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Episode 314: Lamassu Media - Industries Best Cold Callers (Scott Morse)

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Show Notes

In today’s episode of Discount Property Investor Podcast, David Dodge has a special guest Scott Morse, Scott Morse as he shares how he helps companies scale through cold calling. Scott shares in this episode how he figured using his call center to get leads on closable sales, word got out about how big the effect is for their partner. His passion for marketing helps generate numbers for customers that are already on the verge of buying. Scott focuses on generating leads while the partner focuses on generating revenue which creates this symbiotic relationship that helps scale the business. Learn more about the ins and outs of cold calling and how it could grow an empire, more in this episode so stay tuned!


About Scott Morse: 

Scott Morse is an entrepreneur who saw the opportunity in a business and worked hard without stopping until he managed to create a renowned company, that business is Real Estate and that company is Lamassu. Now with years of experience and good marketing, Scott seeks to take his company to the top, breaking schemes at every opportunity.

Highlights in today’s episode: 

‚óŹ How did Scott start as Real Estate Investor?

‚óŹ How the cold calling infrastructure works

‚óŹ How the call centers started

‚óŹ How Scott prepares his people for the industry

You can find Scott Morse on. 

Transcript Episode:

Welcome back to the Discount Property Investor podcast. Our mission is to share what we have learned from our experience and the experience of others to help you make more money investing like a pro. We want to teach you how to create wealth by investing in real estate, the discount property investor way. To jumpstart your real estate investing career, visit, the most complete free course on wholesaling real estate ever. Thanks for tuning in.

David: Alright guys, welcome back to another episode of the discount property investor podcasts. It's your host David Dodge and today I have a special guest, I have a friend that I met at a real estate investment mastermind meeting and I was blown away when I met this guy. He's doing big things, he's got a massive team, he helps people every single day make more money and do more deals in their business so I am super happy to have Scott Morse on the show today. Scott, how you doing today brother? Good to see you man.

Scott: Brother I appreciate the invite, I love your energy, I've loved it since the moment that I met you down in I think was Miami where we first crossed paths.

David: In Miami, yeah buddy.

Scott: That's a great place to start meeting people too though you know everybody is already on a 10 and dude I loved your energy so I appreciate the invite on here to talk about a little bit of what we do and collectively and what we're- how we're both impacting the industry man.

David: Yeah man. So tell us a little bit about you know what you're doing man. Last I spoke with you, you were telling me about you guys having the best cold callers in the industry for real estate investors specifically and I know you do some virtual investing and wholesaling as well.

Scott: Yes.

David: So dude I wanna learn a little about it man, fill me in.

Scott: Cool man. So I think all great business models start out of the necessity, right? And so I tried to hi- I learned about wholesaling and virtual invested like two years ago, I was like boom great I've already had a large leads portfolio call center before for a different model and then I was like oh I'll just hire a VA, that's what everybody says to do, fucking hire a VA in the Philippines or Egypt or wherever, so I tried that country then I tried the other country and it was terrible. I was like I would never make my closers talk to a lead like this so then I brought it on shore and I was like oh snap for the cost per lead that you really need for this industry I need to be offshore but I couldn't find anybody to manage it offshore so I was like I'm gonna pack my two daughters up and move to another country and I'mma launch this bad boy myself.

David: Wow.

Scott: So I came down here for my own. I moved to Columbia, love the country, love the people but moved to Columbia here for my own real estate investing office and then that spun into the monster we have today.

David: How long ago did you move down there?

Scott: 2 years and 4 months ago.

David: Wow! Holy cow man, 2 years and- that's not that long ago.

Scott: No English baby, none. I mean no Spanish, fuck.

David: Yeah no Spanish.

Scott: Right now I'm speaking English.

David: No Spanish, dude that's amazing. So you picked it up, you built yourself a huge team and I love how you did this out of necessity because you couldn't find the people that you wanted in your own business. So I mean is your business more so helping other people with this task now or is it still in investing?

Scott: You know that's a really good question. I obviously do more dials 'cause I have over 100 affiliates nationwide and so I do more dials for them, I'm like one of my own affiliates right? So I consider myself one of the 114 or whatever it is.

David: Sure.

