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Episode 260: Gavin Timms: The Importance of Networking

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Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of Discount Property Investor podcast. David Dodge and Gavin Timms is in a Mastermind event and decided to do a podcast together and discussed about the importance of networking. If you don’t see the value in networking then this is not for you.

Things that will cover in this episode:

  • Networking and Networking events
  • Mindset
  • Marketing deals

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Episode Transcripts

Welcome back to the Discount Property Investor podcast. Our mission is to share what we have learned from our experience and the experience of others to help you make more money investing like a pro. We want to teach you how to create wealth by investing in real estate, the discount property investor way. To jumpstart your real estate investing career, visit, the most complete free course on wholesaling real estate ever. Thanks for tuning in.

David: All right guys, today Gavin Timms and David Dodge doing a podcast together. We are here in Key West Florida at a mastermind event and this event's called H.E.R.O Coaches Summit.

Gavin: Yes.

David: H.E.R.O Coaches Summit. I didn't even know about this event until like two weeks ago.

Gavin: You see me on the website.

David: I saw you on the website. We weren't going, I said let's go, we're here so we wanted to knock out a quick podcast. We're actually sitting inside of Gavin's beautiful RV and by the way, thank you for having me.

Gavin: No, it's a pleasure.

David: I'm incredibly grateful. I am truly incredibly grateful.

Gavin: Be honest, what did you think? Obviously coming down here when I gave you the idea to do it?

David: Oh, I thought it was awesome.

[overlapped voices] 

David: I didn't think it was going to be this nice. This is a very very nice RV man, very nice.

Gavin: It's been cool, right?

David: It's been great, it's been great, it's been fantastic.

Gavin: You know, we drove down, you came in, been staying here and it's great because having the ability to do this because it was either do this or don't go cuz literally every hotel was sold out.

David: I know, I know, craziness.

Gavin: So it was either- it was just last minute but it worked out so yeah, here we are.

David: Amazing. So 3A event, we came down- really my intention coming down here Gavin was A) to hang out with you and go get some beers like overall, like that was number one just cuz I just love you and of course Don and some of the other guys but you know of course the events been great and the importance of networking, and I think that's where we should focus on today with this episode is the importance of networking. So some of the things that you had mentioned earlier were you know, they have- they had like 10 tables and each table had you know, six or seven seats around it but on our score- on our name tags on the back, they have- I think it's probably hard to read but they have like you know, group 6, table 7, group- or you know, section 9, table 10 and basically what'd they do with this was they would force us to network with other people in the group and man I met some amazing people.

Gavin: Yeah, incredible.

David: I mean drop some of the names of the people that were at this event.

Gavin: I mean it's endless. I mean obviously the Godfathers.

David: The Godfathers: Ryan [inaudible], Russ Whitney, [inaudible] and who am I missing? There was one or two others.

Gavin: Robert Allen.

David: Robert Allen.

Gavin: Yeah, I mean he was probably the first maybe.

David: Oh yeah and then Sean- I don't even know his last name.

Gavin: Yeah, Sean, there was the guy who spoke Chris-

David: Chris [inaudible].

Gavin: Yeah, he was a beast.

David: Yeah, and then some of the other guys that you know, aren't the OG legends but legends in my book. Jamill, you, Gavin Timms.

Gavin: You, David Dodge.

David: And then 20 other people.

Gavin: Oh, there was endless.

David: There was endless amounts of people.

Gavin: It was insane.

David: You know, networking with these individuals is just such a cool thing. I think the thing that I take away the most from these events Gavin is mindset. Now, I have five or six pages written down of notes. You know, every time somebody would get up and speak and they'd give us a tip and they give us a trick, you know, I've wrote all that stuff down but really at the end of the day like what I take home from this is like I'm not doing enough.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: I can do it better, I can do it cheaper and I can be more efficient, you know? And it's just mindset.

Gavin: I think wholesale though, it gives you like what you don't want to be either.

David: That too.

Gavin: You know? Because like we've been talking about businesses of 250 million a year. I just don't even have the vision, I don't- I mean they were doing 500 events a week to make-

David: Yeah, like Russ Whitney? Yeah.

Gavin: Russ Whitney back in the day, 250 million, right? Turning over at 500 events a week. I mean that's just insane like.

David: Unbelievable man.

Gavin: And actually you just don't have that vision so- and it's amazing to see the different models, right? The coaching models, people's businesses, right? I do everything virtual, I like to travel, you know you- you obviously do a lot in St. Louis, you do- you're the BRRRR guy, right?

