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Episode 278: Cold Calling LIVE with BatchDialer

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Show Notes

In today’s episode, David and Mike did a live cold calling using Batch Dialer to reach property owners or motivated sellers. Batch Dialer is a multi-line dialer that allows dialing multiple line at the same time and the goal for this episode is to get a property owner on the line and let them know that David and Mike are investors who are interested in buying more properties.

Things that will cover in this episode:

  • Live cold calling leads
  • How to Cold Call?
  • Call Result feature

Service Mentioned:

Episode Transcripts

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David: All right. We are live Mike.

Mike: All right, all right.

David: Let's do this buddy. Hey guys, today we are going to be cold calling motivated sellers for the next 30 to 45 minutes. And Mike and I love doing this, it is a great way to go about reaching property owners.

Mike: That's right.

David: And motivated sellers. Today, we're going to be using the BatchDialer to do our cold calling. We like the BatchDialer, because it is a multi-line dialer and it allows us to dial multiple lines at the same time and the goal is to get a property owner on the phone, let them know that we are investors and that we are interested in buying more properties. We are not selling anything on these cold calls. In fact, we are just trying to reach out to individuals that own properties and see if they have interest in selling a property that they own.

Mike: Exactly.

David: What'd I miss?

Mike: That's pretty much it.

David: That's it, right? I mean-

Mike: And again, the reason we like-

David: I think people often overthink this.

Mike: Yeah, well I think the reason that we like the dialer, Batchdialer,  so much is because it's a multi-line dialer, and if you're not familiar what that means, it means that you can have multiple outbound calls going at the same time so that you're able to connect with more people while you're on the phone dialing instead of sitting there and dialing one number and then waiting, dialing one number and then waiting, you're able to dial two or three numbers at once depending on, you know, how many you're able to handle and again, it just connects you to more people more quickly.

David: Love it man. Let's jump on it.

Mike: Yeah, all right.

David: Cool. All right guys, if you are not familiar with BatchDialer, check it out, Use code Dave, it's going to give you guys a 7-Day free trial to go check the dialer out. It is an awesome awesome awesome way to get- to get in the game. All right, so here it is, this is the dashboard here and you will notice that you can actually click over here on campaigns and we have a bunch of campaigns and I actually just renewed a bunch of these campaigns last week so we do have high equity leads, we got vacant leads, we got North County vacants and landlords. We got BatchDriven and Deal Machine cuz we like to use different apps to drive for dollars. There's inherited property, there's vacant properties, there's a pre-probate which is a new one that we just added.

Mike: And what do you mean by renewed the campaign Dave for people who haven't used this before.

David: Yeah, so basically as you get through a campaign, it'll show you how many leads are left right here and then how many redials you may have left, how many deals you essentially got, and these- when we mark these as deals, that's really just leads that we would add to our system, right? What's been answered, what's voicemail, so you can go in and you can actually recycle the campaigns right over here in the settings area Mike, it's a great little tool and that will essentially allow you to you know, hit those lists a second or a third time. We don't recommend going too crazy on you know, on that of course, but you know, let's say 4 to 6 months goes by, you know, you can always go back and you can renew a list. Now, there is an internal do not call so if somebody says hey stop calling, stop calling, right? Don't piss people off, but we are also are not selling anything too. The goal is to find people that have properties that are interested in selling and from there, you know, try to set up an appointment with those people, make an offer to those people, make a friend, see if there's a problem that they're having that we can help with, right? So here's what I'm going to do. I really like the Saint Louis vacants and tired landlords list, reason is Mike is we get a lot of deals from vacant properties as well as landlords so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go into this campaign real quick and I might actually take our multiple lines on this particular campaign up to 3. We will be using the predictive dialer today, I'm going to have it beep once, answer machine detection is enabled and it looks like we do have some good settings in here and we are scrubbing our federal do not call list as well as our internal company do not call list. In terms of the federal do not call list guys, I get a lot of questions about that, as long as you're not selling anything, you don't necessarily have to scrub that list but-

Mike: Dude, it's so crazy.

David: Yeah.

Mike: And we had a lawyer recently tell us that.

David: That's exactly right.

Mike: It's so crazy.

