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Episode 257: Sara & Anthony's Success Story!

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Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of Discount Property Investor podcast. Today on the show, David Dodge invites Sara and Anthony. Sara and Anthony’s success story is a phenomenal win. Success in real estate is possible for anybody out there. If your new and interested in real estate, you gotta be hungry. Real estate business isn’t necessarily hard but it’s also not easy. Just be consistent.

Things that will cover in this episode:

  • Who are Anthony and Sarah?
  • What kind of investing they do?
  • What kind of deals they’ve been doing?
  • What kind of marketing efforts they’ve been using?
  • Why did they choose real estate? What they were doing before?
  • How did they get to where they are now?

Things that will cover in this episode:

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David Dodge's Instagram:

Episode Transcripts

Welcome back to the Discount Property Investor podcast. Our mission is to share what we have learned from our experience and the experience of others to help you make more money investing like a pro. We want to teach you how to create wealth by investing in real estate, the discount property investor way. To jumpstart your real estate investing career, visit, the most complete free course on wholesaling real estate ever. Thanks for tuning in.

David: Alright guys, welcome back to the discount property investor podcast. This is your host David Dodge and today on the show we're going to be talking with Anthony and Sarah out of Spring Texas. Welcome Anthony and Sarah, how are you today?

Anthony: Doing well, thanks so much for having us, really appreciate it.

David: Hey I'm happy you guys are here. It's going to be good to get to know each other. So this is the first that we have spoke and Anthony and Sarah reached out to me a while back ago basically beginning of the year and we were just chatting and you know they've been following some of the content and they had set a goal at making a 100k in the first three months of this year, and you know as of today we're basically kind of wrapping up the first 3 months, so it's great that you guys are here and that we're talking, and you hit the goal, did you not?

Anthony: Yeah.

Sarah: Yeah, we did. We did a couple wholesales, we did a couple flips and then we hit our number.

David: Wow, that is phenomenal. Congratulations guys.

Anthony: Thank you. [inaudible]

David: 100k in 3 months. Well, let's use this opportunity for you guys to tell myself and the audience a little bit about who you guys are and what kind of investing you do. Fill us in.

Anthony: Yeah, so we started investing probably about a year ago now, right? We started at the beginning of the pandemic, we were working from home. We had toyed around with learning about real estate, we figured that now was the best time to get started since we both were at home and we have the other time and availability to kind of dive into it and, you know, the biggest thing for us, we wanted to just make sure that we understood how to run the numbers, how to find deals, etcetera and so once we figured that out, we were kind of all in, right? And so we've been fortunate to do 14 deals now within the first year.

Sarah: 13.

Anthony: Oh, 13 yup.

David: Hey 13 deals? Guys, that is phenomenal. Congrats.

Anthony: Yeah, we have a contract we haven't closed on yet so I can't count it till it closes.

David: So you've got 13 deals under your belt and you have open contracts, I love it.

Anthony: Yeah.

David: Hell yeah.

Anthony: So we get married actually in a couple weeks now and so we kind of slowed down a little bit, but the goal after the wedding is to kind of scale up the wholesale business but also get into multifamily, so yeah hat's kind of where we- where we stand today.

David: I love it. Well congratulations on getting married, guys. That's going to be awesome. I'm sure it's going to be so fun.

Anthony: Yes sir.

David: You guys have been at this for a year, that's great. 13 deals under your belt with some open contracts, you guys are crushing it and you had set a goal to make a 100k in three months and you did it. That's the coolest part, congrats.

Anthony: Thank you.

David: So is that from- you had mentioned a couple different things, is that all from wholesaling? and you did a flip or two, work some flips in there as well like- and define flip for the audience. Are you guys you know, doing paint and carpet or was this a full-blown deal? You know, what kind of deals are you guys doing and have you been doing for the last year?

Sarah: So they- there was a couple wholesales and then in addition to the couple wholesales, we did like a pretty big flip so cosmetic rehab, we went in, we bought a house that was distressed and we fixed it up inside, all the cosmetics and stuff but then we also did a couple of the big-ticket items: the roof, we serviced the AC and everything, but we flipped out when we made a big lump sum of cash, that one was a good one.

David: Guys, that's great. Congrats, I love it.

Anthony: Yup.

