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Episode 273: Rod Khleif - Life Time Cashflow

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Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of the Discount Property Investor Podcast. Today David Dodge has a special guest, Rod Khleif, and talks about lifetime cashflow. You always make money when you buy and you get paid when you sell so buy at a discount to eliminate risk. If you are a new investor and you want to get in the game listen to this episode and avail a discount code from Rod Khleif’s multi-family virtual Bootcamp.

Things that will cover in this episode:

  • Who is Rod Khleif and how he got started in real estate?
  • Multi-family virtual bootcamp
    • Goal setting workshop/Make goals
    • Take action and don’t dabble
  • Get started in the Real Estate business

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Episode Transcripts

Welcome back to the Discount Property Investor podcast. Our mission is to share what we have learned from our experience and the experience of others to help you make more money investing like a pro. We want to teach you how to create wealth by investing in real estate, the discount property investor way. To jumpstart your real estate investing career, visit, the most complete free course on wholesaling real estate ever. Thanks for tuning in.

David: Hey guys, welcome back to the discount property investor podcast. I am your host David Dodge and today I have a special guest Rod Khleif and Rod is with Lifetime Cashflow and I met Rod actually a couple months ago at a mastermind down in Tampa Florida, and I'm sitting at the table with Rod and I was just blown away at some of the stuff that Rod was doing and has done in his life when it comes to multifamily property investing He told me some stories while we were there when I got a chance to meet him and network with him and he's just an amazing human, awesome investor and somebody that I thought could really, really provide a ton of value to the audience. Rod, thanks for coming on the show today. How are you man?

Rod: Oh, thanks man. I'm awesome man, it's a beautiful day in paradise, glad to be alive and it was Key West I think, wasn't it?

David: It was Key West, that's right.

Rod: Yes sir, yeah. Yeah, we had a lot of fun. That was an awesome event and what was cool about that event is you know, we're both thought leaders that you know, that other people grow and it was really, the event was all about student success which is the only reason I agreed to go and keynote because I have so little time anymore but yeah, thanks for having me on brother. Let's have some fun.

David: Rod, I'm super happy you're here. I'm grateful for your time today, I know you're a busy guy man so thank you so much for coming on the show. So when we had met, man you we're telling me you know, some of the stuff that you had done and that you were in the multifamily space. So for anybody that's listening and watching that you know, doesn't know who Rod is, tell us a little bit about yourself and kind of how you got started and how long you've been in the game.

Rod: Sure sure. yeah, so let's just- let me go back a ways cuz it'll kind of tie into what I want to talk about. So you know, we- I immigrated this country when I was six years old with my brother Albert, my mother Svantia. I was born in the Netherlands, you know, Holland, wooden shoes, windmills and we came- we immigrated and we ended up in Denver Colorado, and we grew up struggling. So my mom- I mean, just to tell you, I mean it wasn't like horrific or anything, but I didn't wear new clothes till Junior High School when I thought I lied about my age and you know all my clothes were from the Goodwill, the Salvation Army, we ate expired food and I lied about my age when I was 14 to get a job at Burger King cuz I was tall and I was able to work there and buy my own clothes, but you know we ate expired food, we dry- with our cereal in the morning, it was powdered milk instead of regular milk and you know, but- and I'm sure you've got listeners that may have it harder than we did then, or have had it harder in the past but I knew I wanted more and luckily my mom was a bit of an entrepreneur and she had an incredible work ethic. So she babysat kids so we'd have enough money to eat and with her babysitting money, she bought the house across the street from us when I was about 14 for $30,000. When I was 17, she told me she made $20,000 in her sleep and I'm like what? Screw real est- I mean screw college, I'm getting into real estate mom. I'm- you know, I'm not going to college so I never, actually never ended up going to college. So I got into real estate, I actually got my real estate broker's license right when I turned 18. Back then you could become a broker, not just an agent. You become a broker through education and now they got smart and you some experience as well but I was a broker right when I turned 18 and you know, my first year in real estate, I made about 8 grand, maybe 10 grand. My second year, 10 to 12 grand. Again, we're talking 42 years ago.

David: Okay.

Rod: So give me a little poetic license here. But my third year, I made over $100,000 and so, what happened between year two and year three that caused me to 10x my income? Well what happened was I met a guy that taught me about the importance of mindset and psychology. I actually dated his daughter and how- really 80 to 90 percent of your success in anything is just that, your mindset and your psychology. Only 10 to 20 percent is the mechanical information.

David: Isn't that wild?

Rod: Yeah, yeah. It's the truth though, I mean it's not the real estate, it's not the business development, it's not entrepreneurship, it's mindset that's going to get you over the finish line and get- already get you started even, that's even more important. So anyway, fast forward to today, I've owned a couple thousand houses that I've rented long-term, I've owned thousands of apartment units. In 2006, my net worth went up 17 million dollars while I slept and so you know, if you do the math on that, it's $8,300 an hour over a 40 hour work week and of course I did and everybody that held still long enough heard about it and I thought I was a freaking real estate god, my head got so big I could barely fit it through a door and you know, when that happens, God or the universe will give you a nice little smack down. Well that was 2008, I lost everything in 2008, I lost 50 million dollars in 2008.

