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Episode 313: 17 Year Old's First Wholesale Deal

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Show Notes

Johann Dammert, who is 17 years old and still in junior high school, joins David Dodge as a special guest on today's episode of the Discount Property Investor Podcast to discuss how he acquired his first deal.


Plan / Marketing Efforts: 

  • He is using BatchLeads to SMS
  • Was using Mojo but stopped to move toward SMS
  • Uses Propstream - Data / Leads
  • Skiptracing via Versium
  • Budgeting around 700-800 a month
  • He is sending 500 a day / 10K a month!

Title of the book:

“Stay on the top of your title company”

“Consistent + Persistent + Action = Success”

“You can do it, age doesn’t matter”

Transcript Episode:

Welcome back to the Discount Property Investor podcast. Our mission is to share what we have learned from our experience and the experience of others to help you make more money investing like a pro. We want to teach you how to create wealth by investing in real estate, the discount property investor way. To jumpstart your real estate investing career, visit, the most complete free course on wholesaling real estate ever. Thanks for tuning in.

David: Hey guys welcome back to another episode of the discount property podcast. I am your host David Dodge and today I am joined by one of my students and he is 17 years old, he is in high school, and he just got his first wholesale deal. The gross profits on this deal were 18,000, he had a joint venture partner and he walked away with $11,000 net profit all while doing this in high school and texting sellers, calling and texting sellers on his lunch break or while in class or after hours in the evenings. If he can do this at the age of 17 then there is no reason that you can't do this at any age. So tune on in guys, check it out, this has been an amazing podcast and let's go ahead and kick it off. Alright guys I am here today with one of my students Johann Dammert and he is 17 years old and he just got his first wholesale deal this week, in fact it was just a day or two ago that he got paid. I got him on and I think we can all learn a lot from Johann, he is crushing the game, just got his first deal. We gotta ring that victory bell for Johann. Oh yeah baby, oh yeah. So Johann welcome, tell us about this deal and congrats my man, I'm so happy for you. The first deal is always the hardest.

Johann: Thank you. Yeah so this deal was from the marketing channel so I used Batchleads to send messages. I normally send out like 500, a thousand messages a day, and this property was about 20 minutes away from my house so I-

David: Where are you located at?

Johann: I'm in Florida.

David: Okay and you're in high school right?

David: Yeah.

David: And were you sending these text messages while you were in school? Were you doing it nights at weekends? You doing it in the evening? When were you sending these messages out?

Johann: So I sent these messages on my lunch break so I would just have them auto click and then just keep on sending like 500.

David: So you're in high school and you're doing this on your lunch break. So anybody that's listening right now that says I can't find the time, we got a high school guy here doing deals and he's sending text messages on his lunch break. Johann you are an inspiration to everyone my friend, this is awesome.

Johann: Thank you.

David: Okay so I didn't mean interrupt. You're sending texts on your lunch break and by the way Johann has been working with me for a couple months now and we've been working really hard to get him his first deal and boom he just nailed it today so this is great. So you're texting, who are you texting? How did you find the leads in the list or what were you doing to get that?

Johann: So I use Propstream and then with Propstream I use some sort of filter so I filtered out some people like distressed landlords I think it was tired landlords that list so that-

David: You marketed to multiple lists.

Johann: Yeah I also marketed to multiple lists that um that list, the property that I texted, she was interested in selling that one but she said hey I have another property, what would you offer for this one? So then I get her on the phone and then give her an offer. She liked the offer but then she was like I'm not ready to sell, the tenant there has been there forever and I don't want her to move. She was an old lady, the tenant. She was paying very under market rent, the market rent was about 2000 and then she was paying 1100 so.

David: Holy cow, way under market. So this was- this was a lead from a tired landlord and you sent her a message about a different property and she said hey you know I don't necessarily wanna sell the one that you reached out to me about but I have this other one.

Johann: Yeah.

David: That's the case, okay, and the market rent was half, basically half of what the market rent was.

Johann: Yeah, I mean the market rent was like you know worth for 1500 to 2000 on the higher yeah.

David: Got it, and she was paying 1100 okay. So when did this happen? You first made contact with her when?