David: But you know, it does give people a reason to complain if they are on the list and you called them even if you're not selling anything so sometimes we will actually enable the scrub the federal list, other times you know, we won't. It really just kind of depends but for sake of today's quick little video here today, we are just going to go ahead and just keep those settings the same as what they were but I did up the number of lines on this particular campaign to three lines. So now what I want to do is I want to login as one of my callers here so give me one second and there we go. So, let's go ahead and let's go to the campaign and we're going to look for that one that we just found, the vacants and tired landlords, and we are going to- why is it not letting me? Take over call function, there we go. We're going to put ourself as available and we're going to find that- here it is, that campaign, we're going to click confirm and then boom we are off to the races guys. So over here on the right, you can see I have three lines, looks like two of which are dialing right now, and once we start connecting with sellers, it'll beep. Hello, is this Donald? Hello, is this is Donald? Is Donald there? Yup, looks like that disconnected, and that happens right? So that's part of the process, you're going to get a lot of times where the call may disconnect, you may not get people. This is a numbers game, right? So you have to have-

Mike: Okay, so what's important to point out though too, so that call ended, he hung up or Dave hung up, it doesn't automatically start dialing again.

David: Nope, it gives you some time.

Mike: So you can- so we can do a couple things with this lead now, now we can kinda update our notes if we wanted to. If we spoke with him, we could add so we could finish adding additional notes.

David: Yup.

Mike: All sorts of things.

David: So you put notes in there. recorder notes in there. You can go in and you can actually add tasks in, here's your main lead info so there's actually a lot of different ways to actually- what does this button do? Oh this is actually a team chat, wow that's a new feature, didn't even know that was a thing. So basically to re- to get the dialing going again, we're going to go back up here to the top and we're going to click available again. We're going to make sure that we're on the same campaign or the campaign that we want, and then we're going to just give it a second and then basically what's going to happen over here is these are going to start dialing once again, you can actually hide the phone or show the phone right up here so there's a couple different features which are really, really cool that I do like about this. All right, let's go ahead. Sometimes we got to double-check this here,  confirm and just give it a second here, and we're going to jump on in. What does this little guy do? Is that night mode? Oh, night mode, I kind of like that. That's a cool little feature. All right, why is this not dialing Mike?

Mike: I was just wondering that myself, it- we-

David: Let's try- there it goes, nope, that was another one. Hmm... let's see here, let's go over here to break for a second, campaigns. All right, available, confirm. So that should start. Let's go.

Mike: Now, I know in some of them you can like set time settings and stuff, we don't have any time setting right now do we?

David: Uh.

Mike: Maybe we cant.

David: There is a time setting for it like in the amount of time that you may call back a particular contact.

Mike: Right, like-

David: Yeah.

Mike: -exactly within 10 minutes or 15 minutes or whatever, but I was talking about like yeah, don't call them between here and here [inaudible].

David: Yup. Looks like-

Mike: Oh, excuse me.

David: David are you using Danna's login? Yes. So I think that the reason it's not working is because we have one of our VA's-

Mike: Oh, somebody else is playing with it.

David: Yes, and that's probably why so let's just double-check and see. I can use a different one if needed.

Mike: Your little slack was up there on the live.

David: Oh, that's all right.

Mike: Yeah.

David: No big deal. All right, we're just going to communicate with the team here. It looks like we're having two people trying to use the dialer at the same time under the same login. The way that the dialer works is you have to pay per dialer seat. No need, I'll just use Emie's is what John said so that was probably why we were having an issue. Makes sense, no big deal. Alright, let's do this. Let's go ahead and switch back.

Mike: What I like is how good they are at using this compared to us.

David: The callers?

Mike: Yeah like he knew- he already noticed, he's like-

David: I figured that was the case.

Mike: HE's like it's not working, Hey Dave are you using it? Like just instantly, you know? It's pretty cool cuz we're like ah, what the heck's going on?

David: That's exactly right. Yep. All right, so we are back over to Danna's and that's what he wanted us to use, Danna's.

Mike: Yeah, he was going to use it.

David: Okay, perfect. So let's go back over to available, let's click our campaign and it should take off this time. There it goes, see. We had another guy that was logged in using it and again, sometimes you just got to troubleshoot these as they go. Hi, is this Deborah? Hello, is this Debra? Uh-oh, looks like that one hung up but it looks like it's now dialing. So sometimes you'll have- when you're using a multi-line dialer, right? There's pros and cons guys and again, I'm going to go back up here and click available again. Sometimes, when you're dialing out two or three individuals at the same time, you will have multiple people pick up the phone at the same time, so we got two dialing out right now and what happens sometimes if I have two people that answer at the same time, what'll happen is it'll connect you with one of those people, right? And what happens is when that one disconnects and the other person answered, it will call that person back. So sometimes you may not see all of the lines actually dialing, other times you will. So right now, you can see this is up to three and one thing I do want to add to this Mike is that this is a multi-line dialer that actually gives you the ability to dial up to 10 lines at a time.

Mike: Yeah, that's insane.