David: What?

Rod: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

David: Say that again.

Rod: Yeah, 50 big ones.

David: In 2008, 50 million dollars?

Rod: That's conservative actually, yeah but that's what I lost.

David: Holy [unintelligible].

Rod: And so you know, one of the things I enjoy talking about is the mindset it took that 50 million to lose in the first place and then the mindset it took to get back to the success that I'm blessed to have today. So I'm happy to drill down on that with you cuz I really think it'll add value to your listeners if you'd like.

David: Absolutely, absolutely. If you're willing.

Rod: Yeah no, absolutely. So you know, one of the things, one of the first things that we do at my bootcamp, so I do these bootcamps several times a year, it used to be live. I was supposed to have 800 people in Orlando last year for live and we all know what happened with that and I was freaking out. So you know, if you go to, you'll see my happy ass on my phone recording the video, it's still there, we need to change it out one of these days but we went live stream and you know, thousands of people now come to my live stream events but you know, the first thing we do is a goal setting workshop and I call it goal setting on steroids because how the hell are you going to get anything if you don't know what it is, right?

David: Oh, I love that, yup.

Rod: And so by the way, if you're you know, if you're interested in this, if you don't want to come to my bootcamp, that's fine but I did this on my Rod Khleif official Facebook page on January 2nd, year before I did on the 1st but this year I did it on the 2nd and I do it with music and a guide you can download for free and all that, so I guide you through this if you want me to do that with you, but I'll describe it- the process to you right now, it'll take a few minutes.

David: Sure.

Rod: Let me describe it if you don't want to- but if you DM me on any social channel, I'm on all of them and have a team that helps me, you'll get the link to that if you want it.

David: Perfect.

Rod: But anyway, so what you want to do is pick an hour when you have a lot of energy, you know, don't do it right after a meal, make sure you're well hydrated and sit down and write down everything you could ever possibly want in life. Now, take the lid off your freaking brain, imagine if you write it down, you can get it which is not outside the realm of reality cuz there's nothing you can't do, be or have, you just have to make a decision, so write down if you want big stuff, you want the yacht's, the jets, the- you know, the boats, the planes, whatever it is, write that down. Now, but start with all the stuff, the houses, the cars, the boats, the jet skis, the planes, you know write down how much money you want in the bank saying 3 years, how much you want in 10 years.

David: The jet skis, haha. I love it.

Rod: Write down how much cash flow you want from your you know, from your real estate in say 3 years, in 10 years. So write down all the stuff then write down everything you want to do in this lifetime, so you know, places you want to go, like I've got to travel vision board behind my green screen here of the places I want to go again or places I've already been. Write down that down, write down you know maybe you want to climb every mountain over 14,000 feet, I've got a friend doing that or go to the Antarctic or whatever, you know, jump out of a perfectly good airplane, I did that about a year ago, never doing that again.

David: Done that, it's fun.

Rod: Yeah nah I'm never doing it again man, not for me but anyway, I did it though, it's off the list, okay?

David: That's right.

Rod: Anyway, so but- you know, so whatever it is, write it down. Then also write down what you want to learn in this lifetime, okay? So it's not just the stuff, it's everything you want to do, be or have, and so write down what you want to learn, you know, if you want to learn a skill set, you know, if you want to learn wholesaling, you're in the right freaking place. If you want to learn multifamily for god sakes, you know, come spend a couple days with me. I do those bootcamps, I don't sell anything there, 18 hours of training and nothing being sold. By the way, let me give you- let me give your listeners a code. If you want to come, you can come for under a hundred bucks, $97. Again, nothing being sold. If you go to- if you just text Rodlive as one word to 72345, and then remember the-

David: R-O-D-L-I-V-E, Rodlive.

Rod: One word, Rodlive, 72345-

David: So text Rodlive to 72345.

Rod: And then use the code, your listeners can use the code Rodfriend as one word and you'll get 50 bucks off, you can sa- and the tickets don't go over a 150 bucks. I mean again, I'm not making money on this.

David: Sure, sure.

Rod: I believe in adding value and then you know, I don't sell anything there but if you want to dig deeper with me, you know, you can set up a call with my team-

David: Rod, let me repeat that real quick, I have to interrupt.

Rod: Sure.

David: Cuz I wouldn't want the listeners to have to you know, go back to try to find this. So guys, if you want more information about this, you're going to text Rodlive, that's one word, R-O-D-L-I-V-E to a simple short code and that short code is 72345, and once you do that, you're going to get a link that's texted to you and that's what Rod's saying. If you're interested in attending which I highly recommend because I'll be at the next one so you can say hi to me there as well, you're going to use code Rodfriend which is also one word, R-O-D-F-R-I-E-N-D.

Rod: Correct.

David: Just wanted to clarify that.

Rod: Oh, thank you, yeah.

David: Bring the ticket cost down below a hundred bucks. Hey thanks for that by the way, that's amazing.

Rod: No my pleasure. In fact, depending on when this goes live, it might even be 50 bucks cuz I go from 97 to 147, so whenever.

David: Perfect.