David: Very cool. Okay, well let's back up a little bit here. In order for you guys to have done 13 deals and make over $100,000 in the first three months of this year, which is awesome, what kind of marketing efforts and things are you guys doing? You know, the audience I'm sure is dying to hear just as I am, you know, how you guys were able to get these deals and I'm assuming they were all off market deals.

Anthony: No, not- no.

David: Okay. Fill us in. How'd you find the deals guy?

Anthony: Yeah when we got started, we actually didn't feel too comfortable working with wholesalers just because you know, you don't really have an option period and the earnest money goes hard once you send it. It's just like, it was very scary for us and so we actually found like our first three or four deals off the MLS and so, Sarah actually got her real estate license to kinda cut out the middleman if you will so we had access to the MLS, we could submit our own offers which made the process, you know, obviously way easier but then after a while, obviously as we grew more confident in running our numbers and making sure that we- we knew what the ARV was and the asking price and the rehab, we ended up working with wholesalers and we also found our own off-market deals as well.

David: Okay, cool.

Sarah: And we did like the door knocking, that really helps putting like a face to the name sort of and then we do cold calling and we've seen that- sorry, we have dogs so if you can hear them.

David: you're fine, you're good, don't worry about it. Love dogs.

Sarah: Yeah, so do we. But yeah, door knocking really helps because they can't really just hang up the phone on you.

David: Yeah, I like that mindset.

Anthony: Yeah.

Sarah: Yeah.

David: I like that mindset. So are you doing a lot of door-knocking?

Anthony: Yeah we did. She's going to go play with the dogs, make them shut up.

David: Oh, you're fine.

Anthony: But yeah, we do a lot of door knocking. It's not as efficient obviously as cold calling but like Sarah mentioned is just like for some reason, it just is a little bit easier for us to communicate with the seller, tell them what we're doing, what we're about, what we've done and how we can essentially add value to their situation, right? And so we do that pretty much every weekend, the last couple weekends have kind of been slow just cuz we're, you know.

David: Hey, we get that. Absolutely, you guys are going to be really busy with the wedding and whatnot. So, how are you choosing to find the neighborhoods or the areas that you're door knocking? Are you guys reverse wholesaling or are you door knocking in places that you are looking to flip in? And do you have rentals on the horizon?

Sarah: Yeah, little bit of both so I really like being near the medical center.

David: Okay.

Sarah: The [inaudible] aren't moving so those make really great rentals. There's a lot of nurses, doctors and stuff who live around there and so we have a couple rentals over there and that- they rent out incredibly quickly. Before we even are done with the renovations, we have like a hundred people messaging us off of Zillow to put in an application. So those areas we really like, we are always over in those neighborhoods. The flip we just did, we've door knocked in that neighborhood as well just because it just- it sold in a day so we're trying to get some more over there. And then what was the second part of the question? Oh you have any rentals on the horizon? We don't have any [inaudible] for us but we're moving into multifamily after the wedding, so we've been focusing on flips and wholesales recently, and just to get like a 20-30 bucks apartment after the wedding.

David: You guys have a great plan. I love it. It all starts with having a plan.

Anthony: Exactly.

David: That's what's up, you got to have that plan guys. Having a plan is everything, a goal without a plan is a dream, that's one of my favorite quotes of all time. Absolutely love that. So you're door knocking in areas that you guys are liking, I love that. Cold calling, tell us about the cold calling a little bit. Are you guys using a dialer? And are you getting lists from driving for dollars or are you just pulling lists or both?

Anthony: Yeah, so when I first kinda wanted to dive in or decided to dive in, sorry tongue twister, into wholesaling, we got our lists from driving for dollars, whether it be-

David: Those are the best lists.

Anthony: Yeah, yeah. Physically in the car or virtually right up on Google maps, and we found some success just doing that and kinda, you know, essentially create our own lists, right? And you know, skip tracing the owner, calling them, telling them what we do, how we can help them, etcetera. That's been our kind of go to list that we've been cold calling.

David: Are you guys cold calling with the dialer?

Anthony: No, nope, just me yeah.

David: Nice.

Anthony: After the wedding like I mentioned, we'll scale up. We'll utilize CallRail or some of those other services that people use, but as of now it's just been Sarah and I just calling, knocking out, you know 30, 40 calls a day.

David: Sure.

Anthony: Just to kinda reach our numbers.

David: That's what's up. Guys, I love it. It's Spring Texas, North of Houston?

Sarah: Yeah.

David: Okay, so you guys are basically in Houston kinda, right? I mean that part of it, no?