Johann: Like December.

David: In December.

Johann: Yeah around December.

David: Okay.

Johann: Yeah.

David: And did you make her an offer in December?

Johann: Yeah I gave her an offer, she- I'm pretty sure she accepted that offer. It was maybe like 110k.

David: Okay.

Johann: And then I called her like a month later and she said that she was still talking to the tenant and the tenant wasn't ready to move. The tenant had a lease so she's not leaving till October, she still in the property.

David: Okay.

Johann: But then she finally talked it over with the tenant and tried to find the tenant a house. She's a mortgage broker, the seller was a mortgage broker. She was trying to find the tenant a house to move into.

David: Okay okay.

Johann: And then so I just kept following up with her and then one day she tells me that- I forgot it was I think somewhere in April, she's remodeling the house, I give her a call hey blah blah blah I'd offered her 125k. And then she said she accepts, she's like okay let's do it and then-

David: So when you offered her 110, I got to interrupt for a second, when you offered her 110, she was verbally agreeing to that number but you hadn't had anything signed with her at that point because she was still trying to go back to the tenant to figure things out it sounds like. Is that right?

Johann: Yeah she didn't know for sure if she was gonna sell or what the situation was.

David: So she liked that number but she didn't love it because she didn't sign anything.

Johann: Correct.

David: And then how often were you following up with her?

Johann: I believe she told me to call her after the holidays so I gave her a call and then she told me that she wasn't looking to sell it like soon so then I followed up with her maybe a month or two after.

David: Isn't that funny how people wanna sell today and then they don't wanna sell tomorrow? Isn't that wild how that happens like that?

Johann: Yeah.

David: But you know what? On the flip side as you learned, they don't want to sell it today and then they wanna sell tomorrow so we can flip, you can you know, it can go both ways. So how often were you following up with her on average between December and today? Today is June 2nd.

Johann: Yeah maybe like- well follow up, maybe I followed up with her ten times but we made contact like I would call her back and stuff like that in like 30 times total.

David: 30 times total, so you touched her 30 different times and that was either via a phone call or a text message. I wanna highlight this.

Johann: Yeah that's including-

David: Go ahead.

Johann: That's including texts and phone calls, we normally text a lot so 'cause she's a younger person.

David: Sure.

Johann: So she's like- we text and stuff.

David: But over a four- it's really about over a five month period, you made 30 different points of contact with her either via phone calls or text messages. I really wanna highlight that because not all deals are gonna happen right away, in fact 80% of deals are going to require follow-up, in fact probably 90% really right? And you followed up with her for 4 to 5 months and you made 30 different points of contact. That is what it takes to do deals. So I just really really wanna highlight that and I want to commend you for not stopping, not quitting, and being consistent because it led you to this deal. Oh by the way, how much did you make on this deal man?

Johann: I made 11 thousand on the deal.

David: 11 thousand dollars and you're 17 years old in high school doing this on your lunch break. Wow that is phenomenal, holy cow. Okay so tell us more about the deal. So you started in November or December, 30 different follow ups, you contacted her via text.

Johann: Yeah also I gotta say like follow up is like super important like I was about to not put her into my CRM to like call her in the next month 'cause I was thinking like she was not gonna sell but then like I put it in and then I called her again and then she was like feeling pretty motivated, I just hit her. When I called her that second time after she told me she wasn't interested, she told me she rejected an offer for a 118k and then I was like- and then I went on my computer and then I called her back and said I can do 125K and she accepted it super quick, she's like okay let's do it. Like I thought I gave her like a bad deal, like a good deal. So then I- we did the numbers and I'm like this is a pretty good deal, she's pretty motivated right.

David: Yep.

Johann: And then I called her-

David: Okay, so you sent her a contract for 125, how long did it take her to sign it?

