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Episode 329: Journey into the Wholesaler Mind Nathan Payne's Expert Insights

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Show Notes

In this captivating episode of "Journey into the Wholesaler Mind," we dive into the remarkable journey of Nathan Payne. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, and now residing in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nathan's story is one of perseverance and entrepreneurial brilliance. At a young age, Nathan embarked on a transformative two-year church mission in Portland, Oregon, where he developed a passion for serving others. This experience laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

During his college years at BYUI, Nathan discovered his love for entrepreneurship and excelled in door-to-door sales, quickly becoming one of the top performers in the company. Fueling his ambition, he fulfilled a lifelong dream by opening Skizzy's, a unique music venue and cereal bar. After graduating, Nathan ventured into real estate with no prior experience, embracing the philosophy of learning through imperfect action and learning from failures.

Today, he is the co-owner of Offer On Homes, a successful real estate investing company, and Investor Thrive, a coaching platform empowering wholesalers and real estate investors to acquire properties painlessly. Join us on this inspiring episode as Nathan Payne shares his expert insights, gleaned from years of experience in sales, entrepreneurship, and real estate.

Discover the secrets to success in the wholesaler's world and learn how to overcome challenges with determination, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to personal growth.

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