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Episode 264: More Deal Machine UPDATES with Matt Kamp

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Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of the Discount Property Investor podcast. Today Mike and David are joined by Matt Kamp from DealMachine and discuss more DealMachine updates. We highly encourage you guys to get out and drive for dollars and check out the DealMachine app. Listen to this episode and avail of the 7-day free trial and get access to daily training live. 

Things that will cover in this episode: 

  • Return Mail 
  • SMS Feature 
  • Landing pages 
  • Additional Features 

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Transcript Episode:

Welcome back to the Discount Property Investor podcast. Our mission is to share what we have learned from our experience and the experience of others to help you make more money investing like a pro. We want to teach you how to create wealth by investing in real estate, the discount property investor way. To jumpstart your real estate investing career, visit, the most complete free course on wholesaling real estate ever. Thanks for tuning in.

David: Alright guys welcome back to the discount property investor podcast. I am your host David Dodge with co-host Mike Slane and today we are joined by Matt, is it Kamp?

Matt: Yes, Kamp yeah.

David: Kamp, it's Kamp. I knew it was Kamp.

Matt: Kamp, you get Kamp a lot cuz if you type in my name Matt, Kamp comes up, he's like dating Rihanna, he was in baseball like all-star so yeah Google, I need to work on my SEO a little bit but-

David: I love it.

Matt: Matt Kamp, yeah there we go.

David: Matt Kamp from Deal Machine and today Matt actually is- lives in our market.

Matt: There we go, St. Louis, yeah.

David: He lives here in St. Louis so he came in to put a face with a name so Mike and I could actually get a chance to meet him but we're really happy you're here Matt and we wanted to talk about some of the new things that's happening with Deal Machine.

Matt: Yeah.

David: We love Deal Machine. Deal Machine's the driving for dollars app that we have been using for man, it's probably going on 3 or 4 years at this point.

Matt: Wow, yeah.

David: A while.

Matt: Yeah, I love it.

David: And you know some of our best deals have come from driving for dollars so we highly highly highly encourage you guys to get out and drive for dollars and check out the Deal Machine app.

Matt: He's not just saying that cuz I'm right here.

David: That's right, yeah.

Mike: Yeah, not at all. I mean again this is- I always feel like a freaking dinosaur doing this for like 7 years but it's like driving for dollars used to be so hard before technology made it so easy and Deal Machine made it affordable, super easy like just all in one, like it's- yeah. Can't say enough good things about it.

David: It's awesome.

Matt: It's been fun too like we really practically take feedback from you guys and from all of our members to really figure out what do we build next, so it's fun to be able to come and- come on here like once a month and tell you here are all the cool stuff I can show off now, so thanks again for having me back.

David: Absolutely. So the last thing I think that we talked about was maybe the comping. Maybe, I'm not sure.

Matt: Yes, it was- I know we did- we talked a little bit about comps and then the virtual driving for dollars are probably the last two things I believe that we talked about but we have even more stuff coming out of the lab now that we can talk about.

Mike: Dude, I want to press you on something that I think is amazing and just kind of shooting from the hip here. I don't know if we talked about it before or not but return mail.

Matt: Yeah.

Mike: How in the heck does it even know?

Matt: On the return mail site?

Mike: Yeah, so this is what's a-okay,  so return mail used to be your goal, right? So when you got a piece of mail back that got returned, the reason I call it gold is that not everyone else would take the time to then try to locate and find where that owner lives because again, everyone's mailing to that address that's on file. Well, again, I didn't know the post office was this technologically savvy, let alone that there be a way that we could track it without actually physically happen to get those pieces of return mail. So we take the return mail and then you do a little bit more skip tracing at a higher level, a little bit harder work, you really have to try to locate that person, dig them up. Well, what's amazing is in Deal Machine, there's a list- Dave, you and I did this together, there's a- we were like there's a list, wait a minute this is return mail, what's that mean? It has all of our Return to Sender in there.

Matt: Yeah.

Mike: How? How does that even do that?

David: Yeah, that's pretty neat.

Matt: So there's a couple- I mean just from a data perspective in general, that's actually an area we really focused on upgrading recently. So I mean the return mail, we've had that for a while now and-

Mike: We just didn't know about it.