Scott: But I definitely do more for others now but what I always tell people is I would never send you a lead I wouldn't send myself.

David: Yeah absolutely.

Scott: And I think that's the dynamic change. Some guys are just in it to send over data and it's like man what this industry calls a lead, I call a data record, what this industry calls an opportunity is what I call a lead.

David: Yup.

Scott: I ain't wasting my closers time, I don't wanna waste your closers time.

David: Yeah no that's awesome man and a lot of these virtual assistants that are out there and/or companies, that's their business, they're not actively investing and buying and wholesaling and negotiating so the fact that you're training them to do those things for you and for other people, that's cool, that's amazing.

Scott: Yeah man it's a good experience.

David: Hey that's awesome. So the industry's best cold callers and this is for real estate specifically right?

Scott: Yeah that's the primary model right now.

David: That's awesome. Alright cool so tell me you know, what makes you guys the best.

Scott: Yeah so I think a lot of it starts from the top down, right? It's just the amount of experience like my DOS, director of sales here, I met him 22 years ago and I'm 41 so you're talking about long hard core, we met at a timeshare track 20 years ago, just really ruthless gorilla sales over decades. And so I brought a guy- a couple of guys all over from the states down here and-

David: Were you selling timeshares or you were trying to buy one?

Scott: Oh yeah, no no no I started selling timeshares at 20 years old and that's how I got into like what I call like elite sales like aggressive next level thing.

David: Dude people that sell timeshares are hell of a good sales people. Every time I've been pitched from a time share person I'm like where's the door? How do I get out of here? Their surrounding you, they're like come on you're an idiot if you don't buy this and I'm like you're right but I don't need it.

Scott: Yeah yeah.

David: Timeshare is- that's a great place to start my friend, holy cow.

Scott: Yeah that's where all the sales DNA genuinely came from and I stayed in that industry for like 16 years or as cohorts of that industry, and then literally I was in that from 20 to when I discovered what a wholesaling was just like 2 1/2 years ago and I was like oh great this is a highly disruptable industry. The way I look at wholesaling is it's hyper fragmented. So you got all these mom and pop little investors, there's a preponderance of people that are more hobbyists than like legitimate like ruthless entrepreneurs and that's okay like no knock some people really love time fishing on the lake, cool I love it but it makes it highly disruptable, and then the sales skills are varying throughout like you don't have to be a murderer to make money in real estate but the murderers can really dominate.

David: Big at murdering hahaha.

Scott: It's great, it's amazing how is- how many people are in this industry but yet how untapped it is.

David: Yeah I know. Well there's a- there's another- there's a new motivated seller every 30 seconds, right? Somebody's going through a distressed property situation, someone is going through a distress personal situation. When you find somebody that's distressed, you can help them at the same time, you can bring the neighborhood back. You know I always- I like to talk sometimes about you know when somebody tries to say you guys are taking advantage of people right? I always say well you know there's- probably there's people out there doing that obviously but how many people are being employed when we buy a house and fix it up or even wholesale it to another investor who's gonna fix it up? There's title people involved, there's contractors involved, there's survey companies involved, there's insurance companies involved, like everybody eats when we do deals. You gotta think about those things right?

Scott: Absolute gospel. The very first deal that I ever did helping somebody was a young lady and it was I first started at PPC and then I cut on cold calls cause I'm really really passionate about digital media and she's a recorded testimonial. Anyways and so but she contacted us, filled out a form when her ex-husband was in jail. He had just been sent to jail the night before for domestic abuse and she's like that's it, I'm done, I need this gone, I need to disappear out of town, I'm gonna need help with a U-Haul, it can't go into my name, I need- and we ended up having to take it as a sub 2 because her story was so good and her mortgage was so- it wasn't a cash deal and so we finessed and figured out a way to make it work but it's those- I say we buy ugly houses and ugly situations. If it's not one of the two, we're not the right solution for it.

David: We're not the right people, right.

Scott: But dude we're helping- if you're doing it the right way, you're helping people out of the situation and if you're the one doing the rehabs, I've gotten stuck with a foundation issue before like it sucks but you know we're taking the bet and we deserve to make money, it's America but I love what we do as an industry, I love helping people help customers.