David: That's just crazy. So we typically like to do two to three. Hello, is this Thomas? Hello? We are not getting through. I wonder if it's cuz we're live streaming.

Mike: I was just about to say that. Hello, hello.

David: Hello, is this Thomas? Hello?

Thomas: Hello.

David: Yeah hi, I'm looking for Thomas.

Thomas: [mumbling].

Call disconnects.

David: Thomas, that either wasn't Thomas, or he wasn't interested in talking to me.

Mike: I don't think he was interested.

David: So, here's the call results. Now, this is something that we hadn't gotten to yet and this is very important so if you are dialing, you're going to want to leave a call result, all right? So we didn't get an answering machine, it wasn't busy, they didn't tell us to call back, the number wasn't disconnected so these call results are actually going to improve your ability to connect with people in the future. If they tell you 'do not call' then don't call them again, right? No answer, not interested, successful sale just basically means it's a lead that's worth adding into the system and then basically at that point, Mike and I or somebody from our team will jump in and call that person back and determine if it's a qualified lead or if it's just a person raising their hand, both of those are totally fine. Unknown or wrong number, I'm going to put this as unknown because we don't really know what happened with this particular one. Go ahead.

Mike: Right, and if we clicked not interested which is kind of what we thought you know, he just whatever, that would actually make it so we wouldn't call him back, right?

David: Yeah, so there's different call flows.

Mike: Right.

David: And you can go and you can set those up, right? So the one- so what we have is not to contact this individual back I believe for like 4 to 6 months.

Mike: If they're in the not interested

David: If they're in the not interested.

Mike: Right.

David: Right.

Mike: So again, because-

David: If they say do not call, we'll never call them again, that's the difference.

Mike: Exactly.

David: That's right.

Mike: Exactly. So unknown again, we're gonna follow up with him in a coup- you know, whenever the number is-

David: Probably in two or three weeks.

Mike: Right.

David: Yeah, something along those lines. Absolutely.

Mike: Because again-

David: The only reason that I'm marking it as unknown is because it truly is unknown.

Mike: Yeah.

David: You know?

Mike: Maybe he was on the other line, maybe he- who knows?

David: I love it. So you always wanna hit that call result and when you do hit the call result, it's going to take- typically start dialing again or it's going to put you back at available and boom, just like that you can see there's three new leads that are coming up right here. So, it will beep and there's different settings that you can select to basically connect you, right? And I really like that feature because sometimes people will just want to do their things just a little differently here. So again, we are calling St. Louis vacants-

Mike: When it beeps, it connects you, right? You don't have to hit the answer button?

David: I believe so, yup.

Mike: Okay.

David: But there's other options for it though.

Mike: I think on- I think- or maybe she has her seat configured differently cuz it looked like you had to click on it that time.

David: I did. Yeah, I don't know-

Mike: And that's when it actually connected, so we might need to-

David: Yeah, maybe something that Danna has particularly in her account or it could be an actual campaign setting for our St. Louis vacants and tired landlords. So we originally pulled this list Mike February 9th, and-

Mike: Not too long ago.

David: And we're into July and that's why I had recycled it.

Mike: Yeah.

David: We had gotten through it already, we had gotten some appointments and some leads from this list, but it is a couple months old at this point and we still have that do not call list guys, that doesn't go away. So anybody that we call from this particular list that says hey quit calling us or we're not interested for example, we're either going to not ever call them back or we're going to choose to wait a couple months to call them back. So just like this guys, we have three lines going out and it does actually make me click the button.

Mike: Yeah.

David: That's okay Mike, that's fine. Hello, is this Matthew?

Female speaker: No, you have the wrong number.

David: Oh, I'm so sorry about that. I'm actually trying to reach the owner of 7510 Weaver? Is that you by chance?

Female speaker: No, it isn't.

David: Okay, well I'm sorry about that. Have a great day.

Female speaker: Alright.

David: Boom. Okay, so it's going to ask for a call result and this is the wrong number.

Mike: Easy.

David: We did not get the person so we're going to select that as the wrong number. Now again, this makes the system smarter every time we give feedback, right? It's basically saying, okay don't call this number, it's the wrong person or they're not interested so you know, give them a couple months before you follow up again and if they say don't call, then don't call and if it's busy, so on so forth. So, all of these call results guys can actually be changed, it doesn't look like I can change them in the login that I'm in as Danna, as one of the agents but if I were to go back to my admin login.

Mike: Right.

David: It can actually go to the call results and I can actually change what happens depending on the result that I select. You can also- this is a really cool thing Mike, but you can also- here we go, we got another one. Hello?