Sarah: Yeah.

Anthony: Pretty much, yeah.

Sarah: Yeah so a lot of our rentals are over in the Houston area.

Anthony: Yeah.

David: Perfect, okay. So you're just outside of like the inner belt. I get it, okay. I'm looking at the map here. That's a big city, that's a lot of- a lot of properties, a lot of owners.

Anthony: Exactly.

David: Probably a lot of motivation, right?

Anthony: Yes, most definitely.

David: That's where we're at. Sarah, I got to ask and I'm really impressed with you going and getting your license to, you know, save on the commissions but also to make those offers, are you doing anything with that in terms of helping buyers find properties or listing properties?

Sarah: Yeah, so we've listed- I've helped a couple people list their properties and I-

David: Great, that's awesome.

Sarah: Most of it really is just like for our investment purposes, so I've had a couple clients who have been working with to help them find their personal homes and I'll definitely work with people if they're- if they're sent to me but I'm not like doing a bunch of marketing to try to get clients as a realtor cuz we're-

David: Yeah, and that's great though. I just love it when you have those tools in your belt, is kind of the metaphor that I use. It's foolish to not, you know, use them because really those efforts, even if your listing a house for somebody else, like you're building your network is really what you're doing and you're getting paid in the meantime. Cuz later that individual will come back and they'll say hey somebody else need some help or you know, they got a house that they want to sell and then hopefully you can buy it versus deal with the listings and the brokerages and all that type of stuff, but it's just- it's really great that you guys are doing that. I love that. Alright, cool. Well you guys are rocking and rolling, hundred thousand bucks in the first three months of this year, what's on the horizon? Obviously the wedding and I'm sure you guys have been very, very busy with that. But once you get the wedding behind you, you're going to- you're going to- what's the plan? Is it more wholesales? Is it looking for flips as well?

Sarah: So we have three like paths we're going to take. So I'm really going to focus on auctions when we get back. So auctions so we can kind of stop looking at the MLS entirely and do all off market auction deals to do our flips. He's going to really focus on supercharging our wholesaling stuff and kind of using the dialers and some other tools to do that a little bit more quickly and then we're already in the process of working to get a 20 or 30 bucks apartment so we've already got set up with the bank who's going to loan us all the money to do that and we're starting to get in touch with all the brokers to kinda get our name out there. So those are the kind of the big three steps that we're going to do, and we'll work on the apartment part together.

David: I love it. Guys, those are- those are good goals right there. So with the auction deals, are you referring to like the foreclosure auctions?

Sarah: Yeah.

David: And you're gonna- okay, cool. So do you guys have access to quick cash or quick capital?

Sarah: We do.

David: Awesome. So the auctions, they make for a really good lead source. We buy- you know what? We haven't bought for the auctions in a while just because of covid, right? But like over the last six years, like excluding the last year, you know we would typically buy 1 to 2 a month from the auction so I love where your head's at.

Anthony: Yup.

David: Know going in and not all of these are the same so you know, don't quote me on this but often times people that buy from the auctions, they tend to make a business out of it and they're there every day and they can basically kind of form these like clubs and when new people come, they're not so happy that there's more competition so the gold though, why I'm mentioning this is don't let those people bother you. Do your best to make friends with them. They're not your competition, they're your strategic partner.

Anthony: Sure.

David: Because when you're the outsider, you are the competition and they're going to bid you up.

Anthony: Right.

David: But you can make friends with all those people and let them know that you want this one, maybe they'll give it to you in exchange for you giving them the next one. If you're constantly bidding against them, you're going to- you're going to- you know what I'm saying? So make friends and it could take some time but stick it out. I love that. Number two path was you know, increasing the wholesaling. Highly recommend a dialer and SMS. Here's why I like those combined: so I use Batchleads and I use BatchDialer.

Anthony: Okay.

David: And the cool thing is the dialer, you know, can do up to 10 lines. I don't ever do that many. We usually do three or four at a time. I don't really believe in ringless voicemail, I think it's kind of scummy but I've done it in the past, right? I'm not going to be a hypocrite, right? I've done it, I just haven't done it in a long time, but what I like about the cold calling dialer is its ringing voicemails.

Anthony: Sure.

