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Episode 241: REIBB- Free Trial Promo Podcast

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Show Notes

Today Mike and David talk about the brand-new free trial that REI Blackbook is offering. They have been using this since 2013 and REI Blackbook has a special offer to all the listeners of the Discount Property Investor podcast. Check out the podcast to avail the 14-day trial.

Things that will cover in this episode:

  • REI Blackbook features
  • Webtools
    • Domains
    • Websites
    • Landing Pages
    • WebForms
  • Marketing
    • Workflow
    • Call flows
  • Contacts
  • Tasks

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Episode Transcripts

Welcome back to the Discount Property Investor podcast. Our mission is to share what we have learned from our experience and the experience of others to help you make more money investing like a pro. We want to teach you how to create wealth by investing in real estate, the discount property investor way. To jumpstart your real estate investing career, visit, the most complete free course on wholesaling real estate ever. Thanks for tuning in. 

David: All right, guys, welcome back. Mike Slane, David Dodge, we are your hosts and today we're talking about the brand new free trial that REI blackbook is offering.

Mike: Boom.

David: They've never ever ever done this guy's, not one time in history have they offered a free trial so this is actually massive. We have been using REI blackbook personally for seven years I believe.

Mike: At least 7.

David: At least. I think our first bill was in 2013 and we're still using it today. I mean that's how great of a software it is.

Mike: Pull it up man. I think you're right cuz this was my personal account and then when we came together as a company, we kind of merged everything and cleaned up all the old stuff and yeah, I think you can actually see when we started using it and it was-

David: I don't think it's going to let me since it's logged into my account here. I have to log into yours to do it.

Mike: No dude, you put me on the spot. I have no idea what my login is, saved in my computer.

David: Yeah, that's alright. Saved in the computer, yeah mine is too.

Mike: Come on man.

David: I'm almost positive since 2013 though, so either way I mean we're going on 7 years guys of using REI blackbook and again they have a 7-Day free trial so this is crazy. This is really really cool, I'm excited.

Mike: Alright, so what is REI blackbook? REI blackbook is well, I mean the simplest way to look at it is it's a CRM or like the ugliest way to describe it would be a CRM. REI blackbook does a lot more than that and it's grown I would say, I mean, so much. I don't even know how to put a label on it or describe how much it's grown in the 7 year- even in the seven years that we've been using it. So I know when it first launched, I mean it was a CRM and that was really I think Damon, the owner's, idea was a CRM for real estate investors. Now, it's everything.

David: Yeah, it does a lot.

Mike: So I mean Dave, we talked about it briefly and we'll kind of dive into a few of these as we keep talking but first and foremost, it does landing pages for you. It does web pages, full web pages for you or it can host them, it has the designs. It does follow up, email follow-up. It does- it's your phone system or it can be your phone system. It does, what is it called? the profit dial. It's got- I mean Dave, it just goes on and on and on.

David: Yeah, they basically have every tool that you would need. You know, when we first started using it Mike, I know that we were really using the web tools a ton, you know, we obviously have our disposition entire process through REI blackbook. So we use them for the most part, mostly I should say, for dispositions, but we use them for a lot of other stuff too, but they really truly are the one stop shop in terms of you know, having one software that can do all things, right? So when we first started, we built out a domain which was the main website that we use for disposition, which is Currently, we have a couple properties on there for sale and one under contract, just got one sold over the weekend and that's going to make us about 5 grand and this website really really really helps in terms of the marketing, right? They also have the ability to buy websites through the- through REI blackbook so it just makes the process to streamline the website that you actually build and branded with your URL extremely easy. I know we have done landing pages in the past for AdWords, right? or for Google, Bing, Facebook marketing, right? Those are really really helpful because you know, you don't necessarily need a full-blown website for running ads, you just need a landing page with a couple pieces of information in a web form, right? The web forms feature is also really really cool because you know, our personal websites actually hosted like for household easy, it's hosted on WordPress, but we were able to embed the REI blackbook webforms so that way whenever those contacts send messages over, it comes into the CRM.

Mike: And that's what something- so Dave, I'm gonna go off on a little tangent here. It's like the internet, you just figure it would be so easy to set up, like it's 2021 right?