David: I try to be.

Gavin: We named you, BRRRR guy.

David: That is [inaudible] good paradigm shift for me because I love wholesaling, it's a passion of mine but I truly I think I'm gonna be more beneficial and have more fun and be more passionate about the BRRRR, and that's yeah- I'm gonna make that better so.

Gavin: And I think well that's kinda what your passion is, right?

David: It is.

Gavin: That's what you're good at.

David: I mean that's really- so that's why I do all my marketing, everything else is axillary or ancillary or extra, but that's really like what I wake up everyday for is let's go find that next rental so absolutely man.

Gavin: Absolutely, and then you wholesale what you don't want cuz that makes sense.

David: Wholesale, yeah. Keep the best, wholesale everything else, wholesale the rest, you know?

Gavin: Yeah, and I wanna say as well like I called my company REI network cuz that's how much I believe in it, right?

David: Yes.

Gavin: I invented the name REI network for that.

David: For that.

Gavin: Cuz it is all about you know, networking and you're just meeting amazing people like Ken who does the skyscrapers.

David: Oh man.

Gavin: That's insane.

David: What a cool guy.

Gavin: Where have you even like-

David: He was the one doing the magic tricks.

Gavin: Yes.

David: Yeah, wow.

Gavin: And I said, where do you even begin? And he did- he said something that's pretty amazing. Like how do you even do a sky- where have you even begin? And he said take a single-family house and just keeps stacking it on top of each other.

David: That's it, that's so cool.

Gavin: I  was like genius, it's that simple.

David: It's that simple?

Gavin: Right?

David: Wow.

Gavin: So you do each floor at a time and you just build it up, and I was like- so he's just taught me  from like this is not even possible-

David: I've never ever had this in my sights to wow, this isn't that much different.

Gavin: It's not.

David: Wow.

Gavin: It's incredible.

David: Incredible.

Gavin: You know? You just put more floors on top of each other.

David: Incredible.

Gavin: So yeah, really good. And what was good as well, I think what people get wrong with networking is that we've all got friends there, right? Like obviously we're friends, we hang out but you have to get around the room. So when people go and network, they hang out with the same three people a week. You can't do that, you've got to get around these tables.

David: You gotta- you got to go around these tables.

Gavin: You know? We just met two guys.

David: [inaudible] and Aaron Schlag.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: Amazing guys. By mistake.

Gavin: Absolutely. By mistake.

David: So that's really what I was getting into before we were talking about the you know, the forced networking.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: Which is what they had. We were at lunch, I'd seen these guys in the room for the last 3 days, and I haven't even had a chance, I don't think you did either.

Gavin: No.

David: To introduce myself and get to know these guys. We were actually getting ready to leave as they're coming in, but we're like you know what? We're on the beach, a beautiful setting, food was actually really good and you know, they sat next to us and they were like why don't you guys just join us? And we could have walked away and be like oh, we're tired and hungover which we are.

Both laugh. 

David: Or we can you know, sit with these guys and I figured we would sit with them for 30 minutes, 2 and a half hours goes by.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: 2 and a half hours, and now I have a buyer/joint venture partner in Indiana and Kentucky from a 2 hour lunch with some strangers.

Gavin: And they have students across the country, we have students across the country, so now we can collaborate on deals.

David: And they're gonna be on your show and in mine and yeah, absolutely, 100%.

Gavin: So you know, when students bring deals, we need buyers and they have students in their markets doing deals, bring them together, collaborate and get more deals done.

David: Such a- yeah, so amazing.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: The takeaways from this event have been just incredible. I was telling this you know, the other day to a couple people and I have personally never been in a room with that much value. Now everybody values things differently of course, but you know, me and you being in the real estate investing niche doesn't even matter, wholesaling, rental properties, you know, creative plays, whatever, it's all real estate-related and the people in this room man are just legends.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: Like that's the best word to use.

Gavin: Yup, absolutely, no egos.

David: No egos man.

Gavin: You know, you're rubbing shoulders with hanging out the best of the best and it was just like hanging out, you know, having conversations, you know which is really, really good. My- one of my things that I got from it to be honest is like my real estate business, I feel like is in a spot where it's kind of like outsourced our people in place and it's growing. It could always be better, there's always challenges, but in my coaching side and my info side, you know, I think someone's said like if you- I think [inaudible] a kind of car with like the two fronts and they-

David: There's two cars cut in half but the back were gone and it was just two fronts.