Johann: Well I think I sent it like sometime in like March or April but then she- but then she was getting her bathroom remodeled and that took like a month and then I didn't want to- what's it called sign the contract and then sell it to a buyer when the bathroom was getting built 'cause about the inspections and anything that could happen like I don't wanna mess myself up so then I kept just keeping contact with her like like how are you doing? How's the bathroom situation holding up? Like if you need any help, I can help you with any questions blah blah blah like just being there for her, keeping in touch. Like she was gonna sell it to me, we're just keeping in touch. She told me- like every week she would tell me it's gonna be done by the end of the week and then I'd call her by the end of the week and then she would say oh it's still not done, the inspector-

David: Now is this the bathroom in the property that you had under contract or is this a personal bathroom in her house?

Johann: The property that I had under contract.

David: Okay wow so I get it why now you were kind of slow rolling 'cause you didn't want any of the buyers or the inspectors to raise red flags with this so I- You were patient. Again I commend you man, you were patient, you followed up, you were consistent and I think a better word is you were persistent which is awesome. Okay so 125, you made her that offer, she agreed but she didn't sign right away because the bathroom but you didn't go away, you stuck around, you continued to follow up, you were persistent, and then you said it took about a month maybe give or take for her to actually sign this agreement.

Johann: Well she signed the agreement on April 20th.

David: Okay.

Johann: So I'm pulling up the chat right now but yeah it took like maybe like a month and a half, two months, 'cause like- and now with COVID especially like here in South Florida, everything takes forever.

David: Yup.

Johann: Everything's held back so yeah.

David: Okay cool but the lessons here is that you were persistent, you kept following up, 30 touches, you made her an offer she didn't like it, you followed up a month later, you made her another offer, she liked it, she still didn't sign, she was working on her bathroom, you didn't go away and that's what led you to doing this deal getting your first one under your belt and making $11,000.

Johann: Yeah it was good.

David: It was the persistence man, so cool. So a month and a half goes by, she signs, what happens next?

Johann: Okay so she signs the deal, so I usually hit up this guy which is a JV and then he already had a-

David: So hold on back up, who's this guy? How did you meet him?

Johann: So I met him in Facebook groups.

David: Okay local guy, local investor.

Johann: Well he's not super local but he's around the area.

David: Around the area and you met him in a local Facebook group though right?

Johann: Yeah.

David: It wasn't like a national group, it was a local in South Florida?

Johann: Oh no, it was a Florida investor group.

David: Okay so that's pretty large if it's the whole state. So you met him in a Facebook group, so what happened? How did you guys connect? How did this joint venture work?

Johann: So I con- we connected back in August when I closed like a small deal, it was not really like a deal. He like paid me a little referral fee because I hooked him up with the property.

David: I remember that.

Johann: Yeah and then- so then I- 'cause I knew he was reliable and I trusted him so I sent him that deal, he told me he could get a buyer in there so then I just immediately sold it to him. I probably could have maybe got more.

David: Sure.

Johann: But like I trust him and I wanted to close the deal.

David: Hey, and that's- you know what? Relationships go so far in this business.

Johann: Exactly yeah.

David: Because he helped you in the past, gave you a little finders fee for a deal you tee'd him up with, really wasn't a deal for you per se, it was really more of a birddog fee but look what happened? It came back around, so that's a great lesson for anybody listening right now is you know you do good to other people in your market, they're gonna remember you, they're gonna wanna do business with you again. So you reached out to this other investor that you knew and had kind of done some business with in the past and he said hey Johann I have confidence in this deal and that I can help you bring a buyer in, so you contracted it for 125,000 what did he sell it for?

Johann: So he sold it for 140.

David: 145 right?

Johann: 145.

David: Okay I'm looking at my notes here. 145, so he ended up making 7000 and you made 11. So 7 and 11 is 18 but there was a 20k gross spread on here, what happened to that other 2000?

Johann: Yeah so about close to closing date we found out that the city had a lien on the association and then so we had to extend the closing date to another like week or two but anyway the seller didn't wanna come out of pocket more than 2500 for the lien because she already is selling the property at a discounted price so I told her that I would pay for the rest of the lean up to 10,000.

David: So what was the total lien amount? If she paid 25 and you paid too, it's probably about 4500 bucks right? Give or take.

Johann: Yeah just under yeah.

David: Just under that. Okay so then you guys closed this deal what was it? Tuesday, two days ago?