Mike: Hmm, looks like it disconnected.

David: It's dialing still which is kind of weird but it's dialing somebody else.

Mike: That's what I'm saying, I think that it didn't yeah, just didn't quite connect.

David: Let's see what happens,

Mike: Well, it's smarter than Dave and I, you know? Like this things got-

David: That's right, we don't use this-

Mike: Microchips.

David: -day in and day out. We have a team that helps with this but it is- it's very-

Mike: No, but it's in the software is very intuitive and it knows what it's doing.

David: Yeah absolutely, but it is very good to do this Mike and I really enjoy doing this with you sometimes, but this is a numbers game guys. Please keep that in mind, this is a numbers game and you know, not every time that we sit down for 30 to 45 minutes or an hour or sometimes, we have students that do this for two and three hours each and every day. Not every time that you sit down are you going to come across a seller that's motivated, right? But the goal though is to fill your pipeline.

Mike: Exactly.

David: That's really the goal and I just really want to emphasize that because not every time are you going to get that seller that's motivated, but also not every lead of somebody essentially that's just raising their hand is going to sell you their house right away.

Mike: Yeah, well see and I think that's what we really like about having this system and then having our assistants do a lot of the dialing is that we're asking for people to raise their hand. That's what we want out of our systems, just find somebody who says yeah I'm interested in selling. So again, they're not necessarily a well-qualified lead when they get to us but they at least said hey give me a call, I want to talk about selling my house, come out and take a look at it and make me an offer, as opposed to the possibly Thomas there who said-

David: Yeah hi I'm looking for Jeffrey. Hello, is this Jeffrey? Hello, is this Jeffrey? I'm looking for Jeffrey. Sounds like they hung up.

Mike: Yeah.

David: So we'll hang up on that one and we don't know, you know, that was an unknown, right? So again, you just want to put the call results in that makes the most sense to you.

Mike: What was I saying right before you stopped where we got a call there? So we're just looking for people to raise their hands and were not like the other guy who maybe was just saying ah, get out of here, you know? Like they just hang up right away. So we're not dealing with that day in and day out, we're literally picking up the phone on people who have already said yes, I'm interested in selling, so it's a huge benefit for us and our little pipeline to have our team do a lot of this calling, really filters out the leads cuz like Dave said it is a numbers game. We have to have a lot of contacts contacted essentially. I mean we need to contact a lot of people who may not be interested before we find those ones who are interested.

David: That's exactly right Mike, that's exactly right. Okay, so it looks like we are dialing one person right now, op- now we're dialing three and again, you can adjust this. You can adjust the speed, the number of dials. I need to turn that thing off.

Mike: All your dings baby.

David: It always does that.

Mike: All his computers went off at the same time.

David: Six computers all making noise, but you can obviously scale this up or down. Personally, we like to have our team dial typically two if not three, but no more than that simultaneously. If you start doing five or six at a time or you know, you get those numbers up, you're going to have a lot of incidents- instances where somebody answers the phone and you're already connected with somebody else and it's going to confuse them and really the name of the game, the goal here is to get people on the phone, it's not to necessarily have your second or third or sixth line calling if you're already connected. So again, pros and cons to you know, having a few numbers going versus a lot of those numbers going at the same time. Now you'll notice on the right side, we do have a call script in here and this is just a really basic call script in the event that- and you'll see that it does mail merge in, like for instance this is a Jeffrey Kiger at 4436 Gannett and it'll mail merge that in so it will definitely help in the event that you don't know what to say.

Male Speaker: [inaudible]. What's up

David: Hey, what's up? I'm looking for Carol. Is Carol around by chance?

Male Speaker: Nah, that's the wrong business mate.

David: Oh no. I'm looking for-

Male Speaker: Man yeah, I'll talk to you later dude.

David: You still there? Op- he hung up, no problem. Okay so that one there would be what Mike? What would you call that call result?

Mike: I'd almost call it unknown and I'd put a note. I would go unknown, it's not Carol but it could be the owner or a relative, you know I'm saying? Cuz he knew something about Carol so he might know something about Jameson so next time I called, I would say I'm looking for the owner of 5421 Jameson as opposed to looking for Carol.

David: That's exactly right. I love that. Boom, all right. Now hey check this out Mike, this is actually a super cool tool that we have here.

Mike: Cool tools, all right.

David: Yes, in here. So let's say that we did get Carol and/or the owner of this Jameson particular property, well we can go into the property details right here, isn't this cool?

Mike: Oh yeah, here we go.

David: And we can actually see an image of the property.

Mike: I'd definitely buy that house.