David: So you're still accomplishing that same thing essentially, but they also have a missed call this time, right? So you know, two or three hours in the dialer, the goal will be to contact as many people as possible, set some appointments, make some offers obviously, right? But you're also dropping like 300 voicemail that over the next week or two, they're going to come back. That's if you do it once. If you do it two or three or four times a week, it snowballs, right? Batchleads, I also highly recommend for the wholesaling and really those are the number one and number two tools that I use in my business, right? to go get a free trial or to get a free trial of that if anyone's listening. But the reason I like those two together is this: Batchleads is owned by Batch skip-tracing, Jesse Evo, Annie, they're all my friends. I know them really well and they allow you to do the skip tracing in Batchleads but there's more to that. It prevents you from skip tracing the same lead twice guys. It's called match savings and I will basically pull vacant lists in my market and I'll pull them every two or three months, and there'll be three or four thousand leads on there and instead of trying to filter out the ones, I just import the whole list and skip trace the whole list and it only charges me for the new data. So this last list, I spent $130 in skip tracing and going into it, it said it was going to be five hundred bucks.

Anthony: Wow.

David: So that like $370 was saved from that, right?

Anthony: Yup, sure.

David: And that's the majority, that's the bulk of your cost is your skip trace cost. So once you have your skip trace cost done, calling them or texting them doesn't really cost that much extra. Unlimited dialing on the dialers, the texting is like one or two cents. It's so cheap, right? So once we collect that data, we'll have our team cold call them then we'll have our team text. Now you can obviously only text the mobiles but we'll do both and again it's just a way to make your dollar stretch a little farther. You've already paid, you know, basically 90% of your cost on the skip trace so to add another way to communicate, definitely like that. So that would be my two cents to scaling on wholesaling.

Anthony: Yeah, no I appreciate that.

David: Absolutely. Scale the wholesaling.

Anthony: Yeah, no definitely- yeah, and I'll have Sarah dm you with that link just so you-

David: Yeah, I'll be happy to share. Absolutely.

Anthony: Yeah, that'd be awesome.

David: So that I think would really help. Also if you need a virtual assistant, we partnered up with a company that does virtual assistants. Most of the time when you're dealing with an agency, you're going 8 or 9 bucks an hour. The agency we work with is one that I use, I don't upcharge it. We pay five bucks an hour. If you guys are ever interested in a cold caller, we can connect you with that team as well, but I would say, you know, using those two systems is going to help you reach more people at a cheaper cost and then leveraging somebody else's time is going to allow you to step back and work the hot leads and run the appointments and do the things that are actually going to make the dollars, right?

Anthony: How's the virtual assistant work for you?

David: The virtual assistants are great. They're in the Philippines, they're $5 an hour, that includes a manager. Now, this is the ones that we have of course. There's lots of companies out there and lots of people. They all have a little accident but that's normal and it doesn't matter to me, it doesn't bother me. I want high energy and that's what my team brings. And if you have high energy, people will look past the accident and if they don't look past the accident, if their motivation wasn't high enough then we don't wanna be on the phone with them anyway. Literally, think about it that way, right? More-is-more with marketing, so you know, it doesn't have to necessarily be, you know, somebody that sounds like they've lived in Houston their whole life, right? Hey, I work for a company that's buying houses, want to sell one? If they're motivated, they're gonna be like yes call me right away, right? So don't ever think that at all, but those are the two systems that I would recommend and bringing in somebody to help. The first thing we outsourced was our follow-up or I shouldn't say we, I, six seven years ago because I couldn't keep up with the inbounds, the appointments, the marketing of deals, the buyers list building and working and networking and the follow up, right? And then I slowly started outsourcing more and more. Now, we have 3 cold callers, a cold texter and a guy that does nothing but follow up all day long, right? So you can scale your team as needed of course, right? Your third path though, finding that larger multifamily deal. I love that you mentioned you're starting to network with these other brokers and agents. Also don't discount the fact that you can contact these owners yourself, right? And you can pull these lists and owner's names out of Batchleads, you can do it out of Propstream, you can even use like Deal Machine or Batch Driven. Batch Driven is another product that they have that's a driving for dollars app that I absolutely love, right? And you can call these folks up and ideally find one that needs a little bit of work, that's under rented, right?

Anthony: Yeah, that's the goal.

David: That would be the goal. So you can then, you know, rehab them as you need and increase that value and when you increase the value, you know, $100 a door on 30 doors, that's a lot of money guys.

Anthony: Yeah, agreed.

David: Yeah. Absolutely. I love those three paths. You guys are crushing it.

