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Episode 313: 17 Year Old's First Wholesale Deal

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Show Notes

Johann Dammert, who is 17 years old and still in junior high school, joins David Dodge as a special guest on today's episode of the Discount Property Investor Podcast to discuss how he acquired his first deal.


Plan / Marketing Efforts: 

  • He is using BatchLeads to SMS
  • Was using Mojo but stopped to move toward SMS
  • Uses Propstream - Data / Leads
  • Skiptracing via Versium
  • Budgeting around 700-800 a month
  • He is sending 500 a day / 10K a month!

Title of the book:

“Stay on the top of your title company”

“Consistent + Persistent + Action = Success”

“You can do it, age doesn’t matter”

Episode Transcript Soon

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