Rod: But you know, even a hundred bucks less than a price of a good meal.

David: Hey even better. But yeah, either way, that's an awesome discount. Thank you Rod.

Rod: And I don't- again, I don't sell anything there at all. I've never had a complaint, knock on wood, thousands of people- well that's a lie. They complain that the breaks are too short. I pack 3 days into 2 days-

David: You're just packing value in there buddy.

Rod: But trust me, those freaking 15 minute breaks every couple hours are harder on me than you cuz I got to pee and eat and everything else in there yeah, but anyway.

David: Yeah, you gotta stuff it in, right right.

Rod: Right, but anyway, so- but anyway, yeah come check it out if you're interested in multifamily. I promise you'll be glad you came. So I do this goal setting workshop there and that I'm describing here. So you write down everything you ever could possibly want and take the lid off your brain because what this does when you- just by writing your goals down, it triggers something in your brain called your reticular activating system and that's that filter- it's subconscious, you're not aware of it, but it points you in the direction that thinks you're interested in, your brain subconsciously and the greatest example of it is when you first buy a car, you never really notice them then you see them everywhere. Were they there before? Of course they were. And that's your reticular activating system at work, and that's the same way with your goals. Now, I also want you to write down everything you want to do like I said, I also want you to write down what you want to learn, but lastly I want you to write down who you want to help, you know as human beings, we'll do more for others than we'll ever do for ourselves and so you want to utilize this to drive you. So write down who you going to do things for. I bought my parents a house down here in Florida when my dad was alive, car, took them on cruises. Who do you want to do something for? Write that down. All right. When you can't think of another thing, I want you to put a time limit on each goal, and by the way, if you're analytical, don't stop and analyze your answers to these goals for god sakes, just keep writing, you can always scratch them out later, just keep that pen on the paper, keep going till you can't think of another freaking thing. Then once you can't think of anything else, put a time limit on each goal. How many years it's going to take you to achieve it. Put a 1, a 3, a 5, even a 10 or a 20, remembering that as human beings, we have a tendency to overestimate what we can do in a year and we massively underestimate what we can do in 5, 10, 20 years. Now, I'll give an example of this, I was able-

David: That's wild how it works like that but you are absolutely right.

Rod: No, yeah. When I was 18, I was in Denver obviously but I knew I wanted to live on the beach and there's no beach in Denver.

David: Not in Denver.

Rod: And so I would visualize- I would visualize the surf and the sand and the waves and the palm trees and all that stuff, and 20 years later I built this 8 million dollar, 10 thousand square foot mansion on the beach which frankly was unthinkable when I was 18. So that's the point, take the lid off your brain and whatever it is you want, write it down. Okay, now-

David: You did that at 28?

Rod: Once you- no, no, 20 years later. Did I say [inaudible]?

David: Oh 20 years later, I was gonna say wow but even 20 years later man, that's still crazy.

Rod: 38. Yeah yeah, no no. It was an incredible house, I'll tell you more about it in a minute.

David: Sure sure.

Rod: But it was incredible. You know, gulf to bay, beach on one side, I had my boats on the backside. Yeah, it was incredible.

David: Man.

Rod: So anyway, but that was unthinkable when I was 18. So again, don't limit yourself guys. Even if you haven't got a you know what to you know what right now, just put it down because there's nothing you can't do, be or have. So, once you've got a time limit on each goal, pick your number one goal. I mean that goal when you get it, you're like oh my God, you know you've arrived when you achieve that goal and put that on a separate sheet of paper. Now again, if you DM me, I'll get you the code to my goal setting so I will guide you through this, but regardless you can use just a blank sheet of paper. So write your number one goal and then also pick your top three one year goals and put those on that same sheet of paper, and leave room in between them cuz you're going to write some things in between them. And I will tell you at this point with your four goals, your number one goal and your top three goals, you are ahead of 99.9% of the people on the planet. Most of which do a New Year's resolution that's forgotten by February so pat yourself on the back because a couple-

David: I would say most has forgotten by January 10th.

Rod: Right, right.

David: Man, so-

Rod: But there's a couple more steps. So the goals will drive you, they're important, you need them. They'll push you, they'll pull you, they'll drive you but what's really going to juice you is why you have to achieve them. So I need you to write a paragraph under reach goal, why it has to happen and it's important to use emotionally-charged words, words like amazing and incredible and beautiful because words are so powerful, you want to utilize them. So you might say, so I can show my kids what incredible success looks like, so I can show my wife what it means to live a life of amazing abundance, you know, whatever's going to juice you but that's how you want to phrase it, okay? And you know so we can have the freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want, go wherever we want, bring whoever we want, you know whatever's gonna juice you, write that down. Now, once you got a positive reason why underneath each goal, I need you to put some pain in there as well, and I want you to make it painful if you don't achieve the goal. So you might say, so I don't feel like a failure, you know, so I don't fail my kids, so I don't you know, fail my husband or wife, you know.

David: Yeah, train your brain to think big on the front side but then also think about the repercussions if you don't hit that goal. Man, I like that.