David: Look how cool this is, we can use this map feature over here. Now again, we're dialing right now while we're doing this, right? We can also see the value-

Mike: Yeah, so it'll boot us out of here when we connect.

David: Yeah, boot us out of here when we connect which is fine, it'll take us to the new leads.

Mike: Hey click on the notes, see if your note got added.

David: And there's the note.

Mike: There it is, it's not Carol.

David: It's not Carol, could be the owner, relative, etcetera.

Mike: Yeah.

David: But this property details area has really come a long way in the last couple of weeks.

Mike: Yeah, it looks great.

David: Literally like I get an email probably once a week and they're just like updates, and I get an email from BatchDriven, BatchLeads, BatchDialer.

Mike: Can't keep up.

David: We love all the Batch products over here but essentially they're constantly adding new stuff so you have your value in here. You have any mortgages, right? That may be, you have any MLS status, so this particular property was actually listing or listed, you know, back in '18. Here's a new one.

Answering machine: Goodbye.

David: Op- that was a voicemail so we are just going to click as answering machine. Now, we are no longer dropping voicemails guys. We used to drop voicemails and we are no longer dropping voicemails because regardless if somebody's on the do not call list or not, the voicemails need to be done manually, right? You don't want to pre-record a voicemail and use a computer automated system to drop that voicemail. If you're doing that on a cell phone, regardless if you're selling something, regardless if they're on the do not call list or not, it's not really-

Mike: You're not allowed to Robo-dial-

David: You're not allowed to do that.

Mike: -and leave automated- or voice messages.

David: That's right.

Mike: So basically you can't just send out a bunch of pre-recorded voice messages.

David: That's right. So if you want to leave a voicemail, you are welcome to do so but you need to do it manually.

Answering machine: -one. Credit cards, press two. Online banking, press three. Debit card-

Mike: That's a wrong number.

David: That is a wrong number. Boom, wrong number. So when you collect the wrong number, again you're going to want to go into the call results on your end and you are going to want to make sure that the wrong number either doesn't redial that number or in some cases maybe not even that contact, right? So the do not call would actually not call that contact back and they may have you know, multiple numbers. Hello?

Male Speaker: Hello.

David: Hi. I'm looking for the owner of 8227 Michigan.

Male Speaker: May I ask who's calling?

David: Sure, my name is David and I'm with Household Easy. I'm just curious to see if you have any interest in selling that property. We own a couple properties in the area already and I'm just calling today to try to find some more people that are interested in selling their home.

Male Speaker: At this time, I am not.

David: Okay, good deal, good deal. You don't happen to have any other properties that you'd be interested in selling do you?

Male Speaker: I do not at this time.

David: Okay, very good. Well I appreciate your time today sir, you have a great day.

Male Speaker: Thank you.

David: Awesome, so that call was ended and this guy was not interested in this call. So again, we're not going to try to call him back right away, right? We're going to probably give it four to six months before we will try to follow up with him to see if something's changed or you know what, whatever that may be. So not interested would be the call result and again, we are going to put that over- I'm kinda curious to see cuz we do have some properties on Michigan and this is- it looks like the property here, so that's pretty close to South Broadway, the patch. I really like this map man, this is really-

Mike: I like how all the subdivisions in St. Louis are now their own little thing, you know, like I've never even heard of the patch before.

David: Right.

Mike: I don't know, 6 months ago. Is it new or has it been there forever?

David: No, it's been there for a while but it's really started to grow and build.

Mike: Gotcha. Like people are investing there I guess is the main thing.

David: Yeah, it's definitely a unique little neighborhood.

Mike: Yeah.

David: There's a nice little burger joint right in the middle there as well and yeah, I've looked at a few properties in there probably in the last six months or so. We've boughten one or two in there Mike that we've wholesaled but we don't have any rentals in that little pocket but it is a good little area though, I do like that. But I love all this information that you have, you know, about the property that's here basically, you know, when was it last listed for sale? How long have they owned it? That's a very, very valuable piece of information. This is the mailing address is over here on Gravois for this particular property so you can tell that this is an absentee owned property, you can see that it's owned by an LLC and look at this man, this thing was built in 1900 so this is over- this particular property is over-

Mike: 120 years old.

David: 120 years old.

Mike: She's getting up there.