Matt: Yeah yeah, no no no but I- from a data perspective though-

David: So we get the actual return mail, we get it but we don't even need it though.

Mike: [inaudible] we also filter through that, yeah.

David: Yeah so like when we get it, I mean we used to save it and we'd have all this stuff and then we would try to go and figure out how to contact those people but I think what Mike's getting at now is-

Mike: We don't even need it.

David: -is that you don't even need the- like when it comes back, cool just throw it away cuz you can actually go into Deal Machine and-

Matt: And see what's on-

David: And you filter all that mail that was returned and then export that list and have the excel sheet versus having to scan everyone in or type them all in to create that excel sheet manually.

Matt: Yeah.

David: So you automate that process, that's sweet.

Matt: And right in there. Yeah, yeah and that's something- I mean I think both yeah like you said the USPS like anytime we're seeing things marked vacant, all of that, like that's something we're updating right in the app and so that way you know it's returned mail. Beyond that, as I think from a data perspective as I mentioned, we kinda restructured the app in a few different ways to make that type of data more effective and easier to access but then also our skip-tracing we've really upgraded where we have it's like 20% cheaper now from like two months ago. You can batch skip trace like batch- you know, go through those really, really quickly. Now, it's probably ten times faster now than it used to be, and then I think-

David: That's awesome. Cheaper, faster.

Matt: Yeah cheaper, faster and better too.

David: Who doesn't like that? And better too.

Matt: Like the labels on there in terms of do not call, disconnected numbers, the actual name associated with- on the caller ID, all that stuff, we recently upgraded too. So I know our dev team which we're really focused on building that dev team for these reasons, for like we're gonna be very agile and you know, the leaders in terms of new features, that type of thing, we spent 2 to 4 weeks specifically on our data like this restructuring, a lot of that so it's been exciting to kinda see people you know, find more uses for it and see the value in it.

Mike: Well yeah, we just find new things about the app that again, we meet with Matt you know, virtually at least, you know every once in a while, every couple weeks, every couple months-

David: That's right.

Mike: -and we still find stuff cool that we didn't really realize was there so really powerful. So Matt wanted to come out and meet us and we really appreciate that.

David: Yeah, glad you came out man.

Matt: Yeah.

Mike: Yeah.

David: Obviously, we've seen your face of course.

Matt: Yeah, it's kinda- it's a weird thing like the- any like a new job in the last year when you know, you're maybe haven't met them [inaudible].

David: Everything's so virtual these days which is fine but it's great to be in here personally.

Matt: Yeah, I prefer this.

David: I don't know you were a giant. Man, you're so tall.

Matt: Yeah, I was gonna say. Yeah, I don't know how many people you know, that know me through Deal Machine only know that I'm like 6'2.

David: Right.

Matt: A 6'2 redhead sticks out.

David: That's right. That's awesome.

Mike: Cool.

Matt: Yeah, excited to kinda unveil the new stuff we're working on. I know we have our sales pages just went live I believe last week, which that would be you know, anytime you list a house going under contract now, you're just one click away from getting a URL to just have a sales page for that now as well.

David: Oh, for the dispositions?

Matt: For that, yeah exactly.

David: Oh wow.

Mike: Wow.

Matt: For that exact property. So you would- so that way it makes it really easy right in the app where okay I closed that lead, hey now I want to share that around like you said dispositions and we just wanna make it really simple so that way you're one button away. Similar to comps when you're on the go and we want to make that really you know, simple and easy to make an offer while on the go, you know, now you're one click away from just throwing out that sales link and then you can run it from there.

David: Is that live?

Matt: Yeah, that just went live last week.

David: No way.

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

David: Cool. I didn't even know anything about it.

Matt: I mean that's brand new, it's something we haven't really talked about it a ton on our social channels yet just because we just put it out there and usually we kinda do a soft launch at first to make sure that everything-

Mike: Wait for some things to break a little so you can-

Matt: Exactly. Make sure it's good to go.

Mike: Yeah.

