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Episode 344: Generate Passive income Like a Pro with Jim Manning IG

real estate 101 Feb 26, 2024


In this exciting episode, we sit down with Jim Manning, a seasoned real estate investor, to uncover the secrets of generating passive income like a pro. Jim shares his valuable insights on passive vs. active investing, his top three favorite methods for generating passive income in real estate, and much more.

What's inside the episode:

  • Who is Jim Manning?
  • Introduction to Passive Income
  • Passive vs. Active Investing
  • 3 Ways to Generate Passive Income in Real Estate
  • The Passive wealth show

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Don't miss this episode if you're interested in generating passive income in the real estate market. Jim Manning's expertise and insights are sure to inspire your investment journey.

Tune in to the full episode for in-depth discussions, expert tips, and actionable advice to help you become a pro at generating passive income. Remember to subscribe, leave a review, and share with your friends who are looking to grow their wealth through real estate investing.

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