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Episode 346: Taxes for Real Estate Investors

Apr 26, 2024

Welcome to Discount Property Investor Podcast, where we delve into the world of real estate investing and the crucial aspect of taxes. In today's episode, Dave and Mike dive into the world of tax strategies for real estate investors. They explore the Augusta rule, which allows tax-free rental income for personal residences, and discuss the benefits of depreciation for reducing taxable income. The duo also delve into the advantages of having an LLC, the differences between 1099 and W-2 income, and the importance of properly reporting contractor expenses using W-9s and 1099s. Join Dave and Mike as they share their insights on minimizing tax liability and maximizing the benefits of real estate investing.

Episode Highlights:

• The Importance of Tax Knowledge for Real Estate Investors

• 1099 Forms and W9s

• Learning the Rules of the Tax Game

• Maximizing Tax Efficiency


As real estate investors, mastering the tax game is essential for financial success. From issuing 1099 forms to understanding deductions, every aspect of tax compliance plays a vital role in preserving investment returns. By staying informed and seeking expert advice, investors can navigate the complexities of the tax landscape and ensure their financial well-being


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