Gavin: Yeah, and I'm like- I feel like that.

David: Is that which way are you going?

Gavin: Yeah, and I feel like in my info space and education like I'm trying to go in like 5 different directions and my big takeaway is I've got to focus on one thing and try and you know, dominate that. I think anyone listening to this, you can do that in real estate, right? You need to focus whether it is on one strategy if you're new, don't try and do BRRRR and wholesaling and creative finance.

David: That's an excellent point.

Gavin: Like just go and dominate one where your passion is and then you will learn more exit strategies. Again, no leads left behind but you have to get to a certain stage to be able to, you know, start implementing multiple ways.

David: That's such a- that's- man, you nailed it with that. Focus on, you know, focus on something small, narrow, don't try to go too broad. Now obviously if you've been in the game for a year or maybe even a few months, but if you've been in the game for a year or two, you know, obviously you should, we encourage that at that point, but if you're new, you know, KISS, keep it simple stupid.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: That's the analogy that I keep referring back to.

Gavin: Absolutely.

David: You know, with my own students. So Dolf, wow bro.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: Wow, buying like buildings that are 60 stories and flipping them, like wow.

Gavin: In multiple countries.

David: In like almost every country I feel like, the dude's been around the globe. Wow.

Gavin: Insane, such a great guy as well, great speaker like-

David: Good heart.

Gavin: Just owns the stage, you know?

David: Yes, yes.

Gavin: If you wanna watch a speaker out there, go and check out Dolf. He's- I mean, just owns the room, funny like in his own way you know? Really, really good.

David: And he's from New Zealand, right?

Gavin: Yeah.

David: Yeah, yeah. Wow, very very cool. Networking is so important guys. It's literally what this episode's about, you know, we obviously are here doing the networking so I- we cannot stress this enough to you. Your show and your brand is REI Network so I mean, I think that weighs pretty heavy with you of course.

Gavin: Yeah, it's everything.

David: But you know, and that's how we met was at a networking event literally.

Gavin: I mean again, if you're going to the REIA's, right? When they're open, you gotta get around the room and you see it, they just-

David: Don't just sit in the back.

Gavin: Sit in the back next to your buddy, you got to go- I `used to go to every network event and I had to get like five or six new contacts every time I went.

David: Sure. That's a great thing, make a goal.

Gavin: Yeah, and like here I mean I don't know how many new contacts are in my phone.

David: You know what?

Gavin: It's ridiculous.

David: We are staying together in your RV and again, thanks for having me, and we go to the event and I'm not looking for you when I'm in that room.

Gavin: Absolutely.

David: Because I know you, you're my buddy.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: Now, if you come sit next to me or I don't have anywhere to sit for lunch, I go sit next to you, so what? So be it, but I'm not like trying to piggyback on you and I can tell that you don't give a shit about piggybacking on me either.

Gavin: That's so good.

David: But that's the coolest part though is because we both know the value behind getting around the room.

Gavin: Absolutely, because it's like- and the other cool thing is as well is because we do know each other, we get out of the event and you go oh have you met this guy yet? You need to connect with him.

David: You got [inaudible].

Gavin: So then I'm [inaudible].

David: Yeah, where is he?

Gavin: And I'm like have you met him? And you're like no, I'm like you need to hunt him down. Yeah.

David: You need to go. He needs to know who you are. That's another thing when it comes to the networking guys. It's not about you, so this is what- I'm going to go on tangent real quick Gavin, but I think this is an important thing. So I always hate whenever people approach me and they say, hey Dave, I want to pick your brain.

Gavin: Yes.

David: I mean you know, you know where I'm going with this man.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: But-

Gavin: Like can I tell you over lunch.

David: Yeah, well that's even different. I mean that's even the little- a step ahead of can I pick your brain? Like whenever they say those words, the answer is always- well not always no but it's usually no because of the way they approached it, you know the net- that type of networking is not a two-way street. So when somebody comes to me and they say, hey Dave, I've been following you, I'm sure it's the same with you Gavin, I'm sure it is. You know, especially if somebody's local in my market, right? And they say hey you know, I see that you're buying a bunch of properties, I want to sell you a property. I don't care if they've never bought a property in their life, but they say I want to sell you a property, right? And they may want something from me, typically they do, right? But they lead with value and they say my goal is to get you a deal, well it's like okay cool. I will drop what I'm doing and go get lunch, I'll pay for it even, right?

Gavin: Yup.