Sarah: So do we.

David: I love it. You guys are crushing it, keep it up. This is- that's awesome. Well let's take a step back here guys and let's talk about like, you know, why real estate? What were you guys doing before? And how did you guys get to where you're at now? I think that's very important for the listeners because you know, here's the deal: I don't want to not sound like this is a huge win cuz this is a phenomenal win, right? But what I do want you to also help me convey is that this is very possible for anybody out there, right? I'm sure you guys have hustled your butts off to do what you've done by all means. I'm not saying it was easy but I am saying that what we're doing isn't really that hard, it's simple. Simple and easy are two different things, are they not? Very different. So, yeah tell us your guys' background.

Sarah: Yeah so I had a background in mechanical engineering, I grew up in Houston. He went to school in Iowa, played football there and then we met in Austin and when we met, we had this idea that we just wanted to get involved with real estate in general. He was doing a lot of research and I wasn't fully on board yet cuz I didn't see the upside. I didn't really get- I didn't get it. I don't get- I was like if you're putting all this money into it and it's really not- you're spending $100 a month, I just didn't get it. So then we found the BRRRR strategy and we realized like wow, you're only putting up like 5, 10, maybe no money and you're getting like 300 to 400 dollars a month on these single-family properties.

David: We just did one today. Gotta interrupt for a second, that we refine this is making $650 dollars a single family.

Sarah: I'll take it.

David: That's the cash flow.

Anthony: Wow.

David: So again, guys that's not like enough to like book a trip, I get it right? But you own a hundred of those, that's a ton.

Anthony: Yeah.

David: Right. Or even like 30 or 20 or 10.

Sarah: Yeah.

David: 10 of those is 6 grand a month, you know.

Anthony: Yeah.

David: So okay, I didn't mean to interrupt you. Please, please, please.

Sarah: So yeah, so we were- once I- once the numbers clicked, the whole thing made sense to me and then with real estate, I mean you get the appreciation, you get the cashflow, you get all the tax benefits. We just did our tax returns and we just got a buttload of money back.

David: Buttload. I don't even barely pay taxes and that's legally.

Sarah: I love tax season, it makes me so happy.

David: Yeah, and that's legally, right? This year I'm going to pay a lot cuz I sold 35 houses but typically I don't pay if you know- my rate's around 8 or 10% once all the depreciation offsets the income.

Sarah: Yeah.

Anthony: Yeah.

David: It's amazing. That's one of my favorite things with it and that's just icing on the cake. Love it. So you mentioned cash flow, you mentioned depreciation, you mentioned appreciation.

Sarah: Yeah, and then principle paydown, I mean there's just- there's so many benefits that you get with real estate. I mean, you don't have to pay tax when you sell the property if you do a 1031. I mean you don't get these with other investment vehicles and you don't get the cash flow with other investment vehicles unless you're getting like dividends and stuff but I mean those aren't enough and so once I figured all of this stuff out, I was a hundred percent on board and we kind of just jumped in when covid hit because we were working from home.

David: What better time to jump in?

Sarah: Yeah.

David: I love it.

Sarah: So when we had the weekends, we had the evenings, we weren't doing anything else because we couldn't go out so this is a perfect timing and we just really tried to supercharge an hour just trying to figure out now, like you said how to scale it and that's how we came to those three different strategies that we're really going to pursue after the wedding in order to build our business more quickly and yeah.

David: Well you guys are doing great by the way, phenomenal start. I love it. Anthony, what's your background man?

Anthony: So grew up in New Orleans, was displaced by Hurricane Katrina so that kind of brought me and my family to Dallas and like Sarah mentioned, my way through college was through athletics so I played football at the University of Iowa, got involved with entrepreneurship and so I started a couple companies in college, met a couple mentors in Iowa that were involved in real estate. They wanted me to buy a condo and a- or a house in Iowa back in like 2014, 2015 but I was like no I'm not ready yet, you know. And then after college, decided to move to Austin, Texas and get involved with tech sales at Oracle and met her there and now we're both in the oil and gas industry here in Houston and obviously investing in real estate so it's a great journey and we're looking for the growing in our real estate journey.

David: I love it, I love it. Guys, let's talk about those wholesale deals you did. That's kind of the passion of mine is, you know, finding good deals, right? Now, you chose to wholesale but those probably were really good deals that, you know, could have been other things, they could have been flips, they could have been rentals, obviously. So yeah, tell us about those deals. You didn't find those deals on the MLS, right?