Rod: And make it freaking hurt, make it hurt so I don't live a life of regret because human beings, we will do more to avoid pain than gain pleasure, and you want to use this, it's the fuel. This is what's going to get your butt up early and stay up late, work Saturdays, you know, to grind like most people won't for a few years so you can live the rest of your life like most people can't. This is what makes that happen. So put some pain in there, make it painful so I don't live a life of regret. You know there was this nurse in Australia David named Bronnie Ware. She's a hospice nurse and so she was taking care of patients when they're about to die and she asked them a question. And the question was: do you have any regrets? She wrote a book about it, it's called The 5 Regrets of Dying, and you know what the number one regret was? Not living the life I could have lived, living someone else's life, not doing what I know I'm-

David: Yeah. Not taking a couple risks, right?

Rod: Please. God, can you imagine? I can't imagine. So if you're out there fearing failure, I'm here to tell you: fear regret a lot more than failure, okay? We fail our way to success. I call them seminars-

David: I failed twice today. Man, I'm all about it, right? It happens.

Rod: Yeah. That was a 50 million dollar seminar, you know?

David: Hahaha, that's right.

Rod: It's only a failure if you don't get back up or you don't learn the lesson. I've had lots of seminars, you know, in fact, I built 24 businesses in my career so far, several have been worth tens of millions of dollars, most have been spectacular flaming seminars, okay? We fail our way to success. In fact, I met the billionaire owner of Spanx at another mastermind that I belong to, Digital Marketers War Room, if you're familiar with that, I'm sure.

David: Yup.

Rod: But anyway, Sara Blakely, so she was-

David: I follow Sarah and Jesse. I love them both man, great people.

Rod: Oh yeah yeah, they're awesome. Sarah's so cool, she's such a beautiful human being.

David: Oh yeah.

Rod: Well I don't know if you've ever seen or talked about this but when I was talking to her, she told me that her dad used to ask her and her brother once a week: what have you failed at this week? Is that- I mean for those of you-

David: How amazing.

Rod: Talk about an awesome freaking question to ask your kids.

David: Yeah.

Rod: And my kinds are 30 and 26 now so it's a little late but yeah, I wish I had heard that before cuz that's awesome. So anyway, let's see, you've got your positive and negative reasons why. Okay, the last thing is you got to make declarations or get pictures of your goals. Let me give you some examples-

David: So vision board basically?

Rod: Well vision board is one, I've got several behind me but let me give you some other examples. So but yes, yes, yes, bottom line yes. Vision board is one way, screensaver on your- pictures on the wall, whatever, but I'll give you some examples of how this works. So Jim Carrey, the actor, when he was flat broke, wrote himself a check for 10 million bucks. Google Jim Carrey check, it's right there, in fact he buried the check, he used to go by the Hollywood Sign, he'd look at it when he was flat broke and that's how much money made for Dumb and Dumber, and he buried that check with his dad when his dad died cuz his dad believed in his dream but I'll give you a more recent example, Demi Lovato.

David: That's cool.

Rod: Demi Lovato, the singer, when she was unknown like 11 years ago, posted on social media: I'm going to sing the national anthem in the Super Bowl, not this last one, the one before, go see who sang the national anthem.

David: Yeah, that's cool. Wow.

Rod: Yeah, yeah. Now I'll give you some personal examples. When I was 18, I got my real estate brokers license, right? So I figured I had to have a four door car to show people houses, right? So I got this bone ugly Ford Granada, piece of crap, bench seat in the front. I mean, just a real piece of- but I worked with a guy, the guy taught me about mindset, he had two Corvettes and he let me drive one and I'm like oh my God, this is freaking amazing. So I got a picture of a- this was before the internet, this is again, 1978. I got a picture of a Corvette out of a magazine, I put it on the visor of this bone ugly Granada, within a year or two, I had a Corvette. I'm going to give you some other examples just like the house example but let me pre-frame, telling you I'm not bragging here.

David: No, not at all. Yeah, this is mindset.

Rod: This stuff doesn't even interest me.

David: This is mindset.

Rod: I just want to inspire you, inspire you to what's possible, right?

David: Yeah. Yes.

Rod: So this is back when the TV show Magnum PI was out, okay? And the actor was Tom Selleck and he was a detective in Hawaii and he drove this Ferrari 308, it's the first time I saw an exotic car. I'm like oh my God look at that, so I got a picture of the actual car, put it on the visor of my Corvette, within a year or two, I had a Maserati looked just like it. Last example.

David: Awesome.

Rod: I'm the guy that always wanted a Lamborghini. Once I saw them for the first time, I'm like oh hell yeah, and so I got posters in my room and pictures, and what's crazy is my son collected models of exotic cars and he had like 30 of them when he was 9 years old which is when I bought it and he had a model of the exact same color and style that I ended up with which I ultimately wrecked and totaled but anyway, but the point is get freaking- in fact, let me show you something. Do you put these on YouTube?

David: Yeah, yeah absolutely. Yeah.

Rod: So this is my planner. So for those of you- I use a paper planner, I'm a dinosaur, it's on today, but in the back of this thing, I've got pictures that have been in here for 21 years.

David: No way.