Matt: We really- and then we QA test it pretty heavily internally too but then you know, we wanna make sure that it's a great feature before we really blast that to everybody. So if you play around, if you put your house- if you put any property under contract in the Deal Machine app right now, it'll pop up as an option, and then you'll see on the left side, if you go under the more tab, you'll see selling as a tab under that now too.

David: No way.

Matt: Yeah yeah, it's all brand new.

David: That's awesome. Very very cool. Very cool.

Mike: Yeah, that's nice. So it just a- you don't have to have a website then, right? Like you guys are gonna host it or whatever?

Matt: Correct, yeah it's right through the Deal Machine platform yeah.

Mike: Nice.

Matt: Make that really easy to pass around and then I know- that's probably our number one newest live feature that's like brand new. Right before that, we actually just launched kind of the beginnings of what we're calling a task manager too so that way- I mean, I would say that one thing we kept from people over and over is feedback on hey yeah we love using the app, we have so many leads in here, that's great, especially if they have a team wherein multiple people in that app using it. They want to make sure that everyone's coordinated, everyone- you know, no leads slip through the cracks or anything like that. So now we have a task manager. We can come in there and quickly assign tasks to other people to make sure when I jump in the Deal Machine app that I have everything that I need that day already man- already you know, spoken for, right? Within that tab.

David: So you can assign tasks yourself and/or other team members.

Matt: Yeah, you yourself or team members.

David: And I know you guys have a place to keep notes too and that's really- you know, Mike and I talk about this a lot on the podcast but that's like 80% typically of what a CRM is for, right?

Matt: Yeah.

David: Making notes, you know, when's the last time we talked to this person? What did we talk about? You know, did I make an offer? If so, what was that number? You need these notes and you guys have that.

Matt: Yup.

David: And then- in any CRM, right? You gotta have notes and just a task to do something at a later time.

Matt: Yeah.

David: You know? And you guys have that so you basically have a CRM built in this thing at this point.

Matt: There's a lot of- it's like you said, it kinda [inaudible] I just need to manage my daily workflow and make sure I'm staying on top of everybody and getting everything done, then yeah, we want to be a go-to platform for that for sure.

David: Awesome.

Matt: Yeah.

David: So comps, disposition, landing pages is new. I know the SMS feature, not necessarily brand new but still pretty new.

Matt: Yeah.

David: So you can SMS sellers directly from the app now and/or the website of course.

Matt: Yeah. SMS, it's difficult because there's just so much going on in that space right now.

David: I know, it's changing constantly. Right.

Matt: Yeah, so that one like we are- we are not necessarily really super focused on that specifically.

David: Pushing it, right.

Matt: Yeah, cuz I think like we had- we've proven over and over like but you said, you know, deal- driving for dollars has been around forever were doing these other methods whether it be mailers, skip tracing, calling, emailing, you know, anything like that where it's direct to seller marketing method, it can work in so many different ways that we want to make sure we're giving people the easiest- the easiest tool is right within Deal Machine without going too far where it's like, oh one thing changed overnight and then SMS is gone, you know what I mean?

David: Okay.

Matt: So we hadn't focused as much on investing in that specific engine but we're-

David: How's the- so we're- we haven't even got into that yet, right?

Matt: Yeah, exactly so we have enough there-

David: We haven't even used that feature yet, right?

Matt: Yeah, the other stuff is there wherein all that other stuff, people are extremely successful with where it's like hey I think we should double down on really focusing on those things.

David: I mean the direct mail I think is the coolest part.

Matt: Yeah.

David: I mean obviously it's safe, let's start there like I've been in two accidents driving for dollars but both times were not using any sort of app or software, it was writing stuff down.

Matt: That's a scary man.

David: Yeah, like one time I just smoked a curb but I got a flat tire so that's an accident, and then one time I was trying to get an address and I backed into somebody.

Matt: Oh geez.

David: Like they were behind me, I didn't see them. I was like oh I gotta get that one and I throw it in reverse, boom hit somebody else, but both times I didn't have you know, an app. I didn't have Deal Machine to help me with that and now it's like if I drive by one and it's 2 or 3 down, I don't have to back up, I just scroll down a little on the map, like I don't have to do that.

Matt: Yeah, or you can tap to add and you just tap and you go [inaudible].

