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Episode 309: Pro Tips for Successful Real Estate Investing!

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Show Notes

In today’s episode of Discount Property Investor Podcast, David Dodge has a special guest Co-host Michael Slane, Pro Tips for Successful Real Estate Investing, invest podcast brings you top-notch advice and expert opinion on all things related to buying Investment Property. We recommend being a discount property investor which means buying non-listed property in areas that make sense for a cash flow investor. The podcast covers tips on buying, maintaining, and managing your property. If you are interested in property this is an inspiring interview because we will show you how to build the business.



  • How to become a PRO in Real Estate?


  1. Business days
  2. Always make an offer
  3. Go the extra mile
  4. You see why a closes
  5. Make a friend
  6. Follow up
  7. You make your money when you buy, you got paid when you sell

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