Rod: Yeah, they're in plastic, I mean this used to be called Daytimer, now it's Franklin covey planner, luckily the holes lined up but yeah, I've had these pictures for 20, 21 years. First pictures are my gratitude pictures, the pictures of my kids when they were young. Why? Because everything starts from a freaking place of gratitude, that's how you manifest-

David: Yes, it does. Man, I love that.

Rod: Yeah, so I got my pictures of my kids, they're 30 and 26 now so you see these are old.

David: Yeah.

Rod: I've got pictures of things that I wanted. I talked about that house on the beach, this looks just like that house on the beach before I freaking built it. I had 80 feet of 10 ft high glass like that but together, travertine floors like that and I lost that house in all the craziness and now I live in a compound. I've got six buildings, I've got a big guest house, I'm sorry, guest house on the water, big main house, I've got a media building with a video studio we just created, big exercise room. I mean, big exercise room and garages, I mean just spectacular. It's on the bay because God's got a sense of humor, I can see my old house across the bay, right across the bay. True story.

David: Hahaha, that's great. But you had that original house in the book.

Rod: Right. Now what's crazy is look at those walls in that bottom picture, see the stone walls? Those are actually different places.

David: Sure.

Rod: This is a picture of my backyard, see the wall? Is that freaking nuts?

David: Oh wow.

Rod: And this is again, I've had these pictures for 20 years.

David: Wow.

Rod: So you know, and then stupid shit like watches, I've got $100,000 or actually about $400,000 worth of watches now.

David: Wow.

Rod: The Lamborghini before I ever got it, there's a picture of it. The Rolls-Royce, the Bentley, all- again, it's stuff that doesn't really interest me that much anymore but it certainly did at one time and I had pictures and that's how I got it. So guys get freaking pictures, put them around you, get vision boards, whatever it is cuz that's how you manifest this stuff.

David: Love it, and it's so true guys. That's so true. You gotta start with the goals, right? And then you gotta put together a plan guys, a goal without a plan is a dream. Think about that for a second. A goal without a plan is a dream. So, put together these goals but what I like that you're doing is you're putting together kind of a plan, you know, in a way when you're doing your goals by saying, here's all the awesome stuff that this is going to bring me by achieving this goal and if I don't achieve this goal, this is the negative stuff that I may feel and I like that you take it to the next level Rod, that's really cool.

Rod: But listen, you've gotta have they why's, you've got to have that pain, you've got to have that pleasure because that's how you push through fear. That's how you push through limiting beliefs. Like when I got, when I went to school in Denver, I was 6 years old, I didn't speak English and I got my ass kicked. I found out what bullies were for the first time and then my mom, proud Dutch woman that she is, she'd send me to school in wooden shoes for show-and-tell and those leather shorts, the Germans wore for Oktoberfest, lederhosen, and I'd get my butt kicked again and then they'd chase me home and she chased them off with a flyswatter so the next day you can imagine I got my butt kicked again and so I came up with this limiting belief that I wasn't good enough and so, you know, and lots of people have these, I'm too old, I'm too young, I'm not smart enough, I'm not analytical enough, but you got to have this fuel, this burning desire which Napoleon Hill calls in his book Think and Grow Rich, you gotta have that burning desire to push through that crap, okay?

David: Yeah.

Rod: And- or maybe you're comfortable, the comfort zone is a warm place but nothing freaking grows there, right? And that's-

David: Nothing.

Rod: And this is how you get through it, okay?

David: Right.

Rod: But let me say one more thing know about goals before we move on. You know I built that house on the beach, okay?

David: Yeah.

Rod: This is the one I lost but anyway, I worked for that thing for 20 freaking years, okay? And 2 months after I moved in, 2 months, 20 years, 2 months. 2 months after I moved in, I'm floating in the pool, my family's inside sleeping. Let me describe this place. Okay, so again, I had the beach on one side, boat houses on the backside, gulf to bay it was called, I had-

David: 10 thousand square feet?

Rod: 10 thousand square feet, 8 million dollars is what it was worth and you know, wine cellar elevator, you know, all that stuff. I had a giant spiral staircase up through the middle. I'll just land the plane with this. On the second floor, I had aquarium that went around the staircase that cost me almost 2 hundred grand so that gives you an idea of how-

David: What? That place was awesome.

Rod: Oh no, it was incredible, so-

David: So you're at the house, you're in the backyard laying in the pool. [inaudible]

Rod: I'm in the pool, pools changing colors, it's got  fiber optic lighting.

David: This is only 2 months after it's built and-

Rod: Yeah.

David: Wow.

Rod: 2 months after I moved in. So the pool's changing colors, I mean I've got- I had tens of thousand dollars worth of trees that were bent, they been out over the pool, pools in magazine. Anyway, I'm looking up at this testament to my ego which is really what it was. It was to prove the world I was good enough. It's embarrassing to admit that but that's the truth, you know? I had- cuz I used to ask myself how can I show them I'm good enough from being picked on in school, same shit everybody goes through but you know, that's what my mind did around that and so you know, I'm looking up at this testament to my ego and I got depressed and I don't mean just a little bummed. I mean, I got really bummed. I'm like-

David: So what was it? What happened?