David: Tap to add's the best- one of my favorite features literally cuz it just speeds it up, right?

Matt: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

David: So yeah, you got the SMS in there now and then yeah, what are some of the really new things? Like I know comps, comps were pretty new.

Matt: Comps was big. I think comps- I mean the task manager like you said, the goal of that is to make it so that way you don't really have to leave and you can make it really simple and easy and straightforward to just you know, manage your daily stuff through there. The sales page, really excited about that. The task manager, the next step for that which this will probably be out most likely in June sometime. The next step for that is you know, everything that we do from driving for dollars perspective, we want to make it really easy for you to hit the volume of leads that you need just because I mean you know, in general, it's just so, so hard to find a deal right now and so- especially on the market like it's absolutely crazy everywhere in the US right now.

David: Yeah, supply is at an all-time low.

Matt: Yeah exactly.

David: All time, crazy.

Matt: So inventory's at an all-time low so our goal is like okay we know people have to hit a higher volume of leads and in order to do that, that means hiring a team and bringing on other people to do things like virtual driving for dollars or to hire you to know, bird dogs to get out there for you and be driving around. So the task manager, that next iteration of that'll be ready next month sometime will- and so it's just like you know, sneak preview for sure but that'll be where you can actually assign areas to people so you could say hey I want to-you know I'm, zoom out, look at St, Louis as a whole, I can geofence this area, this area, you know to break it up into a bunch of areas and then assign tasks to people who are your drivers and say you go drive here, you go drive here, you go drive here and as they go, you'll see a progress bar to see what percentage of that area have they driven.

David: Oh cool.

Matt: And you'll be able to really-

David: Like zone- remember our zone buyer?

Mike: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah, there you go.

Mike: That did not work out for us.

David: Yeah, well we didn't have anything cool like this.

Matt: Something to manage it, yeah.

David: Yeah, we didn't have anything for them.

Matt: So we have people doing this by hand right now but it's- and you can go on and see like the route tracking and all that kinda stuff but this will make it way easier for you to actually manage the whole thing and coordinate say you know, how do I most efficiently run a team, hold them accountable, see where they're going, see where we have holes to fill like it'll make the managing of the driving team process much much more effective.

Mike: So-

Matt: So at that point, we need to get you a driving team for real.

David: Hahaha, that's the ongoing joke.

Mike: I was gonna bring it up, but I was going to actually give more credit to it. So the idea of zone buyers, what Dave called, you know, and what Matt was just talking about is kind of assigned areas.

Matt: Yeah.

Mike: Great idea right? We had it, they had it, we implemented it poorly and it sounds like Matt has implemented it correctly.

David: Correctly, yeah.

Mike: So again, anyone can have a good idea, its implementation, and doing it correctly.

Matt: Actually executing for sure.

Mike: Execution, exactly.

Matt: So this is kind of the next step where we're- especially for our members who are kind of at elite level, you know, really focused on three-plus drivers who are really getting out there and need to hit that quantity of leads to consistently land deals every month, this will- I think it's a big game-changer so we're very excited.

Mike: So we need a team of at least three from you?

Matt: Yeah, that's what you're hearing?

[all laugh] 

Mike: Sounds like June.

Matt: Now that I'm in person, it's a lot more pressure.

David: That's right haha.

Mike: Face to face, you cannot let us down.

Matt: So yeah, I'd say in terms of like you know, the next big game-changer that we'll be putting out there, that's for sure it.

David: Sweet. Very cool, very cool. I'm excited to check out these landing pages for dispo.

Mike: Me too. Yeah.

Matt: That's brand new like yeah.

David: Individual property pages, that's really cool so you just mark it as under contract, and then it probably gives you some more options to view and [inaudible].

Matt: Yeah, you can customize it. Yeah, you know you can say what- how much information we'll include or not and you know kinda-

David: Right.

Mike: Upload a few pictures as well, something like that? Excellent.

Matt: So ideally if you're driving around, you're taking pictures of the property while you're driving and that's you know, already really easy to just go back, reinforce it in there.

David: It's already there.

Matt: Yeah.

David: Awesome.

Mike: Sweet.

David: Very cool, very cool. What else?

