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Episode 303: Travis Wakefield on BRRRR's and Flipping!

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Show Notes

In today’s episode of Discount Property Investor Podcast, David Dodge has a special guest, Travis Wakefield. An expert raising real estate from nothing and this episode, David and Dave talk about the essentials of investing and the profit of the investment. If you are looking for inspiration to pursue your investment and dreams, you must watch this episode. Check this out, guys!


Things that will cover in this episode:

  • Who is Travis Wakefield and how got started in real estate?
  • How he became a billionaire from nothing.
  • How did he get his first property without knowing about real estate?

Part 1

  • The story is about how he got started in the real estate industry and how he inspires people of reaching their dreams like him. From nothing to something. From zero knowledge to a real estate holder.
  • The story about how he got started in the real estate industry

Part 2

  • How he exploits his idea and manages to work on his dream to become a real estate holder.

The main things that he learns doing this real estate business and life

  • Trust the process
  • Having faith in your dream
  • Learn from your coaches


Episode Transcript Soon

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