Rod: Yeah yeah, so- you know, what I realized and it didn't make any sense, I had achieved success by like off the hook level and what happened was there was several things going on. That's why I want to mention, this relates to goals. Number one is you should never achieve a big goal without having other goals lined up behind it. It's super important because like the good book says without a vision, the people perish. I didn't have a vision for the future so that's number one. Number two is it's never about the goals. You need the goals, you got to have them, okay? That's how I pulled out of losing 50 million bucks by focusing on what I wanted and why I wanted it again, you need them but it's never about the goals. Like they say, the happiest days of a boat owner's life are the day he buys it and the day he sells it cuz you know it's just getting the goals important but it's never about that. It's who you become on your path to the goals, but the happiness comes from progress and growth, okay? That's the only thing that makes you happy, that wasn't growing is like what am I going to do now? So that was the second thing. But the third big thing was I've been totally focused on myself you know, Rod, Rod, Rod, show the world I matter, show the world I'm good enough, and I went and bought some books from you know, thought leaders like Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar and Tony Hawk, Tony Robbins and I started reading Tony's book, I'm like man, I like this stuff so I went and saw him live and saw that he fed families for the holidays, he's done millions. And so I go back and I decide you know what? I'm going to feed 5 families. So I flew to thank- to Den- back to Denver for Thanksgiving with my brother you know, where I'm from and said you know, let's go feed 5 families. We went to his church, said who really needs help? Got a list of five people, 3rd family changed my life. There's this one woman in this shack with five kids by herself and you know, we brought toys to the kids, we got a frozen turkey, we got you know, boxes of food, She comes out, she sees this stuff on the porch, she starts crying, her kids come out, the older one starts crying, I start crying and I'm freaking hooked.

David: I'm about to start crying. Dude, that's amazing.

Rod: Yeah, well I got to tell you, there's a message here and-

David: Yeah.

Rod: Since then, this is 20 years ago, we fed a hundred thousand kids here in this part of Florida, we've done-

David: What?

Rod: Yeah. We've done tens of thousands of backpacks filled with school supplies. We've done tens of thousands of teddy bears to local police departments for officers to keep in their vehicle.

David: What a cool story man.

Rod: Well I'm not bragging, but there's a message here.

David: No, no, not at all. Of course.

Rod: Yeah, let me give the message cuz the message is important.

David: Sure.

Rod: So guys, you know, we've been taught to achieve to be happy and I'm going to tell you if you give back, you're happily achieving. I know if you listen to Dave that you've got blood dripping from your teeth and you want this so freaking bad, you might be saying to yourself, you know, I'll do it when I have the money, big mistake. Okay? Big mistake. You do it now, find something you're passionate about, kids, the environment, the elderly, you know, whatever.

David: Whatever.

Rod: Doesn't matter.

David: Right.

Rod: Go do something now because even if you just give up your time, not only will you be happy, you'll be fulfilled. Tony Robbins calls it the science of achievement versus the art of fulfillment. You know, not only will you be fulfi- by the way, if you can go see Tony live, just do it. Trust me on that.

David: It's worth it. Absolutely.

Rod: But not only will you be fulfilled, but you're going to get success faster. Okay, now you don't do it for that reason, but if you give back now, you will get- cuz that's the way God of the universe works, you get it back tenfold, a hundred fold. You know, this is why I'm successful, that's why I do these live stream bootcamps and I don't sell anything and I still, you know, have you know, tons of success because it comes back to me.

David: Yup.

Rod: And so give back, you know, and I will tell you, you know, I've- my podcast, the largest commercial real estate podcast in the world, we're- with over 11 million downloads and I've interviewed some of the biggest players in the world in the multi-family space. I mean billionaires and I can see if they're at- they're like I was back then, narcissistic, cuz some of them are really good at hiding it but I can see it cuz it was me, I can sense it and I feel sad for them. And so guys, those of you listening that want this, trust me, incorporate this into your life right now and if you- by the way, every dime in my foundation goes to the kids, I hardly ever promote it but let me just mention this.

David: Sure, please do.

Rod: Yeah, if you want to give to my foundation, text tiny hands to 72345, 22 bucks feeds a family. I cover all the operational expenses and then some and so, every dime goes to food, goes to the backpacks, goes to teddy bears, but regardless, whether you do it with me or not, give back in some fashion because the success will come faster. That's it.

David: I love that. Absolutely agree with everything you just said.

Rod: Thank you.

David: Speaking of your podcast, Lifetime Cashflow, 11 million downloads, wow. Guys check that podcast out as well.

Rod: Again, it's cuz I give back dude. I used to take free phone calls from my listeners and you know, and you know, if- when you give back genuinely, authentically, just with no agenda, it just you know, success is inevitable and yeah I'm really blessed and you know it's funny. You want to make God laugh? Tell me your plans. I never planned to sell coaching or courses or do any of that stuff but you know, I just wanted to add value and tell my story about losing everything and if you're going to invest in real estate for god sakes, that you're going to hold, I like multifamily. I'm not going to push people away from single but I like multi, I think for me it's safer, but the point is so that's why I started the podcast and you know, when I hit a million downloads, I'm like you know knucklehead, you probably ought to do something with this so then I wrote a book, gave it away and then I did a course and now I do coaching and you know like I said you want to make God laugh, tell me your plans. Well what's really cool is my coaching- I want to brag about this.