Mike: Yeah.

David: I know there's more.

Mike: [inaudible] holding out on us. Come on.

David: No wait, there's more.

Matt: This is all you have, yeah. I mean I think for sure that's the next big exciting thing. I know, talking about direct mail too, our mailers we're revamping currently too cuz we have- I'd say one of the more consistent pieces of feedback that we get is that like love the postcards, have done those forever like that's a marketing strategy that isn't new. Physical mail is like you know, we're in the digital age but physical mail still, probably even more so because everyone can call and text and email and all this other stuff, probably more so now physical mail has been super effective cuz its gonna get people's attention and go to a channel that's probably less flooded than a lot of these other channels too.

David: Yeah, I feel like mail is probably the least used right now because everybody has moved over to cold calling, not everyone of course but a lot of people have moved over to cold calling and cold texting because it is cheaper per touch, right?

Matt: Yeah. [inaudible].

David: Yeah, definitely. I mean it's way cheaper right? But they're starting to crack down on it so I feel like there's gonna be people that are going to be moving back into doing more of the direct mail.

Matt: Yeah, and the direct mail- I mean like when we see all our most successful Deal Machine members, they're doing a combo of everything. They're thinking about you know, calling and text and direct mail and all these different channels but direct mail is one that- it's much more scalable just because you can just hit send mail and once a month you know you're gonna stay top of mind through these mailers and if you combine that with the shorter-term hey I'm going to call you, I'm going to leave a voicemail, I'm going to text you, like putting those two things together gives you the best chance of success cuz some people are you know, some people are going to answer a text before they do a call before you know.

David: Everyone's a little different.

Matt: Yeah everyone's a little different, but for our mailers, probably one of the most consistent pieces of feedback we hear is that they want different sizes of the mailer, they want different types, like more customizability around that, so that's what we've been redesigning our mail, our mail tab I guess, completely to figure out more analytics around them to track what's working and then more customization to do different sizes of mail, different types and create you know, custom campaigns where it says send them this one then this one and they all look very different.

David: They're gonna be a little different or whatever like yeah.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. It gives you a better chance to catch their attention in a variety of ways.

David: Right.

Mike: I really like your mail tab so are you guys always-

Matt: We're not gonna mess it up, I promise.

Mike: Good. You guys always do, good. I was just about to say please don't make it super complicated like-

Matt: Yeah, no it's [inaudible].

David: And that's one of the coolest parts about Deal Machine is it's simple.

Mike: Yes.

Matt: Yeah.

David: You know, people can get in there and learn how to use all of it in like 20 minutes.

Matt: Yeah, I mean if we ever-

David: It doesn't take like-

Matt: The simplicity-

David: Some of the stuff that we have, some systems and I'm not gonna point fingers obviously but some systems we have, I mean it takes you weeks to learn how to use all the features and you can learn it all in 20 minutes over there.

Matt: Yeah, I mean the simplicity of use like if we ever screw that up, we're in a really bad place. Like that's where- that's one of our main focuses is that we want to make it so we're always really focused on education. We're really focused on teaching our members and that's why when they sign up, they get an invite to join a live webinar with our Deal member trainers, and then- we have one every single day.

David: So hold on, anybody that signs up?

Matt: Yeah.

David: Anybody?

Matt: Even free demo or a free trial, like they don't even have to be paying us anything as we get them on.

David: They just sign up for a free trial and then you guys are doing daily training live where they can ask questions and stuff too?

Matt: Yeah, exactly. That's one on one coaching like this, yeah.

David: Oh, that's awesome.

Matt: So it's like hey how do we just teach them how to use the app, we really put them in a place to succeed. We have you know, 10 thousand plus person Facebook community group now where it's- people hold each other accountable and sharing wins and sharing what works and what doesn't and all that, and then beyond that like in terms of our ratings and reviews, I know we're up to it's like a 4.8 out of 5 on our mobile reviews over like 2,000 plus reviews and I think that's a result directly of designing the app to be as simple as possible and then to make it as supportive as possible with all these other ways were investing in the community.

Mike: Yeah. I'm gonna go back to that implementation and execution, it's very well done and I think that's why we like using it.

David: That's right.