David: Cuz I want that deal and if they want to pick my brain while we're talking about finding me a deal, they can have all the time that I have available at that turn of time.

Gavin: Absolutely.

David: But it's framing, it's positioning yourself, right? So, why am I talking about this? You know, it's not always about you trying to gain something. So when you are out there networking, think about how you can provide value to somebody else and here's the thing guys, here's the secret, you're going to get that value back like 10 fold.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: Just don't approach it like okay, my goal is to go you know, get 30 contacts or as Gavin said, three or four or five, right? Instead think of it this way, think of it this way guys, go to the meeting and make the goal of okay, I want to leave this and I want five people that don't know who I am to know who I am.

Gavin: Yup.

David: Right? So you're just framing it a little bit differently and you're going to get value from them, just provide some to them as well, yeah.

Gavin: Absolutely, and expect nothing in return.

David: Expect nothing in return. Absolutely.

Gavin: Because it is just gonna come, it's just a natural thing, right? If you can help someone else, it's going to come back, you're exactly right and I think we can also go from that method you know, talking to sellers, right? Talking to realtors even, realtors, cash buyers, property managers, right? You don't lead in and say I need, I need, I need.

David: I need. Eliminate I, eliminate it completely from your vocabulary.

Gavin: And say how can I help you get more doors to manage? Hey, Mr. real- Mrs. realtor, if- you know, I do a lot of marketing, I'm looking for deals, I got a lot of deals though that are retail, do you mind listing my deals? Like, can I- can we you know, partner on things? Are they going to now want a conversation with you?

David: 100% they are.

Gavin: 100% they are. Then once they're engaged, and now you can get to the hey I want to make an offer on this property or hey can you bring me deals?

David: Or I need help.

Gavin: Yeah or I need help. Absolutely.

David: At that point, you can use the word I but not on the intro, not on the-

Gavin: Yeah.

David: Yes. Man, I think that's so so incredibly valuable, you know, lead with that. So networking, networking, networking. You know, some of the other guys that- I don't know if we've mentioned you know, Dan Costa, we've been hanging out with Dan at night. Same thing, when I'm in the room, I already Dan.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: I'm not like going trying to sit next to Dan, put my arm around him, I love him with all my heart, he's like truly one of my best buddies at this point.

Gavin: Yeah, Dan is awesome.

David: You know? But again, it's like if you already know those people, so same thing, if you had a business partner or even a team and you guys go to networking events, REIA's, right? That's the easiest way to network, go to REIA's, or go to REIA, Google REIA, right? Find the local events. But when you got here with your friend or your spouse or your team member or partner, separate, divide and conquer. Do not walk around and be like oh yeah, we do this together, nobody gives a shit. Pardon my language. My podcast is explicit, I don't know if yours is, you have to cut that out.

Gavin: It's you, we just talked about this. That's the other big takeaway, be you.

David: Be you.

Gavin: Absolutely.

David: Be you, right. I'm so sorry if that offends you guys, that's just who I am, you know? That's just how I speak, how I talk, right?

Gavin: It's not- we're not Dolf, we're not Chris, we're not you know-

David: And that is another good point dude, be authentic.

Gavin: Absolutely.

David: Don't try to do something or act like somebody you're not. Nobody wants that and really, the only person that you're trying to prove something to is yourself when you do that. Nobody cares. You think that whatever we leave here in a week from now, any of those people that didn't know who I am is going to care about what I do or have done? No, what they care about is how I made them feel, right?

Gavin: Yup.

David: And if I need to reach out to them in the past, they're gonna think back well how did he approach me? Was it oh my God, did he get a picture with you? Which I did do that to a couple of these guys cuz I wanted that, right? But if I led with oh my god, I've been following you, you're amazing. You've inspired so many people including me, thank you.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: They will remember that and they would be like oh my God, this David guy was so incredibly nice, like what do you need? How can I help them? It just changes a lot.

Gavin: Yeah, I got a text off one guy and he said thanks for being authentic. I was like well that's weird like why would he-

David: I wasn't trying to do that.

Gavin: Exactly.

David: That's the coolest part about it is authenticity.

David: And I'm like- And what's crazy is when you do get- cuz it does happen, you get the people that are hunting for things and you can see it.

David: You can sense it, you can smell it.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: Yeah.

Gavin: Just like- dude I get it, you know what I mean?

David: Yeah.

Gavin: So that was pretty cool to get that because I think if anyone meets me in person or meets you, how are you now, is if you-

David: This is you.