David: Please, yeah.

Rod: My coaching students, my warriors I call them. I've been teaching what? A little over three and a half years. They own over 45 thousand doors now, units.

David: Wow.

Rod: I'm so freaking proud of that.

David: Holy cow, that's awesome.

Rod: Right. So you know, and that's- and I- you know I love what I do which is why I do this, which is why my wife puts up with me working as hard as I do.

David: Rod, that is the craziest statistic man. You said over the last three and a half years.

Rod: 45 thousand doors.

David: 45- I mean I would think like 45 hundred but 45 thousand in 3?

Rod: 45 thousand. Yeah, it might be closer to 4 years, I might- it might have that stretch a little bit.

David: Whatever, come on.

Rod: Under 4 years, under 4 years yeah. It's cool

David: Wow. That is phenomenal.

Rod: I'm really proud of it man.

David: Holy cow.

Rod: And I will tell you, you know, you can see some of the hundreds of thank-you cards behind me from students here and again, I've only been teaching-

David: Oh, look at that.

Rod: The whole wall is covered with them and I do this, you know I'm kind of addicted to it, like I'm sure you are cuz I literally get love 10 to 15 times a day. Again, I'm not bragging here but I-

David: Yeah, of course.

Rod: I get an email, I just got these posters on framed posters of a king of hearts and a queen of hearts cuz I'm always talking about my beautiful wife. I have no idea who sent them to me. I mean I literally get gifts and cards and dmails and emails every single day so I'm freaking addicted. I'm addicted to the love that I get, you know what I'm saying?

David: Yeah. But well deserved man, you're doing some awesome awesome awesome stuff.

Rod: Oh thank you brother, thank you, thank you.

David: So guys, start with the goals. I think that- I think Rod nailed that, I mean all the things that he wanted, he achieved. You can too but you got to put these things down. You got to write down the goals, you can't just say, oh here's my goal, write it down, look at it, get the vision board, put it in your calendar.

Rod: Re-associate with it.

David: You know I used to have a- I don't have it anymore but I used to have a screensaver on my phone that had my number one goal. I want $100,000 a month in passive income and I'm about a quarter-

Rod: I used to have that above my bed, used to have that above my bed.

David: Yup, and I'm almost at a quarter of it at this point.

Rod: Yeah, and-

David: I will never achieve that goal if I don't see that every single day, right? So it's-

Rod: I met mine and [inaudible] mine , now it has an extra zero, my wife hates it. It's literally right above our bed.

David: Oh I love it, but that goes with what you were saying though is you gotta have your next goal too.

Rod: I've got it right here on the wall too if you could see it on the wall right-

David: Yeah, right there. A million per month.

Rod: A million a month.

David: Boom, I love it. But again, you gotta have that next goal though, right?

Rod: That's it.

David: You can't just get that one and then- yeah, you gotta keep pushing it. Man, I love it. All right, Rod, that was amazing.

Rod: Thanks bro.

David: Awesome, awesome, awesome. Tell us about Lifetime Cashflow, let's talk multifamily.

Rod: Yeah, so you know, I love this business because when I was losing everything in 2008, it was the single family that pulled me down cuz I was too spread out. I had houses two hours north, two hours south and everywhere in between here along the coast.

David: Sure, sure.

Rod: And so the multifamily did just fine through the crash but the single-family, what killed me is like if I had a maintenance issue at one of my apartments, every part is the same, we can stockpile parts, maintenance guy's in and out in an hour. If I had to send him to one of my houses, it could be an hour and a half each way and then-

David: That's half of the day.

Rod: And they have to find a- well, all day.

David: All day.

Rod: They'd have to go find a Lowe's, a Home Depot, you know, buy parts and then get back and would take all day and these were C-class properties so lots of maintenance and so that killed me and then I wasn't paying attention to demographics, see that my tenant population, a lot of these residents were contractors, plumbers, electricians, drywallers, painters, roofers which fell off a freaking cliff in 2008.

David: Yeah.

Rod: So  they didn't have work.

David: Oh man.

Rod: And so I crashed- I crashed and burned but anyway, so I love multifamily, it's what I teach, it's you know, I love it and I think it's the most recession-resistant asset class you can buy in real estate. I mean, after the 2008 crash, within three years, the rent's had already exceeded pre-crash levels, you know, so it's just a- I love it, I teach it, you know, eat live and breathe it and so yeah, if you're interested again, text that Rodlive and come to my bootcamp, I'll be having a live one in December, but my next livestream one will be August 28th and 29th or you can go to but I'll have a live in-person event, now that'll be a whole lot more money, it'll be five times.

David: Yeah, of course.

Rod: It'll be like 5 hundred bucks worth that or a thousand to come, but- if you go VIP, but you know, for a hundred bucks for 18 hours of me training you is kind of a- again, kind of a no-brainer. So if you're interested-

David: So the August 28th and 29th is the virtual one, right?

Rod: Virtual, that's correct.