David: Right.

Mike: You figure it would be so easy to set up a website and like get someone to enter contact info and get it to come to you and be able to email them. It's not.

David: No, no.

Mike: Like you still need like five services. You got to go to GoDaddy, buy a domain. You got to then figure out how to WordPress, build a website, then you've got to figure out one, how to get people to login or to send you their contact info in a WordPress site, not very easy. Then you have to figure out how you're going to email them, so you're gonna use MailChimp or one of the other services. So, REI blackbook with the web form and the website or the landing page, it's already integrated. Something very very quickly, very very easily, like this is the easy button to launch a landing page or a website.

David: Yeah, it's really just to start real estate investing business in general because you know, when we first started Mike, we didn't have a phone system. We had to go explore different systems and actually we're kind of in a couple systems actually right now, but you could do it all in profit dial which is basically their phone system. It connects with a CRM and they also have a mobile app, which makes it really really cool. Now you can build out call flows and workflows in the marketing area for the automation. They also have a campaign tracker.

Mike: So what's a call flow or workflow though? Let's talk about that real quick.

David: Yeah.

Mike: So it's basically like, when this happens then this happens.

David: Right.

Mike: It'd be an easy way to describe it. So say somebody calls you and you missed the call, well then what happens next? What happens to that lead? So it can assign you a task or you can have it send them a text message or you can have it you know, do any number of things. It can assign, you know, a tag I think is what it's still called, in REI blackbook and you can kind of assign what this person is to that lead because they called this phone number versus this phone number.

David: Right.

Mike: And then you do this vs this. If it's the second time they called in, it'll do something different than the first time.

David: That's right.

Mike: So there's all these things you can build out which are very very powerful.

David: You can also put people on an automated drip too, right? And that's part of the workflows or the call flows, but you know, let's say that you, you know, can't reach somebody for whatever reason. Well you can build out a little drip that you know, will send them a text or an RVM like every couple days, maybe even an email, just any different way that you can you know, basically continue to follow up with that person, right? So that's really really cool that they have all of that stuff built in, right? So you have your web tools, you have your marketing. Now also, you don't need to go get a email service provider to send blasts out, they have it built right in.

Mike: Yeah, that's huge.

David: As well as texting now. You can now blast texts out of here as well. So, we use this to build our buyers list and we also use it to market to our buyers list guys so there's definitely a ton of advantages with the marketing. Also you know, you can build out an authority website like we have over at that we use to market all of our properties, but you're also able to build out other websites. So if you want to do something more niched like you know, lease options or seller financing or sub2 you can build out those type of sites. You can use it to manage rental properties and market those rental properties, you know, so on so forth. So one of the cool things is it does have the contact database as well, so you have a full-blown CRM in here, but not only that, you have the ability to market, build those websites, landing pages, email out blast, text blast out, so on so forth.

Mike: So, you're probably wondering hey-

David: So many different things guys. It's pretty awesome.

Mike: -Dave and Mike, you mentioned that you're using all these different systems and all this, why is that if REI blackbook's so good? Well, here's the easy answer: they have grown 10x and the number of things and the capabilities that they offer now. So when we started, they didn't have teams really built in and this is something that became extremely important to us cuz we were working together and we have, you know, three or four of us in the office and we have to assign tasks to different people. Well now they have that. So again, had we not gone down another route, shit we'd probably still be in there for everything but again, it's just it is a function of where we've gone and you know how we've grown, but now again somebody starting out, you've got the ability to talk to you know, start pretty small and scale up your business and grow with REI blackbook. The- yeah again, I just think that's very important to mention as well. So like the task thing is one of the- one of the features I would say is almost, I mean, it's critical in a CRM.

David: Yup, I got a couple past due in here man. Shit, I've got to get to work.

Mike: Well again, we just- we don't- we don't work in here every day, unfortunately. But that's one of the cool things about tasks too, so what if it's past due? Dave, I know this is kind of a philosophy I've stolen from you and that is it doesn't really matter when it gets done. The fact that you have a reminder out there telling you hey, I need to get this done is the most important.

David: That's the main thing.

Mike: And that it will get done, you know.

David: Right.

