my-

Mike: That's awesome.

David: I go man, I go: this has got a 100% response rate. I know my sample size is very small.

Matt: Yeah, [inaudible].

David: But the one postcard that I sent on accident got a call.

Matt: That's hilarious.

David: I'm like: I'm doing all my mail through Deal Machine.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. We actually just launched a calendar feature too so you'll be able to see through that. Actually, let me try to share my screen one more time but you know, the calendar feature, your gonna actually go through and show off where each of your mailers are like where it is in that process so through this specific account that I'm on, I don't think you'll be able to see much because I don't have any mail going through this but through your dashboard here. This top right button is actually a calendar.

David: Oh yeah.

Matt: Where you would see that one guy you're sending mail to, you know, when the mail is scheduled to go to him, so you'll be able to actually see and from my particular calendar, like [inaudible], you're not going to see anything come up.

David: Sure.

Matt: But that calendar is going to say: here's how many mailers are gonna go, here's how many mailers you have scheduled to come out, here's how much you're spending on those mailers, you can tweak your campaigns right through here, so that actually another new thing we added a couple weeks ago.

David: I like it.

Matt: Focused on optimizing your mail campaigns like that.

David: Matt, thank you so much for coming on today and again, we value your time. We're super grateful for you and your time. Guys, Deal Machine is the all-in-one real estate investor and wholesaling software. Mike and I have been using this for over two years now. We literally used Deal Machine to get our biggest deal to date which is $102,000 deal that we got driving for dollars using Deal Machine.

Matt: Awesome.

David: And again, you know if I was to say like, you know- if I was to say what's the most cost-effective way to get in that's the simplest? It would be Deal Machine because it has the ability to do so much. Driving for dollars is you know really just like one piece of it at this point, you know the ability to find those vacants, find those absentees, find those tax delinquents, you know, set driving routes, send mail, skip trace, you know now they have the CRM built-in. It is truly the all-in-one. So again, we highly recommend using it, check out the free trial. Matt, thanks again for coming on today. We're going to have to have you on again soon cuz I know you guys are always gotten- you know, having new things being released, but it was cool to see that demo. I know I'm super excited to be able to update the app later in the week and see that added in there. And again guys, check out the free trial, use code Dave D-A-V-E or Mike M-I-K-E and not only will you get that free trial, but you're going to get $15 worth of a deal credits and that 15 bucks goes a long way because they recently reduced the cost of the skip tracing so you could send a ton of mail or you could essentially go skip trace like a hundred people included for free in that trial. I love it.

Matt: Yeah, thanks again for having me on guys.

David: Awesome. Thanks guys.

Mike: Thank you Matt.

David: Signing off. And again guys, check it out. This is the all-in-one real estate investor and wholesaling software Deal Machine. Thanks guys. Signing off.

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