David: Man I love it. Alright let's talk more about that then. So if somebody wants to work with the best cold callers in the industry, what does that mean for them? What- like what are you guys doing that is bringing opportunities and potential purchases to your clients? Like you know what I'm saying? You guys have a team of cold callers, they're not in the Philippines, they're not in Egypt, let's start there right?

Scott: Yeah right.

David: Cause that's what you didn't like about those people for example that you had worked with in the beginning. So this is crazy bro, you picked up and moved across the world, what? Who does this?

Scott: And literally put everything into containers, shipped them here after I kind of scoped out an office, came down here, set it up, and it was only- I was just going to do 16 people. I was like the most we will ever get is 16 people, we're hovering around 300 people.

David: This was basically designed though for you and your business right?

Scott: Just for me and my own wholesaling business and it was that way for six or seven months. I never even considered doing it as a outsource type thing until like somebody in the mastermind was like hey dude can I get some callers? I was like yeah I guess.

David: I guess, why not? Right.

Scott: And before you know it, this guy found out and this guy found out and then this guy found out.

David: That's sweet.

Scott: I was like oh this is a cool business, like all you guys got the same problem.

David: Yeah a lot of people got this problem.

Scott: But there's a difference between vanity metrics, that's something that this industry is screwed on. This industry is addicted to vanity metrics, projected profit, screw your projected profit, number of leads, screw the number of leads you got you couldn't get back on the phone. It's what's actually substance and so we're less leads than you expect, longer conversations than you've ever had. I'm not a volume play, I'm not here to say I sent you the most leads you've ever gotten in one day.

David: Yeah you signed up with me you're gonna get 100, that's probably not the case but you're gonna get one or two or three that are gonna be good.

Scott: Great. People that wanna talk to you bro.

David: Great, love that. Yep.

Scott: People that wanna talk- do you know how frustrating it is for a real deal closer to have to act like a glorified VA because they're calling underqualified leads that never should have been sent over? So that was the mantra for us, it's like I need my closers closing, I need my fronters fronting, and so I have two separate chains. And then I say okay great I'm gonna do the fronting for your business and so your closers close, my guys front, we get it highly qualified highly motivated every call is 15 to 17 minutes long.

David: Wow.

Scott: That we qualified it then we send it to them and then it's on you to do your part to close.

David: Wow that's awesome. So you guys have multiple steps in the process. Are you generating the leads in the list or are they or is there a combi- I would imagine there's a combination. They get their good lists from driving for dollars maybe and they're like hit this list hard for me right?

Scott: Yeah, the problem is or I shouldn't say the problem is, the advantage is now we're at scale like I literally have for the first time a data scientist, his name is Leo, he's the bomb. We have a whole data management team, we have a UX team and our data analytics 'cause we're doing close to 2 million dials a month- $2 million a week, we're about 7.7, 7.8 million dollars a month right now. And so we're passing all that back to something called a data lake or a repository and I just know what lists are performing best.

David: Yeah.

Scott: So if you were my client you would say hey do I provide data from you or should I get data from you Scott? And I'd say well how good is your data? How good are you at data integrity? And if it's not like hey dude I'm running it like a well oiled machine, I'm like dude let me just look into the back and tell you what lists are performing best, let's make some recommendations, I know what zip codes, I know it all. So the reality is most people's data game can't hold a candle to ours so most people are just dude do the front end of my business, do the data, do the qualifying, I'll do closing and dispo, and so I take the front end of their business away.

David: Man that's crazy. I saw that you guys are doing dispo now too.

Scott: Yeah I mean when you got so many-

David: When you got so many people, why not? I think it's great, I think it's amazing. You guys are helping people you know tee up deals and then whenever they go get em and they're too busy, you can help them unload them too. This is awesome.

Scott: I always tell them listen bro we'll get you the contract, you know, you market it for five days, you can't move it in five days, send it to me.

David: Bring it back yeah.

Scott: We take a fee but you know it's better than returning it back and what it does honestly though David is it helps my affiliates go into new markets 'cause they're like dude Philly's my hometown, I hired you, we're murdering it, where's next? And I'm like well hey this other market is really on fire right now. They're like boom I wanna go in, they leverage me for a dispo over two or three months and then they establish the buyer's list.

