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Episode 33: Discount Property Investor University

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Show Notes

The Discount Property Investor University is Open!  Its been a long time coming and the guys are really excited to share with you the latest programs we have been working on.  The Discount Property Investor University is officially open.  We continue to add courses on all things related to real estate by partnering with some of the best in the industry.  Check out the new to see all our courses.

Episode Transcripts

David: Alright guys welcome back Discount Property Investors. This is your host David Dodge with co-host Mike Slane.

Mike: Hi guys, welcome back.

David: How are you doing today, Mike?

Mike: Doing great, man. Really excited to talk about what we have been doing here at Discount Property Investor. As always, we first want to say, if you haven't listened to this show before we would encourage you to go back and listen to the first 10 episodes. Find out who the Discount Property Investors are, and really get an idea about the base of what our podcast is all about, which is kind of helping you get into real estate investing, learning how to wholesale -- things like that. So if you haven't listened before please go back, check out those first 10 episodes, really going to help you get an idea of what we are talking about.

David: Absolutely. Check out the free wholesale course, it is an amazing resource; we have been getting tons of positive and awesome feedback. All four and five-star reviews, definitely something we are proud of and we are happy to share with the world -- so.

Mike: Yeah, one of our favorites -- we were talking with somebody -- I think it was just yesterday wasn't it, Dave? And they said, they have bought other courses in the past, and they have paid for stuff, they went into the free wholesale course and said it just clicked when I looked at your course. He was just saying that it finally made sense to him, it was a free course -- versus things he went out and spent money on, where he just got so overwhelmed.

David: Right.

Mike: It is really exciting to have a product like that out there that we put out there, that we created that we can give you guys for free.

David: Just happy that it is also just simple. We wanted to keep it simple for a reason, just that ways o people wouldn’t get overwhelmed with it.

Mike: It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

David: Of course.

Mike: Not trying to get a big head or anything. But again, it is a great place to get started, learn the basics of wholesaling.

David: Right.

Mike: So what did we want to talk about today though, Dave?

David: So, Mike I wanted to touch on -- the Discount Property Investor University in this little micro episode here. Mike and I have been working diligently with our other partners Bill and Ray; as well as a couple of other third party individuals, to put together some really awesome courses for you guys. So, Mike do you want to give our audience and idea of what we have been working on?

Mike: Absolutely. So right now I think we have got about 7 courses put together. They obviously -- we always want to have a free component out there because -- that is just our mindset -- give away a lot for free just because --

David: You got to provide value.

Mike: And we live in an information society, a lot of this information you are going to be able to find out there for free as well, so why pretend like it is something it isn’t.

David: Right.

Mike: But what we do, we have the free wholesale course, and we also have an advanced wholesale course. The advanced course, I mean the reason we are going to charge for something like that is because we put -- these are --

David: Well this is what we do in our business, Mike. We are giving away all of our secrets in this advanced course.

Mike: Right, again -- secrets is one way to say it. But it is a look behind the scenes at Discount Property Investor.

David: Right.

Mike: That is exactly what we do. So the free course again, we put all the information out there, the advanced course is -- step by step -- everything that we do.

David: Right. One of the great things about the advanced course, Mike, is that it is never going to be complete. We are going to constantly be adding case studies, we are going to be following each other around the field with a video camera showing people, hey -- here is how we talk to sellers, and this is what the phone calls look like. This is Mike throwing out a contract.

Mike: That is one of the things I love and hate about the course after we launched it.

David: Right?

Mike: Dude this is awesome!  Then every time we talk to someone it's like, we should totally add that to the course.

David: Right.

Mike: Well there is another days worth of work for us.

David: Right.

Mike: So it is one of those things, it’s a passion thing --

David: It is going to be robust, which again is going to have pros and cons. But the great thing is though -- everything is going to be in there, everything. So it's going to be awesome so -- advanced wholesale course guys, that is going to be available on, check it out. What else we got on there, Mike?

Mike: So we have got courses on flipping. So we have a rehab course --

David: Awesome course.