Mike: So I mean again, you may miss a couple follow-ups, you may miss a deal or two if you don't do it as quickly as you should, but the fact that you're still going to get to it, you will get to it, that's the power that having those tasks have or having those tasks in your CRM has. Very very powerful stuff.

David: Hey, I think that their trial is a 14-day trial too which is I think phenomenal, right? Because sometimes it's just not long enough when you just have a 7-Day and you're not really- you don't have enough time to really dive in and explore everything that the system has to offer, you're kind of rushed so that was really one of the things that I was talking about with Kevin and Josh and the guys over there, is you know, hey, let's let the listeners and the viewers actually get, you know, two full weeks to test it out because sometimes people just get busy and they just don't have enough time right away. So guys, definitely look into REI blackbook. If you go to which stands for Discount Property Investor, all right? REI It's going to take you to a landing page that's not only going to give you a free trial guys, but this free trial is 14 days and it's also going to waive the 997 license fee, so it's kind of like a double whammy. Not only are you going to get to save $1,000 when you sign up but you're actually going to get to test out this software for two full weeks, right? Mike and I have been using it for about seven years, we are not looking back. I don't want to have to go build out a new disposition website. This makes it so easy. Also, we use this to build our buyers list guys. So when people are you know, they say hey, let's get you on the buyers list, I'm curious to get your deals, Mike and I just send them a link and they get to opt-in and select what type of deal or what type of area they're in, we don't have to mess with it. You can also use it to build yourself a list of text as well to SMS blast those out, but basically I mean this is the all-in-one solution Mike. If we- I would say if we started using this now vs. back in 2013, we probably wouldn't have the use for all the other systems. Now, we have a couple other things that we have, you know, kind of built or added along the way but Mike and I are really kind of in the mindset right now but less is more so I wouldn't be surprised if over the next three to six months we move into using a lot more of the features that REI blackbook actually has to offer because again, Mike said it best, you know, when we first started using it 7 years ago, they didn't have the teams, they didn't really have tasks in there as well, they definitely didn't have the SMS blast. When we started using it, they were just really good at the web tools, the domains, the websites, the landing pages and as well as the email blasting. The phone systems new, right? They also have a driving for dollars type of an app. I don't honestly know a lot about it but again, if you're looking to use less software's, this may be what you're looking for, literally right? So guys, let us know if you have any questions about REI blackbook, I would highly recommend you go use the 14-day free trial guys and if it's not for you, then it's not for you, but we've had a lot of success using this software over the years and we really really like it. I mean, there's really nothing else to say like, I don't really have anything negative to say about any of this other software’s, everything that we use it for works awesome, and we've had very good success with it. So again, I just would really encourage you guys to go Check it out for 14 days and it also comes with two of their most popular training courses, so not only are you going to get free access but you're actually going to get free training, right? And then on top of that, you're going to be able to save 997 when you sign up through our- through our link, which is Love it, anything else you want to add on this topic Mike?

Mike: No man, I think you said it. I mean that's- that is 100% accurate though. I mean, I- if I was starting over, this is probably the software I would use and would probably stay in. I would avoid doing what we've done and going out and finding another software because you don't have to anymore. REI blackbook has everything in it already.

David: Yeah, oh you know what? One thing I didn't even mention is they do have a property analyst area which will allow you to pull comps right in the software too. They also have a place to make offers, you can store all your photos in here. So I mean essentially, if you think about it like, to get into wholesaling real estate, right? You typically need five or six systems. You need a place to run your comps, right? You need a place to store your photos and your notes and to create tasks for those leads that come in. You need to be able to make offers to these individuals and then once you get them under contract, you need to be able to market those properties and send them out to your buyers list, however that may be, email or text message, all of this you can actually do right inside of REI blackbook guys. Highly encourage you to check it out, brand new 14-day free trial access. Again, it comes with two popular trainings as well as the 997 sign-up fee is waived so I don't really know what else we could do to help encourage you. Go check out this amazing software guys. We love it, we've been using it for 7 years and we're not going to stop anytime soon. All right guys, check it out, click the link below this video or go to for a 14-day free trial, free training and of course get that license fee waived. Until next time guys, thanks again. Signing off.

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