David: Which is pretty crazy man, it's pretty crazy. Also, you can see if the lead was on any different campaign which is really, really cool, right? So this is obviously on a bunch of campaigns probably cuz it's a vacant property or an absentee owned property. Also, you can see your call activities so you can see any different time in the past that you may have reached out to that individual which is really, really cool. Notes obviously is where you're going to take notes. If you do want to set a follow-up call, you can click this right here and then you can select a day and a time to follow up with that individual so that's a really, really cool tool as well if somebody calls or like somebody answers you know, with your cold calling efforts Mike and they say hey I do have the property and I am interested in selling it but I'm walking into the doctor right now, you know can you actually- can you- today is Wednesday, July 14th but maybe they say, you know I'm actually going to have some time Friday morning, can you call me then? Right? And that's a great example of where or why you would want to set the follow-up call and actually have a specific day and a specific time to go do that which is awesome. So we've been on for 30 minutes at this point guys, we've probably only been dialing for you know, 20 of those-

Mike: 15, yeah.

David: 15 or 20 of those-

Mike: We've connected with what? 3 or 4 people?

David: We've connected with 3 or 4 people, right, but we've also been dialing a lot of people. Now, people may call back as well, right? Not necessarily from a voicemail cuz we're not necessarily dropping voicemails and if you want to do voicemails, you can do voicemails but you need do them manually and you need to do them in real-time. It's not something that we would ever you know.

Mike: They could call back from just a missed call too.

David: And that's what I'm getting at though, yeah.

Mike: Yeah.

David: We do not recommend using an automated service like this particular one though to drop voicemails, if you do voicemails- Hi, I'm looking for Raymond. They hung up so that was just unknown and I kind of want to go change the thing from having to push that button, right? There is a way to do that, right? So I'm going to do this, I'm going to put this-

Mike: Well it's her dia- it's her seat bro.

David: No, it's actually done in the campaign.

Mike: Is it?

David: Yeah, yeah. So here's what we're going to do, we're gonna put this on break but it's going to still finish these existing calls that are going out, right? Once that's done and we're in Danna, I'm going to just go modify the campaign. One, I want to learn the differences between the options, right? And I think the beep, yeah you have to still collect- select the green button, right? But I believe that there are some options that you don't have to. So these will probably both in cuz our time out's set for like 30 seconds. So this one should end here any second here, if not connect me, that's the whole point. All right, that one ended too so here's what we're going to do, we're going to go back to our main admin console here. I'm going to go over here to my campaigns and I'm going to find the one that we were just on which was our vacants and tired landlords. I'm going to click into edit, I'm gonna click advance mode and then here you go. So call connect type, so the auto answer is probably what you were thinking Mike that we wouldn't need to select anything, right? Beep once is going to prompt us to actually take the call.

Mike: Yeah, I think that's probably the way to go though.

David: The beep once, yeah.

Mike: Yeah man, auto answer-

David: Cuz if you are doing a couple-

Mike: When we're doing this and we're talking and then all of a sudden we're on the phone like-

David: That's exactly right. Right. I'm just curious to see the different options, right?

Mike: Yeah, you gotta be on-

David: And then a ringing sound I'm sure is similar to beep, you're still going to have to select.

Mike: Yeah, but that beep's really annoying and it really gets your attention.

David: It gets your attention.

Mike: Yeah.

David: Which is a good thing, right. So let's not actually mess with this. Let's take this up to-

Mike: Uh-oh.

David: Increasing the lines per agent can result in a lower connection rate due to increase phone number spam detection.

Mike: I wouldn't do it.

David: So it's telling you don't necessarily go above 3.

Mike: I wouldn't do it.

David: Let's keep it at 3 man, I like it. So we're going to save that campaign. We're going to go over here and we're going to login back as Danna and we're going to select up here at the top available and then we're going to select the campaign. So we're right back into the same campaign that we were in, right? And then they do have a really cool dashboard too Mike which definitely helps, so it's going to show your call results. Now this is showing 07/07 to 07/14 so obviously you're going to want to change your time frame for all of the particular data here, right? but over the last week, we've had it looks like 6 hours, no is that right? Yes, almost 7 hours of time on the phone, that's actual talking time. We've made over 884 calls and again, this is Danna's, this is just Danna, so we have three different people. So you know, when we're logged into the admin portal, we can actually see all of it versus just Danna's specifically, right? But of the 884 calls that were you know, done, you can see 300 of those were no answer, 176 were busy, you know so on so forth, so you do have a lot of really cool data that is just from your dashboard. Also, you can look at your recent contacts and you can see your call results.

Mike: That's cool.

David: Which is really cool. You can see what campaigns were actually dialed, right? You can go in and you can actually search a contact so if you want to you know, let's say that you had made a note to call somebody back and you didn't actually use the calendar, right? You just did it another way, that's fine. You can always go search in here, all, dialed, undialed, you know, did you make an appointment? So on so forth. So there's lots of different ways, next is to see the different campaigns and you can see this one's dialing cuz we're in here, right? So this is also a really, really great tool to use and look at this, pre-probate. So John on our team, no need I'll just use Emie's login. So John is dialing in real time while we are dialing in real-time. So let's get through a couple more of these calls Mike and what we'll do is we will log back into the admin portal and then we can actually just monitor John too.