Mike: Oh my gosh, we worked with a gentleman called Tim [00:04:32.22 - inaudible]. We are going to have him on the show -- probably work with him tomorrow.

David: Tomorrow yeah, absolutely.

Mike: So get him on probably next week or the next coming weeks. But Tim is a seasoned rehabber.

David: To say the least.

Mike: We are flipping through, he has got a nice little credibility packet that he put together, it talks about all the rehabs that he has done, it's unbelievable. Over the past -- I don't remember what it was. 3 or 4 years, there is so many properties on there. So he is an expert.

David: Yeah, I think he has done over 100 rehabs.

Mike: Yeah he has done a lot. So Tim shows us, he gives all his tips, tricks, secrets. He puts -- probably the best laid out course we have to be honest.

David: I agree.

Mike: We have got videos in there, then you have got the manual. From the manual we have got breakdowns all the way into -- here is the formula you use for this section. It is an awesome course.

David: Yeah great PowerPoint slides, but then again he is giving away all the forms that he is using in his business.

Mike: Yeah.

David: It's amazing.

Mike: It is a really neat course.

David: That one is called, 'Rehab flip program'. Thing long, thing wrong, it's the advanced rehab course, and it's a course that I did personally with Tim. Amazing course. So that will be the rehab course we got put together. What else we got, Mike?

Mike: We got the landlord course too.

David: Oh yeah, I forgot about the landlord course, that's a good one.

Mike: That one is working mainly with our partner Bill, Bill Maret. He kind of headed that one up and it has been -- if you know Bill, let's say it has been an interesting project to work on.

David: Very, very robust, very detailed.

Mike: He knows so much, it is just hard to get him focused on one topic.

David: Right.

Mike: So again, there is so much good information in there, each module is just packed full of little tips and little gems that I don’t think he even realizes sometimes that he is saying. He just casually just mentions oh do this. It's like wooah Bill --

David: That is very important.

Mike: That could be a whole episode right there on making your tenants pay you with ACH deposits. Just make sure it is auto pay, then you don't have to worry about collecting rent. There are so many little tips in that course as well that are just --

David: You kind of tag teamed that course with bill, I saw a couple of episodes and I think you took over on the last part of it, but again Bill is kind of leading the role on that one, so he has done a really good job and -- by the time this episode airs that course should be finalized. I know it is already up on the site but -- should have it finalized by the time this episode airs, so that's awesome. We have the advanced wholesale course, we have rehabbing, flip course, we have a landlord course. What else we got on there, Mike?

Mike: We got a private funding course.

David: That's right, that was a good one!

Mike: So that one is another one we partners with a gentleman, Dan Gibson here in St Louis. We got him on the podcast -- I think it was around episode 21 or 22.

David: Give or take.

Mike: Or in that range.

David: Yep.

Mike: It was two episodes. So Dan is an expert at private funding. He used that to help build his portfolio and he is actually leveraging it into investing in mobile home parks.

David: He has a really cool business.

Mike: It is a great model. It is funny because sometimes you know, I get excited about the business.

David: Right.

Mike: But sometimes I get jealous of other people's models. Oh wow, that is so cool.

David: That's good.

Mike: The Gibsons, Jimmy and Bob, -- sometimes I am like, their business is so cool!

David: They are doing well.

Mike: But grass is always greener on the other side right?

David: Right.

Mike: So anyways, Dan's course is fantastic, he lays out -- the fundamentals of -- learning to use other people's money. So OMP, other people's money. He spells it out for ya, how to do it, how to do it right. Use that money for --

David: I like how he breaks it down to where it's -- he kind of gives you two different scenarios. One, you can just go get a private loan from an individual and just -- just use something very simple like a promissory note and so on and so forth. But he also shows how to create a PPM, a private placement memorandum. Which essentially allows you to legally co-mingle multiple investor's resources into a larger fund, then use that fund to invest. It's actually really interesting.

Mike: You actually put the course together with Dan.