Johann: Yeah the 31st.

David: And you got how much net proceeds?

Johann: Net to me was 11K.

David: 11K.

Johann: Yeah.

David: So really though, quadruple win in this scenario. Again congrats man, this is awesome, so excited for you to get this first deal. It's gonna help build your confidence, it's gonna help build momentum, and now you have marketing money to put in to get that next deal, hopefully the next two or three right? So you bought it for 125, win, seller was able to get rid of a property alright. You guys made 20,000 gross on this deal, your partner made 7, that's a win, you made 11, that's a win. You even helped her pay some of the closing costs because there was a lien making it a super win for her 'cause she had to bring less to the table and then you guys sold it to an end buyer and do you know what the end buyer was gonna do? He sold it for 145, win, so 4 wins there.

Johann: Yeah actually I met with the end buyer in person showing her the property. She was very- she liked the property, she was like I'll buy it right now, I'll close right now. So she was happy, everything was working fine. Rentals in that property were ranging from 1500 to 2000 and then- so I mean it was- it's a really- it was a pretty good deal.

David: It sounds like it. What was the ARV on the property?

Johann: Uh ARV was somewhere around like 160, 190, it really depends on like the-

David: Yeah if it has uh- yeah totally there's a couple different factors that are gonna change but so long story short though, you got this at a massive discount. Let's say that the number was you know 175, let's just average it right? You got it at 125 so you got it at a discount but you tee'd it up for this other investor and left meat on the bone for that person. So again that's why everybody wins, seller wins, you and your JV partner win, you guys both got paid and you got to help people, amazing and then that end buyer got the deal at 145 knowing that it's going to be worth roughly 175 maybe even a little bit more so everybody won.

Johann: Yeah.

David: So did that buyer, did they buy it to move into it? Did they buy it to keep it as a rental? What was their plan or her plan?

Johann: Yeah they were definitely gonna rent it out but they paid for it cash, guessing they were gonna do the BRRRR method but yeah-

David: I know a thing or two about that. I love it man. Alright so let's just do some simple math man real quick. You're 17, you're in high school, you're doing this on your lunch break and in the evenings when you get home from school, you've been at this for you know 5-6 months, followed up with this person 30 times, probably more than that and we're patient and persistent and that's really the two most important things when it comes to investing in real estate is to be patient and to be persistent 'cause you gotta follow up with people and you gotta follow up with them a lot in order to win them over and to win these deals so that's amazing. You walked away with 11, your partner walked away with 7, you helped a seller sell a deal, you helped an investor find their next rental, everybody wins. So that $11,000 is a lot of money and the average 17 year old is probably making minimum wage or just over minimum wage let's say you know 12 bucks an hour. If you multiply $12.00 an hour by a 40 hour week that's $480. You times $480 times 4, that's $1920, that's basically 2 grand working at minimum wage or just above for an entire month. If you do that all summer and you worked for 3 months at that wage, you would basically make about 6 grand and that's pre tax, so post tax, you'd make about 4 grand, and you did it on one deal and made double what you would have made all summer working at a minimum wage job. Amazing. So anybody that's listening right now, if Johann can do this, you can do this. So Johann what were- what were the biggest struggles that you found to do this deal and what would be some lessons that you could share with the audience to help them if they are trying to also get their first deal?

Johann: So the first one is the title company. So I had this seller pick the title company 'cause I didn't think much of it but the title company was like very slow. I think it might have been the first time they worked with wholesalers, I had to redo the contract like with my JV partner and the buyer because they weren't accepting it, they said I had some weird terms that I had to put in and then when we were waiting for the city to get the lien amount so we can close, the title company told me that they were waiting for the response from the city and then I couldn't take it anymore so I just called the city and then they gave me a response then we just closed like I was waiting, like you have to be on top of the deal, you have to be calling like making sure everybody is like doing their stuff like even the title company like they were taking forever. If I just called them earlier, I could have closed early. So I could have let that deal like slip away if I wasn't like on top of it.

David: Wow that's a big lesson man, so stay on top of your title company and I concur.