Gavin: Exactly.

David: We've been hanging out, we've known each other for quite some time but we've never spent this much time together in a closed-

Gavin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

David: Am I any different than you-

Gavin: No.

David: -would ever would have thought of me?

Gavin: No, you're exactly the same.

David: Authenticity guys.

Gavin: Absolutely.

David: So just be yourself truly.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: Don't try to prove something to somebody. Don't go- and you know one other thing that I really like? There's a little bit of chest-beating here, but it wasn't because people wanted to build their egos.

Gavin: No.

David: It was more like this is an event about coaching and increasing your revenue in those businesses so of course the speakers, you know especially if you don't know who that speaker is, they wanna open up with well this is what we do and this is the revenue and this is how we do it, but it never came off sleazy like oh I flip a hundred houses a year. I never enter a room with you know, with my local market of St. Louis at a REIA and you know, go around the room and be like oh I do a hundred houses a year and if you haven't done a deal, like don't talk to me. No, it's like hey haven't done your first deal yet? Hopefully I can be the guy to buy it from you. What kind of marketing are you doing? I'm gonna help you.

Gavin: Yup.

David: Right there.

Gavin: The guy- I'll tell you what, there was a guy and you met him as well from San Fran, 18 years old, he [inaudible]-

David: I just interviewed him last week bro.

Gavin: He's done one deal, right? And I didn't know who he was.

David: Uh Jan, Chun, no, Leo Chun. Leo Chun, yup. I got a picture with him.

Gavin: So I was talking to him, all right?

David: I have two things to say on this topic.

Gavin: And he- I didn't know who he was and just like hey talking blah blah blah and we were just talking, he's like what do you do? Like what's the modus? I was telling him so I said what about you? And he said well firstly, thank you so much for talking with me as I've only done one deal. I was like I don't care.

David: I don't give a shit, yeah.

Gavin: Tell me about it, like how- what do you do? He say he's personal trainee, he's 18 years old and I was like, do you realize like 18 years old to be around these people? Not me, forget me but people in this room are 18 years of age?

David: Man.

Gavin: It would be like wow, you know? I was like so don't feel bad like just do your thing, you know, and I just treated him the same. I said if you need anything, reach out to me man.

David: So he reached out to me on Instagram 2 weeks ago and he's not a student of mine.

Gavin: Right.

David: But he follows my Insta, I got a decent Insta and he sent me a message. He was just like hey, I've been following you, I just got my first deal and you are an inspiration to me and I was honored bro, I was like holy cow. So I sent him a link to book a call with me which is what I do with the- for my podcast, like you can schedule a thing. Sent him a scheduling link, well he thought it was just to network and I get him on and I go: we're podcasting today so get ready and he never met me before. He was like what? He said I'mma be on your show? I'm like absolutely you're gonna be in my show, nobody listens to it anyway.

Both laugh. 

David: Right? And he's like oh my god, but he reached out to Instagram and he's not a student. I don't know this guy. So if you're watching this or listening to this to me right now and you have something to provide. So again, he had something to provide, there was value there cuz I wanted to learn how did you get the deal? What marketing did you do? What? Tell me how, right? And at the same time, two birds one stone. We were able to network and talk with each other.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: But towards the end of that call Gavin, he goes man, you guys, I'm going to be in Key West next week at this coaches event and I go I'm gonna be there and his jaw dropped, he's like I'm going to get to meet you and I'm like yeah, we're gonna take a picture together. And then yesterday when I was going around collecting pictures, I'mma do it tonight too heavy cuz again, it's part of the networking in my opinion, but I didn't- I didn't- I went and got the picture with him. He didn't get it with me, I got it with him and he was like can you send that to me? And I was like no, but I was joking. And I was like absolutely but here's what I'm gonna do: when this is over, I'm gonna make a couple posts with me with all these legends and you're going to be in there because you're a future legend my friend, and he was like wow, that's so- that's like- that's cool.

Gavin: He's going to do [inaudible].

David: And he's gonna do phenomenal so hats off to Leo Chun, and he's doing virtual bro. He lives in San Francisco and did his first deal out of something- somewhere in Texas and-

Gavin: I have a client in San Fran, well Bay Area, same thing he does deals in Louisiana.

David: Nice, nice.

Gavin: And it's just like anything right? I think- well, one thing I will say that I got from everyone that spoke and everyone that was networking, it all came down to one thing regards to strategy was take massive action. As coaches-

David: Mindset. Right.