David: I did with Dan; yeah it's a good one.

Mike: I don't want to say co-mingle necessarily, I am not sure that is the right terminology so much as pool funds.

David: Pool! Pool is a better word.

Mike: I know -- because co-mingle --

David: Co-mingle is a negative word.

Mike: It's a dirty word.

David: -- you don't want to do that in most scenarios. But it allows you to pool, that's a better word. But it is essentially what you are doing; you are mingling those funds together into a larger bucket to where you can buy bigger properties and or more. So definitely a very cool course. That one is called 'Private funding savvy leverage', Dan Gibson and myself put that course together. Highly recommend that course if you are looking to grow your business, get some private funding or private lenders, it is all in that course.

Mike: So we got a couple of others we are working on building. Some of them are on some -- really in-depth property management stuff. Then we have got another one, a trust class. So we are talking about -- using trusts when you are buying your assets and how to protect your assets and -- keep your identity -- secure, all those things.

David: Right.

Mike: So we are working on that one, that one is not out there yet, not finished. Yeah --

David: Absolutely guys it’s awesome. So check us out,, where you can go, you can view all the courses that we have available. We are going to be continuously adding content to these courses, as well as adding additional courses to our university. Our objective here is to provide value to you guys, we want to be able to teach what we have learned in our real estate investing careers, and share that information with the world. Everyone can get out there and be successful, buy and flip and wholesale, and rehab and landlord and -- manage and so on and so forth with real estate. As you know, Mike and I are advocates of real estate investing and wholesaling. We have put this out there for you guys. Mike, is there anything else you want to touch on with the Discount Property Investor University?

Mike: Absolutely, first off we are constantly building these courses. So if you get into one and see you see anything that looks a little funny let us know. We would love your feedback.

David: That's a good point.

Mike: We are always trying to improve the courses to make them easier to understand and more useful to you, the person who downloads it and uses it. So -- always feel free to give us a feedback.

David: Please.

Mike: Positive and negative. Just let us know and we are happy to address it. We want to get five-star ratings from you, so let us know what we can do to make it a five start course in your mind.

David: Right.

Mike: And that's -- yeah pretty simple.

David: Right. One of the things I would like to offer to our listeners and viewers, if they want to take one of these courses, and they didn't just stumble across it via Google or what not, and they listen to the podcast -- we would like to offer them a coupon code.

Mike: Sure.

David: I think that would be really great to help get into the course. So instead of just having a coupon code floating out there forever. Instead what we would like to do is we would like to have you e-mail us. Mike, where can they e-mail us to get that code?

Mike: They can shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]. We will send them a coupon code, how much, Dave? How much should we give them off?

David: Well I think it is going to vary depending on what we got out there. If we have bundles, let's not spoil the fun with offering that. But if they want to get that at a discount they can send us an e-mail, then we will just respond back with various coupon codes and promotions and what not.

Mike: For any course, let us know which course you are interested in and we can figure out how to give you the best --

David: Best bang for your buck, that's right, very good. Well, one thing I do want to mention last but certainly not least is we also have a coaching program. The coaching program you can find more information about that program at The coaching program is -- kind of more detailed and focused towards wholesaling. However, we are going to be launching a landlord coaching program soon as well. So if you want more information about the coaching that we do offer -- go to, and one of the courses is a bundle. It is called 'Coaching and all course access'. It gives information about what we offer in our coaching program. And we actually include all of these courses that we just mentioned in the coaching programs. Sign up for our coaching, you get access to all the courses that we just mentioned, as well as any additional courses that we build between the time this episode launches, and the time you are listening to it. So that's pretty awesome.

Mike: Yeah, the time you sign up, absolutely.

David: So you can get access to all those courses as well. So all that information is in there guys, check it out, we appreciate you listening to us and supporting us. Don’t forget, check out as well if you are looking for wholesale deals in St Louis. And Anything you want to add, Mike?

Mike: I think we gave you enough URL's today.

David: That's right.

Mike: Thanks for listening guys. Join us in the next episode.

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