Johann: Pick a good title company like pick one that you trust and know like reputable with wholesalers so you don't wanna get- like the last thing you want is like to go through that.

David: Agreed, agreed guys, pick a good title company, make a relationship with them, follow up with them. Just because you send them a contract in an e-mail doesn't mean that they're gonna have it ready for you on the day that you wanna close, you gotta stay on top of them just like you stay on top of your sellers, just like you stay on top of your buyers. You gotta coordinate it, you gotta keep everybody in the loop, you gotta make sure they know when they're closing date is, you gotta make sure that they know how to get there, all of these things. So I couldn't agree more Johann, I couldn't agree more. So what were some of the lessons that you took away from completing this deal that the audience can take away and add value to them so they can help you know they can go get their first deal or maybe do more deals?

Johann: Alright so the second one is definitely discipline. So during the beginning maybe like December-January, I was sending messages but I wasn't like on top of following up, I was just like you know I'll just call this person- like if they didn't answer I would just be like whatever then probably not even call them but then I made like a promise to myself to like every single day I'll follow up with them, I'll leave a voicemail and I'll text them and then I'll call him again tomorrow. Like you gotta be on top of them right? So then yeah you definitely want to be on top of them, call them, you know build a relationship. If they don't want to sell now, they maybe want to sell in a month. It's just always good to have that relationship 'cause you never know like right? Like what if they want to list their house on the market, you can get- refer them to an agent that you trust and then you get a little fee or you can just build a relationship with the realtor right?

David: Yup.

Johann: So there's so many takeaways if you would just building relationships even on the phone.

David: Man I love that you say that because I teach this every single day, make a friend. You don't need any special sales tips or tricks up your sleeve to do deals. If you can simply make a friend, you're in and then you can help that person. If they wanna take a low cash offer, great. If they want an agent, you can make money that way too, you can refer them. So not only did you do your first wholesale but you joint ventured it which is awesome and you piggybacked or you know used your joint ventures buyers list and his connections to help get this deal done. You made 11 grand, he made 7 in the process. So next time you get a deal, if you bring it to him, you think he's gonna be willing to work with you?

Johann: Absolutely yeah.

David: Absolutely yes, amazing. Same thing with that title company, when you bring them the next contract hopefully this time they actually start working on it right away and it requires a little less follow-up but don't rely on that, continue to follow up and stay on all these people as you know.

Johann: Absolutely. Follow up is key.

David: Follow-up is everything in this business man, it is. And the fact that you touched this person, I refer to it as touches, the number of times that you reached out to them, called them, text them or maybe when they responded to your text or called you back, those are all different touches, 30 plus. And here's the thing to all the listeners right now, that is not abnormal, that's normal guys and girls. When we do deals, we're touching people 20, 30, 40, 50 times in some cases, and 4 to 5 months is not abnormal either.

Johann: Yeah.

David: You know? If you do 10 deals, hopefully one or two of those will be quick but the other eight on average are gonna take 30 touches and a couple months of follow-up so I just really wanna beat that in today you know, I really wanna hit that hard because those are the lessons that I'm taking away from this Johann. Follow up is everything and you gotta be persistent. Go ahead.

Johann: Yeah I was gonna say like in general like when you're talking on the phone like when you- when you start actually like caring about what their problems and like talking to them as a real person, you're gonna see a lot more results like when you actually care for them and wanna solve their problem, they're gonna realize that and they're gonna you know want to do business with you 'cause like that's like you can actually feel that, you can't fake that you know?

David: Man I can't agree more. Making a friend, that's what it all comes down to, actually caring that's what I heard, actually caring actually making a friend. You know people can sense out when you're in it to make a $20,000, you guys made what? $18,000 gross wholesale fee on this one.

Johann: yeah.

David: Even though you only got 11, I say only that's a ton of money, but there was 18K gross that was created here. If you went into this transaction, into this initial call, into these follow ups just trying to make 18 grand, they would- she would have sensed that in a heartbeat and she would have probably not wanted to work with you but you approached her and this situation as hey let me help you. You got this property that you're you know, you're trying to get rid of, you're in the process of remodeling a bathroom, your tenants paying you 50% of what they should be, this is a headache for you, let me help you and you made a friend and you got paid 1 grand.