Gavin: As coaches, the biggest thing that we run into, okay? And you're right, is it comes down to mindset, right? But it's taking action and obviously the reason they don't take action is normally down to mindset, right? But it's taking action. So everyone said that if you can get clients, students to take action, they're the ones that are always gonna do deals, right? And the faster that you fail at something, the faster you'll get it and make it- make a win.

David: There's my superpower. I told you last night, do you remember what my superpower was?

Gavin: I think you got too many.

David: No, no, you're too kind. It's getting back up.

Gavin: That's it, yeah.

David: That's my superpower and you know, when I tell people that, at first they're like well what does that mean? And I go: I'm gonna get my ass kicked today, I hope I do but I'm going to be here tomorrow, I'm not going anywhere, I'm going to get back up, you know, and every time I told that to somebody, they were like wow that's like so incredibly simple, but that's why you're in this room right now. And I was like: and I'm going to be in this room next year too like it or not because of that, you know.

Gavin: And mine was it- you know, I think as coaches and educators as well, it's too easy just to say just get on the phone, like [inaudible].

David: [inaudible] I'm just thinking of people that inspire me and[inaudible] as well.

Gavin: [inaudible] yeah, cool guy.

David: Cool guy, love these guys man. It was really cool to meet a lot of them for the first time too.

Gavin: But looking at like the you know, everyone individually and you have to sometimes build things around the lifestyle, right? So if they have jobs that they can't dedicate 6 hours a day, right? And they're not going to, you need to look at who can you bring in with them, right? Build a team and a system around their current lifestyle to get things done and I say that's kind of one of the big things that I do cuz it's too easy for me to say well you just got to do this where it's like if you're not going to do it, I have a few clients where I can take them, build a system, they find a part on the ground, do all the leadgen just like my model, get deals closed, right? So one guy in the first seven weeks closed three deals, right?

David: Good for him.

Gavin: And he didn't talk to a seller or a buyer because again that collaboration of saying well, you don't have time, you got two kids at home, you got a wife, you get off work, you're in the you know, you're in Cal, all the time difference. The reality is will you have money to put into the business wanting to spend so we can get this [inaudible], we can get deals done and now, that's how he's starting to grow.

David: Give me the 90 second on this one. So this guy did deals and sent multiple deals in less than two months without talking to any of the sellers or the-

Gavin: Absolutely.

David: Okay, so you got- My mind is- see, this is it, this is why- you guys wanna know why I do the podcasting? Is to provide value to you number one, but number two, I'm selfish guys, I'm learning here too.

Gavin: Absolutely.

David: Let's be real, right? I'm learning. So give me the 90 second on this one.

Gavin: So-

David: How do I do that? cuz I don't even know how to do that.

Gavin: So the first thing you do is all about finding this one on the ground, right? So you need to go and find like think of what we talked about, you back when you got going, right? You we're walking on people's buildings.

David: I was cold calling, knocking on doors.

Gavin: Yeah but even-

David: Anything.

Gavin: Yeah, so you were action-taker, right? What if I were to come across you and said David, you know you got a great attitude, you're a go getter, all these things, what if I could provide you leads, okay? That are pre-screened for you to work and we'll split the deal, right? I'll pay for all the marketing, okay, I'll pay for the sisal, I just want you to work it.

David: Did we not just talk about leading with value guys? Okay, go on, love this.

Gavin: So I would say  hey I'mma do this, I want you just to work them, okay? And do your thing. By the way, have you got any cash buyers you have networked? About 5? Okay, we're gonna sell the deals to them, all right? And then what I would do is that I would feed that in, okay? You do your thing, I do mine, we split the profit. So all I'm doing is making sure we're communicating, how are the leads? Do you need more leads? Are you keeping up? Who's following up? Can we put automation in? So we're having- we're being making sure that we're communicating all of that, right? Cuz communication to any partnership is why it succeeds over a long period of time.

David: 100%

Gavin: I say to all my clients, if you start to say well now he's not answering the phone or now he's not doing this. It's because you haven't been communicating together.

David: It's not his fault, it's yours really, yeah.

Gavin: Exactly. Because if you don't know-

David: Take responsibility.

Gavin: Absolutely, always. You should have- you've left it too long, right? What'd you mean you haven't spoken for three days? Like my partners with this exact model, we're talking over Voxa or on the phone two, three, four times a day on text.

David: Sure.

Gavin: I know exactly what's happening. Do you need anything?