Anthony: We actually found two on the MLS.

David: No, you did not.

Anthony: Yes sire.

David: Wow, cool. That's why I'm asking.

Anthony: Yeah, yeah.

Sarah: So, one of them was one that we were trying to ourselves and then we ended up- I thought the ARV was something, we get value checks on anything from our my lender and he thought that it was like $10,000 less which blew our number and we- at this point, we had backed out of so many details because it didn't work for like us as a flip or a BRRRR, and he finally was just I'm done backing out of deals and he's like we're going to wholesale these because this will work for somebody else. Somebody else will take [inaudible] or whatever it is.

David: Anthony, great thinking man. That's what's up, yeah.

Sarah: So that's when we started really doing the wholesaling where we were like: if it doesn't work for us, it will work for somebody else, there's another investor out there who will do it, these Californians who keep coming in so yeah.

Anthony: Yeah so I mean, one of- our first wholesale deal, I mean we made like six thousand bucks or whatever. It was like a little margin but I mean, she made the- she made money on the commission. I made money on the wholesale. It was like a win-win for everybody.

David: That's a huge win.

Anthony: Yeah.

David: The money is really just secondary guys. Now- you start doing these, it opens up your mind to like the fact that you just flipped a house. Now did you have to buy it first or did you wholesale it truly with just contract paperwork?

Anthony: There's paperwork.

Sarah: Yeah.

David: Was it a double close or an assignment? How'd you close it?

Anthony: Assignment. Yeah, we did an assignment.

David: Awesome.

Anthony: Yeah, we actually partnered, we actually did a JV, right? So I ended up making like 3,000 off the JV, but she made like 4 or 5 off of the commission, yeah.

David: Boom, that's awesome. Guys, I love it. That's awesome.

Anthony: Yes sir.

David: So have you found any off-market yet?

Sarah: Yeah.

Anthony: Yeah.

David: Okay, cool.

Anthony: Yeah so we found three off market. One was just kind of a layup, right? Like her family had recommended that we talk to this seller that were- they were older. They were looking to basically get out, right? And I told him that hey, I work with a group of investors that can come in and kind of take this off of your hands and so we were able to make 10,000 off of that one.

David: Guys, that's great. You got to celebrate these wins. That's amazing.

Sarah: We did.

Anthony: We definitely did celebrate, yeah.

David: Okay, so I want to focus on the off market and I love the fact that you guys are going to start to auction, that's great and I love the fact that you're finding deals on the MLS, it's difficult.

Sarah: Yeah.

Anthony: Yeah.

David: So if you can find deals on the MLS and make them work, you are going to be crushing it when you go heavy and hard in the paint on the off market side of the game, right?

Anthony: Yup.

David: I'm confident. So the off market ones though, I want to- I want to just kind of talk about those just for a second here. What marketing efforts did you use to find those? Were they driving for dollars or you know, what were you guys doing? Was it cold calling and door-knocking as well?

Anthony: Yup, cold calling, door knocking and essentially driving for dollars, yeah.

David: Man, you guys- I never hear door-knocking. I love that.

Sarah: I love door knocking.

Anthony: Yeah, me too.

David: I love that you guys love it and are having success with it because here's the deal: that's like the most- that's probably like the most effective way to market.

Anthony: Yeah.

David: And you don't have to go spend a bunch of cash doing it too. You got to put some time aside of course, right?

Anthony: Right.

David: But like it's not hard to convince somebody that you guys will have a ton of value in providing them convenience.

Anthony: Sure.

David: In exchange, you just get the discount. That's it, it's that simple. So let me ask you this: when you are doing the door knocking and you're finding these deals, they're obviously not vacant because if you knocked, they wouldn't answer or are you then cold calling those people as well?

Anthony: Correct.

David: Both? Okay, cool.

Anthony: Yeah, so like if they don't answer, I'll just write their address down and skip trace it and try to call them directly.

David: Awesome, awesome.

Anthony: But most of the time somebody's home.

David: Right, right.

Sarah: If they're not home-

David: So then whenever you approach them- I mean, in order to buy their house, they probably like that's where they live essentially, right? So then is Sarah jumping in and helping on the real estate brokerage side to find something else for them?

Sarah: Yeah, so that's kind of our strategy too is that we can come at it from hey, we'll wholesale this for you-

David: Why wouldn't it be? Right.

