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Episode 89: Pro Tips Short Clips - Car Magnets

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Show Notes

The First Episode of Pro Tips Short Clips - Car Magnets. The First Episode of Pro Tips Short Clips - Car Magnets. This is a new podcast of Discount Property Investors recording software we are trying out.

Episode Transcripts

Mike: Alright alright guys, this is a new podcast recording software we are trying out. So Dave and I are actually driving up to an appointment right now, so you may hear some GPS going on in the background or some [00:00:22.14 - inaudible] because we missed a turn. That's what's going to happen. We are just talking about-- our other partner just text us and said, hey we are meeting these guys, there are tenants in place, just tell them you are the maintenance guys or whatever. My comment to Dave was, well I can't-- it doesn't come off very believable to me, because we have a big 'we buy houses' sign on the side of the car. We have these giant magnets that say 'we buy houses'.

David: I followed that up with-- I should use mine more often. I have a new car and I don't necessarily like the way they look on the car. However if I'm running an appointment, they provide a lot of credibility to you a you're pulling up. So we started talking about-- well they should just really be used all the time. Of course I agree, but even at the minimum I should put them on whenever I'm running an appointment, because you're not just a guy rolling up to a house. When somebody can see from the street who you are, oh this guy is here to buy the house, then it just offers credibility to you. You are not just a random guy getting out the car, at least they know. It also helps because the neighbors are going to see who you are and what you're there to do.

Mike: That's what I was talking about. Say you are meeting a female seller, and older female seller. I mean they are going to be a little bit cautious and a little bit on guard. But if you pull up and your car says 'we buy houses', it just lends credibility to the fact, oh this guy is legit here to try and buy a house, he's not here to try and rob me or steal stuff from me or whatever. So I just think it is, it's pretty important. Again it is cheap, cheap marketing. That's the other reason we started doing it is slap a magnet, what does that cost? 15 or 20 bucks to get one or two printed up. We got a good deal on them.

David: Exactly.

Mike: So we love that.

David: Not only that, it's a moving bandit sign. Obviously if you're running appointments it's the credibility, it lets them know who you are so on and so forth. But if you just have these on the side of your car in general, it's a moving bandit sign.

Mike: Cool so pro tips. Go ahead--.

David: Discount Property Investor pro tips.

Mike: I like it.

David: That's the new segment.

Mike: Pro tips and short clips.

David: Hot clips and pro tips.

Mike: That's what we are going to call it. First episode of the hot clips pro tips. Thanks for listening guys, we will talk to you next time.

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