David: Hey did you get those two leads we sent over?

Gavin: Absolutely.

David: If not, I'm gonna make sure you did. Do you have any questions? How can my team support you? So, back to the thing though, man so many gold nuggets right there, so many. So, you are teaching him how to build a team but find local boots on the ground right?

Gavin: Yup.

David: And then whenever you're doing that, he's- you're not teaching him to just go find anybody?

Gavin: Oh no.

David: Cuz then that learning curve is huge, right? You're looking for somebody that's already an operator.

Gavin: Already an operator but there's a key, not someone doing 10 deals a month, right? Because they're great to JV with when it's on the contract. When you take a guy that's got 10 deals, they're kind of like going to be helping you move the deal, right? Well they're not going to be wanting to put the work in because they're going to look after number one.

David: Yup.

Gavin: You need the person ideally that's done a couple of deals, has a title company, has a few buyers and you can come in then accelerate that to do more deals.

David: Love that.

Gavin: Because again, if we can do- you do one deal on your own but we can do five together, we're both making a lot more money.

David: Well yeah, wow.

Gavin: So that is what I do.

David: How do you- and this is probably something, and I know you give it all away, so I got to-

Gavin: Ask me.

David: That's what I'm saying.

Gavin: Let's go.

David: So how do you teach them to find those people because you know, finding the guy that's doing a hundred deals a year is incredibly easy.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: If I- here's how I would do that, right? And I'm not doing that but here's how I would: I would go find the guy running the REIA and I'd ask him or cuz he knows everybody in town or I would go into Google and I would type in sell my house fast and then the city and anybody that's paying for AdWords typically is a level five investor, right?

Gavin: Absolutely, yup. So that'd-

David: [inaudible].

Gavin: To build that high level-

David: How do you guys go about doing that?

Gavin: So we wanna look at activity so like BiggerPockets Facebook groups, okay?

David: Love this, man.

Gavin: People posting like on like Craigslist, right? Craigslist is no good but if you're new in the business and you got a property under contract, you'll put it on Craigslist, right? You'll put in on Facebook Marketplace, so you're making things happen, I want to speak to you because I know like, well I don't know until I get on the phone but I need to see where you're at, okay? So we look for people like that as well. They other key thing is-

David: So you find people that are marketing deals already.

Gavin: Yes.

David: Guys, did you hear that? You're not trying to find somebody that's like dabbling and doing one or two, you don't want a man that have done a hundred.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: Maybe you do if they're open to that but you want to find someone that's actively doing this, actively. If they have a property on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and it's for sale, it's owner by contract for sale essentially, that was- I wanna throw that in. Those three words mean a big- mean a lot.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: But that's somebody that's actively doing this.

Gavin: And the making things happen, right? So you have conversations with them, what's your business look like? How can I add value? Would this make sense? And if it does, then you know, we'll move forward. The other key thing as well, well how do you pick the market? This get's like overthought like people just get stuck at this point.

David: So I'm kinda stuck right now, Help me out bro, help me out.

Gavin: So this is what I would do.

David: Okay.

Gavin: Is I'd say right, if we were working together, I'd look at, let's say you're in Cal, right? L.A.

David: Well yeah, no, this is real life bro, real life. So I'm in St. Louis.

Gavin: St. Louis right.

David: I just picked up a new software, I already have a couple people on my team that I'm going to implement but I'm going to probably bring on one to two more and I'd like to focus on the Midwest.

Gavin: Right.

David: So, how do I pick the particular state, cities, markets, whatever?

Gavin: Well perfect so, well you already know cuz you just answered why you're doing it.

David: Kinda but here's the deal, I have like a 600 mile radius and I can't market to the whole thing, I don't want to.

Gavin: So you got to pick one to start with, right? And the way that I always do it is, do you have family there? Friends there? Did you go to college there?

David: Any connection?

Gavin: Any connection to that market at all.

David: And it doesn't even matter what market it is guys, it's the connection to it.

Gavin: Absolutely, and that's enough, right? To go. Sometimes we just go what states do you like?

David: Where do you- where do you want to go?

Gavin: Absolutely.

David: Cuz eventually later if you want to go visit [inaudible] that you own, it's a write-off and I love it, okay.

Gavin: Exactly. So then we try and narrow it down to three, and then we go searching in the markets for the people. Now here's the thing, [inaudible].

David: Yeah, narrow it down, that's [inaudible]

Gavin: Right? And I say number 1 is Kentucky, number 2 is St. Louis, number 3 is-

David: Kansas City.