Matt: Thanks, man.

David: Man.

Matt: I know I'm taking credit for the whole team here, I'm like- they're the one doing the hard work.

David: No.

Mike: You're the only one that we know, you did it, dude. [inaudible].

David: We're gonna give you the credit man.

Mike: Matt, you knocked it out of the park.

Matt: I'm lucky I get to do come and do the interview and hang out with you guys.

David: Yes, of course. Guys, 7-Day free trial, you get access to daily training live where you can ask questions. Highly recommend you guys take advantage of this, go sign up at DPI is for the discount property investors, those are our initials of this very podcast right here. So, 7-Day free trial, and they also get like some freebies, right? Like you can do some mail or skip tracing, they can pick basically, right?

Matt: Yeah, they're gonna get an away better deal if they go through you guys than if they just went through the app without a promo code so if they sign up through DPI, I know they would get 15 bucks and free skip tracing as well as mailers like it could be used on anything so that could be 25 plus mailers or 100+ skip traces.

David: Holy cow. Guys, 100 plus skip traces for free. Awesome., check out that free trial right away. You get 7 days too right?

Matt: Yeah, so you get a full week, and we-

David: And free training.

Matt: Yeah, so the whole goal is like just give them the kit to be successful and that way, when they start having conversations happen and start using it that it just pays for itself cuz it's the return on investment of hey, I'm- we're lining any deals now, it's actually working and we wanna make it as a low barrier as possible by just giving them a free trial, free skip traces, mailers, all that stuff.

David: Nice. Let's talk about some of the additional features, so they might not be right out of the box of course, with your standard you know, monthly membership but there's a reason and those typically you know, are costing more money for you guys so there are additional fees, but regardless you guys have some really really cool features. So one of the ones that I am well aware of is the picture for the mail that you don't have to manually take. So you can take manual photos and add those on the postcards, but you can also pull those from Google, right?

Matt: Yup, street view.

David: Google Street View basically.

Matt: Yeah, yeah so that's one add-on you can do [inaudible].

David: And then SMS is another add-on.

Matt: SMS, I mean there's list pulling as well.

David: And list pulling, yup.

Matt: So you can see- you can either do yeah, either drive for dollars or pull your own lists. We- I mean, we recommend typically a combo strategy cuz the list pulling is great if you have a big budget but not enough time to actually drive for dollars or hire a team. Whereas driving for dollars is better bang for your buck in terms of the number of leads you need and translating-

David: Yeah, cuz you're actually finding the distressed houses. Driving for dollars manually like actually getting out and doing it is, in my opinion, you're going to have the best lead- you don't have to have hundreds of hundreds of leads or I should say thousands and thousands of leads. You may need hundreds of course, but you know that those properties are physically distressed because you are driving by them in real-time and that window is broken, that's obvious. Somebody needs to fix that window, there's some sort of distress, you know, something going on there. Love that, love that.

Matt: Yeah, and the distress- I mean I think like the bequeath with that is that it's something that you can't just buy a list of, you know? You can't just say you know, show me every house that has a hole in the roof or whatever it is.

David: A tarp on the roof, yeah you can't do that. Right.

Matt: So being able to find that kind of diamonds in the rough where it's like hey these are for whatever reason, maybe it's a vacant property or inherited or you know, whatever the reason might be, there's a higher probability that that person needs to fix it up or they don't want to have the property or they just don't want to deal with it anymore or whatever the scenario might be, so our most successful Deal Machine members, they're getting out there and they're finding those whether it be themselves or hiring a team to go out and drive. I know we had this kind of first deal formula that we- that would be us looking at the numbers to figure out you know, what is the return on investment for driving for dollars leads versus just buying a list, and it's- on average like 6 to 7 times better ROI in terms of a number of dollars spent on marketing for distressed houses versus just pulling a list.

David: Wow.

Matt: So that's where- when you're looking and saying hey this is the biggest bang for your buck, this is like the best way to find the right leads as you know, the numbers speak for themselves in that perspective.

David: Man.

Matt: There you go.

David: So you got the Google Street view, you got the SMS, you got the list pulling.

Matt: Yeah.

David: I know there's a couple more.