David: Oh that's so smart, yeah.

Scott: It just and like I shouldn't be your long term solution for dispo, I should be your hey you saved my ass, you allowed me to expand, and then do it again in a different market.

David: Love it, love it man. Holy cow. So you're working with over 100 different- and you refer to them as affiliates, and are all of these people typically- like what kind of investors are you working with? I would imagine there's wholesalers, I'd imagine there's some fix and flippers, and I'd imagine you even got some people that are just looking to buy properties or landlords and-

Scott: Yeah.

David: You know, all of it right?

Scott: So the guys who just want to cut out wholesalers, I don't take on, and the reason why when some guy calls me and says hey man I'm tired of buying these deals from wholesalers, it's not consistent, it's not this, I say I understand your problems but a wholesaler is worth every single penny. You guys have been buying off of paper for the past 20 years, you don't know how to negotiate, you don't know how to close, you don't have a nurturing system in your CRM, you don't know how to isolate data, handle objections, and so there's a difference between buying and closing, and so I don't take those guys. But if it is a real estate investor who has an internal sales team, I'll take them.

David: Right.

Scott: So that probably comprises of about 20% of my affiliates, the other 80% nationwide are just raw dog ruthless established wholesalers like real deal closers.

David: Wow. How many of those people are doing it locally in their markets versus just doing it like in all virtual places?

Scott: Bro I would assume 95% are virtual.

David: Okay, wow.

Scott: I speak the language of virtual. It's- dude I'm doing deals from Colombia, South America like bro the whole country is- 'cause people ask me hey man what markets hot? And I'll list four or five and I'm like let's roll, let's roll.

David: Yeah yeah. I love it man. Holy cow this is crazy man. Your energy is amazing. Every time I-

Scott: Thank you bro.

David: -see you, hear you, watch you on- I follow you on socials, you're constantly putting out awesome awesome stuff. Your office is really really cool, beautiful office.

Scott: Thank you.

David: And man you got 100 plus people working in there right?

Scott: Yeah yeah. We actually have two offices on the same street, we just signed documents for a much much larger office that hopefully we can get cured and then do within the next 60 to 90 days, that allow us to go to about 3 to 4 hundred people so.

David: Wow and you guys are at- what are you about now? About 200?

Scott: Yeah exactly.

David: So you're gonna basically double that in the next year, that's crazy man.

Scott: Yeah.

David: And you just learned about this a year or 2 1/2 years ago and moved to a new place, crazy.

Scott: Yeah, but I was in a similar- I was selling leads to attorneys, I had a big South Florida call center but the pricing model is different so you could afford to be onshore. The margins here are kind of comparable but it's just you need to be- for me I couldn't find a way to replicate the CPL calls per lead that you needed by paying a 22 year old kid in South Florida $18 an hour.

David: Right.

Scott: It just- it breaks the model and so what we did is we found a great opportunity to be offshore but also become the highest paying call center in the state. I have kids, I mean it's like I have the best hours, the best work environment, the best pay for any call center in the state right now so something that we're super proud of.

David: Dude that is awesome, something to be very very proud of. That's crazy.

Scott: Yeah.

David: So then when you have these- you know, when you have a client that comes in, do you basically allocate you know a person or a small team to them or how does that part of it work? I'm just curious like will we have a point of contact with you or not you know a team?

Scott: Oh yeah, so every day I'll hit it- we really have invested highly in a tech stack so when you come in you're like oh this is truly an enterprise level call center so everything from a data visualization tool like we give you access to a map where you can see all your leads on the map, you can click on them and see what the customers asking price was, we score them from like the highest score, middle and high, so like you know wholesale, creative financing, or like a listing lead and the majority of them are obviously wholesale.

David: Sure.

Scott: So we give you that type of tool, we have a QA team and accounting team that you interface with, a data and KPI's team.

David: So big team.

Scott: Client success managers.

David: Yeah.

Scott: That's the thing. it's like dude you couldn't afford in the states to comprise a 15 man team but you can with us. And then when it comes to the callers, it's just 80 something, 90 something people just on that segment of the phone campaigns and it's like boom we just hit your account then boom it's done for the day and hit the next guy and the next guy the next guy.