Johann: Also I did- like one more thing, so like when you're talking on the phone with the seller and then you don't really believe in your service like truly like you feel like that you're just like scamming them or you feel like you just like are trying to make a quick buck off them, you're not gonna be able to what's it called? Like really have a connection like you have to like really believe that you're like you're the right choice for the seller, that you'll be able to close and you'll be able to get them that money, like you have to believe in your service in order to like sell yourself and to you know sell your service.

David: Well said. Okay let's talk about the fact that you're 17, did the title company give you any trouble about signing a contract or doing any of that not being 18?

Johann: Nah nobody knew.

David: Nobody knew, nobody cared?

Johann: Yeah nobody knew a thing.

David: And when you first came to me and said I'm 17, is it gonna matter? What did I tell you? No one's gonna care.

Johann: I mean with the seller and everything, nobody cared.

David: Nobody cared, right. Okay very cool, so that doesn't matter. So what would you tell anybody else listening to this right now that's not 18 or 16 or 15 or 17 and they're worried about getting into the wholesaling space, they're worried because of their age, what would you tell them?

Johann: Just do it, like you really literally nothing to lose like it's only gonna make you stronger, it's impressive that a 15 year old would be going to buy a property from somebody else.

David: I'm thoroughly impressed with you buying and flipping this deal making 18K gross man, this is huge.

Johann: Yeah.

David: Great advice.

Johann: It's mentality so you gotta have like that like strong mentality that you know you're doing the right thing so age doesn't really matter when you do the right thing.

David: 100%. Did you ever meet the seller Johann?

Johann: Yeah I met the seller the first time she was showing me around the property and I was taking some pictures.

David: Did she ask you about your age?

Johann: No.

David: Perfect. How about when you met the buyer? You had to meet the buyer, how many times you go to the property?

Johann: Twice.

David: Twice, so you went there to meet the seller originally and then did you meet your JV partner or did you meet the buyer that he found for you guys?

Johann: The buyer that he found for me.

David: Perfect. And you had to meet him at the property too right?

Johann: Yeah, it was a her but yeah.

David: Or her I'm sorry, how did- so two hers. How did it go on the on the second time you went when you met the buyer? Did they ask you how old you were?

Johann: No.

David: Nobody cares.

Johann: Nah.

David: That's the point I'm trying to make guys. If you are not 18, you can do this business. In fact I-

Johann: And I went to the title company, I went to the tell company twice. Once to drop off the earnest money check and then once to pick up my check for the deal and then I shook his hand and everything and talked to him, nobody cares.

David: Nobody cares, nobody cares. Amazing. Well you have got one under your belt, a great one. It was a quadruple win, seller won, you won, JV partner won, end buyer won, and now you have built up even more confidence, you already had great confidence but you got even more confidence. You know now that persistence and patience are the two important ingredients in this game.

Johann: Absolutely.

David: So what do you got next man? What's the plan? You gonna do some more marketing, you're gonna reinvest some of this money?

Johann: Yeah right now so I'm thinking of hitting Facebook so like so I'm joining groups and then connecting with realtors, junk removal companies, you know it's doing something that doesn't require a lot of capital and then eventually um I've started thinking of creative ways that not a lot of my competition are doing 'cause it is super saturated in my market but I'm trying to think of like creative ways to like do marketing.

David: Dude I love it. There are hundreds of ways to do marketing.

Johann: There is so many ways.

David: There is no one magic bullet. At the end of the day, don't keep your business a secret. You've heard me say this a ton, don't keep your business a secret, tell everybody you know. And I love where your heads at going and networking with you know junk removal companies, you have a small business doing what? Power washing?

Johann: Yeah pressure washing.

David: Pressure washing, so you're already meeting homeowners whenever you're out on those.

Johann: Yeah exactly.