David: Okay I got it, so is where you can go and I'm assuming if you-

Rod: And use that code- use that code Rodfriend again.

David: I was gonna say, I'm assuming if you text Rodlive to 72345, it's gonna send you that link.

Rod: That's the link you'll get, that's the link you'll get yeah.

David: Got it, got it. Okay cool. And then if you guys wanna get-

Rod: And I don't have the live one buttoned up yet, we're signing the contract next week but I believe it's the first week in December and it'll be in Orlando, okay? So you know, if you want to come live, that's pretty cool too and that's going to be a big one, I'm pushing for a thousand people there so I think we'll easily hit it. There's a lot of pent-up demand.

David: So first week of December, so TBD on the date, the live- that's an actual live event.

Rod: I think it's- yeah, live event.

David: And that'll be over in Orlando in December.

Rod: Yup.

David: Awesome, I absolutely love it. All right Rod, we gotta wrap it up man. Thank you so much for coming on.

Rod: Yup, thanks brother.

David: Before we end though, if you are a new investor, a lot of our audience, right? They're new investors, they're just getting started. We preach buy at a discount hence the name of the podcast, discount property investor, always buy at a discount, right? If you are a new investor, right? And you're wanting to get into the game, other than the goals, you can't use that cuz you already used that, right? We talked a lot about that and it's super important but other than putting the goals into place, what should somebody do to get started in the real estate investing business? What are the first couple things that you would you know, tell somebody if they came to you and they were brand new, didn't- you know they hadn't done 700 wholesales like me, they didn't have 60, 70 properties like me, they're brand new, what would you tell them?

Rod: Well I mean listen, dabblers get crushed so don't dabble.

David: Great advice.

Rod: I mean, you've got incredible resources, if it's going to be wholesaling to get going then for God's sakes David's got incredible resources for that. If you want to go to multifamily we just gave you, you know, my website real estate with Rod has tons of free resources books and videos and articles. Again,

David: I don't think you mentioned that yet.

Rod: No, I forgot, I forgot.

David: It's all good, that's why I'm asking., guys more resources.

Rod: Yeah, it's actually my website is but nobody can freaking spell my name so I- we have that pointed to, so real estate with Rod, but there's tons of free resources, but the bottom line is you gotta educate yourself.

David: Yes.

Rod: You know, so pick your vehicle and educate yourself, don't dabble, don't send me a DM and say how do I do this? Come on. You know, I mean-

David: Totally agree.

Rod: You know, I teach this for 18 hours full on so if you're serious, come see me at one of my events or you know, David can help you on the wholesaling side, whatever, or flipping, whatever you want to do and- but get started for God's sakes.

David: Yeah, don't dabble, that's the takeaway.

Rod: Don't be in the same place you are a year from now unless you freaking love where you are right now.

David: Yeah, which most people don't, let's be honest.

Rod: Right.

David: That is phenomenal advice guys, I'm going to recap that. Don't dabble, get educated and another way to look at this is like fully immerse yourself like you know, get a coach or just start reading and taking courses and doing everything you can to fully immerse yourself, do not dabble, and then of course, set those goals. Guys, this has been a phenomenal episode. Rod, thank you so much for your time. I am super grateful, you are doing such an amazing things. Guys, his students have got 45thousand doors added to their portfolios in just the last 3 and 1/2 to 4 years and on top of that, Rod has an amazing charity that you can also be a part of guys. So, let's recap on some of the ways to connect with Rod. It's Rod Khleif by the way, the last name, K-H-L-E-I-F, did I do that right?

Rod: Yup, yup, that's it.

David: Alright, Rod Khleif. You can connect with him on socials or if you're interested in the bootcamp, right? You can go direct, again that's August 28th and 29th or just text Rodlive to 72345. If you're interested in the charity, text tiny hands at 72-

Rod: Yeah, it's the tiny hands foundation.

David: Tiny hands foundation?

Rod: Yeah, that's the name. It's, but it's tiny- yeah, tinyhands to- no, no, text tinyhands-

David: Text tinyhands.

Rod: I'm sorry I interrupted you.

David: No, you're good, you're good. You text tinyhands to 72345.

Rod: Tinyhands to 72345.

David: I love it guys, and then again, the advice that Rod gave us in the beginning and in the end here, both of these are so incredibly important. Make goals guys, put them down, write them down, look at them daily, doesn't matter if that's writing on the mirror in the morning when you're brushing your teeth or in your phone or in your notebook, whatever, post them, write them, look at them daily and then last but not least, take action, get started, don't dabble. Rod, that was awesome man. Thanks for coming on the show.

Rod: Thank you brother.

David: I really appreciate it.

Rod: I really enjoyed it buddy, I love your energy too and keep it going.

David: Thank you sir. All right guys, don't forget, you always make your money when you buy, you get paid when you sell, there's a difference there. So buy at a discount, that's the goal, that's how we make money, that's really- think of it this way, how we eliminate our risk when it comes to investing in real estate. Get a discount from the beginning then you could go make a bunch of- a bunch of mistakes, not that I encourage you to do, but if that happens and you bought it a discount, you have eliminated your risk. Rod, thanks for coming on. Guys, until next time. Signing off.

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