David: That's awesome.

Scott: And you'll feel it. Waterfall- faucet on, faucet off of leads, it's great.

David: Yup. Dude that's amazing. So then- so why Columbia, South America? What brought you there? And I would imagine probably 'cause it's A) not Egypt and B) not the Philippines.

Scott: Yeah so the problem that I think a lot of people suffer with the Philippines or any- even Colombia right? I'm sure you could find some of the same pain points. If I were to go to Egypt and set it up, I think I would have a similar success. If I were to go to the Philippines, I think I would personally drive a similar success. The distinct advantages for Colombia are this is a very American loved culture right? They watch all the American movies, they hear all the American rock but the most important-

David: Well they're in America if you think about it, outside of USA, they're in America- they're in South America. Yeah okay.

Scott: A 100%, 100%. It's a very- a lot of my kids grew up in the States and then came back here 'cause mom got sick like I say 40% of my floor has lived some amount of time in the United States, Australia or the UK.

David: That's great, okay.

Scott: It's super okay but the best part is they understand American sarcasm.

David: Yeah.

Scott: Which fucking matters, excuse my language.

David: It does.

Scott: It matters on the phone with these types of sellers. I wanna $1,000,000 you know? People in Egypt are like hey we got a fire lead for you.

David: Maybe we can get you that. Yeah.

Scott: So understanding that, it meant a lot to me. So yeah I've researched, we did our diligence, this is what we discovered and I felt comfortable with making the move here.

David: Yeah man and you guys have beautiful views man, I see some of the stuff in your socials looking out over the ocean, it's awesome. How far away are you guys from the coast? Just a couple miles or?

Scott: So I'm actually in the coffee triangle but it's so easy to go so I'm in the middle of the Andes and so I can look out my window right now and see coffee trees growing on the side and just it's the most beautiful vistas, I'm super happy, maybe a flight to the ocean is hour-ish, hour something, something like that.

David: Yeah okay, that's not far, that's awesome. So you guys are like in- you're out in the mountains.

Scott: Bro I'm in super mountains. They're called guacamayas, I don't uh I forget what they're called. Dude my morning routine with all these crazy tropical birds flying around my house every morning, it's so great.

David: Dude that sounds awesome.

Scott: Yeah it is.

David: I love it.

Scott: I don't know if I'll ever go home.

David: Yeah no I'm gonna have to get down there and check out the operation at some point and check out the country. I've been really wanting to get down there man, it seems like a really really awesome beautiful cool culture, nice people, you know safe place to be so yeah definitely wanna come check it out man. Well Scott this has been great man. Thanks for coming on, thanks for telling us about the operation. You can basically work with Scott and you can have a team of people that are gonna help you, they speak great English, they- some of these people were born in America or they've spent a lot of time you know in the United States, they understand sarcasm, you have multiple lines, you have people that are fronting and basically opening conversations and seeing if people have interest engaging and then you have a team of closers that are gonna come in and they're gonna help you- you know, tee it up, get it under contract, set the appointment for you, whatever it is that you're looking to do, and these guys are the best in the business. When I was- when I met Scott and I talked to him down in Miami, he was telling me you know, about his operation and everything he was saying to me I was like what? How many? That big? Wow. So this guy is the real deal. You can check him out, there's a link below this video if you guys want to connect and book a call with somebody on Scott's team to learn more about his business. His business is called Lamassu Media and again click the link below this podcast episode, it will connect you to him and his people, you can book a call, you can learn more, and if you're tired of dealing with cold callers that have to get through thousands and thousands of people because they don't understand humor, they don't understand sarcasm, they don't speak good English, go work with the people that do. These are the guys are the best in the business, I can assure you. So yeah Scott thanks for coming on man, this has been a pleasure, always good to connect with you and learn more about your business, and man you guys are doing big things, you're going to be doubling in the next year too, holy cow.

Scott: I appreciate it brother and until we see you again in Miami or Vegas or Texas or wherever it is next. Alright, you the man.

David: Alright Scott, thanks buddy. Signing off guys. Don't forget you make your money when you buy, you get paid when you sell. Until next time.

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