Sarah: And if they're not comfortable with the wholesaling thing or just doesn't make sense, I'm like: well, I can list it for you if you guys wanted to do it and then there's a really fun one we did over by- one of the flips we just did that we- he wasn't home, he stuck like a business card in his door. Ended up calling us back, gives a grand tour of his house and it was a perfect flip for somebody else, but yeah when he's ready to move, I'll definitely be the one to help him find his next place so yeah.

David: Build that network.

Sarah: Yeah.

David: I love it. I think that's awesome. With your third path, that multifamily deal. Don't- you know, like I said, don't discount those off-market properties guys, call them. Here's the thing: there's probably not that many multi's that are in the 30 unit range.

Sarah: No.

Anthony: Right.

David: When I say not that many, like there's you know, even if there's 200 of them, that's not that many, right?

Anthony: Right, right, right.

David: So I would skip- I would get a list of them off of Propstream or Batchleads or whatever you're using and skip trace those individuals and do the same method that you were going to do with the brokers of those people.

Anthony: Okay.

David: Even if they're not willing to sell, that's okay. Don't have the mindset that everybody is, you know, and I don't think you do by any means but call those people. You know, say hey this is Anthony or this is Sarah, I want to buy your building and if it's not for sale, save my number as Sarah or Anthony that's going to buy my building and they're going to laugh at you and be like your crazy. But literally get them to save it and then guess who- what they do when they're ready to sell? They call you first.

Anthony: Yup.

David: You know? So build the relationships with the future client even if they're not ready today because again, you're going to be limited and again 200, there could be 300, there could be 500 but that's still not that many if you think about it, right?

Anthony: Yeah.

David: And yeah, and start calling on those people because the off market deal is always going to be a better scenario. And if you think- even if you're cut out 3% listing commission on that listing site, that's still 3% less you can pay.

Anthony: Exactly.

David: But the you net that same number. Wow, I'm gonna have to start taking lessons from you guys. You guys are doing awesome. I love it, I love it. Well guys, thank you so much for coming on the discount property investor podcast. This has been a phenomenal show. I'm glad that we were able to use this to get to know each other but also share a lot of value. You guys jumped in with door knocking and cold calling and that would be like you know, some of the things that people would push to the last things that they would do. You guys said: you know what? These things aren't necessarily easy but we can make them fun, let's do them together. I'm truly impressed and inspired by you guys. I love it.

Anthony: Thank you, thank you so much. Yeah, we learned so much from your page on Instagram so thank you to you and the team as well.

David: Hey, and I'm glad you mentioned that. Guys, Sarah and Anthony reached out to me on Instagram and they were asking questions, we were chatting and they have a big success they wanted to share and I am so happy that they did, right? So if you are listening to this, you can do the same thing. Reach out to me, reach out to you guys as well. You guys are now coaches at this point, I love it. How can we reach you guys on Instagram? Everybody should know at this point my handle is David Allen Dodge. Sarah and Anthony, what are your handles?

Sarah: Gair, G-A-I-R, .realestate is the best way to get in contact with us.

David: Awesome., we'll add that into the show notes. And guys, thanks again for coming on. So happy to meet you to celebrate your successes and I am confident that you guys are going to have massive success in those three channels: auctions, wholesaling and acquiring that multifamily deal. We'll have to do this again.

Anthony: Yes, sir.

Sarah: Thanks.

David: Any parting words for the audience? You know, if you're new and you're listening to this, you know what would be some advice that you'd give somebody to get started and you know, really eliminate the fear. What would be your advice?

Anthony: Yeah, I would definitely say find a mentor that's local in your state or your city, you know, listen to a couple podcasts just so you feel more confident when you're talking to your mentor so you at least have an idea what it is that you want to do and then just go get it. You got to be hungry, you got to be determined to get that first deal or that second deal or third deal, whatever it is you just got to be a go-getter. So that's my advice to anybody that's listening or anybody that's new that's ready to jump in.

David: I want to highlight that guys. He said you got to be hungry. That's so true, right? This business isn't necessarily hard but it's also not easy. The first call you make isn't going to be a deal, the first door knock you make isn't going to be a deal but if you're consistent, you're going to have results just like Anthony and Sarah here. Guys, thanks again for coming on. So great to meet you. Until next time.

Sarah: Thank you for having us.

Anthony: Thank you.

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