Mike: That's cool.

David: And show people that that's such a cool tool because sometimes I will use that feature to where I am, let's say I am doing other stuff, right? But I kind of want to keep an eye on my dialers. I can use that feature to see that they're dialing and there's two cool things in there. One is that it gives you the ability to listen in on their existing calls and the other is actually a barge in feature. So what that does Mike is-

Mike: Dave loves that.

David: -it allows us to jump in on that call with them, right? And we may say something like oh hey, I just walked in the office and I overheard the call, you know, my name is Dave, you know, Emie or John or Dana, you know, they're on my team here but I just wanted to just jump on the call real quick cuz I really like that area or that zip code, you know, and then you can obviously help out or take over or whatever, whatever you please here. All right, one dialing here. It looks like that's probably a redial for one that maybe answered. Otherwise you typically are going to see all three of those dialing so we shall see. But I do like to see that we do have somebody else on there dialing right now which is really, really cool and then of course you can see these different categories here, you know, how many of these particular calls, you know, went to voicemail or whatever. Hello I'm looking for Michael.

Male Speaker: Keep looking.

David: Is this Michael? He hung up. All right, so I'm going to put that as not interested, right? He didn't necessarily say that he's not interested but he wasn't too happy that we were calling him today so hey, no big deal. Look at all the different contact lists that we have on this, so this is kind of like a reverse list stacking, right? So when people are on multiple-

Mike: Yeah, it's just showing you which campaigns they're on.

David: It's just showing which campaigns that they may be on, right? Now the cool thing is if they do get added to a do not call list, it's internal, it doesn't matter if it's this campaign or that. It does that by the actual content.

Mike: The number phone number, yeah.

David: Phone number and/or the contact name which is a really, really great tool. Again, property details, it has come a long way, right? This guy's got a property with an estimated value around 75 grand, looks like he's got no mortgages, he bought it for 40 thousand back in '09.

Mike: So is Batch getting into the comp game as well?

David: Oh absolutely.

Mike: Do they have a service available? I don't even-

David: Absolutely.

Mike: I haven't heard of it or seen it. Is it just kind of built into everything?

David: So it's built in to BatchLeads, it's built in to the dialer.

Answering machine: We will return your call.

David: So this would be Robert. So we are going to put answering machine on that one, right? And again, depending on the result is going to determine when we're going to call those people back. Hello, I'm looking for James.

Answering machine: To review, re-record or add to your message, press 1. To-

David: So that's also an answering machine. Alright cool.

Mike: We left a message said hello I'm looking for James.

David: That's right.

Mike: Yeah.

David: Okay, so what we're going to do is we're gonna put this on break but we do have some dialing so we're going to obviously let those finish, looks like those all ended.

Mike: Finished.

David: Yup, so now let's go back. So this is more of the admin side of things guys. So I'm logged into my main David Dodge account, I'm not logged in as you know, one of our dialer seats here. You can see the dialers are going to be under user and then myself, Carine and Dennis are going to be you know, as supervisor. So basically, anybody that's a supervisor, you can add those people in and there's no additional cost to add supervisors. What I want to do though is I want to go over here to reports and I want to click live and what this is doing is this is actually showing me what's on a call. So look at this, Rochelle which we know is actually John cuz he's logged into her account, he's on a call and there's two minutes and 40-ish seconds so let's listen in.

Female Speaker: No, no, no it's just [inaudible] home.

John: Oh okay, little family home. It's just said the property is just so big, the reason why it has six bedrooms, right?

Female Speaker: Right, you can make a duplex if you wanted to. A lot of people make those into duplexes now but you got two sets of beds too.

John: Yeah, I agree. Yes. By the way, do you have any like, any reason why you're selling the property? You mentioned earlier that you guys are moving out, right?

Female Speaker: Right. [inaudible] and I'm the only one there, I'm the mom.

John: Oh.

Female Speaker: My husband died. It's too- [inaudible] and it's got a garage, it's got too much.

John: Yes I agree, I could not agree more with you. All right, very good. I just got one last question here before I run the numbers for you ma'am. Do you still have mortgage on the property?

Female Speaker: Still have [audio cuts] mortgage on it?

John: Yes, mortgage.

Female Speaker: Yeah, that's why I'm asking for that price cuz I have to cover the mortgage.

John: Ah okay. Cool.

