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Episode 307: Josh Cantwell with FreeLand Ventures

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In today’s episode of Discount Property Investor Podcast, David Dodge has a special guest Josh Cantwell, The CEO of Strategic Real Estate Coach, Freeland Ventures & Yellowjacket Properties. Entrepreneur, Husband, Father, & Pancreatic Cancer Survivor. He also manages coaching programs with over 3000 students across the U.S, Canada, The UK, and Australia.



  • Who is Josh Cantwell?
  • What is Josh Cantwell's Goal?
  • Explain what is syndication 101?
  • Josh tells us how he raises capital for a private investor
  • Josh shares the moment which helped lead him to pursue a career in real estate
  • What are The 9 traits of successful entrepreneurs?
    1. They invest for Cash Flow NOW!
    2. No one is coming to your rescue.
    3. To be successful you have to have super time management skills. Having a time coordinator is a pro tip (Focus Days & Buffer Days)
    4. Refuse or avoid the screen sucking OCD loop (move the needle)
    5. Use Technology as a weapon (if it's not in software it didn't happen) 
    6. Be clear of the end result (ACER - Absolute clarity of end result)  Detailed / Grain lair end result 
    7. Scale the "1 to many concepts"  Do work that allows you to get in front of many people 
    8. Service trumps price (adopt software/wear uniforms / have office hours) 
    9. The business of business is a people business (WHO NOT HOW) It's all about the people that run the process

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