Matt: Yeah, I mean you have-

David: Comps.

Matt: Comps is one of them so I was gonna say comps is one of the main ones there. I know- I mean we're going to have what's in the mailer section. If you want to do real deep customizability, that'll probably be an add-on. We're still figuring out exactly how it's going to look.

David: Sure, sure.

Matt: But yeah, I mean regardless, I think our basic kinda starter plan, we want to make it really easy for people to hit the volume they need to start landing deals and give them the tools to succeed there and then quickly, once they start doing that and have success with that, it's a no-brainer to go into the pro level or elite and say like hey let's double down on this strategy. And pro-level is really focused on like route tracking and a lot of the team management stuff, and then elite would be that like three-plus driver threshold, you know. We want to make it easy enough for people to start having success and then advanced enough to really scale and you know, do a ton of deals with us.

David: Do you have any sort of- and I'm gonna obviously put you on the spot here. Do you have any averages on how many leads or deals somebody would need to add-

Matt: To get to that?

David: To get to, you know, a deal essentially like every market's different, and I wanna make that very clear to the listeners and the viewers, you know.

Matt: For sure.

David: Every market's going to be different, right? If you are in San Diego or Los Angeles or anywhere in California for the most part, right? You're gonna probably have to do more than you think, right? Then if you are in you know, East St. Louis where it may be like a one in six.

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

David: Right.

Matt: I mean I think like it depends- for sure depends on the market. I know on average in Midwest markets, it's about 300 leads to get that deal.

David: Okay.

Matt: So I would say if you can- and if you kinda reverse engineer that and say oh on average if you put in 15 deals or 15 leads an hour driving around.

David: Sure.

Matt: Then what is that? 20 hours? Yeah, 20 hours a month, something like that. So if you could find you know, a couple of afternoons a month or if you can hire out somebody part-time to do that or you know, you can kind of figure out, hey to hit that number of leads I need to get to, here's how many hours of driving I need, right? Some people, they're adding a lead a minute cuz they're really, really fast at it, some people it's 15 an hour.

David: Sure, sure.

Matt: So you kinda have to-you can do the math to figure that out for yourself, but I think 300 is average in the Midwest and then if you're in like LA, it can go all the way up to like 1500 that they would need. In the California market, it's really important to figure out your bird dogs and figure out your driving team to hit those leads, but also if you land a deal out there, you know, you might get a 40, 50k, you know.

David: Yeah, you might get a 40, 50 thousand dollars spread whereas, in the Midwest, you're 10 to 15 on average give or take.

Matt: Exactly, yeah so you know, you're gonna do more leads for fewer dollars here and then, you know, the home run leads out there so it just depends, yeah.

David: Nice.

Matt: But 300 is pretty average that's you know, for Deal Machine members in the Midwest up to like 1500 is probably the most competitive markets.

David: Love it. Very very cool.

Mike: Awesome.

Matt: Yeah yeah.

David: That's awesome. Guys, check it out, 7 Day free trial, for the discount property investors. Make sure you use that link because not only are you going to get that 7-day free trial, but they're gonna give you 15 dollars worth of additional deal credits, and those deal credits can be used to be put towards your skip-tracing efforts, they can be used towards your direct mail, essentially you can get about 100 free skip traces included you know, with that 7-Day free trial. And then last but not least, they do daily free training and these free training are life, they're interactive so if you have questions while they're doing those training, you can ask those questions and they're really setting you guys up for success. Mike and I have been using Deal Machine for the man I don't know, I'm going to say 4 years at this point, give or take and you know, some of our- not even some of our, the best deals literally the absolute best deals that we have done as a team and individual have all come from driving for dollars efforts and as Matt said, the driving for dollars, you know, you can't go out and buy a list of houses that have tarps on the roofs, you just, you can't get them, it just doesn't work that way, but you can go and you can create your own lists from driving for dollars efforts and this app is going to make it so much easier. Direct mail, skip tracing, running comps, now they're even setting up CRM access to keep track of tasks and notes and all that stuff and I mean there's so many other things, SMS and dispo landing pages. Check it out for yourself guys, get that 7-day free trial. Thanks for tuning in guys, until next time, signing off.

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