Female Speaker: The mortgage is 50.

John: Yes, I agree.

David: So guys she can't hear us right now, we're just listening.

John: Here's what I'm gonna do ma'am, I'll-

Female Speaker: If you're going- If you go on the internet, the banks that hold the property and it's been up there for a while is asking 152 thousand, that's- they don't have the [audio cuts] on the property either, so I'm really selling it down if I say 125 because we had so much work done on it, but we were not attending for my husband who just died last year but he did.

John: Okay, I got you. No worries ma'am, we'll try to come up with that numbers. I'll just do a little, a little bit of homework in here and run the numbers for you. Is this a bad contact or call [audio cuts] reach you ma'am? The one that I'm calling you right now.

Female Speaker: Yeah, this is a good- this is the contact number.

John: Okay.

Female Speaker: And what's the name of the- could you text me?

John: Sure, yeah.

Female Speaker: Could you text me the information and what's your name?

John: Yeah, definitely. My name is John, the company name is Household Easy.

Female Speaker: Oh Household Easy, okay John.

John: Yes.

Female Speaker: Okay, text me and put a name on your- on the text, put the name of your company down first so that I'll- I get so many emails, I don't want to delete it cuz I want to talk back with you okay?

John: Sure, no problem ma'am. Definitely will do. All right, thank you so much for your time.

Female Speaker: Okay, thank you. Okay, all right.

John: Have a good one today, we'll call you back.

Female Speaker: You too. Okay, all right bye.

David: Boom, just like that guys and that's really what it comes down to, is just getting people on the phone. So I really love the feature of being able to listen in to the callers, right? Occasionally Mike and I will do it like we just did, but we have three people on the team that are calling.

Mike: That's the best call we had today was listening to John's.

David: That was the best call. John's great, he does great for us so, you know, John. So each of our callers are 20 hours a week and they dial Tuesday through Saturday, right? We don't call on Sundays, we don't call on Mondays just because I'd rather have one of the weekend days being used and then also, we're not dialing too early in the morning or too late in the evening, I think we typically start around 9 and we stop at 6, all right? We don't go before, we don't go after and the whole point of that is to you know, not upset people of course but also get people on the phone. Calling too early or too late, you are not going to have as great of results, right? So you can see here that there's no live calls going right now and the reason is John is adding that lead to our system as we speak so Mike and I are going to get a notification here probably in the next 3 to 5 minutes, maybe sooner of John saying hey I just spoke to this lady and she's got this property that she's interested in selling, right? And then that leads going to come over to us, so then what we're going to do is we're going to call her back and we're going to say hey you know, thank you so much for talking to John on our team, you know, he's a valued asset and we really appreciate you know, you giving him some time. It sounds like you have a property that you want to sell and we are in the business of buying properties so you know, maybe we can help you. And that's it, that's the whole thing, it's marketing, right? That's it so you got to get on the phones. If you don't like getting on the phones or you're working full-time, guys you can find people to do these calls for you and we actually can help you with that. So if you are looking for a virtual assistant to help you set this up, let us know. Mike and I would be more than happy to connect you guys with the team of people that we use, all right? Last but not least, guys go check out BatchDialer, all right? We just kind of gave you guys a quick brief tour of it today, you saw Mike and I making cold calls, you saw us listening in to our team that's actually making cold calls 60 hours a week, 3 people at 20 a piece, that's 60 hours a week, Tuesday through Saturday. Mike, what would you say the number of leads that we average a day? Probably 4 or 5.

Mike: Yeah, I mean 3 to 5 probably.

David: 3 to 5, so it varies. Some days we will get zero but that's rare, right? On a low day it's usually one, two or three. On a good day, guys I've seen as many as 12 leads come in, on a good day so it's going to vary depending on how often you're doing it but if you average out 3 people at 20 hours a week, we're probably getting somewhere around 5 leads each and every day from the power of an autodialer so we highly recommend it guys, BatchDialer is the way to go, use code Dave or click the link below this video right here to get your- get access to a free trial. They're going to give you 7 days to test it out for yourself and with that 7 days, I believe you get a number and unlimited dialing as well. So guys, I hope you enjoyed this whatever you call that, impromptu?

Mike: Yeah.

David: Cold call?

Mike: I don't know it's just a cold call in a video.

David: Yeah, that was fun. But it's really exciting to see that lead coming from John, Mike and I are going to actually wrap this up but we're going to go and we're going to find that lead that he just added and we're going to call that seller and hopefully set an appointment guys. Have a great rest of your day. Don't forget, if you want to check out the free trial, click the link below. Signing off. See you next time.

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