David: So you're gonna be giving them your information, you're gonna be networking with these homeowners and letting them know that if they have any friends that have houses that they need to sell or condos or apartments or whatever, that you're interested right? And you're just gonna- you're gonna hit hard the networking approach. I think that's a great approach, in fact the first couple deals I did when I got in this business full time about eight years ago, I'd say the first 6-7 deals I did were from property managers and they were from networking just like you're planning on doing so I think that's an amazing awesome approach. Well Johann thank you so much for coming on, congratulations on your first wholesale deal bro.

Johann: Thank you.

David: This is phenomenal.

Johann: I appreciate it.

David: 11K, you're still in high school, 17 years old making deals helping people and you're sharing a lot of valuable information with me here today on this podcast that I am confident is going to give confidence to other people and hopefully they're gonna pick up on a couple gold nuggets aka persistence aka patience, and those are definitely going to be needed in order to either get that first deal for them or hopefully do more and more deals like you're gonna be doing soon.

Johann: Yeah. One more thing before you know we end the podcast.

David: Yeah.

Johann: So if I just like leave on like a goodbye note, so like what I would do is if you're like struggling to like get a deal like just stay disciplined and study your market. So every day what I would do is like study my market one hour a day like what are my competitors doing? What's the real estate market looking like in my area? Then I would study that for an hour and take notes, and then study wholesale- like a certain marketing channel that I'd be doing, I'd be watching re-watching videos and take notes, and then I would do my follow up calls like do everything every single day and then that's the way you see results, you have to do it every single day so that's my advice to help you.

David: Every single day, I'm gonna sum that up into a simple phrase: consistent persistent action equals success, literally so you nailed it, you nailed it Johann. You gotta be consistent, you gotta be persistent and one thing that I really caught there that I do want to emphasize again real quick is that you said 'every day'. Now why would you recommend somebody do something everyday versus just trying to do it on the weekends?

Johann: I mean if you do it every day, you're like drilling it into your skull. You know the back ends of your business and like what's happening in the market so.

David: Yep and guess what? If you do it just on the weekends and you got sick this weekend and you have a bachelor party next weekend and you got your sisters cousins baby shower the weekend after, three weeks went by and you didn't do anything. But if you do it daily, guess what? If you get sick, you miss a day or two, no big deal. You pick back up whenever you feel better. But if you do these activities daily, you are going to have a much much much better go with this. You're going to have a lot better consistency. It's not going to be as hard to be persistent with these sellers if you do these activities daily so Johann thank you so much for sharing and once again congrats my man, so proud of you. You're gonna be knocking out tons and tons more deals in the future I can tell just because you are here to stay, you're consistent, you are persistently following up, you're not afraid to continue to call people and follow up with them and that's really what this business is all about, it's making friends with people letting them know you can help them and guess what? You get paid handsomely when you do help them but don't approach the situation like I'm going to do this to make money, approach it like you're gonna help them and that's what you said, those are your words and I could not agree more. Alright man thanks so much for coming on.

Johann: Thank you.

David: Guys take after Johann, you can do this, age doesn't matter.

Johann: You can do it, you can do it.

David: You can do it, that's right. Alright Johann, big congrats to you brother.

Johann: Thank you.

David: I am excited to continue to work with you and get you doing a deal a month or maybe even a couple of months soon. Keep it up, stay persistent, and guys take after Johann be persistent and with that, signing off. Alright guys thanks for listening this has been an awesome podcast. Take it from Johann, he can do this, you can do this. He's not even 18 years old yet so don't let age get in the way, nobody cares, and this has been a really really great podcast to talk about a lot of good principles. Consistent persistent action is the most important thing that you can do to have success in the wholesaling business. So you need to be consistent with your marketing, you need to be persistent with your follow up, and you need to continuously take action every single day just like Johann and I talked about in this episode. If you are looking to hire a coach to help you get that first deal or to do more deals, I am here to help. Head on over to, fill out an application, we would love to talk with you and help you either get that first deal or to do more deals and join our awesome community of coaching students who all have similar goals to getting that first deal or to doing more deals. I really enjoyed this episode, I love helping people get their first deal, I love helping people make tens of thousands of dollars in real estate, it is my passion. I can't wait to work with you so head on over to, fill out an application and let's get that first deal done for you as well. Thanks for listening guys, signing off.

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