Gavin: Kansas City, right.

David: And then maybe somewhere in Iowa, Arkansas, right.

Gavin: Ideally, let's say Kan- I really want someone in Kentucky, but all of a sudden I find David Dodge in St. Louis, my third choice but I can't find a David Dodge in Kentucky, I'm going where David Dodge is cuz I know you're only as good as your team.

David: I love that, that's so important.

Gavin: So you can do deals from anywhere, right? So this is important. So you go where the talent is because that's where you'll do deals. We can do deals already in multiple states.

David: Mind blown guys, wow.

Gavin: I've done deals in Maui, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana.

David: All over, all over.

Gavin: Just because with this model, I'm only as good as my team.

David: Okay, so that's cool. So one of my students, actually one of my first students lives in Kansas City.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: And she is crushing it. So that's it, that's my first-

Gavin: Absolutely.

David: That's my first virtual market.

Gavin: Yeah.

David: And she's going to be the one that runs those apartments and/or buys it.

Gavin: Perfect yeah.

David: If she doesn't want to do it, she knows the players there that'll connect me with.

Gavin: Absolutely. Yeah, who have you met with that you-

David: I'm coming for you Kansas city, I'm coming for you.

Gavin: Well that is perfect. So you got on connection that's doing deals. She probably has blown up by wholesales already.

David: She's doing great.

Gavin: Do you have a wholesaler that's a go-getter that just needs some help that wants to make things happen, right? And I will take that personality for when I'm building systems, even if they've never done a deal, cuz again we talked about a perfect scenario, nothing's perfect. I will sometimes take a brand new person, right? let's say Leo, and I will say right, we might even do a 70-30 split.

David: He's the man by the way. I'm really inspired by a 18 year old kid, not a kid, he's a man but you know what I mean.

Gavin: Well yeah, it's crazy.

David: Yes, yes.

Gavin: So we might even do a 70-30 in favor of me while we get going because he might need some extra help but if he has the drive and he will take action, we'll get there, right? And what we're going to build something, what I do, I'm not trying to just do one deal, I'm trying to build a relationship for years.

David: To do a hundred of them, yes.

Gavin: Years.

David: Thousands.

Gavin: And years.

David: Right.

Gavin: And I'm also say well okay, let me get this going, what are your goals? So I know that up front. I know that you want 10 rentals, 20 rentals. Okay, cool. So when we get this going, we could build cash flow up.

David: Do you see what he just said?

Gavin: You [inaudible] when you start building this up, this cash, what we can do is, if you want 10, 20 rentals, you can start buying them.

David: Or cherry pick the deals that will find you.

Gavin: Cherry pick what you want, we'll do that.

David: So long as it's a win-win, cool.

Gavin: Absolutely. So I can help you achieve what you want to do and then again, communicating we're still going in the same direction.

David: So wait, hold on. So what you're telling me is that I got to network?

Gavin: Yup. Absolutely.

David: Hahahaha.

Gavin: All about networking, right?

David: Wow guys.

Gavin: That's all there is.

David: We gotta wrap this up, we're having fun. This has been great. We're gonna do another one here tonight or tomorrow before you head out of here and before we head out but we're going to miss our boat. We're going to go do some networking. We're literally doing a podcast on networking and we're going to end it to go do networking. If you don't see the value in networking, give up right now, don't- just stop listening to me cuz this is not going to be for you and I'm not trying to be mean. I don't tell people to give up, that was wrong but you know what I mean, like this probably isn't for you if you can't get out there and bring yourself to do-

Gavin: They've probably already turned us off by now, right?

David: I hope so. No one's been listening, no one is watching bro. I'm surprised.

Gavin: We're talking to ourselves. At least we're having fun.

David: I'm having a blast so.

Gavin: Absolutely.

David: Well guys, thanks for listening.

Gavin: Appreciate it guys.

David: Legendary Gavin Timms.

Gavin: Likewise, David Dodge.

David: Wow.

Gavin: Make sure you're following us as well guys right on social media.

David: That's right.

Gavin: The property investor.

David: Discount property investor.

Gavin: Discount property investor.

David: That's it.

Gavin: REI network, we have YouTube, Insta, make sure you go check us out, follow us, we do a lot of free content as well, so yeah, we'll see you on the next one.

David: Let's go get on that boat.

Gavin: Let's go.

David: Thanks guys.

Gavin: Bye bye.

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